Lunch Hour


All week I had been thinking about lunch on Thursday with Leslie. Leslie and I have been working together for years. Over the last year or so things had really heated up with Leslie which is a story for another time but Thursday was going to be one of our lunch dates. Almost all of them have ended up with us in a hotel room pleasuring each other. I should add that both of us are married so our lunch dates and fuck sessions always come with quite a bit of nervousness on both our parts.

I had fantasized about Leslie for years without her knowing. Many masturbation sessions ended with me calling out her name imaging us fucking in a hotel on some made up business trip. I never imagined it would actually happen. Leslie was unbelievable in bed. I had never been with a woman as sexual and hungry for sex as Leslie is when she gets horny.

Once my day started on Thursday I texted Leslie to see if we were all set for lunch. She said yes but that she had a meeting right after lunch so we would have to come right back to the office after lunch. Totally deflated my mood but I figured the lunch would be fun and who knows what might happen.

Right before noon Leslie and I left the office out separate doors and met at my car. I always parked in the back of the lot on days we were going for lunch to try and make sure no one saw us. When Leslie got into the car it was the first time all day I actually saw her. She was wearing the dark green and blue dress I had gotten her a couple months back with brown stockings and brown boots that went almost up to her knees. Fuck, this was going to be a difficult lunch. She knew how much I liked that dress and how I love seeing her in boots.

The drive to lunch was pretty tame. She talked to me about my day and reminded me again that she had a meeting right after lunch so we had to rush back. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her but she acted like she didn’t notice. The place we went to for lunch was one we went to a lot. It wasn’t close to where either of us lived or worked so no one would see us and was usually pretty quiet around lunch. We ordered our lunch and Leslie ordered a glass of wine. It was always a good sign when Leslie ordered a glass of wine. She said she was sorry about the quick lunch and that maybe next week we could go out again.

About half way through her glass she started getting more flirty talking about the last time we were out together and that it was too bad we didn’t have time today. She was also sitting close to me that I could feel her legs brushing against mine during our lunch. I kept looking at her and getting more and more horny. At one point I asked her if she would do me a favor. She was curious so she asked what I wanted. I told her I wanted her to go into the bathroom and take her stockings off. She said she couldn’t and that I was being bad since I knew she had to get back.

After another couple of minutes the wine glass was empty and Leslie asked again why I wanted her to take her stockings off. She seemed curious but said we were in public so what was the point. I told her I just thought it would be hot if she got up, went to the bathroom and took them off. She said she was afraid people would notice if she came out of the bathroom without her stockings on and I asked who would notice. She thought about it some more and then got up to go to the bathroom. At this point I was getting so fucking hard sitting there.

A few minutes went by before she came back out minus the brown stockings. She sat back down next to me and asked if that was better. When I said it was, she asked what I was going to do now. I could tell from the look in her eyes that she was getting horny. She reminded me that she was sitting there without her stockings on and wanted to know what I was going to do about it. I didn’t have to be reminded again so I slipped my hand under the table and put my hand on her thigh. She looked right at Pendik Escort me as I slid my hand further up her leg and under her dress. As I reached her inner thigh I realized she took off something else beyond her stockings as her panties were gone as well. The first thing I felt was her curly blonde hairs shaved neatly above her clit and pussy. She gave me a smile as she saw the look of realization on her face. I looked around to make sure no one could see my hand under the table (luckily the table cloth was long). I moved my finger down to her lips and realized she was already soaked and hers lips were already open.

I slipped my fingers inside her and could hear her gasp softly. I then took my fingers out and brought them to my mouth. I let her watch as I discretely licked her cum off my fingers and then put my hand back under the table. Leslie opened her legs up a bit and let me finger fuck her right there in the restaurant. I couldn’t believe how wet she was. I alternated between her soaking wet pussy and her clit. She was trying so hard to be quiet at the table because neither of us wanted anyone to get suspicious. I licked my fingers a couple of more times so I could taste and smell her amazing she is. After a couple of minutes Leslie reminded me about her meeting so I got the check and we left.

When we got into the car Leslie took my hand and put it right between her legs. At this point her dress was pulled all the way up to her hips and her pussy was completely exposed to me. It was hard to concentrate on driving and using my fingers to tease her pussy. I couldn’t believe how wet she was all over my fingers. She looked over at me and said “I am so fucking horny right now” That was the understatement of the day as she is sitting in my car with her legs wide apart and her dress up to her hips letting me finger fuck her and tease her clit. A couple of minutes into the drive she tells me that she can’t go back to the office like this and that we need to go somewhere. I ask about her meeting and she tells me she can’t think straight right now and that we need to find a hotel. As luck would have it we were just passing a hotel so I pulled into the parking lot.

I told her to wait in the car while I try to get a room. I go inside to see if there are any rooms available. The woman at the front must have thought something was odd since it was around 1pm and I didn’t have a reservation. When I paid cash for the room, I am sure that really made her wonder. Either way, I had a key and went back to the car. I told her to wait a couple of minutes and meet me at room 234. Neither of us wanted to be seen walking into the hotel together. I felt such anticipation walking through the hotel looking for the room. I opened the door and looked at the king sized bed in the middle of the room. I pulled the comforter off the bed so the white sheet was the only thing covering the bed. It was at that point that I heard a knock at the door. I quickly went to the door and opened it so Leslie wouldn’t be standing in the hall.

When Leslie walked into the room we immediately starting kissing. I could feel her pressed up against me as we stood in the room kissing passionately. I could feel how she was feeling by how hard she was kissing me. I pulled her up against me so she could feel how hard I already was as I moved her toward the bed. When we got to the bed I moved her down so she was laying on the bed. She looked up at me and let her legs fall wide open. She pulled her dress down to her hips completely exposing herself to me. I immediately dropped to my knees and started to kiss her thighs moving toward her beautiful pussy. Just as I got close, Leslie stopped me and sat up on the bed. She then reached up to start undoing my pants. Leslie likes to make me cum in her mouth before we get too far along so when we actually do start to fuck, I can last longer inside her. Today was no different. Kurtköy Escort Leslie started pulling my pants down and saw the tent that my boxers had become. She reached inside my boxers and pulled my cock out. She looked up at me and took my cock into her hand and brought it to her mouth. The first thing I felt was her tongue teasing the head of my cock.

From there her tongue starting licking all around the head and down the shaft. Up and down, up and down she went. Before I realized what happened, Leslie was taking me into her mouth. It started as just my head but quickly she had several inches of my cock into her mouth. Many things raced through my mind as I stood at the foot of the bed watching Leslie working my cock in her mouth. I knew she wasn’t going to let me last because she wanted me to start pleasuring her. I could feel how warm her mouth was as she took me in and out of her mouth. I still couldn’t believe how the day was turning out as I looked down and watched her head bobbing up and down.

When she could tell I was getting close she took me deeper into her mouth and went faster and harder. I moaned out her name over and over and felt my cock start to stiffen up. “Leslie, you are going to make me cum”. At that, I started shooting my load into her mouth. It amazed me that she was able to take all of my cum in her mouth and that she swallowed it. After what felt like forever, Leslie pulled me down and kissed me hard. I could taste my cum on her lips and tongue.

At that, I pushed her back down and told her to relax. She went to take off her dress but I told her not too. I told her that today I was going to pleasure her and then fuck her in her work clothes. She put the heels of her brown boots up on the bed exposing herself for me as I moved closer to her. Her lips were already wide open and I could see how wet she was. My first act was to run my tongue all around her clit. She started to moan almost immediately as I knew she would. My tongue starting making little circles all around her clit. I could feel her cum on my chin as I pushed my tongue down on her clit. Her clit was so puffy at this point and made it very easy to pleasure. I used my fingers to open her up wider exposing her clit even more.

I moved my hands up to her thighs and held her legs apart as I moved my tongue down the length of her pussy lips and then back up. She was so wet and tasted wonderful. I wanted more so I stuck my tongue inside her and moved it around and around. From there I moved back to her clit. I love listening to Leslie moan when I lick her clit. It reminds me of how long I had dreamed of doing this to Leslie and here I was again in hotel room during the work day with her.

I love how Leslie’s body responds to me. I had pulled her dress up a little higher so I could see her belly ring while I licked her clit. At one point I took a short break to tease her belly ring before moving back to her clit. I love letting my tongue start just below her pussy and lick all the way up to her clit and then back down. She tasted so fucking good. Her cum was running down to her ass and pooling on the bed (At least what wasn’t all over my face). I let my tongue trace a line down to her ass licking her cum before moving back to her clit and pussy. I can tell when Leslie starts getting close so I start going a bit slower. To be honest I didn’t want to make sure cum too quickly. I was enjoying this way too much for that. This was the first time I left her completely clothed with the exception of her stockings and panties which were still in the car. That thought made me really hot. It hadn’t been that long but my cock was already rock hard again from the experience. At times I could feel Leslie using her boots to tease my cock which she knows drives me crazy. I could also feel her teasing my balls with her boot while my tongue was deep inside her.

She usually does this Tuzla Escort when she doesn’t want me to go slow anymore and she just wants me to make her orgasm. With my tongue back on her clit, I started applying more pressure and started to suck on it harder. I took two fingers and slipped them inside her pussy while my tongue and mouth worked over her clit. My fingers started moving faster and faster and I sucked even harder. Leslie’s hips started pushing into me trying to take my fingers deeper. Her breathing got heavier and heavier and I could see her stomach muscles tightening. I heard Leslie call out “Oh fuck” as her pussy clamped down on my fingers as she started to cum for me. Her body started to buck up and down. I used my free hand and to hold her down and keep my mouth on her clit as she came for me. Leslie comes so hard from my tongue. Her body trashed around for almost two minutes while I road out her orgasm. As her orgasm raged, I took my tongue off her clit and let me fingers rest in her pussy as her pussy bucked down hard on me.

As Leslie came down off the high of her orgasm, she pulled me up on the bed. She kissed me so hard. Her cum was all over my face and lips so I know she could taste herself. As she kissed me, I let me cock rub against her pussy and clit. I knew she would want to feel me quickly and I wasn’t surprised. She started to lift her hips up to take me inside her. I told her to relax and then I let the head of my cock part her lips. I couldn’t believe how wet and on fire her pussy was. I tried to start with the head but I found myself pushing my entire length inside Leslie’s pussy. She took me all the way in and then started matching me as I slowly moved in and out of her.

It had already been almost 30 minutes and I still hadn’t seen or played with her breasts yet. As I fucked her, I reached behind her and unzipped her dress enough to pull it down over her shoulders. She knew exactly what I wanted and pulled her bra down exposing her beautiful breasts. Leslie is a solid b cup which I love with little sun spots all over the top of her breasts. With my cock pushed all the way inside her pussy, I leaned down to kiss both breasts and nipples. Then I started pushing in and out again fucking her. There is nothing better then fucking her bare as I can feel her warmth and hot wet she is all over my length. It drives me insane. She kept asking me to fuck her and I didn’t disappoint. In and out, in and out over and over faster and faster. Her dress soon pulled down by her waist with her bra still on but pulled down below her breasts.

I was so glad she made me cum earlier or I would have blown my load inside her by now. Even with that it was so hard not to cum. Leslie was trying to fuck me herself below me meeting my every thrust. I could feel her nipples against me and I could feel her cum all over me cock and balls. She begged me not to cum yet so I tried to slow down.

I got off of Leslie and sat on the edge of the bed. I had Leslie stand with her back to me. She reached down and took my cock in her hand. She glided it right to her pussy and I pushed in deep. I leaned her back against me and started fucking her from behind. This let me finger her clit while she took me from behind. I was able to pull her onto me each time I trust deep inside her. She felt so good. I moaned into her ear how fucking hot she was as she fucked me harder up and down on me. I liked this position but is hard for me to cum. She said she wanted my cum to fill her pussy so I had her kneel on the bed and I entered her from behind. I pumped in and out over and over. She was on fire at this point moaning and fucking me. At this point I lost it and flooded her pussy with cum. I could feel my cum shooting inside her. She held me tight and kept telling me she wanted more cum. When I finished we fell to the bed and we laid next to each other. We kissed and she took my hand and put it on her pussy. I could feel my cum starting to drip out of her as she sat up a bit.

I couldn’t believe we still had to clean up and get back to the office. It took a bit of time to clean up and we kissed for awhile before leaving for the office and going about our day.

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