Lunch date


Lunch dateIt had started out as a normal day off. I got the k**s up and off to school and had occupied my day for the most part with watching videos and playing a few video games. I had just decided to make myself a sandwich when my phone buzzed on the table next to me. I smiled when I saw it was a text from my wife. “Hey so that fantasy of yours… were you serious or was that just dirty talk?”She was referring to the night before, while she was mounted on top of me riding my cock I had told her about wanting her to become a Hotwife. About how I fantasized and jerked off to the thought of her fucking other men. It was a fantasy I had brought up before during sex. “I mean it is something I would be very into, if you were. I never want to make you feel like you have to or anything but if it was up to me you’d have multiple cocks in you.” I wasn’t sure what she was playing at but a little work sexting wasn’t out of the ordinary for us.“Are you sure?”“Absolutely. Why?”“Well the new guy at work I told you about? The new tech.”“Uh yeah, Sefaköy Escort I remember you mentioning him. Said he smelled nice, looked good.”“That’s the one.”“What about him?”“I’ve noticed him staring at me today and I thought I’d ask him to lunch.”“What’s that got to do with my fantasy?” I asked her teasingly.“Maybe nothing but…” she teased back. “But…?” I asked feeling my cock stiffen, thinking this was still a bit of dirty talk texting. She didn’t respond, I assumed she got busy at work, it’s hard for a nurse to find free time at work sometimes. About half an hour later my phone buzzed again. I glanced down and saw it was another text from my wife. “So we went to lunch.”“Yeah? How was it?”“The lunch was fine, burgers, the company was nice.”“That’s good.”“Now dessert, that was much better.”“What was dessert?” I asked.“It was a bit of chocolate, here I’ll send a pic I took of it.”The pic came through and I recognized the interior of my wife’s mini van, I also recognized the wedding band on my wife’s finger Sefaköy Escort Bayan the one that matched the band on my finger. What I didn’t recognize was the large black cock that hand was wrapped around. I stared at the picture, taking it in. Here was my wife’s hand wrapped around another man’s cock. As my mind reeled from it the next picture arrived.In this one my wife was leaned down over it and her mouth was open, a bit of saliva hung from her lips as she was lowering herself down to take the massive head of it in her mouth. My god she was drooling over his dick! My own cock had now caught up with the rest of me and begin to throb inside of my jeans. The next photo showed my wife, now with the cock enveloped in her mouth. He cheeks puffed out at the size of it and her hand gripping the base. I could see a bit of his hand on the back of her head easing her mouth over his giant rod.The next picture arrived, this one had her licking the cock, her tongue was about halfway up the shaft and her eyes revealed Escort Sefaköy how much she was reveling in it. I had not even been aware of the fact that I had unfastened my jeans and began stroking myself. After that the pics kept coming, her with his cock in her mouth her licking the tip her sucking on his balls and then finally her with the entire length down her throat. I could see from the angle that his balls were clenching and I knew it was a photo of the moment he unloaded his cum into my wife’s mouth. The next photo confirmed my suspicions as it was a selfie of her with her mouth open and his cum pooled on her tongue. She captioned it “can’t wait to kiss you when I get home” it was that moment I came all over the floor in front of me. I quickly cleaned it up and prepared to message my wife. “Hunny,” I typed. “Yes?” Came the reply.“You are AMAZING” “Really? You’re not upset or anything?”“Upset? Hell no! I just came all over myself!”She sent a smiley face and said “good, cause he wants to have lunch again with me tomorrow and I’m thinking about jumping straight to dessert”When she got home and we put the k**s to bed I had her describe every moment of it to me and she gave me the best blowjob I have ever received while I looked at the pictures from earlier. I think I’m going to like this lifestyle.

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