Luke, Nina , Ash Ch. 09: Then


All characters and events are fictional, and all participants are over 18.

This is an ongoing story that jumps between the past and the present.

Luke woke first and realised it was much later. The sky was black outside, the street lamps lit and casting a dim light into the room. He was lying naked with Nina on one side, Ash on the other, both breathing steadily. One of them had spread a blanket over them all and it was soft and warm between them. He turned to look at Nina, her face relaxed in sleep, and memorised the outline of her face, the smell of her hair, the sound of her breath. Then he turned to look at Ash, his face bare without his glasses, his brow furrowed slightly in sleep, his dark hair mussed. He took a mental snapshot, taking in every feature, every line and shade and curve of his face. He closed his eyes, remembering the feeling of those lips around his cock, the cautious eagerness of Ash’s hands on him, touching, feeling, stroking, licking. And Nina’s eyes on him, her hand under her skirt, her face yearning. He groaned thinking about it and Nina stirred beside him.

‘Mmf, is it morning?’

He held a finger to her lips, whispered, ‘No, it’s late. Ash is asleep.’

She raised her head a fraction and looked over at Ash, who was still breathing steadily.

She looked back at Luke, who held his hand to her chest, looking into her eyes.

‘Do you think we can stay the night?’

He considered this.

‘I can call home, say I’m working on an assignment at a friend’s house.’

She nodded.

‘If you’re keen for that, I’m guessing Ash will be.’

She shifted to give him room and he shuffled off the bed, trying not to wake Ash. Nina watched his naked form in the glowing light from the streetlamps outside as he bent to get his phone from his bag. He turned back.

‘Oops, four missed calls already,’ he whispered. She giggled, putting her hand over her mouth to stifle the noise. Ash stirred but didn’t wake.

Luke went into the hall to make the call and Nina shuffled closer to Ash, spooning him where he’d rolled over. She lightly ran her hands over his tall, skinny form. He’d taken his pants off when he got up for the blanket, but his underwear was still on. She breathed him in, enjoying the soft, musky sleeping smells that had mingled between him and Luke.

She heard Luke come back in the room.

‘Neens, wanna get some food?’

He was putting on a pair of underwear as he spoke. She kissed Ash on the forehead, tucked the blanket around him, and followed Luke out the door.

Down in the kitchen they rifled through the fridge and cupboards, finding enough ingredients to put something like dinner together. Neither of them had cooked much before, but with the help tandoğan escort of Luke’s phone they found a recipe for the ingredients they had. In between chopping, boiling and frying, Nina told Luke every detail of what she and Ash had done when he was at practice. He was pleased they’d enjoyed themselves, but also grateful that they hadn’t touched each other; it made him feel less left out.

When the food was almost ready Ash appeared in the kitchen doorway, rubbing his eyes blearily.

‘What are you doing?’

They looked over at him, suddenly worried they’d made a mistake.

‘Uh, Luke called home and he’s staying the night here. So am I. If that’s ok with you? We’re making dinner.’

Ash stopped rubbing his eyes, looked at what they were making. They waited, the tension growing as he came closer, frowning.

‘We can clean up and go if-‘

Ash suddenly pulled them both into a hug. They dropped what they were holding, wrapping their arms around him. He hiccuped, swallowed hard, trembling through his thin t-shirt.

‘Ash, what’s wrong?’

He pulled back, tears in his eyes.

‘I woke up and you were both gone. I thought…’ his voice was thick, ‘I thought maybe I’d ruined everything. Taken it too far. Done it wrong.’ This last part he directed at Luke, who shook his head, smiling.

‘Ash… I have never cum so hard before. I thought I was going to pass out. It was… seeing you kneeling there in front of me, the way you touched me, your mouth…’ he shook his head again, lost for words.

Ash breathed out a sigh of relief.

‘I had no idea what I was doing.’

‘I couldn’t tell. It felt amazing. It was… mind blowing.’

‘He was definitely enjoying himself,’ added Nina, ‘I was watching his face the whole time. He was on another planet.’

Ash looked between them, smiling with relief.

‘Thank god. I just… waking up alone after that wasn’t great.’

‘We’re sorry. We didn’t want to wake you, you’re so cute when you’re sleeping.’

They laughed, Ash letting them out of the hug. Luke turned back to the stove, started plating up the food.

‘And I’m so grateful for your incredible service that we are cooking you dinner,’ he said, winking.

‘Exactly. So go sit down, take these forks with you, and we’ll bring your dinner over.’ Nina kissed him on the cheek and he grinned giddily, heading for the table.

They chatted over dinner, laughing and joking, at ease with each in the small kitchen. Although they were all ravenous, none of them ate very much. Underneath their conversation was an undercurrent of desire, a different kind of hunger.

There was a pause in the conversation. Nina played with her sincan escort food, pushing it around her plate. Ash swirled his glass around and around, glancing between the other two. Luke sucked on the fork in his mouth, looking at them closely.

‘So… should be go back to bed?’

Nina and Ash looked at him, then stood up in unison. Luke smiled broadly, dropping his fork, and they rushed up the stairs together, their half-naked bodies brushing against each other, hardening, moistening, ready. They piled into Ash’s room, pulling their clothes off.

‘Is all naked ok? Colour?’




Luke sat on the edge of the bed, pulling the other two in front of him, one standing over each of his knees. He found the tip of Ash’s penis, sucked it into his mouth, making him gasp and shudder. He also slipped his hand up Nina’s body, finding her breast, cupping it, stroking it. Nina pulled Ash’s arm around her, placing his hand on her mound, and guided his other hand to her other breast. Ash was mesmerised by Luke’s mouth on his dick, but he found enough focus to run his finger down Nina’s mons, find her slick warm lips, rub them back and forth.

She gasped and sighed, relishing the hands on her body, running her own hands up and down the muscular backs of her boyfriends. Using all his strength, Ash pulled back from Luke, let his cock slip from his mouth.

‘I think Nina needs some attention,’ he gasped, steadying himself. He’d kept his arm wrapped around her, his finger still between her lips, and he pushed her onto the bed, kneeling before her.


She pulled Luke over from where he sat, moving his face close to hers.

‘I’ll kiss his lips if you kiss mine Ash…’ she breathed, ‘Green as grass.’

Luke lay full length against her, pressing his mouth over hers, running a hand up her thigh. Ash, feeling more confident now that he’d been so successful doing this with Luke, nuzzled his cheek along Nina’s inner thigh, using his fingers to touch and explore her soft, wet lips. He dipped them in, slowly feeling her shape and listening to her groans as cues. He lifted one of her legs to rest on his shoulder, giving him better access, and brought his lips to hers. She was hotter than he expected, and wetter, saltier. He drank her in, ran his tongue along her, found the tight bud of nerves at the top of her lips, experimented with sucking, nipping, rolling his tongue along it. She bucked and shuddered under him, her hips jolting whenever he touched her clit.

Luke kept his mouth on Nina’s, his arm around her torso, holding her still when she twitched and juddered under Ash’s mouth. He ran his hand down her body, found sıhhiye escort Ash’s head between her legs, and pushed his fingers into his thick hair. Nina had already done the same and their fingers met as Ash moved his head back and forth on her.

She broke the kiss with Luke, shifting her hips to a different angle.

‘Hold still Ash. Keep your tongue there,’ she whispered, and she moved her hips, rubbing herself against his mouth, feeling an explosion building. Luke looked down her body, a thrill of passion running through him at the sight of Ash’s face buried deep between her thighs. He watched her buck and rub against their boyfriend, her face contorting, her whole body tensing.

She cried out, arching against the bed, pulling Ash’s face closer to her, writhing back and forth. Luke let her go, watching in reverence, until she finally went still, her body relaxing, her leg falling from Ash’s shoulder. Ash stroked her a few more times with his finger, causing her to whimper and jerk away.

Luke pulled him up on the bed and took his moist lips in his own, both of them kneeling beside Nina. He licked Ash’s lips and chin, sucked his tongue into his mouth, relishing the taste of their girlfriend on him. Ash kissed him back hard, pushing his tongue into Luke’s mouth, and they twined around each other, finding each other’s hard members, stroking them, squeezing each other’s balls, sinking their fingers into their thighs.

Luke dipped his head and took Ash’s cock in his mouth again, pushing him down on the bed, sinking between his legs. He teased the tip with his tongue, tasting the slick pre-cum that was beading out of Ash’s glans, ducking his head forward to take the whole shaft into his throat, circling the base of his cock with his fingers as Ash had done to him earlier. Ash groaned deeply, one hand on Luke’s shoulder, one in his messy hair, moving in rhythm with the lips wrapped around his shaft.

More hands found their way up Ash’s naked body, stroking his stomach and chest, and Nina found his lips in the half-darkness. He relished the taste of her, her tongue twining with his, her curly hair falling into his face. He stroked her neck, ran one hand down to her hip, her mound, her still swollen, soaking lips. She gasped and moved her hips away.

‘Gentle, it’s so sensitive…’ she breathed, breaking their kiss, and Ash’s mind went blank as her whisper and the pressure of Luke’s tongue on his cock overwhelmed his senses. Ash’s cock pulsed, his balls emptying, his cum shooting into Luke’s mouth. Nina’s hand was on Ash’s hip, brushing against Luke’s cheek, her recently-climaxed body tingling again at the sight of her boyfriends’ mutual pleasure.

Ash’s movements slowed, his breath becoming steady, and Luke let his cock slip from his lips. Luke climbed up his boyfriend, resting his head on Ash’s chest, lying between his legs, and Ash and Nina both stroked his hair, Nina lying against them both.

After several moments of quiet, steady breathing, Nina laughed quietly.

‘You were right Ash: we just needed to use our imaginations.’

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