Lucy’s Party Ch. 02


This is the rest of my fantasy. Kisses – Lucy


With all the constant action finally I was feeling a little exhausted when the guys decided it was time to take a break. I think Master might have said something but I never heard it. My mouth was aching and my pussy was a little raw and by then all I could do was let them shove their cocks in and thrust into me. My body was feeling amazing after all that fucking but I could feel I was close to my limit of what I could accept from them all.

So I let a couple of them carry me to a soft leather chair and Master put his coat over me. I got a big hug and a cuddle from Master but he didn’t say much. I could feel his love and the look in his eyes was so amazing that it made everything totally worthwhile for me. Someone gave me a drink and I slowly sipped on it as I recovered from all the work it was taking to be the party slut. I was relieved that they wanted to let me have a little break because somehow I sensed it wasn’t the end of the party. Only one of the guys had shot his jizz.

Master stayed with me for ages and he held me and stroked my hair and told me several times that he loved me. I told him the same back though really I was happy to lie still in peace for a while and just feel his arms around me. I am his submissive and it is the most important thing that I get to serve him and honour him but still I guess I am a woman too and the need for love and affection are still strong in me.

Actually the party did not stop when they put me on that chair. I still don’t know if Master had planned it but after a while Tash got busy and she was taking a turn giving pleasure to the guys. It was kind of funny watching someone so bossy who then was all submissive and going on her knees to suck guys off. I could tell Tash was experienced at it and the guys were enjoying it very much. She sure had a lot of enthusiasm for those cocks and I didn’t even care if they shot off into her mouth instead of mine. Tash looked so sexy with those black leather boots and now I know I that I would obey a woman too if it was the right person.

Even Master gave Tash his cock and I watched from the lounge chair while he pumped in and out of her mouth. Of course Master never asked what I thought but I knew it was part of the price I pay as his submissive. Actually that was the very first time I have ever seen Master get sucked off by another woman and I got really excited by seeing how big and hard Tash made him.

Then one of the guys said he wanted to fuck Tash and I was really excited by that as well. So I got a shock when Tash looked over at me and loudly said that ‘first I want my turn with the dirty bitch.’ I have never been called something like that by a woman and Tash sounded a little angry with me which made me afraid of her. Tash took a big swig from a drink and by the time she had crossed the room I was sitting up straight waiting for her.

She was beautiful and she had those big black boots and as she stood with her hands on hips I saw a thick, black bush just like mine when I don’t shave.

‘Come on bitch. Get down here,’ She was pointing at the carpet. I was not willing to argue so I went down on my knees like a good little slut.

I love it when I can put myself in a lower position than men. Of course that always means my Master and there are some other men who make me feel that way. I have never felt like being in a lower position than another woman but Tash was sounding nasty and bossy and somehow that made it seem so natural for me. I just wanted to please Tash and so I was very happy to submit to her. Later on I realised that Master had been training me to learn how to be totally submissive and to behave the right way so I could follow orders from someone like Tash as well.

Tash pulled up one of the leather meeting chairs and sat in it, slouched down and with her legs hanging out wide over the arms. I could see all of her pussy and even her butt hole and I knew just exactly what was going to happen to me next.

I don’t know how I could get my head around everything that night. I had never even expected a sex party that night or that Master would make me serve all those men but I had sucked and fucked them all. After all that I was on my knees as a humble slut for a woman I had never met before. I just know in my mind I was happy and excited to be degraded and used like that and made to serve everyone.

Tash ordered me to ‘come closer.’ She pointed at her wet pussy lips and told me to ‘put your face in here.’

I knew what Tash wanted and I almost froze. I have never done that to another woman before and I really didn’t know if I could. I have thought a lot about the feeling of another woman putting her mouth on me but because I am a submissive it turned out my first time I had to put my mouth on a woman. In the end I didn’t freeze because I liked Tash and because Master wanted me to lick her pussy. I just knew that he would because most men want to see girls doing that.

Tash smelled good as I got closer and I could see her çekmeköy escort wetness on her bush. I was intimidated by Tash and her pussy because she had much more experience than me. I stuck my tongue out and started licked her, starting in the middle of her hairy pussy and sliding my tongue up to her clit. Oh my god that felt great to lick such soft, wet flesh and she tasted just fine. Naturally I have tasted my own pussy juices, especially on Master’s cock, so I wasn’t turned off at all and in fact I liked her taste. So I did it again and this time I think I even heard Tash moan. Next time I pressed deeper and actually had my tongue between her pussy lips and her juices were even stronger.

‘Come here and help her,’ I heard Tash order someone. ‘Push her face right in there.’ I am pretty sure it was her submissive Chinese man. A hand pushed against the back of my head and shoved my face right into that hot wet pussy. I was shocked but I didn’t stop licking her even though I didn’t have any idea of what to do. I just tried to please Tash as much as I could and lick her all over her pussy.

The best part was her pussy entrance and licked I her there a lot and sometimes I pushed past her big bush of pussy hair so I could get my tongue inside her. That made her moan louder so I guessed what I was doing was working. I was so unprepared for licking a woman’s pussy that night but down deep I had wanted to try it for such a long time. I really loved that I was forced to do it for Tash.

Tash took a couple of cocks in her mouth while I was licking her and seeing that made me so wet and horny to experience the same for myself. But she kept me working on her pussy for a long time and I know she came at least twice while I did my best to lick her clit and to fuck her hot hole with my tongue. It was hard to do much more since my face was shoved hard into her soft, wet pussy but I did manage to lick her clit a few times which seemed to make her moan even louder.

After a long time Tash must have had enough of me. ‘Now I want a cock,’ she ordered and at last the hand on my head released the pressure and I was free again. I looked at Tash to try to thank her but already she was reaching for one of the guys’ hard cocks to pull him to her pussy. So I went back to the lounge with Master with a woman’s pussy juice all over my face while the guys took turns kneeling in front of Tash and shoving their cocks into her tight little hole.

That was my first ever time to watch a woman get fucked for real and I watched closely because I was imagining how I looked when they were all using me. I couldn’t see very much but I watched her face and I knew each time a new cock pressed right deep inside her pussy. It was the same feeling I had when they placed me on the board table and fucked me in turns. I knew how special it was to have the guys all use my mouth and my pussy.

I am not sure if Tash actually came on their cocks but she made sure she got everyone at least twice. Even Master took his turn and fucked Tash’s hairy pussy. I did feel a little strange about that but I am sure Master fucks other women anyway and I would never be able to say ‘no’ to him. His cock was so big and hard for her and it was very sexy to see his butt moving as he pumped himself into another woman. I wondered if Tash felt the same as me that its right and proper for a woman to be a cockslut.

Pretty soon the guys didn’t want to wait for a turn to fuck so two of them decided to use me and they split up from the group. I got the stranger and the little Chinese guy who had their big cocks pointing at me. No-one even asked me if it was OK and I didn’t want them to because I was happy to be a whore who didn’t need that respect. I knew the reason I was there was to be used and abused for their pleasure.

They pushed me over the arm of the lounge and just started humping like a doggy one after the other. The guys were still really eager and were pounding me pretty hard and my boobs were bouncing around underneath me and that felt really good. Being fucked then was the hardest part of the night though because it felt great but my pussy was sore. I felt a sort of competition with Tash, though, and I didn’t want to say ‘stop’ before she did.

Somewhere in the middle I think a couple of them switched over and I think by then I was being fucked by Master’s friend and by Mr Handsome. They felt so good in my pussy even though there was no way I could cum again. I was just a hole for them and their cocks and I was totally out of control and at the mercy of those guys. I was so tired and sore by then but I got what I wanted by being in the lowest position a woman could ever be in front of men.

I really have no idea how many of the guys fucked me or how many times I got each cock in my pussy. It was more non-stop fucking and violation of my pussy and it was getting so tough on me but I just had to take it all and let them use me how they liked.

A few times I got slapped on my butt cheeks cevizli escort and I didn’t even care since by then I had totally surrendered myself to them. Letting a man slap me on the butt is like an ultimate degrading act for me but whatever they wanted from me and my body was fine because I was too tired to think.

I know that Master took a turn fucking me for a while because I heard his voice and I could just feel it was his cock sliding into my abused pussy and that was better because I strongly felt my love for him.

I really couldn’t take any more and was about to ask Master for mercy when I heard someone say they needed to cum ‘desperately.’ The guys had waited all night and I was amazed they could do that. I guessed that my work was done and that the reason Tash was invited was so she could finish them all off.

So I was a little shocked when I heard Tash giving the guys orders. ‘Remember to give her all your cum you fucks,’ she ordered sternly. ‘The deal is she gets everything tonight.’ So it was my job after all to receive the jizz from all those guys. No matter how tired I felt it was such an honour and the one thing I had wanted most of all that night. I was suddenly feeling a little stronger and energetic.

I was made to sit on a boardroom chair which was good because I knew they weren’t going to use my pussy any more. At least my mouth had recovered a little and I knew I would swallow all their cum if that’s what they wanted.

Tash came close to me then and whispered loudly to me.

‘Are you going to be a cum slut for them all?’

I could only nod in reply.

‘Do you want their cum you dirty bitch?’ Oh yes, yes I did want it so much.

‘Yes, yes,’ I replied quickly. ‘I want all their jizz. I want them all to shoot their jizz for me.’ I wanted to beg them for it because I was afraid I might miss out.

Tash must have had the same thought because I clearly heard her tell the men to ‘fill the bitch with cock juice.’ That made me feel dirty and low and really it made me excited enough that I wanted all the guys to blast their cum all over me.

Mr Handsome was first and he stood in front of me with his beautiful cock looking ready to explode. Straight away his cock pushed past my lips but this time I was surprised that he filled my mouth roughly. Then he grabbed my head just like Master had done earlier and before I could react he was holding me and shoving his cock into my mouth and going deep and fast. I just had to hang on to the chair and try to use my lips and my tongue as if it was a normal blowjob.

Of course it wasn’t a normal blowjob at all and Mr Handsome was rough and going fast like he was using my mouth like a pussy at the end of a fucking session. It was a little scary all of a sudden and was not comfortable for me at all. Even the way he held my head in his strong hands was almost too much for me. It was just like I was being abused and used by the guys and if it wasn’t for Master being there I would have been really scared and humiliated.

There was a switch and the next guy shoved himself inside my mouth and he grabbed my head as well, pulling my hair as he slammed into my mouth. I even found it hard to breathe and he went faster and way too deep and a couple of times I coughed and choked before he stopped and let the Chinese guy have his place. That was a bit easier because the Chinese guy was a little smaller but he still slammed in hard and deep and he even hurt me a little when his cock almost went into my throat.

Suddenly I realised that they were fucking my face. I know some men would expect it in that sort of party but it was my first time ever so I hadn’t thought I would be abused like that. I was filled with pride and I was so excited suddenly I wasn’t tired at all. My first facefucking. Even Master had never really used me like that but he knew from my porn habits I had imagined this being done to me many, many times. Like I say, I don’t think there is any better way for a woman to be used or to serve her men than to accept their cocks into her mouth and especially if she gets their jizz as her final reward.

They all did it to me that night, they all fucked my face. Even Master did it after he let the others take my mouth and use me like that. When Master took his turn abusing my mouth I stopped being scared and started to really enjoy myself. A proper facefucking and so many cocks to give it to me.

I stared to really enjoy myself because they just held me tight and thrust while my drool ran down over my chin and onto my boobs. A lot of times I did have to cough and choke because they were so rough but no-one showed me much care. That was certainly the most abuse my mouth has ever taken but I was not bothered at all and I just tried to keep myself relaxed and use my lips to give them all some extra pleasure. Of course the best part was when Master took his turn again and fucked my mouth without mercy.

Taking a proper facefucking made me feel like a porn star and erenköy escort I even surprised myself at how much I could take as they all took a turn to pleasure themselves brutally in my mouth.

The guys all enjoyed themselves and pretty soon they decided it was time for everyone to shoot their jizz. That was the biggest thrill because I was going to get my dream of being a cumslut and I started getting excited at how much jizz they would dump onto my face. I was ready to receive it all and I wanted to finish the night like a dirty cumslut.

The stranger was the first guy to cum but he chose to fill my mouth. I didn’t mind when he pulled my head way down onto his cock till I started to choke but I was little afraid I might suffocate. He had a strong grip on me and I knew there was no escape and all his sperm was going to go straight into my throat and down to my belly. I was so ready and so excited for it.

Tash came close again and asked me ‘are you ready to take all their filthy cum?’ Oh my god I was almost desperate for it by then.

‘Hnnnh… hnnnh…’ was all I could say with my face stuffed full of meat.

‘You want to be a dirty cumslut and a cum dump for them?’

‘Hnnnh hnnnh…’

The stranger’s cock felt enormous in my mouth and I think it was even throbbing a little so I knew he was really close to giving me his jizz. After a minute the stranger made a lot of noise and I knew I was going to get my big reward. I know I even moaned out loud and I wasn’t even acting. He pressed deeper into my mouth and I felt like I was really going to be a dump for his jizz. I actually felt his cock when he exploded and I had to swallow him as fast as I could so I didn’t choke on his jizz. That was an amazing feeling and I think he shot quite a big load into my throat but he was so far into my mouth it was hard to tell.

I felt his cock twitch as each load of jizz shot out into my throat. He shot about six or seven times and I welcomed every one of them as his balls totally emptied into my throat. I got a little taste of his thick jizz as it slid down my throat and I did the proper thing and I swallowed it all down.

That was such a great moment I’ll never forget since I had just let another man I’d never met empty his balls into my throat. I don’t really know how I let myself be put so low but I was so glad Master at last could see how much I belonged there. It was so amazing to feel so lowly and so degraded that all I wanted was to receive more of their jizz over and over again.

The stranger swore aloud and then I heard him tell me that I was ‘an amazing cock slut’. As he slipped his thick cock out of my mouth I was still swallowing the last of his yummy jizz but I remembered to say a quiet ‘thank you’ to him and I really meant it.

Master’s other friend was next, the one I’d met on the business trip. I knew he was going to shoot onto my face when he grabbed my hair tight and yanked my head back. I got even more excited right then because I love swallowing jizz but a submissive slut like me needs to wear it on her skin.

I watched him wanking his cock with fast, strong movements of his hand. I love watching a guy do that with his cock. Of course I wanted to receive all his juice on my face and I was overcome with the thrill of what was being done. I’ve hardly ever asked a man to shoot on me but I just heard myself say ‘please cover my face with your jizz’. It showed everyone I was fully degraded but I was just thinking of how good it would feel to wear his jizz on my skin.

‘You want my cum do you?’

‘Please. Please give it to me all over my face.’

I saw the first shot come out fast and hard and I felt it slap into the skin of my cheek. I think what I felt at that time is elation. I know that really that one blast of jizz made me a dirty slut but the feeling of his jizz on my skin was what I had waited for all night. That first blast came out so hard there were even some little splashes of his jizz across my face and into my hair. I stayed completely still and hoped for more and more. I was a target for his cum and I was smiling as I felt the heat of his jizz spray on to me.

A shot landed on my forehead and my hair and there were more blasts in my eye and on my nose and my cheeks. Someone said aloud that ‘now she looks like a fucking cumslut’ and of course I smiled harder when he said that. I felt shame and pride to be labelled a cumslut like that.

This guy had a lot of jizz to give and he managed to cover most of my face and then he saved the last drops to put right into my mouth on my tongue. I was a low submissive and a cumslut and right then I could not have wanted to be anywhere else. As the friend let go of my hair I made sure to say a polite ‘thank you’ to him as well. He had given me the wonderful gift of coating my face with his jizz and I wanted him to know I was grateful to be so beneath him. ‘I love taking your jizz on my face,’ I muttered to him.

Mr Handsome was next and he didn’t touch me. He didn’t want my mouth either and he didn’t pull my hair. So I got to watch him stroke his beautiful cock only a couple of inches from my face as some of the others murmured encouraging words to him. They all wanted to see him shoot on me and cover my face with jizz. ‘Give her another load,’ someone said. Someone else said ‘she looks so great covered in cock juice’ and I knew that was really true.

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