Lucy’s Film: Family Fun Pt. 01


Copyright 08 Molly J

NOTE: This story is about dominance, abuse, and the difference between them. The story is told in a family setting, in graphic BDSM terms. If any of these themes offend you, in any way, do not read this story.

Lucy’s days and nights moved quickly. Her nights with Frank were filled with passion. Her days with Jim were filled with work. They edited together a short film that displayed the new talent in the family.

Jim took out a loan to cover the front end costs. Lucy wrote an outline of her new film. Lucy traveled by plane to Amsterdam to talk to her distributor. The presentation went well. The distributor liked what he saw.

He was excited by the new talent. Lucy’s films had been real money makers. Unlike most erotic films, Lucy’s films continued to sell after many years. They were real art. The distributor advanced Lucy $30,000 against royalties.

When Lucy returned home, she instructed Frank to quit his job. She needed him full time. Lucy leased a small rural house for a filming location. The house and setting were ideal for the film. The rest of the month was used to sit up the location. Frank and Melody spent their days with Jim, learning how to run the cameras.

Lucy liked the soft quality of film. She had resisted the movement to digital cameras. She felt that they were too crisp. They lost the soft images only film could produce. The films were processed, then converted to digital recordings.

It was a lot of extra time, work, and expense. Lucy was willing to put up with the time and expense, for the higher quality. She was determined to maintain the artistic merit of her films.

Betty finished her year at school. Her return home was the start of the summer filming session. The filming began with the first meeting of the cast and crew.

Jim was the crew. The actors would work for him, whenever they were not in front of the camera. Lucy was the director. She demanded, and took, absolute control of the film.

“We start filming tonight. The first scene will introduce Sally and I, and set the plot. The roles are simple. I am Frank’s and Betty’s mother. Sally is Melody’s mother. I am a dominate, in a lesbian relationship with Sally. That should not be hard to remember… For our first film, I find no reason to change our names. It will be easier that way. Even though we retain our names, do not fall into your normal relationships with each other. Become your roles. Do not confuse them with your daily life.”

Lucy was in her corset and heels. She looked out of place. Everyone else was wearing street clothes. Lucy paced in front of the cast.

“Your parts must not get stale. We’ll film each scene until it is right. Jim will decide when to move on to the next scene. I’ll give you your scripts for each scene, one at a time. You will not try to memorize the script. You must read, and reread, the script until you become the role you are assigned. The lines will come as the scene unfolds. The hardest part is to remain fresh. If we film a scene five times, the last filming must be as fresh as the first one. If we have to film a scene over a third time, I’ll beat everyone’s ass.”

Lucy watched carefully. She had everyone’s attention. She need it. She commanded it. Her command came from the tone of her voice, and her stance before them.

“There is food in the kitchen. The caterer will supply all of our meals. We live upstairs. We film downstairs. Keep the set neat and tidy at all times. Sally and I, will be on set first. The rest of you are working for Jim. He won’t beat your ass if you fuck up. I will. Film call in one half hour.”

Lucy took Sally aside. She handed Sally her script. She discussed her costume. Lucy took Sally into a full embrace as she kissed her with passion.

“It’s like old times Sally. Just do what you have always done. Get yourself up, but not off, before the session. I want your eyes sparkling for the camera. I’ll help you right now. Strip, bitch.”

Lucy’s eyes were sparkling as Sally removed her clothes. She was back in her element. Lucy laid Sally across the arm of a large chair. Lucy laid bright red stripes across Sally’s ass and back. Sally wanted to masturbate. She was hot. Her eyes were sparkling when Lucy was finished.

“That’s a start. I’ll freshen you up before we go on stage. Do not touch yourself. I’ll beat you silly if you do. We’ll eat on set.”

Lucy left the group. She wanted to be alone. She stroked herself as she drank. She would be hot, and loose, when the camera rolled. She spent the half hour teasing herself and drinking. She was ecstatic. The stage was where she shined. Lucy dressed for the scene. She whipped Sally just before they stepped onto the stage.

“The scene starts in the kitchen and moves to the bedroom. There are three parts to the scene. The kitchen, the transition through the living room, and the bedroom scene.”

Lucy’s simple modest dress, buttoned down the front. Sally was in a skirt and blouse. Her dress was also simple and modest. Neither outfit was Keçiören Escort modest under their clothes. Lucy wore a soft leather corset. Her high heeled suede boots fit tightly to her mid thighs. They were held in place by the garter straps from her corset.

Sally’s under cloths were much simpler. She wore a pink bra and panties set . Her silk stockings and garters were red. Her red heels buckled around her ankles. They were at the table when the camera’s rolled. They ate as the scene unfolded. Lucy knew her lines by heart. They were the first lines, she had written for this movie.

“Sally dear. This is our last night to play around the house. Frank and Betty, will be home from the university tomorrow. Your daughter Melody, will be home the day after.”

“I’ll miss our freedom also, mistress. It’s only for the summer. We’ll be free to play at our leisure as soon as school starts again.”

“No sense in wasting any of our time. Strip, bitch. I’ll hear your screams tonight. They will excite me.”

Lucy smiled broadly. She was excited. She was more than excited, she was raging. Sally lowered her head as she stood before her mistress. Sally needed no script for this scene. She spoke clearly as she began to remove her outer clothes.

“Yes mistress. I dressed for you tonight. I hope you are pleased with my selection.”

“It makes no difference what you’re wearing. I’ll beat your ass tonight for my pleasure alone.”

“Yes mistress.”

Sally was also raging. She sparkled. She radiated her sexuality as she stripped for Lucy. She posed, and flirted, as she stood before Lucy in her underwear.

“Take the bra off. Kneel before me. I want to kiss your tits.”

“Yes mistress.”

Lucy produced a set of wrist restraints, and a whip, from the chair alongside of her. Lucy unbuttoned her dress as Sally entertained her with her submissive strip tease. Sally removed her bra. She bowed her head as she knelt in front of Lucy.

“Give me your hands bitch.”

“Yes mistress.”

Lucy fastened the restraints onto Sally’s wrists. Lucy stood up, letting her dress fall from her. She used her whip on Sally as she walked behind her. Lucy secured the restraints together behind Sally’s back, then returned to her seat.

“I love your tits. I love to kiss them.”

Lucy used her whip on Sally’s tits. She slashed them several times. The lashes were strong. Sally screamed for her mistress.

“I have kissed you, now you kiss me.”

“Yes mistress.”

Lucy smiled at the camera as she pulled Sally’s mouth to her open vagina. Lucy was not acting when she received Sally’s kiss. Neither was Sally. Sally used her mouth to bring Lucy to a full orgasm.

Lucy used her whip on Sally’s back and thighs as she found her pleasure. Her dominance, and her sexual energy, combined to bring Lucy to a full vocal orgasm.

Jim gave his approval of the scene. They filmed it once more to change camera angles. They took a break while Jim set the cameras for the living room scene. They would have to film each scene twice, to get enough camera angles. Lucy liked to replay the scenes. It doubled her pleasure.

The transition through the living room, was simple and fast. Lucy led Sally, crawling on her knees behind her, through the living room. They moved the cameras then filmed it again.

Lucy masturbated and drank. Jim and his crew, set up the cameras and lights in the bedroom.

When the camera’s started, Lucy was standing in a dominate pose before Sally. Sally was kneeling before her. Sally’s hands were still in bondage behind her back. Lucy was raging. She was in full arousal. Her sexual energy radiated around her. Lucy could almost see it. She knew Jim would capture it on film.

Lucy stood over Sally with one hand between her legs. The other hand held the whip. Lucy stood silently for a short time, smiling deeply, as she stroked herself. Lucy walked around Sally, leaving a trail of thin red welts across Sally’s body. They would photograph well. They would quickly fade without bruises.

Sally was crying. Lucy smiled as she looked down at Sally.

“Kiss my boots. Kiss them until I tell you to stop.”

“Yes mistress.”

Sally bent her head forward to kiss Lucy’s boots. Lucy used the whip on her ass in a slow steady cadence. Sally was crying. Sally had trouble keeping her balance. She fell forward onto her side on the rug. Lucy was furious. Her whip became harder.

“Stupid clumsy bitch.”

Lucy righted Sally and continued whipping her. Sally had tears in her voice when she began to beg.

“Please mistress. Please. Let me have my hands. Please.”

Lucy pulled Sally’s head up to her. She slapped her soundly.

“I did not order you to beg, bitch. When I want to hear you beg. I’ll order you to beg. Kiss my boot’s.”

“Yes mistress.”

“Lucy’s body was vibrating with sensual energy. She began to moan as she masturbated. Her whip lost it’s cadence. The whip’s kisses became as raged as Lucy’s breath. Lucy fell Keçiören Escort Bayan back into the large padded chair, pulling Sally with her by her hair.

“Eat me bitch. You will get no relief until you taste my passion.”

Lucy draped her legs over the padded arms of the chair. Sally worked from one side to the other as she brought her mistress pleasure. She flipped her hair back over her shoulder each time she changed sides. Sally made sure the camera always had access to her face, and her mistress’ vagina.

Lucy found a full rich orgasm from Sally’s active mouth and tongue. Lucy’s vocal orgasm was real. It came from Lucy’s deepest being. Lucy lost all rationality. She was completely lost in her pleasure.

Lucy found her rationality quickly. Lucy sat up and released Sally’s hands. She handing her the dildo.

“Fuck me bitch. Fuck me good. Make me scream and I’ll let you take off your panties.”

“Yes mistress.”

Lucy opened herself up to the camera. Sally knelt up. She knelt to one side, as she used her mouth on Lucy’s breasts. The camera had an unobstructed view of the dildo, as it slid in and out of Lucy’s wet vagina. Lucy found a powerful orgasm. There was nothing she could do to intensify it for the camera.

Lucy lay back in repose for only a moment. She willed herself, back to full consciousness. She took the dildo from Sally’s hand, slowly stroking herself with it. She smiled wickedly as she spoke.

“Beg bitch. Beg me, for what you want.”

“Mistress please. Please let me use my hands. Let me use the dildo. Please mistress. Please.”

Lucy pulled the dildo from her vagina. She pointed it at Sally.

“Suck me first. Suck me good. Take it all.”

“Yes mistress.”

Sally took the dildo into her mouth, as she flipped her hair away from her face. She sucked the dildo like an erection. She licked it and kissed it. She always made sure the camera had access to her face.

Sally took the dildo further, and further, into her mouth. Sally finally pushed her head all the way onto the dildo. Her lips rested on her mistress’ hand.

Sally deep throated the dildo several times. Each time, she pulled it all the way out of her mouth as she begged. The plea was always the same.


Lucy stood up. She drug Sally to the bed, then threw her onto her back. Lucy threw Sally the dildo as she propped her up on some pillows. She used her whip to accent her commands.

“Take off your panties. Use the dildo in your cunt. Fuck yourself for my pleasure. Entertain me.”

“Yes mistress.”

Sally fucked herself with the dildo. She writhed in her dance of lust. Lucy stood beside the bed. She masturbated as she used the whip. Sally’s orgasm was in powerful contractions of pure pleasure. She screamed out her pleasure.

Lucy allowed her no time to rest. Lucy pulled Sally’s head to her wet vagina as she lay back onto the bed. The scene ended with Lucy screaming out her orgasm. Sally was using her hands to reach her own vocal orgasm for the camera.

It was always surreal to Lucy, to replay the same scene over. She masturbated and drank for the fifteen minutes it took to reposition the cameras, and lights, on the opposite side of the room. Lucy returned to the center of the room.

She stood in dominance over Sally as they repeated their performance. The exact words were not important. They would use which ever lines were the best. The exact emotions, and actions, were necessary.

Lucy was just as aroused the second time as the first time. Sally was also just as excited. Jim was pleased.

Lucy gathered the group together. She stood tall in her spiked boots. Everyone knew she was in charge. Lucy let them get quiet, before she spoke.

“This is the schedule. We film two days. We take two days off. No sex on the days off. We filmed today. We’ll film tomorrow. The night between film sessions we do not film, however you do perform. Tonight you will get ready for your rolls tomorrow. Up stairs there are three beds. The small bed against the back wall is Jim’s bed. For you, his bed represents the camera. Get used to making sure the camera can see the action.”

Lucy paused to take a drink. She was loose from the alcohol.

“The next main scene in the movie is Frank and Betty alone, in their mothers new house. Frank completely dominates Betty. That is not the scene we are filming tomorrow. We are filming Frank and Betty taking control of Melody. Frank and Betty are both into their domination, and control, of Melody. We’ll film their chaste friendly meeting through the day. Tomorrow night we will film Melody’s complete domination.”

Lucy again paused. She went to sat beside Betty.

“You are a dominate at heart. You’re dominate in this relationship, because Frank allows it. You have been completely dominated, and violated, by Frank already.”

Lucy sat beside Melody.

“You are almost a virgin. You are frightened, and attracted, to your violation at the same time. Struggle. Do Escort Keçiören not fight. You are easily defeated. You’ll cry from your violation. You must become your role. You cannot pretend to be frightened and ashamed. You must become the frightened sheltered young woman, faced by her worst fears.”

Lucy stood up.

“Sally, Jim, and I, will go upstairs first. You will follow as soon as you have finished another drink. When you come upstairs, pay no mind to Sally and I. Jim is the camera. Frank, I want you to take Melody’s ass. Become your roles. I’ll do adjustments tomorrow.”

The three young people arrived in the bed room. There was one small light over Jim’s bed. There was another small light over the empty bed. Lucy and Sally cuddled, and watched, from the bed that was in darkness.

Jim watched the scene unfold. He had always liked to watch Sally being dominated. He and Sally had their sex in private. He was always private in his sex life, except for his voyeurism. He was just as excited seeing his daughter being dominated. He knew that he would enjoy her in the privacy of his bed also.

He had never made any sexual advances towards Melody. He was sure that he would soon. He found as much pleasure seeing Melody dominated, as he did watching Sally. His orgasms in his hand were powerful, as he watched Frank and Betty dominate his daughter.

Frank began to stalk Melody. Betty stepped up to Melody, from behind. She encircled melody’s body with her arms, as she spoke into her ear.

“My brother, wants to get to know his new sister. He wants to know you as well as I do.”

Melody tried to back away from Frank. Betty held her firmly. She captured Melody’s arms with her own. Frank fondled Melody’s breasts as she struggled.

“I like a woman who has spirit.”

Frank tore open her blouse. He stripped her bra cups from her breasts. Frank kissed her lewdly.

“On the bed, little bitch. You’ll serve me, just like my sister does.”

Frank climbed up and lay back on the bed. He made sure that Jim could see him, and his sisters kneeling before him. Betty took Melody by the hair, pushing her up close to Frank. His eyes sparkled as he fondled them both.

“My sister serves me well. Learn from her. Betty, strip for me.”

Betty stood by the bed as she stripped her clothes off. She left only her stockings, heels, and garter belt on. She knelt before Frank. Frank pulled Melody onto her back. He propped her up for the camera as he stripped off her cloths.

Betty captured her wrists. She pulled Melody’s arms above her head. Melody was struggling, as Frank pushed his erection into her mouth.

“I own you, little bitch. Just like I own Betty. You’ll serve me with your mouth first.”

Frank fucked her mouth. Melody had tears in her eyes. Frank enjoyed her mouth as his hands explored her body. Melody was totally excited as her passion rose. Betty let go of her hands as she moved between Melody’s legs. She smiled up at Melod, as she knelt in her position. Melody was stroking Frank’s erection as he fucked her mouth.

“You’ll be hot for my brother. You’ll serve him well.”

Betty lowered her head to Melody’s vagina. Betty was new to acting. She was a pro at eating pussy. She used all of her talents to bring Melody up to full passion. Frank changed places with Betty as he took Melody fully.

Melody did not need to act. She was filled with lust. She fucked Frank completely. Frank let her orgasm twice before he called his forward. Frank had established control of his erection. His erection no longer controlled him.

Frank pulled from Melody, then pulled Betty’s head to his erection. He fucked her mouth for a short time. He pulled from her mouth as he pumped his white semen onto her face. Frank lay back. He kissed Melody as he idly fondled her.

“You serve my sister as well as me. Serve her with your mouth. Start by licking her face. Get used to the taste of my cum. I’ll use your mouth a lot.”

Melody actually managed to shed a tear or two as she crawled over to Betty. She had not yet learned to cry on cue as her mother did. She licked Betty clean, then worked her kissing mouth down Betty’s body. Melody served Betty well with her tongue. Betty did not release her hold on Melody’s head as she rose to her orgasm.

“She’s all yours, brother dear. I’ll hold her. You take her ass. She can fill my cunt with her screams. She’ll serve us both well.”

Melody struggled. She plead. Her pleas were muffled into Betty’s open vagina. Betty was totally into her dominate roll. She was becoming comfortable with it. Frank was coldly determined to have Melody’s ass again. Even as he was greasing her up, he was leering at Betty. He beamed his lust at her.

Betty could feel Frank’s eyes on her body. She could feel his lust. She blushed under his gaze. She knew exactly what he was thinking. She could almost feel him penetrate her body, as he forced his erection into Melody’s ass.

Betty flushed with her own arousal, as she pulled Melody’s head into her wetness. She used Melody’s screams to masturbate with. She screamed out her own orgasm, adding her voice to Melody’s .

Betty screamed out her pleasure as she imagined screaming out her pain, when Frank took her ass. She knew he would soon. She hoped she could stand it.

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