Lucy: How We Met


I had met this couple Edward and Lucy via a sexually oriented dating site. Actually, they (he) contacted me first. I am age 75 and they are in their 60’s. The idea was that the husband apparently could no longer satisfy his wife and that they courted couples or, occasionally, single males to have sex with her. I was intrigued, but a little skeptical. We exchanged messages on the site for a time, then graduated to the Instant Messenger feature.

It was clear that he was being a ‘buffer’ between the wife and her potential lovers. Made that clear from the get-go. He spoke very highly of his wife, making it clear that they had a good marriage and whatever might transpire between me and Lucy was just sex. He described her as a lady in the living room and a whore in the bedroom. Ok. It appeared early on that he would not be a ‘participant’ in the sex, but would monitor from another room in their house for safety. Yes, it was to take place at their home.

He and I got into quite a bit of detail: how much kissing, oral, dirty talk, etc. There seemed some hesitation on his part that a single male would only be out for a one night stand; I assured him that I was interested in something more long term. Ok.

I made it clear that, because of my ED, I use a vacuum pump and cock ring to make and sustain an erection. And that because of prostate treatment, there was no semen. He (they) seemed ok with that.

Given his hesitation, I wrote out a little scenario for him to share with Lucy, as to how I would make love to her. Here is an excerpt from that scenario:

“When I am with Lucy, we will have some extended foreplay, kissing, touch, caressing. I want to learn how her body feels under my touch, and she will learn how my hands and lips feel on her. And I will feel how her hands feel on me, how her lips feel to kiss. Side Escort During this time I will tell her how she feels to my hands, and she can do the same for me.

“At a good moment, I will extend my kissing to her feet, working my way up to her thighs. I will skip up to her breasts and suckle them. I will then return to her thighs and use my lips and tongue to move all along her pussy, labia, inside, outside, and around her clit. I will draw her clit into my mouth, sucking on it as I did her nipples. At this point, I think she may have had one or more small orgasms. If she does I will tell her how good it felt to me as well.”

He said on I.M. that he had shared that with Lucy and she was a little more interested. So, I continued my scenario in a follow-up message:

“So, continuing on with my vision of how Lucy and I would be together. After we have had our extended period of foreplay as I described before.

“It’s time to use the vacuum pump. I think I sent you all a photo of it previously, but I attached a repeat. We will have the tube ready to use and handy before we start our lovemaking.

“And when it is time for us to use our vacuum pump, we will commence to create my erection. She will help with this by holding the transparent tube and watch me grow before her very eyes. I want Lucy to cup my balls with her hand while the erection grows. She can also stroke around my stomach and legs; the vacuum is not simply mechanical – my lust for Lucy will fuel the process. I will suggest to her how good it will feel to have my cock kissed and suckled by her mouth when I am erect.

“It works best to use some vacuum, then click off the vacuum temporarily to let my cock adjust to its new girth and length and then repeat a couple of times. This is like leaving a cake in the oven to let it Side Escort Bayan rise. Although I often use a lube on my cock as part of the vacuum process, the first step will not use much lube. This is because (when I have removed the tube) I want her to begin using her lips and mouth to make love to my cock (and the lube probably tastes bad). She is welcome to take me into her mouth as deeply as she is comfortable with. All the while, I will be telling her good it is to be inside her mouth, to feel her tongue caressing me.

“After about 10 minutes of this, I will go ahead and apply lube to the cock (and she can help). This facilitates the (temporary) removal of the cock ring. After removing it, I want her to stroke me some more with her hands. Then, with my cock well lubed, we will repeat the vacuum process. This re-pump will bring the erection to a higher state, as it was well stretched by the first pumping.

“I will now lay flat on the bed with my erection standing straight up, so Lucy can mount me. “I need you to fuck me Lucy.” If she has needed some intermediate attention to her pussy to help her own lubrication, we will do that. She can then straddle me, lower herself onto my cock, and ride and gyrate on me to her heart’s content. And mine. Her breasts will be right there for me to play with while she fucks me. I will whisper to her how good it feels to have my cock so far up in her pussy, how liquid and smooth her pussy walls feel. And she can tell me what she is feeling.

“After that, we can play things by ear, so to speak and go where our passions take us.”

In the next message exchange, Edward said that Lucy had read my second message and was very interested in her and me getting together. We scheduled a lunch meet to see each other face to face. At the restaurant, they sat Escort Side together on one side of the booth and I across. She was quite attractive and very outgoing, even vivacious. Nice figure, great legs, and I told her so. We chatted quite amiably for a while, with some refreshment. All above board and non-sexual conversation. At that point we traded cell phone numbers. At the end of the lunch, I shook hands with him and she and I had a nice (chaste) hug.

We worked out when it would be convenient for me to have a tryst with Lucy. It was to be the following Wednesday and I got to their house around 5:30 p.m. We sat in their living room and chatted for a time. She was wearing shorts, with her long luscious legs. I deliberately seated myself next to her. As we talked, I consciously moved closer to her and stroked those beautiful legs for a time. He sat across from us and just conversed as if nothing was going on. She was relatively quiet, perhaps not sure of herself.

After a time, I turned to Lucy, and said, “Let’s adjourn to your bedroom for our tryst.” She rose immediately and we walked to her bedroom. I asked if it was ok to close the door and she said yes. My first move was to simply go to her, take her in my arms and give her a light, then firmer, then deeper kiss. I let my hand wander down her back to her ass and pulled her gently to me. She felt delicious.

I started taking my clothes off and so did she. She stood facing away from me, and I reached around her back to cup her breasts in my hands. My goodness, her tits felt good. She murmured appreciatively. I led her to the bed and had her lie on it.

And then I proceeded as I had outlined in my earlier scenario. I must say that this tryst was rather hurried and not as satisfactory as one might hope. Yes, we gave each other considerable oral and sexual pleasure, but it felt hurried. I think she was anxious not to keep her husband waiting too long.

That was a rather abbreviated summary of my first tryst with Lucy. The second was quite different and spectacular. That starts in the next chapter.

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