Lucky Alan Ch. 06


It was a late rainy afternoon on Saturday. Alan was home alone and secluded downstairs in his bedroom playing an intense videogame. His mom was out of town visiting a sick friend at the moment. He found it extremely hard to enjoy and concentrate on playing the game after his much success sexual encounters these past few days. Up until a couple of days, he was a videogame obsessed virgin whom never even experienced his first kiss, but that all changed after a tutoring session with Cassie Banks. She gave Alan his first taste of pussy and in return for helping her pass her history exam, she give him his first blow job and tit-fuck. His luck continued running into an a former classmate named Tiffany and her two busty friends. They took turns sucking and tit-fucking his huge cock until one of Tiff’s friends boldly fucked him and took his virginity. That was a night Alan would never soon forget.

Alan didn’t think it could get any better than that memorable night until yesterday when he naively accepted an invitation from Tiffany’s voluptuous mother. He fucked her brains out for a couple of hours and she basically give him her blessing to have the raunchiest fuck feast ever with her two huge-breasted daughters, Tiffany and Charley live on the Internet. The youngest daughter, Charley, had just turned 18 and possessed the largest pair of world class torpedoed-shaped hooters Alan had ever seen and felt. He was the first guy to taste the sweet, warm milk from her humongous knockers and he had been on cloud 9 ever since.

Eventually Alan made it home in the wee hours of the morning, very fatigued after giving Tiffany her much needed cream pie and brace-wearing mouth another massive taste of his gooey spunk. He slept late into the afternoon trying to recover. When he finally had awaken, he saw a note from his mom on the kitchen table explaining that she had gone out of town to see a very ill friend. Alan decided for the rest of the weekend, he was going to relax and take it easy, but he found it hard trying to do so as his mind was plagued with sex and oversized tits he had only seen in porn. His cock had been stiffening up all day.

“Guess I’ll jerk one out, again,” Alan groaned.

He put his controller down and before he could commence in jerking off, the doorbell rung.

“Who in the hell is out in this weather and knocking at the door?” he wondered.

Alan put his house slippers on and headed upstairs. The doorbell rung continuously which annoyed Alan.

“Hold on, I’m coming!” he yelled.

Alan got to the front door and opened it.


“It’s Mel, dweeb. Now are you going to let me in or are you going to let me catch a deadly cold and die out here!” sternly spoke the young, dark blue-haired girl.

“Oh, right. Come in,” Alan nonchalantly invited. “May I ask why are you here?”

“Your house looks like an old lady with a lot of cats live here. Certainly smells that way,” she rudely spoke. “First off, Allie…”

“It’s Alan,” he corrected her.

“Yeah, whatever. I locked myself out of my house and unfortunately, my cell phone is in my bedroom and the rents won’t be back for a couple of hours. Now I could break a window like last time but the rents didn’t seem to appreciate that. Plus I have better ways of spending my money then buying a new freaking window every month,” she replied. “And I didn’t even know you lived on this street.”

“That’s bullshit! You and your street friends paintball my house every Halloween,” Alan said in an upset manner.

“Oh. We do? My bad. Still had no idea you lived here,” Melanie chuckled.

“Not to mention the million of other horrible things you and your friends had done to me on a regular basis before school, during school, and after school.”

“Well, don’t take it so personal. I promise we won’t pick on you anymore… Sike! You’re just so easy, Allie. Anyways, got any food? I’m starving like Marvin. Oh and does your mom have some decent looking clothes I could wear. That woman dresses so tacky. Chop, chop Allie!” Melanie commanded. “Don’t want me to catch a deadly cold and die right here in your house. I’ll haunt you for the rest of your life.”

“Seems like you already do,” Alan mumbled under his breath.

“What was that?” Melanie asked.

“Make yourself at home. The kitchen is through there and I will be back with some clothes.”

“Thought so, puke face.”

Alan rolled his eyes and sighed as he headed downstairs to his room. Instead of taking clothes from his mom’s room, he decided to give her an old extra large shirt and a pair of sweat pants from his closet. He figured Melanie would be more comfortable wearing his clothes as she always wore dark, thick baggy layers of clothing and combat boots, even in the summer time. Melanie, for obvious reasons, exuded a certain urban mystique with her heavy eyeliner, a pierced eyebrow and punk-rock fashion sense. Her face was homely and she was rumored of having a reputation for being a huge slut around town.

“Oh, so nerd boy is living down in kadıköy escort his mother’s basement,” Melanie wisecracked, coming downstairs eating a sandwich. “And he’s an avid gamer. I’m actually impressed.”

“Really?” Alan questioned her sincerity.

“I am a hardcore gamer too. In fact, I bet I could wipe the floor with you in some Call of Duty,” she challenged. “Unless of course, you’re chicken shit.”

“Here, put these one and comeback to get your ass handed to you,” Alan stated, walking up to Melanie and handing her the clothes.

“All right. Turn around perv so I can change.”

“There’s a bathroom upstairs.”

“Well I don’t feel like walking all the way back upstairs. So turn the fuck around before I kick the living shit out of you.”

Alan grudgingly turned around as Melanie changed out of her wet clothes and into the ones he gave her.

“No peeking, dork.”

“Yeah, like you got anything I would want to see,” Alan snickered back.

“Ha! Shut the fuck up dweeb! I bet the only titty you ever sucked was your mom’s,” Melanie fired back. “Okay, I’m decent. Try not to wet yourself, dweeb.”

Alan turned around and felt his dick rising up. The hard-ass, punk-rock girl who had been tormenting him for years has secretly possessed a pair of huge, perky tits. They protruded beneath the large black t-shirt that draped loosely over her enormous breasts with the hem several inches away from her body and stopped short at her thick, caramel-colored thighs. There was a picture of an old Nintendo controller printed on the shirt that stretched wide across her huge jutting knockers. She opted not to wear the jogging pants as her pink and white Hello-Kitty panties were exposed. Melanie wore nothing on her feet that were, to Alan’s surprised, nicely pedicure in black toenail polish.

“Pick your jaw up off the floor, bookworm. Yes, I have huge fucking tits! Doesn’t mean you have to stare,” said an offended Melanie. “You losers are all the same. You guys see nothing more then a pair of big tits with legs.”

Alan started to feel a bit sympathetic as he knew exactly how Melanie felt but by default, he loved huge tits. He quickly took a seat in his favorite chair so that she wouldn’t notice the massive erection that started growing.

“My bad…” said an apologetic Alan. “Just never seen this side of you before.”

“Well dope, now you know why. Having jumbo size boobs is a curse because people automatically assume you’re a slut. I know you’ve heard stories about me being a slut. Those aren’t true. I may have fucked one girl’s boyfriend but that was because he told me they were over and I really liked him. Unfortunately, my family isn’t rich enough for me to have a breast reduction, so I’m stuck with these bad boys shooting out of my chest,” Melanie explained, as she cupped both of her breasts and bounced them to add emphasis.

Alan squirmed and grinded in his chair than crossed his legs every which way to hide his uncomfortably aching boner.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Melanie questioned and raised an eyebrow towards Alan. “Gotta go to the little girl’s room, eh? Little Mermaid panties too tight?”

“Do you want to play Call of Duty or not?” he asked.

“Chill out. Just messin. Are you in that big of a hurry to get your ass kicked? Then lets play.”

Melanie walked across the basement to grab a steel folding chair. His eyes zeroed in her on nicely round ass while it swayed and jiggled under her panties. He softly groaned. She returned over to Alan and placed the folding chair next to his.

“You’re going down today, little man,” she insulted.

Alan let out a small chuckle as he knew he wasn’t little where it counted the most. They started playing Call of Duty and right off the bat, Alan found it difficult to concentrate. Her huge tits shook, bounced, and jiggled from her untamed actions. It also didn’t help that she was name calling, screaming and shouting obscenities.

“That’s game! I win! You fucking lose!” Melanie excitedly shouted, as she hoped to her feet and started dancing, intentionally shaking her body and wildly parading around. Naturally with her hysterical movements, her giant-sized tities were bouncing around like two pigs fighting over slop. Even her beefy thighs and ass cheeks jiggled. Alan couldn’t pry his eyes away as his cock became solid like a rock.

After a few minutes of doing her victory dance, Melanie stopped and sat back down next to him.

“Sorry about that. Actually, no I’m not!” she falsely claimed with a huge grin. “Ready for round 2?”

“Sure. Let’s fucking do this,” said a serious and confident Alan.

“Oh shit! Mr. tough guy finally let his balls drop,” she teased.

Alan went on to crush Melanie in 5 straight games. She became annoyed and frustrated.

“Such a fucking cheater! A big headed nerd like you must be using cheat codes or a special controller. Let me see it, dipshit!”

Melanie reached over Alan attempting to grab his controller. He pulled back kadıköy escort bayan quick and her absurdly large breasts slammed onto his right thigh and her hand ended up on his enormous cock.

“OH SHIT! Is this, for real?” she questioned in disbelief, as her hand fumbled around on his crotch. “My freaking god dude. You have a huge fucking dick!”

Alan moaned and made no attempt to remove her hand, as she groped, mauled, and pawed his hard cock through his pajama bottoms. Her big tits felt extra nice on his thigh as well. Feeling her hand and tits were agonizingly arousing and caused his cock to ooze lots of pre-cum. Melanie felt the front of his pj pants began to soak up.

“Listen up, dipshit. Now, I don’t normally do stuff like this but since you were nice enough to allow me into your home during this fucked up weather, fed me, and give me clothes, I’ll help you out with your problem,” she stated. “Oh and this stays between us, got that dweeb?”

“Of course,” Alan moaned.

Melanie got down on her knees and pulled Alan’s pajama pants and underwear down to his ankles. His giant, hard fuck stick jutted up in attention with the head throbbing deep purple. Melanie gasped, as she was ogling the biggest cock she ever seen with obvious lust and desire.

“What a genetic fucking beautiful,” she softly mumbled under her breath, as she learned forward and earnestly put her big, fat black lipstick-covered mouth to work on his man meat.

Melanie seized his mighty cock by the base with one hand and started stroking while her other hand rubbed along his pasty inner thighs. Her mouth further descended down his hard, veiny tool with copious amount of saliva pouring out of her mouth and running down his shaft, as she sucked and slurped. The sweet sounds of her wetly slurping his dick was music to Alan’s ears. Then she placed both of her hands on his thighs and frantically began bobbing her head up and down his rock-hard prick. Her shoulder-length dark blue hair flung around wild and Alan was sure her huge bra-encased knockers were bobbing just as wild down below.

He threw his head back in sheer pleasure, moaning repeatedly and clutching the arms of his chair with a death grip. The heavenly pleasure he felt came to a compete halt as her mouth left his throbbing cock. Melina started kissing along his inner thighs while rubbing the top of them. His hard dick stood up, completely drenched by her saliva. Melanie kissed further down his inner thigh, then latched her mouth onto one of his fat, hairless balls. She suckled one, then the other and repeated her oral assault on both huge testicles for several minutes. His pre-spunk continuously spurted from his billowed cock-head and trailed down his throbbing shaft and coated his balls. Melanie lapped up the salty coating.

“Hmmmm, tasty,” she moaned.

Melanie reached down and completely removed his pajama bottoms and underwear off his feet. She plopped Alan’s short legs on her shoulders and resumed sucking his hard steel with her ravenous mouth. She gobbled him forward and back with long swooping movements. Alan moaned deeply as his body began twitching and squirming in his chair. His toes curled in his socks as Melanie was determine to take all of him to the back of her throat. Alan decided to help by thrusting his hips up and down, progressively face-fucking her. He fed more and more of his gigantic meat between her big lips and heard her gagging as his enlarge dick-head probed the deepest depths of her throat. To his surprise, Melanie didn’t pull back and continued to swallow his thick member until the tip of her pointy nose touched his pelvic.

After several seconds of deep-mouthing Alan’s monster cock, Melanie dragged her mouth up his slick shaft but kept the fat dickhead between her juicy lips and allowed her slimy tongue to probe every inch of it. She stabbed the tip of her tongue frequently in and out of the opening of his penis. She cupped his big fat saliva-coated balls, groped and squeezed them as she gulped the bulbous mushroom head of his massive cock.

“I want you to cum on my freak tits, dweeb.”

She pushed his legs off her shoulders and removed his big wet dickhead out of her mouth, Melanie grabbed the hem of her oversized shirt and lifted it off her body. Alan deeply groaned and nearly came as he got an eyeful of her jam-packed, bra-clad enormous breasts that was spilling boobmeat out from all sides of her huge lavender leopard brassiere. She drove her mouth back down on his thick member while reaching behind her back to unlatch the multiple hooks of her bra. Melanie moaned with her mouth full of Alan’s huge cock as a sign of relief when the lavender leopard F cup bra came undone and her massive, caramel-colored pendulous jugs were set free.

Alan wasn’t able to set his hungry eyes her huge naked hanging tits but knew they were freed and knowing increased the stiffness of his cock. He grabbed the back of her head and started seriously face-fucking her again, harder and faster with much gusto. escort kadıköy Seconds later, he cried out a long, gut-wrenching deep groan with his back arched and cock at it’s hardest peak. Melanie pulled back and tucked one arm under her oversized pillows as a way of presenting them to him while she rapidly stroked his cock with the other.

At long last, Alan eyed her huge naked boobs and send massive swarms of his hot glistening filthy yearning splurging all over her enormous breasts, chest and neck. Melanie continued yanking on his one-eyed monster until her entire chest, as massive as it was, was completely drenched and soiled in layers of thick, creamy spunk. She then learned forward and sucked his penis head while squeezing his balls, getting him to spurt out another load of cum into her mouth. Alan felt like all of his energy was sucked right out of him.

“Wow nerd boy. Didn’t know you had so much cum in you,” Melanie commented, as she finished swallowing the final remains. She ran both of her hands over her cum-soaked breasts, smearing his shiny seed all over them until they were gleaming. “So much fucking cum…”

Alan slowly turned his head towards the digital clock on his nightstand.

“My mom will be back here anytime soon,” he informed his house guest.

Melanie yanked Alan up on his feet by his shirt and led him over to his bed. She lifted his shirt off him and pushed him on his back on the bed. She used his shirt to wipe clean the cum off her heavy oscillating chest melons. The sight made Alan’s eyes nearly explode out of their sockets. Her giant tits were finally on full display. They hung down and sloped outwards from her trim yet curvaceous body perfectly, like gigantic teardrops. Her large conical nipples, already rock-hard, were the sized of almonds and to his surprise, were pierced and surrounded by dark-brown areolas the size of saucers. She had a bit of a belly with wide, sensual hips as she bended over to take off her pink and white Hello Kitty panties and her tits swayed cumbersome towards the floor. Alan’s cock leaped back into full erection mode as he got an amazing view of her bald, moist pussy.

“Then I guess we better make this quick,” she said and climbed up on top of him, dragging her heavy pendulous jugs up his body, hitting him in the face with them until she was straddled over his dumbfounded face. “I bet you’ve never seen a pussy as hot as this before. Go head and suck my pussy, fuckward.”

She didn’t have to demand Alan twice as he immediately attached his mouth to her wet pussy. He lapped at the outer lips of her cunt before maneuvering his tongue between them. He drilled his tongue to the very depths of her wet pussy and licked wildly. Melanie started excitedly grinding her pussy on his face.

“OH fuck! Eat my fucking pussy, bitch! Oh fuck! Yeah, just like that. Go deeper inside my cunt and taste my fucking cum. Make me cum,” Melanie moaned.

Alan orally attacked her clitoris with unique tongue tricks that Ms. Wilcox showed him during their raunchy fuck session. He made crazy slurping noises while sucking her cunt. He looked up and only saw her bottom bulks of her thick tits as they hung towards him. He grabbed his big fat hard cock and started stroking it as her pussy juices streamed down the bottom half of his face.

Melanie was like a mad woman possessed and kept roughly grinding into Alan’s face for the longest time. She squeezed his head tighter between her beefy thighs, moaning and groaning loudly. Alan managed to insert a finger into her pussy and set it to blaze.

“Ohhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuck! Goddamn you dweeb. I like that. Ohhhh yeah! I really, really like that. Keep sucking my fucking clit. Ohhhh yeeeah. Don’t fucking stop, horse-dick. Keep that finger in there. OH YES! Ohhhhh YES! YES! Just like that motherfucker! HMMMMM shit!” she cried out.

For the next eight minutes or so, she rode Alan’s face into the bed, moaning and groaning to her heart was content as his pussy licking skills took her through a sequence of overwhelming orgasms. Just before she could reach her peak of excitement, she suddenly hoped off his face and moved down towards his massive jutting cock and lowered herself slowly onto it. His huge cock was spreading her naked pussy lips wide. Melanie slowly penetrated herself down on his vein-popping swollen shaft as her juices saturated it.

“Damn! You’re filling up my twat with this thing, you big dick bastard!” Melanie moaned.

She continued to let out a series of throaty moans as she rode him. Her boobs hung enormous in front of him, swaying back and forth like pendulums with the motion of her body. Every time she slammed herself up and down on his hard cock, Alan felt her warm pussy getting wetter and wetter which in turned made his cock grow harder and harder. He lifted his head and grabbed her huge swinging titties with both hands. His fingers were overflowed with boobmeat and sank deeply into their resilient, sweat-glistening flesh as he buried his head into their softness. He loved huge tits and felt at peace with his head smothered between them. His mouth found her extraordinarily large, conical pierced right nipple and sucked it between his lips. His tongue toyed with the piercing while his mouth swooped up as much of her immense tit meat as generously possibly.

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