Lucid Dream Ch. 03


Hello nice readers! I’ve been gone for awhile. REN is a continuation of Lucid Dream. It will make more sense if you start at the beginning because the story builds on itself. There is no violence in this story. Just sex and exploration and extraordinary circumstances. Part 4 and 5 very soon. Enjoy!


William had a lot to think about. He went to the Bahamas alone to clear his head after an unhappy breakup with a long-term girlfriend. Somehow he ended up giving a hand job, fucking a trans-woman in the ass, and sucking cock in his first 24 hours on the island. He had never touched a cock other than his own until then.

He was never attracted to men, and yet he was turned on by a naked man in a shower and turned on enough to come to a full erection in seconds while his shower mate watched. He could not recall being attracted to Javier, but his body told another story. It was telling another story yet again, his cock swelling as he remembered Javier’s slender and smooth body, and yes, his mesmerizing cock. William could see that with the right frame of mind, Javier could be a desirable lover. He got to thinking that if he could drop his cultural baggage, he might enjoy other cocks. William wasn’t homophobic, he was just unfamiliar with this new possibility for his erotic life.

And there was Emma, one of the most beautiful and attractive women he had ever known. She was a delight to be with; super-smart, well educated, and down to earth. When she entered a room, every man and woman noticed her and was drawn to her. Something about her personality was magnetic. William’s cock swelled when he thought about Javier, but memories of Emma forced him to loosen his pants and pull them down to free his straining cock. At that moment he realized that he was in love with Emma. For five days they were inseparable. They couldn’t stop talking unless they were sleeping or fucking each other. William marveled at Emma’s smooth balls and the heft of them. His own balls tightened up when he thought about how her helmet emerged from the foreskin and the sweet quiet hum that she made when he teased the sensitive rim. He touched his cock while thinking about Emma’s lips caressing him and erupted after only a few strokes, spraying his thick semen everywhere, including on his own face. He scooped up some of the goo and tasted it.

And then there was the business. It seemed legitimate but he didn’t know the extent of it. He called a well trusted friend and explained everything. He said to his friend, “Batman, I want you to look into this for me, and I need some answers fast.”

Batman said, “No problem Chief, I’m on it. And for what it’s worth, I don’t care if you’re hot for a trans-woman. I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same thing if I were in your shoes. If she’s clean I’d like to meet her. By the way, somebody triggered the alert system last week. Standard threat level so it was redirected. I’ll have Fuzzy look into it for relevance. I’ll get back to you in a couple of days.”

William missed Emma horribly. She lived in Texas, a considerable distance from his home in Denver. Since returning from the Bahamas he talked with Emma every day. They both wanted to be together but were just too busy. Exactly two weeks after they parted ways William eagerly answered the phone when Emma called for their daily chat.

Emma got right to the point. “Hi babe. I miss you. I need to feel your skin against mine. My nipples get hard when I think about you. I can’t focus on work. But I have an idea! Can you come down here for a long weekend so we can talk about it?”

William didn’t need time to consider it. They both cleared the deck. “I’ll see you in Austin on Friday night. Pick me up?”

Emma fell into his arms at the airport and they shared a long, sexy kiss before she fellated him the minute they got into her car. Her sleek house in the foothills had a view and a lot of privacy. They satisfied each other’s ferocious sex drives in short order and found that they just relished being together as much as they loved the sex. Emma sprung her idea on Saturday morning.

“Babe, I know you’ve experienced a lot after meeting me. You’ve been so sweet about it all, but I know you’re questioning yourself and wondering what’s happening to you. You were a straight masculine guy when we met. Now you’re not sure. You’re turned on by my cock, by my femininity, and by Javier. Am I right?”

He admitted it was all true.

“What do you think about making a video with us? Totally private. It will be with some of my friends that you already met and maybe someone else if you want to go that way. They’re all people that I love and trust. I’m thinking that you can explore your sexuality in a safe and non-threatening environment.”

William gave that some thought. She had a very progressive view of how things could go, but he was worried that it might upset the magic. He said, “What about us?”

“Well, I’m in on it too. How could I resist?” She took his hand and moved it under her shirt onto her hard nipples. She closed her eyes and purred. “Babe, there is sex, affection, love, and intimacy. It doesn’t have to be all of those things with all people. I’m open to having a relationship emek escort with you, but I want you to know yourself better before we think about moving forward together. If it’s just a fling, let’s enjoy a few days before we say goodbye. And if things change for you after you have some different experiences, we’ll sort it out. What do you think?”

William had no standard by which to judge. Stunned by Emma and in a state of emotional chaos, he simply agreed.

On Sunday Emma took William to the studio that they would shoot in on Monday. The building looked drab from the outside but was clean and modern on the inside.

“Let me show you the room we’ll use. It’s our absolute best.” Emma opened a heavy door into what looked like a large, well-appointed bedroom. There was a custom bed, bigger than king size, with discreet attachment points on the headboard; two couches, two chairs, and some tables. “This room is fully sound proofed and has extensive lighting capabilities. Do you see any cameras?”

William wondered about that. “I can’t see a thing. Do you bring in cameras when you shoot?”

Emma laughed. “Babe, there are 32 cameras in this room. They’re all concealed behind what look like walls. We can get images from every angle, change the focus, change the zoom, and change all the lighting from the control room. There is never anyone in this room while shooting. Just the performers.” Emma laid on the bed and slinked her way to the middle of it. Her skirt rode up and William could see just a hint of her red panties. She gave him the killer smile. “Come on over here babe.” William joined her. He kissed her and felt the bulge growing under her skirt. “Can you take care of that for me? I’ll never be able to leave the building in this skirt with the hard-on you’re giving me. She laid on her back and remained docile while William made oral love to her.

At dinner that night, William asked how the shoot would go.

“Do you remember Ren?” He nodded. “Do you think she’s hot?” He smiled and nodded again. “That’s good because she is totally hot for you. She wanted me to share you with her in the Bahamas. I told her no because I was a glutton for more time with you. Do you think you’d like to fuck her?”

William’s mind’s eye could see Ren; her pale, barely tawny complexion, jet black hair, slightly Asian eyes, and a perfect body. Ren was quiet and very polite, but she smoldered whenever she talked with him. She caught him looking at her more than a few times. Once, she stopped and held his eye with no change of expression while William drank her in. She was neither resisting him nor encouraging him. Just acknowledging the moment. If William wasn’t already smitten by Emma, he would have been smitten by Ren. It seemed awkward to talk about this with Emma, but he found himself opening up. “Yes, I’d love to fuck her. Are you OK with that?”

“Babe, I am more than OK with that. I want this to happen. I’m going to work in the morning. Ren will pick you up and take care of everything from there. There is no script or plan. If you guys don’t feel it, nothing will happen. If you do feel it, you’re likely to be in the studio pretty quick. Just let nature take its course.”

Monday morning the doorbell rang and fresh out of the shower, wearing only shorts, William opened the door. There was Ren in her yoga clothes. “William! It’s so nice to see you!” Before he could respond she stepped in and gave him a big hug. There was some electricity. Then she leaned back. “This is a little weird. Does this feel weird to you?”

“Hi Ren. Nice to see you too.” Her pulled her in close again and held her tight. She smelled so good; vanilla, sage, a hint of rose. He whispered in her ear, “It’s not weird. Neither of us would be here if it was too weird.” He felt her tension melt away as she relaxed into his arms. He felt the warmth of her body and the pleasant pressure of her tits pressing against his chest. They slowly broke the hug.

“You’re right. I was looking forward to being here.” She held his gaze, this time with an invitation. “Hey, I brought some yoga mats and a few other things. Can we go out to the pool and stretch for a few minutes?”

“That’s a great idea.”

William followed Ren through the house. She was smashing in her yoga clothes, her thick black braid hanging down between her shoulder blades, her indescribable ass. It dawned on him that this could be a very good day. Ren rolled out the mats and said, “Come sit with me.” He did. She said, “There’s not much to this, just copy my movements and see how it feels.”

They started to chat and William followed her every move, happy to have a reason to look at her without being creepy. Ren was warmer with William than she was on the island. She was likable and easy going and had a pretty smile. If there was any awkwardness, it was gone. Ren said, “Before I make some lemon tea I want to show you this stretch. Lie on your back for me please.” He did. “Good, now put your arms over your head and make yourself long. Close your eyes and take deep breaths.” Ren straddled his hips. God, she could feel his bulge. As she leaned forward she let it rub the top of eryaman escort her slit, waking her hooded clit. She ran her hands up his belly, chest, shoulders and then up his arms, gently massaging him as she took in his handsomeness. She couldn’t stop herself from rocking on his hardening cock. She thought, fuck this, and took off her top. She rolled off of him and peeled off her tights. She wore no panties. William, eyes open, pulled his shorts down and kicked them away. Ren straddled him again and they writhed together until his cock slipped through her wetness and into her pussy. She rocked her hips and came immediately. William rolled her over and fucked her like there was no tomorrow. She came again when he tensed up, feeling his cock pulsing inside of her, knowing that he was filling her with his hot seed. It was primal. She wanted his baby. She spasmed and pulled him in deep. She came again, mellower this time, but the buzz ran up her spine, through her nipples, and directly into her mind. Then she lost consciousness.

William was spent but still hard. He stayed inside of her, feeling his cream dripping out of her and onto his balls. Feeling her steady breathing. Marveling at her great beauty and appreciating his insane good luck to be with her. Just as he slipped out, Ren opened her eyes. She said, “So much for the studio,” and they both cracked up. It happened so fast.

They rested together, arms around each other. They stayed naked when they went into the house for tea. Sipping from their cups, Ren said “I can’t remember the last time I had sex like that. I just wanted all of you. You fuck so good.” She idly pinched her own nipple into hardness. “I’m already getting hot for you again. Can I come sit in your lap?” William obliged. She noticed his cock getting plump. They were sitting on kitchen stools, so Ren faced William and sat on his lap. She wiggled around a bit until he slipped back inside of her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and sighed. “Please fuck me gently this time.” She kissed him, hungry for his tongue. And so it went.

They were both flushed and tired from the sex. Ren finally roused herself and said, “I’m hungry. I can go home and make us some lunch if you’re up for it. I can be back in an hour.”

“I’m up for it. Can I come and help?”

“Nope. I’ve got this. Just chill and rebuild your energy because you might need it later.” She winked at him and gave him a show as she put her clothes back on. “Cheers!”

Half an hour went by before William’s phone played a blues riff. It was Emma. “Hey Emma. How’s your day going?”

“It’s a great day babe, and I hear that it’s been pretty great for you too. I just finished talking to Ren. She’s over the moon for you. I’m so happy for you guys.”

“She’s a special person. I don’t what else to say.” He quickly added “I’m very much into her,” absurdly hoping the Emma wouldn’t be hurt or disappointed. After all, it was her idea.

“You’re right, she’s very special. More than you know, because you just scratched the surface. Listen, I have to make a quick trip to LA. I have all of my things here so I won’t see you until tomorrow night.” She paused for a second and said, “I think you should spend the night with Ren.” Her voice lowered. “Damn, I’m so fucking horny, sitting here thinking about you and Ren. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Sorry about the quick trip. Bye babe!”

Just as their call ended, Ren opened the front door. “Knock knock, can I come in?”

“Yeah, of course. Please.” Ren was wearing khaki shorts and a black crop top. She kicked off her sandals. She gave William a kiss on the cheek.

“Lunch for the lovers!” She put her wicker basket on the kitchen counter and revealed a warm baguette, several types of cheese, a huge green salad already dressed and covered with roasted pine nuts, some blackberries, and a large jar containing what turned out to be freshly squeezed orange juice.

“Wow! A feast!” He reached for the bread.

Ren slapped his hand Away. “No, let me serve you. Don’t be a barbarian.”

They dined under the awning on the pool deck, talking and laughing long after the food was gone. They swam, chastely, for some reason, in swimsuits, then laid out on lounge chairs, enjoying the late afternoon sun. Then Ren looked directly at William with those smoldering eyes and changed the conversation.

“I was born in San Diego William. My mom is half Japanese and was raised in Japan. My dad is American. After college he started working for the Department of State. We moved all over the place. I lived in six different countries before I came back to the US to go to school at UCLA. I started working as a designer and met Emma at a design show three years ago. We hit it off. She’s such a lovely person. She had just bought this house and asked me to do the interior design.”

“This is all your work?”

“Yes. Emma likes it, so she brought me into the company as an interior designer. I designed the corporate headquarters, the studio you saw yesterday, and the house in the Bahamas. Nothing goes anywhere and nothing gets built until I see it first. I enjoy the work, and especially all esat escort of the people, as you have probably noticed. They’ve become my family.” She paused and moved to William’s lounge chair. The back was upright and his feet were spread out and on the pool deck. The way a jock might sit. She knelt between his legs on the cushion. It reminded William of how a Japanese woman might sit in a formal situation. He had been to Japan several times. She quietly said, “Tell me about yourself.”

“Sure. I grew up in Colorado in a happy family. I played a lot of different sports. I went to college in Boulder and graduated with a journalism degree. I joined the military and stayed for a few years. I left to write a book but bummed around for a year instead. My friends still in the military begged me to work as an analyst. I did that for a while and then went freelance. I do a lot of writing now and have a good client list, but I still haven’t gotten to that book. That’s the short version. We all have more inside of us. Things we can say and write and things that are deeper and not easily surfaced.”

Ren remained still. She said, “I sense some of those deeper things in you.” She was silent for a moment while they got lost in each other’s eyes. “When will I see you again William?”

“Tonight. We’ll go out for dinner. Come by at 8.”

She smiled and said, “I’d like that.” She put one palm on William’s chest just over his heart and leaned in, kissing him lightly on the lips before she unfolded herself and left without another word.

Blues riff from an unknown number. It was Javier. “Hey William, it’s Javi. I know you’re a cyclist. Want to ride with me tomorrow morning?”

“Hey Javi. I’d love to ride but I don’t have my bike with me.”

“Don’t worry. I’ve got a lot of bikes and everything else you need. I’ll text you my address. See if you can get here by 7.”

“Great! See you then.”

William had just enough time to get ready for dinner. His thoughts turned to Ren, and like magic, she knocked on the door and let herself in. She stood by the door and posed for him, wearing a short, black, satin cami dress. No sleeves, just thin straps. Long shiny hair perfectly brushed. No bra. Barefoot and holding her Laboutins. She held them up and said “I can barely wear these without falling over, but they’ll look great when I wear them into the restaurant. And I bet you’ll get turned on.” She smiled.

“You are absolutely ravishing! Let’s get out of here pronto before I peek up that dress to see if you’re wearing panties.”

Ren cracked up. “You perv! Do you think I don’t see that banana in your pocket?”

Ren drove, still barefoot, and William could barely take his eyes off of her smooth thighs, except to look down her dress now and then. Ren said, “I can’t believe you’re still so horny after all the sex we had today. Wanna see?” She flashed him a smile and pulled down her dress just enough to show a nipple.”

“You’re an evil woman Ren.”

She cackled. “If you think this is evil, I am the Satan of your dreams.” She parked and opened her door. The shoes went on. They made her two inches taller. They walked into the joint, arms linked, and every man, young and old, swiveled his head to have a look. William, an atheist, counted his blessings.

Clearly enjoying each other, they talked about art, music, and of all things, fencing, which William thought was cool. Ren said, “I been practicing Kendo since I was eight. First with a shinai and then with a live sword. I still have my sword. It’s one step away from being a Japanese national treasure. My Japanese grandfather gave it to me.” She teased him. “It’s longer and harder than your sword.”

“Maybe so, but it’s not warm, it doesn’t have a pulse, and you would never put it in your mouth, right?”

“Well you’re right about that. If you’re nice to me I might show it to you later. We can compare mine to yours. Maybe you’d like the feel of cold steel touching your pulsing warm sword.”

“Jeez Ren, who’s the perv now?” Meanwhile, Ren, with crossed legs, dangled one of shoes in plain sight. He noticed.

“Earth to William, you’re fixating on my feet.” She let the shoe drop and moved her foot in little circles. She loved how he stared, open mouthed. She held the hem of her dress and slowly pulled it up her thigh as William’s gaze followed the hem. She looked around and then pulled the side of her dress all the way up to her hip. His eyes widened.

“That dress is the only thing you’re wearing, isn’t it?”

“It’s not the only thing. I’m still wearing the other shoe. But…” Her voice trailed off and William felt her other bare foot probing his thigh and his stiffening cock. “There, now it’s the only thing, and I’m getting so fucking wet I’m going to leave a puddle on this seat. Come on.” She stood up and took William by the hand and practically ran into the ladies’ room. Before the door even closed she pulled up her dress up and leaned on the counter, offering herself from behind. William had his cock in her in a flash. Ren’s eyes opened wide. She couldn’t help it, she came before his balls even slapped her ass. She saw nothing but bright white. She pounded a fist on the counter, tried to bite her tongue but shouted instead. She swirled out of control. When she came down William was wiping his cream from her still vibrating vagina. She stood up and pulled her dress down, tossing her head in a futile attempt to organize her disheveled dark mane. They exited the ladies’ room just as the manager arrived.

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