Loving Daniel Ch. 04


Loving Daniel Ch. 04: The Armchair

While Daniel and I were a very social pair, we also enjoyed spending time at home, luxuriating in each other’s company, enjoying each other’s bodies. We were lying together on the sofa in my lounge room one night. I had wanted to fuck Daniel while I was on top, and he’d allowed me the pleasure, reclining against the arm of the sofa, insisting that I mount his cock facing his feet so he could watch my ass as I pumped… I agreed to his request, stripping off all my clothes, leaving myself clothed in only black lace top stay-ups and stilettos for the occasion.

I’d fully satiated myself on Daniel’s prick, and had slumped back against his sweat-coated chest afterwards, basking in the afterglow for a few long minutes. Daniel toyed with my still erect nipples while he sucked on my left earlobe, his cock returning to its flaccid state then, sliding out of my pussy almost imperceptibly. I left Daniel’s embrace and stood up, pausing as his cum ran down the insides of my thighs. Daniel looked up at me and smiled, satisfied, because he knew I was satisfied. The breeze blowing through the room from the back door was cool, and my skin responded by rising up in goose bumps. My nipples hardened, the areolas puckering from the light kiss of the wind. I picked up my blouse from where it lay on the floor and put it on, covering my arms, but leaving the front of the shirt unbuttoned. I seated myself in the white upholstered arm chair and crossed my stockinged legs. I let my head tilt back and rest against the chair. Daniel sat up on the sofa and mimicked my pose.

“Spread your legs,” he said to me unabashedly, and I lifted my head to look at him, my eyes searching his face to detect what he might have been Tekirdağ Escort thinking. I slowly removed my right leg from where it rested over my left, and placed each stilettoed foot squarely on the floor at the outer edges of the seat. “Nice,” Daniel said, “but not nice enough. Drape them over the arms,” he demanded, so I complied. But my bum was tucked away at the back of the seat and I knew it would not improve his view, so I scooted forward in the chair, and poised my ass at the seat’s edge, my sex totally open and on display for him.

The insides of my thighs were still wet from Daniel’s cum, and the folds of skin around my clit were a little reddened from the vigorous ride I’d just taken on his cock.

“Show me your clit,” Daniel said, so I rested my left hand on my mons, then drew the flesh back, letting it drag the hood of my clit up with it. I spread my labia with the fingers of my right hand to give Daniel a clearer view. I felt myself begin to grow excited by this open display for my lover. “Now show me how you please yourself,” Daniel said, as if he’d never seen me at it before.

I released my labia and moved my fingers to the opening of my cunt. I inserted the first two into the opening up to the second knuckle, then slid them back and forth to collect the moisture there. I took them out and placed them on my clit, my index and ring fingers on either side, my middle finger squarely on the nub.

I began to rub myself in a semi-circular motion, my left hand still on my mons, keeping the hood drawn back. I took a deep breath and relaxed myself in the chair, even though I was not entirely comfortable. I closed my eyes, allowed my head to drop a little to the side and began to work my hand back and forth. Tekirdağ Escort Bayan I began to breathe in rhythm with my strokes, my mouth dropping open to release a contented sigh. I stepped up the pace a little then as the heat increased under the pressure of my fingers.

I begin to contract my pelvic floor muscles to add to the rhythm, knowing Daniel would be able to see my buttocks clenching and flexing against the seat of the chair. My breathing increased in speed but each breath was coming shallower then. I released my mons, curling the fingers of my right hand a little to compensate. They worked my clit fervently, using my pubis as the backbone to my technique. My loins flooded with a warm sensation and I quickened my pace yet again, moaning loudly as my clitoris contracted and released a gentle orgasm over my body.

I instinctively wanted to draw my legs together and clamp the muscles in my thighs around my hand while my fingers continued to manipulate my clit. But I knew Daniel would want to see everything, so I took a deep breath and just allowed myself to loll in the chair under his gaze. Daniel rose from his seat, knelt before me, and darted his tongue out to collect the bead of pearlescent moisture poised at the opening of my cunt, swallowing it before it had a chance to run down my ass and soil the chair. The feeling of his tongue against my hypersensitive flesh was exquisite, so I pushed my pussy forwards against Daniel’s face, silently urging him to favour me with his attention.

He was never one to disappoint; Daniel extended his tongue from within his mouth and drove it deep within my still throbbing cunt. He curled the tip upwards, conducting a thorough inspection of my cavity, lapping at the soft Escort Tekirdağ swollen flesh within. His nose was pressed firmly against my clit and I involuntarily stretched my thighs wider apart to accommodate him as he began to massage my trench with his face. Daniel withdrew his tongue from my cunt and began licking up and down from my asshole to my clit, further drenching me with his own saliva. He paused momentarily to flick the tip of his tongue against the dark flower of my ass, driving it quickly past the tight outer ring for a fleeting caress, then returned his attentions to my aching clit, now begging to be tantalized by his expert tongue.

He closed his lips around the hardened red bud then gently began to suck. I let out a moan of delight and lifted my hips towards his face, eager for him to increase the pressure. Instead he began to dab with his tongue, little licks at first, squarely on the centre of my clit, then circling licks around its perimeter, driving me mad with passion. Daniel’s lips tightened and he began to work in earnest, his intention to bring me to orgasm again now very clear. I placed my hands on his head and began to stroke his hair in time with the rhythm of his licks. His stubbled chin grazed against the opening of my by then dripping cunt, adding to the ecstasy, his tongue and lips continuing to work my clit relentlessly.

I felt like my whole body was on fire. The soles of my feet began to burn as Daniel’s pace increased. I closed my eyes and surrendered my body completely to him, my legs hot and tingling, my ass muscles tight and clenching, my cunt throbbing, and last my clit contracting. I began to buck uncontrollably against Daniel’s face. Undeterred, he continued sucking, licking, grazing, massaging, until finally I could hold back no longer. I came hard against his face, simultaneously releasing an ear splitting scream of delight, thrashing my head against the back of the chair, exhilarated that yet again, Daniel had delivered me to orgasm.

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