Lovely Thickness


Grace never felt comfortable about her body; she stood naked in front of her full-length mirror and wondered what it would be like to be a size 5, or at least a 12. She wasn’t the least picky. She stood 5’6, and weighed 240 pounds. Shoulder length chestnut colored hair framed her soft face and gray slanted eyes made her a strikingly beautiful large woman. Men always hit on Grace, just not the kind she liked. They were either too old, too young, or just into sex. Not that she hated sex, but she wanted more than just the act. Grace wanted a gastric bypass but her doctor said that the operation was too drastic for her size, she just need to diet and exercise. Diet and exercise was the catch phrase for “Get your fat ass away from the table and walk.” She hated when he said that, and he said it often.

She lifted her heavy 48 triple d-cup breasts, and looked at the grooves that had worn into her shoulders over the years. She had to wear a bra with padded straps and extra support. Carrying around such heavy bust gave her back pains occasionally. Grace thought about a breast reduction, but was scared she wouldn’t lose the weight along with it, and then she would look deformed.

She pinched and massaged each dime-sized nipple making her breasts tingle and her skin flush around her neck. Grace then rubbed each nipple lovingly and began to feel the familiar wetness and warmth that spread between her legs. It was time to, go she didn’t have time to finish what she started, so she stopped. Grace turned and walked away from the mirror, getting ready for her day. It was 6:00am.

Grace arrived at the bank she worked at 7:30am, only to find it full of activity. There were big wigs coming today and the entire staff was busy dusting fichus trees and arranging their chairs and desks. Grace walked in 10 minutes early as usual, but it seemed it wasn’t early enough.

“Grace, why are you late?” the branch manager asked

“Kevin, darlin I am not late look at your watch.”

“Grace you were supposed to be here an hour early.” He snapped

“Since when Kevin?”

“Since the memo last week.” He replied

Grace walked around to her station where her best friend Karen was sitting.

“Grace” Karen spoke “I didn’t see the memo until I opened up this morning. Kevin put them out last night after we left. He really fucked up.”

“I knew I wasn’t crazy”

“The whole staff has been scrambling since they got here,” Karen said

“What’s left to do?”

“Wait for the hatchet men to arrive.”

The morning weighed heavily amongst the staff at the bank. They anticipated that cutbacks were coming and people were going to lose jobs. Grace however remained calm; she was always calm under pressure. The bank opened promptly at 8:00am, and the morning rush was light as usual. Grace took some time to wipe down the counters and straighten the placards that sat at each booth. Around 8:15 a man walked in, dressed in a dark blue suit and attempted to cash a check. He was about 6’4″ had a muscular build with broad shoulders and the most amazing blue eyes. He was tanned with a baldhead and had a reddish goatee. Grace noticed people and clothes without thinking about it, she had been in a couple of robberies before and was used to giving descriptions. The man walked to her window and presented her with a counter check. He showed the proper ID, but Grace didn’t feel right about the check, so she ran it past her manager.

“No, we don’t cash counter checks” Kevin sneered

“But it’s one of our accounts.”

“No, tell him he has to wait for his regular checks, since he didn’t open the account at this branch.”

Grace walked back to the man who was now on his cell phone.

“Sir, the manager will not let me cash this check.”

“Good” the man replied, “Then he is fired.”

Grace took a deep breath. The man was handsome but had a fierce look in his eyes.

“Are you from the main office?” she asked

“I sure am”

Later after all the shouting was over with, Kevin was fired. The bank was quiet as he was walked out, flanked by two security guards that he had hired himself, talking about ironic. Grace and Karen just stayed in their small booths until Kevin was out of the bank. After all the drama was over with, the stranger asked for the head teller to come into Kevin’s office. That head teller happened to be Grace.

Grace walked around the tellers post and headed directly to the office, inside she found the man who called her sitting in Kevin’s old chair. He stood when she walked in,

“I am so sorry I didn’t introduce myself, my name is Aaron Pew, ” he said extending his hand.

“Grace Briton” She replied nervously

“Have a seat Ms. Briton” Aaron said smiling

They talked about the bank and the things that Kevin was doing wrong, Grace was mesmerized at the way Aaron smiled when he talked. His full sexy lips slid over pearly white teeth, each time he spoke. She could smell his expensive cologne, a light peach and musk fragrance she caught a whiff of each time he spun mamak escort in his chair. As the conversation wore on, Aaron ‘s cell phone incessantly interrupted the conversation. Each time he apologized to Grace and took the call. She could tell by his left hand that he wasn’t married or had a tan where the ring once was. Aaron spun around in his chair after his last phone call and looked at Grace.

“Do you mind coming to lunch with me?” He asked

Grace was taken aback by the lunch offer, “I have to work the counter, I’m sorry”

Aaron just smiled his beautiful smile and said, “Managers don’t work the counter” It was 11:30am.


Grace rode with Aaron to the local restaurant, she felt cramped in his sports car. Her dress rode high on her thighs and she couldn’t pull it down in such a small car, she felt really uncomfortable. Aaron noticed how Grace had the smoothest thighs for such a large woman. He didn’t want to catch a sexual harassment charge, so he kept his mouth shut, but nothing stopped him from looking out of the corner of his eye. They pulled up to a bar and grille, and parked in front. Aaron stepped out of his small car and walked around to open the door for his new manager. As he opened the door he reached in to give Grace a hand to get out. As she swung her legs out and leaned forward to stand up, Aaron noticed the tops of her almond colored breast, almost falling out of the bra. He shifted his gaze to keep from being thought of as a pervert, but he felt his member growing uncontrollably. They walked to the front of the bar and Aaron opened the door.

The bar served really good wings and cold beer; but Grace didn’t want to drink while she still was at work. She ordered a lunch platter, with steak and fries and he ordered the wings and a bottle of beer. They both sat there silently, until Grace felt the need to start a conversation.

“So you decided that a sneak attack was best?”

“I am not following you” Aaron said wiping his mouth

“You know, what you did to Kevin.”

“Oh, no” he said laughing “He brought that on himself”

The conversation went on how Aaron decided that since he was new, he should investigate the branch, and how Grace was already chosen as the replacement manager before he even left the main office. They talked like old friends meeting again after 20 years. She laughed at his jokes and he loved the way her nipples pushed through the thin fabric of her dress. Out of the blue Aaron asked, “Are you married?”

Grace replied, “Not anymore”

Aaron ‘s eyes softened and said, “Who would give up a beautiful woman like yourself?”

“A fool who wanted a skinny bitch”

“Hell” Aaron snapped back “I’d take a caddie over a bicycle any day”

Grace laughed so hard she started coughing, Aaron stood up and walked around the back of Grace and began patting her on the back. She was turned on by his gentleness and strength; she looked up and over her shoulder, he lowered his face close to hers and they shared a kiss that turned into a full-fledged lovers kiss. Tongues exploring each other’s mouth and lips, they had to stop when the waitress walked by.

Aaron sat down and took a deep breath, “I’m sorry for that Grace.” He said frustrated. She said calmly “We kissed each other, you just didn’t kiss me” She then placed a cube of ice from her drink in her mouth to cool herself, but her aching dampness had other plans. She slipped one of her shoes off under the table and slowly traced her foot up Aaron ‘s leg to his hard tool, letting her big toe make circles across the shaft. He tried to back up in the booth, but there was no room. Grace then took the ice cube out of her mouth, and began rubbing it in the fold of her cleavage. Grace asked, “So is it the bank or my place” Aaron replied out of breath, “Your place”

The 10-minute drive to Grace’s house was the longest Aaron had ever taken; Grace had removed her sticky panties and threw them on the back seat. Each time he stopped at a traffic light he would look down to see Grace rubbing her wet slit, she would slip two fingers in and pull them out placing the moistened fingers into his mouth. He sucked feverishly at her fingertips, savoring the wet tartness mixed with female musk. Aaron almost ran a light with her fingers in his mouth. As they rounded the curve on Cascade Street, Grace said, “Slow down, and turn here” She pointed at her stone driveway.

Both doors opened at the same time as Aaron parked. Grace jumped out of the small car with her house keys in hand. Aaron was right behind her. Grace fumbled with the keys as Aaron walked up behind her, his member poking her in her ample ass. As she opened the door, she began to strip, first the dress, then the slip and bra, until she was naked. Aaron was throwing clothes on the floor as fast as he could; all he had on was his black dress socks and he was slipping and sliding through the kitchen. Grace threw back the covers on her king sized bed and lay on her back, with her feet on the ofise gelen escort floor. Aaron stood in the door of her bedroom his manhood pointing straight up, the purple head shiny with precum. He was out of breath with anticipation.

Aaron walked into the room looking at Grace’s thick thighs and breast that hung to her sides; he knelt in front of her and slowly spread her legs. He then lifted each leg so they rested on his shoulders as he plunged his head between her thickness, he slowly licked from the bottom of her moistened slit to her erect clitoris, and he paused to suck the swollen nub at the top, feeling it throb in his mouth. A moan escaped her lips. He continued his sensual torture until Grace began to buck her hips and tried to push her thighs down, but Aaron ‘s strong arms held her firmly in place. He was giving her the best head she had in years. He with out a word being said he let her legs down and flipped Grace over. Aaron loved the way her ass shook when she was on her stomach; Grace pulled herself up on the bed, and waited for the unknown to come. Aaron climbed up on the bed then spread and lifted her thick ass cheeks. Aaron held his man hood by the base of the shaft and teased the reddened slit; up and down he went, each time he stroked her love she felt a volt of electricity go up her spine. Grace then slowly pulled her knees as close to her body as she could; she wanted him deep inside of her. Aaron however teased and pushed his thick head in only to pull it out again and began to tease again. This was making Grace dizzy with expectation. He finally pushed his dick deep inside of her tight hole; he felt her muscles contract as he went deeper and deeper, hitting the end of his shaft he pulled out slowly, then began making circles with his hips. Grace began to moan and buck, her wetness was full and pulsating, she began to cry out, “Shit, give it to me” Aaron pumped and pumped his strokes became more and more forceful. With each push of Aaron ‘s strong back, Grace could feel herself on the edge of a massive orgasm, one she hadn’t had in a long time. As Grace began to cum, she began to push back against this sensual assault. She grinded against his tool as Aaron held on to her thighs for dear life. Grace then began to cry out, “Get this pussy, get this pussy” Aaron felt the sudden rush of warm sticky fluid, he knew she was coming and he began cum himself. Aaron pulled out and sprayed his thick semen all over her ass cheeks. Grace flipped over and finished him off by sucking and swallowing the remaining of his delicious cum out of the still pulsating head. They both collapsed in a sweaty heap. It was 2:15pm.


Grace rode back to the bank with Aaron, the mood was somber.

“Grace” he spoke softly “I hope this is not just a one time thing?”

Grace adjusted the top of her dress, and smoothed her hair back in place. She smiled at Aaron who had the seriousness of a mortician on his face. “Aaron I loved it but we have to keep it quiet or the gossip mill will crank up. She leaned over and planted a kiss on his cheek. The drive back to the bank then resumed the sullen mood that it started out in.

When they arrived, the rest of the main office was there. They were going over the paperwork that was in Kevin’s old office. When they walked in Grace walked around the front counter and Aaron headed directly to meet his cohorts. Aaron explained their extended lunch date as one of questions about Kevin and his inadequacies. Grace however when asked by Karen what the hold up was, Grace didn’t answer. Karen already knew by the flushed tone on Grace’s face.

The rest of the day went well, Karen was promoted to head teller and the main office, gave Grace permission to start personalizing her new office. She was given a budget amount to make any changes needed. The office had its own bathroom equipped with a shower and closet. Grace was thrilled. After work Grace headed home to work on a new project she was given as her first assignment. She drove her mini van the same way home as she did during her impromptu sex break. The thought of what happened during lunch made her quiver. When she got home, the familiar odor of sex and potpourri filled her home. The scent was making her horny. She walked into her room and started to strip her bed, she couldn’t sleep with that lingering smell or she would be hot all night.

Later Grace prepared dinner for her kids and after dinner was over, she began to load the dishwasher. The thought of the sexual encounter she had earlier today made her take deep breaths. The phone rang and startled Grace out of her daydream. She picked up the phone without looking at the caller ID “Hello” she answered hesitantly

“Grace what did you do during lunch?” The caller asked

Grace began to laugh it was her best friend Karen.

“I had some steak and then some beefcake,” She said giggling

Karen went on talking about the day at the bank and how the main office walked in, and how they fired two more otele gelen escort tellers. Grace was still daydreaming, she couldn’t help think at how quick things went at lunch and how she didn’t was to be thought of as a slut.

“Karen, Do you think I was wrong for what I did?”Grace asked

Karen paused on the phone and replied, “Did you enjoy yourself?”

“Yes” She answered

“Well you didn’t go looking for it, it came looking for you. I say have fun and go with the flow.”

Karen was always the practical one; Grace however was the emotional one she constantly felt guilty about things she did at the spur of the moment. Karen was a size 10 and had boobs that fit her frame, and with her brunette hair and green eyes she was the sought after by many men.

“Karen, he was so good in bed I almost forgot where I was.” Grace said then laughed.

“Well just enjoy yourself darlin, but just don’t get caught out there with your panties down.” Grace understood Karen fully.

“I wont I promise” Grace replied

The phone went quiet as Karen hung up, the feeling that Karen was jealous was apparent. Ever since they shared that special moment a couple of years ago, Karen had become a little too over protective. Grace hung up the phone and walked to her bedroom to take a bath.

She slowly took off her clothes and remembered the night she and Karen had. Karen asked Grace to be in a threesome with her and her boyfriend. Karen begged Grace for months until she finally relented. The night that they all met at the hotel, Grace was a nervous wreck and had several drinks before arriving. The rest of the night played out like a porno. Karen got undressed, as did her boyfriend; but it took a little more chiding on Karen’s behalf to get Grace to take off her clothes. When they were all in bed, Cedric, Karen’s boyfriend started on Grace first. He began sucking and licking her swollen nipples and this scene turned Karen on, so she started to suck on her boyfriend dick. The trio shortly became a throbbing mass of sweaty bodies, each woman trying to jock for the best position with one man. Cedric let out a grunt and came all over Grace’s face; the intensity of having two women giving him head was too much. He fell back on the bed and tried to regain an erection, but was having trouble so he asked for them to “help” him get hard again. Grace now in the heat of passion and full of alcohol picked Karen’s legs up and started to suck and lick on the succulent flesh between her friend’s legs. This excited Cedric enough that he quickly got hard again, the girl on girl action was hot to him. He mounted Grace from the back, spread her massive ass and aimed for her brown eye. The stinging sensation followed by a sudden fullness filled Grace’s ass, he pushed his thick tool mercilessly into her. Each time he stroked her mouth pushed into Karen’s wet spot. Grace sucked and nibbled until Karen was shuddering into an orgasm, filling her mouth with a sweet sticky cum. Karen dumped Cedric after that night; because he didn’t fuck her, honestly Grace thought it was because she gave better head than he did.

Grace shook off the old memory and began to draw her bath water, adding perfumed soap to the water and grabbing her favorite loofa. She stepped cautiously into the hot water and sat down slowly. She then leaned back in her large garden tub, enjoying this time of the night when she could relax and reflect. She let the hot water sooth her sore thighs and back. Then Grace began to think about Aaron. It was 11:00pm


The following weeks at the bank were full of commotion, Grace had to hire new tellers and get them set up for training. There were contractors coming and going, day after day. There was a general mood of happiness that filled the bank. Grace frequently went to the front counter to assist whenever the bank got full, and her branch slowly became the favorite branch amongst its customers.

Aaron would call daily to see how she was doing as manager; he never mentioned the tryst they had nor did he mention anything about a repeat. Often the conversations were short, sweet and very professional. Grace frequently found herself thinking about that chance encounter, and felt remorse for allowing her hormones to get the best of her. Several different men had asked her out in the past few weeks, but she knew that they had fat fetishes, or breast fetishes and she didn’t have time for such nonsense. Grace was much more than a fat ass and titties, she was a whole woman and needed to be treated as such.

One day while she was going over invoices for new nameplates, a brown package arrived it was addressed to her. She looked at the return address, and didn’t recognize the sender. So she placed the box in her pile of unopened boxes, and continued on her way. Later that day while preparing to go home for the day and log the daily count for her tellers, something told her to open the box that lay in the middle of the floor. Grace reached down, and picked up the package, which had hardly any weight to it. She nervously shook it because you could never be to sure these days. Then when she felt that it was reasonably safe to open it, she did. Inside the box was a clean pair of pale blue panties and a business card on the back of the card was a note that read: “Dinner, and dancing.” On the front of the card was Aaron ‘s phone number. Grace began to smile and tears filled her eyes.

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