Love Times Three


We were always very close. As kids we were literally inseparable. If you took one away, the others would cry until that missing one returned. We played together, ate together, and slept in our crib together. Even as we got older, we gravitated towards each other for comfort and security. Even when they started going out with girls and I started dating boys, we shared the gossip and shared the pain of breakups and never let outsiders come between us for long.

When I say ‘we’, I mean my two brothers and I.

And why the abnormal closeness?

We’re triplets.

We’re now 20 years old, and still as close as ever. My brothers are called Adam and Max, and I am called Keeley. I’m so glad our parents never went for gimmicks, like giving us names that all started with the same letter, or even worse, rhymed. They didn’t dress Adam and Max the same, or put me in pink versions of what they were wearing. Yet even with all those differences, we were still so close we were sometimes just like the same one person. We did finish each other’s sentences, and we sometimes knew what each other was thinking. But we weren’t super creepy, like Children of the Corn or anything, and we still aren’t, even though we all live together.

That’s right. We live together. It’s a big apartment and we all work, so it makes a lot of sense to split the rent. It means we have money free for other things, like the boys’ hobbies. Max likes to go rock climbing. Adam collects movie memorabilia and sells stuff on eBay. His room is chock-full of junk. Max’s ropes and climbing gear spills out of his room. Basically the guys live like slobs. I’m the neat freak.

I work at a beauty parlour. Yeah, I know. It’s kind of typical for a girl like me. I’m 5’6″ tall, my hair is long and blonde, although we’re all naturally dark haired- the boys still are. I bleach the crap out of my hair just to look like the kind of gal who works in the beauty industry. I do like wild party nights once in a while, I like the odd hook up, I like to be fucked sometimes by random strangers. But I also like to stay home and watch TV with my brothers. When we all stay home and slob out on the sofa with beer and pizza, it’s like heaven to me and I don’t need anyone else but my two favourite guys.

Max is the eldest by three minutes, then me, then Adam is the youngest. We were all born within like, twenty minutes. Adam finally popped out last, and he’s still kind of lazy to this day. Even when we’re fucking, Adam usually cums last.

Yep, that’s right. I said ‘even when we’re fucking’.

You see, there’s another reason why we all live together.

We fuck.

All of us. I fuck the boys and they fuck me.

And we love it.

We’re so close that sometimes it almost feels like masturbation.

It all started not long after our 19th birthdays. I had just dumped my stupid boyfriend Karl for cheating on me with some slut called Damonique. What the fuck kind of name is Damonique? Like her parents wanted a boy so they could call him Damon, and then when it turned out to be a girl they just stuck an ‘ique’ on the end?

Anyway, I was crying and being pathetic and the boys were trying to comfort me and so there we were, one girl and two guys all with their arms around each other, hugging and stuff. Because even though my brothers and I treat each other like our own personal verbal and emotional punchbags sometimes, we don’t tease each other when the real shit goes down. When one of us hurts, we all hurt.

Max was holding me against him and cursing Karl and saying stuff like he hoped Karl got genital warts and cooties and that his dick should turn green and fall off. I started laughing, and Adam said that Karl just lost the most beautiful girl in all of heaven and earth itself, and in the company of my gorgeous brothers I started to relax and curse Karl myself and pretty soon we were all laughing about Karl’s dick rotting off and Damonique getting herpes in her ass.

And then I said something like, I wished I had a hot boyfriend like you guys. I wish you weren’t my brothers so I could go out with you instead of dickwads like Karl, and this other guy I used to go with called ‘Tigger’ who was like fucking Tigger, like a crazy ass shit who couldn’t sit still for two minutes and drove me insane after three weeks. And Max and Adam were laughing at me then.

“You’re not a bad catch yourself, Keeley,” said Max. “Which is kind of understandable, seeing as you’re related to me.”

“And me,” said Adam, laughing and displaying his beautiful white teeth.

I had looked at Max, with his shaggy dark hair and blue eyes, and then at Adam, with his shorter mid-brown hair and green eyes like mine. “It’s a shame that fucking between siblings is wrong because then we wouldn’t even have to leave the house,” I had said, meaning it as a joke, and then I laughed extra loud because I couldn’t believe I’d actually said it.

“Wash your mouth out, girl!” Adam had roared with laughter. “It’s illegal, for a start.”

“Illegal to fuck, or illegal to be a hot brother?” Etlik Escort I said, punching Adam’s bicep.

“Illegal to even think about it!” Adam grinned.

“Yeah. Besides, when brothers fuck sisters they end up with creepy babies,” I said, pulling a creepy baby face.

But then while me and Adam joked and laughed about it, Max had looked at me kind of funny.

“Maybe it shouldn’t be illegal,” he said with a shrug. “Maybe it doesn’t really matter if you feel really strongly about someone. I mean, none of us would ever hurt each other, right? Fucking Karl, and slutty Damonique, people like that don’t even know what real love is.”

His voice had gone different, deeper and kind of serious sounding. It was different enough to stop me joking and I looked at him intently.

“Max is getting all soppy,” Adam chuckled. “Max and Keeley up in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g….”

“Bitch, please!” I snorted. “Maxie’s just saying what he thinks. And he’s right that we’d never hurt each other. I mean, I’d never dream of leaving either one of you guys, ever. It’d be like cutting off a limb, or something.”

“Just a limb? I don’t think I’d even be able to breathe without you, Keels,” said Max.

And then he had leaned forward and kissed me, experimentally, on the lips.

I was kind of shocked at first. I immediately pushed him away. He stared at me with his hair hanging in his half-closed eyes, and dammit if he didn’t suddenly look hot and sexy and everything I wanted a boyfriend to be. Kind, and loving, and loyal.

And so fucking hot.

And also, my brother.

Max must have seen some doubt on my face because he came in for a second try. I squirmed and went “mmmmmmm!” as his lips, which were shaped just like mine, pressed gently down. I was aware of Adam drawing in a breath and watching us, equally shocked.

And then I started to respond, because Max felt somehow so familiar; everything about the kiss felt strangely right, like I’d somehow kissed him before, a million times over, even though I hadn’t.

Max’s tongue eased into my mouth and soon we were kissing deeply. Adam stood, gaping at the soft sounds of wet kissing between his brother and sister. I recall moaning deep in my throat at how good it felt with Max kissing me, his tongue rolling on mine, wet and warm, with his masculine taste in my mouth.

When Max at last stopped kissing me, I gasped for breath and just stared at him for ages. He looked dazed and disoriented. He had a girlfriend, a chick called Cindy. I wondered what she’d say if she knew he was kissing another girl. Not only that, kissing his sister.

She’d probably puke, just like anyone else would.

So I felt my own eyes were kind of heavy, too. I looked at Adam, feeling totally shocked and ashamed of myself, hoping he wouldn’t look disgusted at our depravity. But he didn’t. He looked just as weirded out as Max and I did.

And then Adam was kissing me too.

The sight of Max and me kissing must have really turned him on, because even though he had just been joking with me about this being illegal, Adam began pulling me towards the bed, and his tongue was all inside my mouth and round my teeth and under my top lip. We fell on top of the bed in a tangle of limbs and Adam rolled on top of me and pulled my sweater up, exposing my lacy black bra. He and Max, who was now kneeling down on the end of the bed, stared at my boobs encased in the almost transparent and very skimpy undergarment.

“What the hell?” I shouted. “How did we get here so fast?”

“Keeley, one thing I’ve always wanted to do is look at your tits, and I must say they are truly amazing,” said Adam, running a finger around the outer edge of my left breast.

“Adam, the fuck? I’m your sister! What were we just saying before?” I was aware of the craziness of the situation. I had not long done kissing both of my brothers with my tongue in their mouths, after saying I wished brothers and sisters were allowed to fuck legally. I know, right?

“Keeley, that bastard Karl didn’t treat you right, but your brothers will,” said Max. “And dammit, girl, Adam is correct. Your tits are really incredible.”

I lay there, breathing hard, which made my chest heave up and down and my breasts rise and fall under Adam’s and Max’s curious scrutiny. I was glad of my gruelling workout sessions which hurt like crazy but kept my tits firm and my belly flat and my ass rounded, and I thanked my fake tan which hadn’t worn off yet and gave me a nice, golden colour like I’d just come back from Tunisia or somewhere exotic like that.

Then I wondered why I was so concerned about looking hot for my brothers.

My brothers, dammit! The two guys I shared a crib with when we were little babies! The two guys who had the same Mom and Dad as I did! Disgusting, right?

Gross, in fact.

Adam straddled my waist with his long legs on either side, his knees digging into the mattress. He hooked a forefinger into my lacy bra and slowly pulled the cup to one side. Then Etlik Escort Bayan he touched the tip of my left nipple. He did all this without saying a word, and Max kind of eased over so that he could get a better look.

I shook as though 250,000volts had raced through me.

“Adam, the fuck…?”

Adam pulled the other lacy cup aside and began rubbing both of my nipples very gently and lightly with his thumbs. Round and round and round. I stared at my nipples which were hard as bullets. I watched them go round and round under my brother’s thumbs. I was mesmerised by them.

I was also becoming very wet.

Adam shifted over and let Max come up on my other side. Max began lightly stroking my left nipple while Adam toyed with my right. I watched my brothers’ hands on my firm, tanned tits and felt a gush of liquid love juice flood into my knickers.

“This is cool, right, Keeley?” said Max.

“This is not fucking cool, Maxwell,” I said, but I didn’t do anything to stop them.

“Remember when Keeley started growing her tits and wouldn’t let us see?” grinned Adam.

“Yeah,” said Max. “She became little miss bossy overnight.”

“Well, take a good look now, why don’t you?” I grumbled, affectionately. “Oh, you already are!”

Then both of my brothers, after a small nod between them, lowered their heads and took one nipple apiece into their mouths.

“Oh my God,” I whispered, looking at both of their lips sucking and pulling on my rock hard nipples, coating the slippery nubs in their saliva, teasing with their tongues and nibbling with their teeth. Occasionally they would head butt each other gently, and laugh around my breasts, which made my nipples vibrate very erotically indeed.

My two brothers, my soulmates, were sucking my tits, and I was loving it.

I felt a hand slide over my stomach, stroking and caressing. I couldn’t see whether it was Max’s or Adam’s hand. Then I realised I didn’t care whose it was. It somehow felt so familiar to me that it could have been my own. I closed my eyes and let out a gentle “oh,” as their mouths continued to pull at my tits and the hand slid even further down and eased between my thighs.

I was wearing a short, red skirt. Nothing fancy, just one I normally wear around the apartment. The hand crept under it and began stroking my silky inner thigh, fingertips gliding up and down. I knew then that it was Max’s hand because it was the leg that was on his side.

Then Adam put his hand on me as well, and started stroking my other inner thigh. Instinctively I spread my legs and moaned as a finger touched my soaking wet mound.

It was Max. He began rubbing my clit gently with featherlight strokes over the top of my soaking wet panties. Then Adam slipped his finger under the saturated gusset. I now had two of my brothers’ fingers toying with my dripping wet pussy. I bit my lip and moaned long and hard in my throat.

My brothers sucked my tits and fingered my pussy until I almost couldn’t bear it any more.

Then Max took his mouth off my nipple with a wet slurp, and scooted down to put his head between my legs.

“No, Max!” I cried, but he either wasn’t looking or didn’t care. He put his weight on my legs to stop my admittedly feeble struggling and pulled my white panties down and off, flinging them aside.

“Jesus, she’s bald as a coot down here!” he yelled, rather too loudly for my liking. We did have neighbours, after all! Then he leaned down to my naked, exposed pussy and touched my swollen labia with the tip of his tongue.

Briefly I wondered what Cindy would think now, if she saw her gorgeous boyfriend tasting his own sister’s cunt.

Then I was glad that I had recently waxed, because the feel of my own brother’s tongue on my bare pussy was enough to make me almost pass out.

Adam started giggling at the expression on my face. “This is so fucking weird, isn’t it, Sis?” he grinned.

“Weird is not the….aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! Word,” I uttered, as Max’s tongue slid further into my pussy, lapping and licking and tasting.

Adam reached for my right leg and pulled it up so that my knee was somewhere near my ear.

“Hey, be gentle, Addy,” I shouted, but Adam ignored me.

“Get in there, Maxie,” he laughed. “If we’re going to hell, we may as well go out in style!”

“Fuck you, Adam!” I shouted,but then I was laughing too. We were all so close and so alike, that it was like being mad at myself.

Max gobbled my pussy like an expert. I tangled my fingers in his hair and pulled his face even further into my engorged labia, smearing his mouth with love juices. Then Adam joined in, and the two of them feasted like bees at my honeypot. I pulled my legs back as far as they would go and lost myself in the most amazing oral sex with my two beautiful brothers. While they ate my pussy I reached for Adam’s zipper and pulled it down. I fumbled inside for his cock and found the biggest, hardest shaft of meat I’d ever encountered. Adam moaned against my clit. I ran my fingers Escort Etlik over his swollen cockhead and hefted the weight of this monster in my hand. Meanwhile, two hot, snaking tongues lapped and probed at my dripping hole and flicked at my tenderised clit. It sounded like two thirsty dogs drinking water. I spread my pussy lips as wide as I could, and watched Max delve his thick tongue into my wet, pink hole.

I closed my eyes in ecstasy as Maxie tongue fucked me until I came.

I had to bite down on my hand as my orgasm shuddered through me, hitting me in one glorious wave after another. Max kept his hands on my thighs, stopping me from closing my legs as he kept on sucking and licking my poor, tortured pussy until it was almost unbearable. Then almost before I’d even stopped shaking, Adam had gotten to his knees, removed his pants, and was pulling my head up and pushing his cock into my mouth.

If there was one thing I liked doing, it was sucking hard cock. So what if this particular one was related to me? I eagerly sucked my younger brother’s cock as though my mouth had been waiting for this moment all its life. I rolled over onto my hands and knees and began bobbing my head back and forth, taking Adam’s huge length right into the depths of my throat like a sword-swallower. I didn’t care any more. My brothers were making me feel good!

Adam thrust back and forth, fucking his cock into my throat, grazing his cockhead over my teeth and tongue and thumping my tonsils with every stroke.

“Damn!” he cried, tugging my hair to keep my head steady as he thrust. “Damn, Keeley, damn! Suck it, girl, suck it!”

Then Max was on his knees next to Adam, and I began alternating between my both of my beautiful brothers’ enormous erections. I sucked first on Adam’s, swirling my tongue around his firm, smooth cockhead, tasting his salty pre-cum, murmuring my approval. Then over to Maxie, taking him deep into my throat and bobbing rapidly on his engorged pole, choking slightly as he got a little excited and rammed into my mouth a little too hard. Back and forth I went, gobbling cock like a whore, murmuring and making little squeals of delight to show how much I approved of their impressive tools hammering into my face.

Max came first, groaning loudly and spurting his thick, hot cum down my throat. I swallowed the first wad, and then I let him cum all over my face, opening my mouth to catch the milky gobs on my tongue as I finished jerking him off with my hand. Then Adam came, and I felt his cum in my hair before whipping my head round and taking his hot jets in my mouth and on my face and tits, one hot splat after another.

Finally, Max and Adam both sat back, sighing and groaning and smiling like they’d just had the best birthday present ever, while globs of semen stuck to my face and strings of sticky cum dangled from my chin and nipples.

“Fuck, Keeley, that was the best fucking blow job ever,” sighed Adam.

I crawled over to lay between their breathless, heaving bodies. My two gorgeous brothers put their arms around me and slapped my ass and promised me that the night was not over yet.

After we’d recovered and the boys were getting hard-ons again, which they got from stroking and caressing and kissing me all over my cum stained body, Max and Adam tossed a coin to see who would fuck me first. I didn’t care who fucked me first. When Max won the toss I shouted “yay, Maxie!” and immediately rolled onto all fours to waggle my ass at him, egging him on.

“No fair!” cried Adam. “How come I always get sloppy seconds?”

“Well, why don’t you alternate?” I suggested. “Like just now when I sucked you off.” I kept waggling my glistening pussy at them, invitingly. Well, I’m guessing it was glistening because I was so wet by then I could have fucked the Abominable Snowman.

“I say that’s a great idea,” Adam agreed. “Seven strokes each, then the other one gets a turn.”

“If you insist,” said Max. “But I don’t think I can look at that beautiful twat for much longer without getting stuck in.”

“Will one of you PLEASE make a move?” I sighed pointedly. “My pussy’s getting kinda cold, here!”

Again I cheekily wiggled and jiggled my butt at them. For now I had no shame whatsoever, and just wanted a goddamn royal fucking, brothers or no brothers.

Without further ado, Max scooted up onto the bed and knelt behind me. He grabbed hold of my hips. I gave him a flirty look over my shoulder and winked. He groaned with lust and sank his rigid cock deep inside my aching cunt.

I screamed with pleasure as my brother’s hard shaft pierced me right up to my womb. I actually nearly fell on my face on the bed. “Oh, God, Maxieee!” I yelled.

“What, Keeley? That’s what you wanted, isn’t it?” he laughed.

“Yes, but…jeez, Max, warn me next time you’re gonna do it so hard!”

Max pulled me backwards, burying that solid cock of his even deeper into my cunt. I yelped as his cockhead nudged the neck of my womb. “Next time?” he grinned. “You mean you want to make this into a regular thing, fucking your brothers?”

The horny bastard began rotating his hips around in a circle, grinding himself into my ass. His pubic hair was prickly against my waxed pussy and I gasped and groaned with sheer pleasure as his hot meat filled me up.

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