Love Thy Neighbour Ch. 03


Final part of the story? Makes more sense if you’ve read 1 and 2 obviously. I’m happy to consider suggestions for future episodes 🙂



Doug could tell that Tim wasn’t being entirely honest and that annoyed him. He’d considered Tim one of the good guys. It was a pleasure to follow his shift, everything was always as it should be and Doug had worked with plenty who had let the less savoury duties slide for the following shift to pick up. Not Tim. Tim was the kind of guy who would go the extra mile to make sure his co-workers covering the overnight would have as easy a ride as possible. Before Tim had joined it was quite different. Every shift for itself, if it could be left for the next guys leave it. The atmosphere was entirely different, Doug used to dread certain days but not any more. Tim was good guy alright.

There was 15 minute handover period where one supervisor ensured the one following was updated on any issues, changes or difficulties.

“Doug! Doug I need a favour. How’d you like to swap shifts for the rest of the week?”

Doug hated to change mid stream. There was a reason they worked in the blocks they did. It was easier. It had been worked out long ago by people far smarter than they and a fixed pattern of shift rotation was the best way to cover the 5 day 24 hour work their jobs at the plant entailed.

“Shit Tim, what kind of favour is this? How can it be a favour to give you the night shift? You’ll be on nights yourself soon enough.”

“Well would you look at the teeth on that gift horse? Come on Doug, you wont lose out. I’ll stay and do your overnight and you go home and sleep next to your wife and do my shift tomorrow, why aren’t you snatching my hand off?”

“It just makes no sense, why don’t you want to sleep next to your own wife?”

Tim wasn’t prepared to come clean about that just yet and toyed between evading and lying.

“Sam’s hours are all over the place at the moment, we barely see each other as it is, if anything this way we’ll both be home at least some of the time.”

There wasn’t a word of truth in any of this. Tim was desperate to continue his illicit liaisons with his sexy neighbour and was prepared to say anything to make it happen. Doug didn’t believe a word but couldn’t deny a night at home in his own bed was very tempting.

“Ok Tim, we’ll play it your way. I don’t believe the reasons you gave but I can’t see how I can be harmed by this so I’ll let it happen. Hope you know what you’re doing.”

Tim grinned and extended his hand but Doug just looked at it and turned and walked away. Calling after the older man Tim shouted his thanks and punched the air.

Meanwhile Sam was leaving her flat for a run at the usual time and coincidentally, so was Paul. She had gone out and bought new running gear. The leggings were full length and the t shirt was so tight it could have been sprayed on. Both were red and black with side panels to emphasise her flat stomach and slender waist and broad shoulders. It also made the most of her pert curved bottom and that was really the point. Paul thought she looked like someone from a Marvel movie. He loved Marvel movies and grinned at her. She glanced down either end of the hall to make sure nobody else was around and beckoned him over. Paul hovered hesitantly then entered Sam’s flat, she practically slammed the door shut behind him and pressed herself against him, kissing him hard.

She was soaking wet and as sexually aroused as she had ever felt. All day she hand been waiting for this moment, going over in her mind what they had done, what she hoped to do next. She held his face in her hands and couldn’t help hmmming as she kissed him.

Paul was beside himself. He’d convinced himself she would realise her mistake and choose her marriage over the teen across the hall. His hands ran up and down her sides. He noticed she was sans brassier and cupped her breasts. Her nipples were already hard and erect. He pinched them through the thin material and duelled tongues with her. His erection pressed against her belly, she wriggled against it lasciviously. He broke their kiss to speak.

“Sam, what about…? “

He indicated into the flat with a tilt of the head. Sam broke into a huge grin, her eyes sparkled with mischief.

“He’s out all night. ALL night, back in the morning. Hope you didn’t have any plans for this evening.”

“Well there’s this documentary on nazi sharks I’ve been looking forward to for ages but I guess could give it a miss. IF you have any better ideas that is.”

“Better than nazi sharks? Damn you set the bar high. I was just going to get naked and see what came up.”

Paul hugged Sam tight and rested his cheek on the top of her head.

“I can’t believe I’m going to wake up next to you.”

“Not before you’ve fucked me senseless you’re not! ” and she poked him in the chest.

A front door closing in the hall outside had them jostling for the spy hole.

“It’s mum, she’s off to work too. And guess when she’ll be back?!

I Trabzon Escort guess there’s a chance we might make a mess. Should we maybe do it in my bed?”

“How can one so young and sexy be so wise?”

Sam was suitably impressed with Paul’s room. For a start there was a double bed, it was clean and tidy and didn’t smell of socks. There was a laptop open on the desk, Paul nonchalantly slammed it shut before Sam could see anything incriminating. She didn’t need to see anything, she recognised that behaviour and smiled to herself calling him a bad boy under her breath.

“So how many unsuspecting innocents have you had your wicked way with in here? “


Sam was taken aback, she imagined Paul was beating them of with a stick.

“None at all?”

“Nope. I think they all suspected something.”

He grinned at her and raised an eye brow. Sam slapped him lightly on the chest then kicked off her shoes and launched herself onto the bed. Raised up on her elbows she gave him her best seductive look.

He crawled up the bed to be next to her, bent an arm and rested his ear in his hand, looking her over. His expression was a mix of desire and affection.

“Has anyone told you what a very sexy and beautiful woman you are?”

Sam pulled his face to hers and they kissed again. Slow sensuous kisses this time. Making out kisses like a couple of teenagers. Sam bathed in glorious nostalgia, she hadn’t been so thoroughly snogged in a long time and didn’t realise how much she’d missed it.

Their hands explored each other over there thin tight clothes. Teasing to be touched and teasing to almost caress through the skin tight material. Sam’s nipples were hard and obvious, so was Paul’s cock. Paul tugged at the hem of Sam’s t shirt until she sat up and allowed him to pull it over her head.

His mouth went to her chest and a nipple was sucked between his pursed lips. Sam gasped and held his head close in her hands and he rapidly flicked the nipple with the tip of his tongue. Sam’s head went back and she let out a sigh. Paul ran his hands down her sides, along her thighs and back up to cup and squeeze her buttocks. He attempted to slide his hands inside but the access was restricted by the tight fit. He raised himself on his elbows and gripped the waistband looking her in the eye. She lifted her bum off the bed and he peeled the leggings off her slowly. His gaze took in every inch of her now naked body and he gave a small smile.


Sam felt more desired in that moment than she could ever remember. Paul planted small delicate kissed from her navel, south until he was kissing her pussy. It had been wet for hours in anticipation. The outer lips were parted and inviting and her clit was swollen. He first breathed across it. Then he tenderly kissed her bud before sucking it between his lips like he had her nipple and flicking his tongue tip over it.

Sam gripped the bedding beneath her in clenched fingers as the days sexual tension was released in a massive orgasm. Her hips thrust back against his mouth, her juices coated her face and she howled as she came.

Paul continued to suck and flick her clit as Sam peaked and rode the orgasm out. She put her hands to either side of his head and pulled him first away, and then up towards her.

Their lips again met and a fervent passionate clash of mouths followed. She loved that his tongue tasted of her and felt a thrill run through her core.

Sam pushed him off and over, flipping him so that she was on top. Her knees were either side of his waist and she looked down into his face while a hand reached behind and gripped then rubbed his cock. She shuffled backwards till her pussy was level with his cock and slid back and forth coating his hard on and making it nice and slippery. Back and forth her pussy lips ran along his length. It took all her self control not to take him in and ride him, but for now she wanted to play. Paul was trying to align himself for entry but, for now, that wasn’t happening. Her juices flowed out of her, smeared heavily along his length and running down across his balls. She positioned herself so she was sitting on his taught young thighs and gripped his hard on in both hands. Slowly her hands ran up and down his length. Tempo slowly rose as she spoke.

“I love your cock. Your young hard cock. It’s so big, so fat. It’s just made to fuck me. It feels so good inside me.”

Her words were having an impact on Paul. Her talk was pushing buttons in his mind and he was breathing heavily, panting as he’s gaze went from her face to her hands and back again. He couldn’t decide which was the sexier sight.

“I want to watch the big hard cock cum. I want to see the spunk shoot out of you. Your balls are so big and heavy, I want to see all your lovely sperm coming out. I want to see what you’re going to do to my oh so tight pussy.”

She tightened her grip when she mentioned her tight pussy and felt him twitch, getting closer. Her hands went faster, smearing her juices over Trabzon Escort Bayan his cock head. Her fingers returned to her pussy to get more, to keep him slick. He started thrusting up and she knew he was near to shooting. Her excitement at watching caught in her voice.

“Oh yes Baby, cum for me. Shoot that sexy thick spunk. Show how much a real man makes, show me what my pussy is going to get. It’s so hot I could cum just watching you shoot your load for me.”

That was the final straw for Paul and he started to grunt as his cock went rigid and his jizz flew into the air. True to her word, a series of mini orgasms ran through Sam as each arch of cum shot up and landed in his hair, face, chest and stomach. She placed her open mouth to catch some as he came and the clamped it shut on the head and sucked every last drop out of him.

When he was done Sam lay on top of him and rubbed herself into his ejaculate, before kissing him and slumping by his side.

They lay in a tangle of limbs lost in their own thoughts. Sam’s nails danced along Paul’s still hard length causing him to catch his breath. Her fingers curled around him, she could smell sex and felt her pussy purr. She swung a leg over him and raised herself on her knees. Holding his cock upright she slowly lowered until he nudged her entrance. Both of them let out a satisfied groan as she slid down his length bit by bit. Eventually he was all the way inside and her eyes went back. There was a quiver in her voice as she gave a small laugh.

“I’m never letting you take this out, it just feels too good.”

Sam started to ascend his cock, feeling each millimetre till there was just the head in her before starting the return trip. Paul put his hands on her tiny waist as if to hurry her. She slapped his hands away when he tried to pull her back down so his hands instead went her pert buttocks. He squeezed and pawed them to both of their pleasures. She loved how his strong fingers dug into her flesh and increased her own momentum. She was slippery with her own secretions so when a finger tip nudged her anus it entered. She tensed and her pussy tightened around him. Paul groaned while Sam hissed. She was shaking her head and looking at him imploringly. He was confused, her body seemed to like it, her pussy clenched, but she seemed to be asking not. Without pushing it any further in he moved the finger inside with a slight wiggle. Her eyes went wide and pussy spasmed again. She leant forward and whispered in her ear.

“Please don’t. I’ve been hurt and bled a lot from trying anal. It frightens me when things go up there. “

She looked him in the eye to show she was serious. He gave a kind smile and nodded his agreement while his fingers went back to kneading her buttocks. She rocked on his cock and smiled herself. Her eyes half closed.

“Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Squeeze those cheeks! Slap them. Spank my arse.”

She rode him faster and harder. He slapped her tentatively and she laughed and increased speed. A firmer spank, and another. Climbing off him she got on all fours.

“Fuck me from behind. Spank me and fuck me hard.”

He hurriedly took up position and slammed himself it her. He loved to look at me magnificent arse as he pounded her. It was as sexy a sight as he’d seen. There was an angry red handprint on one cheek so he slapped the other to match them up. Sam let out a moan and he felt her pussy tighten again.

He held onto her waist so he could drive home harder. Sam let out a cry of joy as she felt the crest of an orgasm begin to crash over her. He felt the delicious tingle that meant was too was close to climax and told her.

“Oh god yeah! Spray my womb with your cum. Put it all inside. Cum! Cum in my pussy please.”

Her slick tunnel grew wetter and started to ripple around him as the orgasm swept over her and she wailed her pleasure. It tipped Paul over the edge and with a roar he unleashed load after load into her.

“YES! God yes. Oh god oh God oh g…Aaàhh!”

It seemed to each of them that their orgasms lasted minutes. Sam was definitely on her third or fourth in a row and Paul felt as thoroughly drained and satisfied as he imagined it was possible to be.

They slumped together, his occasionally twitching cock still inside her, spooning. He held her in his arms and kissed her shoulder.



“You know you have a beautiful arse.”

“Thank you Hun.”

“I’d love to lavish a bit of extra attention on it if you know what I mean.”

She knew exactly what he meant and didn’t want to have this conversation.

“Please don’t Paul.”

He kissed her shoulder again and followed up with more kisses along the nape of her neck to her ear. He sucked her lobe between his lips and nibbled on it lightly.

“You do know I wouldn’t deliberately hurt you don’t you?”

“I don’t think you would no, not deliberately. It wasn’t deliberate last time either but I was terribly sore for days and it wouldn’t stop bleeding. Every Escort Trabzon time I went to the toilet it was agony. It was horrible.”

“You went too fast, you didn’t prepare for it. It’s the longest sexiest foreplay you can imagine when you do it right.”

“Please Paul just leave it.”

“OK I’ll drop it as long as you answer me honestly: did it not feel good when my finger tip popped up inside? Your body responded and I think you liked it. Well I can make it feel better that than. Much better.”

Sam had felt a special thrill when he penetrated her anus. There was the act in it’s own right, there was the fact it was this sexy young hunk, and there was the fact it was something Tim wasn’t allowed to do. All these factors contributed to a very special thrill indeed and her pussy throbbed around his deflating cock and forced him out. A river of cum flowed out of her and she caught her breath.

Referring to her pussy quiver she asked him, “Does that answer your question?”

He gave a small good natured laugh and kissed her neck.

“How about you just let me rim you. Let me lick your hole, maybe poke my tongue in.”

Sam closed her eyes and tried to imagine it. Her heart raced and her chest rapidly rose and fell as her excitement grew. But the memory of the pain was still raw and she just couldn’t get passed the fear. Not yet. She turned her head to look at him.

“I’m not saying never, but I can’t promise it will be soon either. When I’m ready you’ll be the first to know.”

He bent to kiss her and they shared a long sensuous lovers smooch. Sam pulled away and asked with wink, “How do you know so damned much about it anyway?”

Paul replied with a smirk, “I read a lot.”

They lay in each others arms for a while but couldn’t keep their hands to themselves. Stroking and caressing, each kept the other’s passion on simmer. Paul’s cock was semi hard and Sam was permanently damp. Although he was shaved completely Sam was trimmed and tidy. He seemed to love stroking her short soft down and she loved him to stroke it.

After a while Sam climbed on top in reverse position and took Paul’s cock into her mouth. He tasted of them both. Their juices mingled together in a sexy concoction she found delicious and she slurped greedily. She also figured it was about time he licked her and presented her up turned bum and wet blossoming pussy lips. He placed a hand on each buttock and raised his head till his tongue lapped at her cunt. He too could taste the combination of them both and the flavour of their lust made his rapidly unfurling cock throb in her mouth. He found her clit and probed it with his tongue, She moaned around his cock and more of her pussy juice flowed out.

She bobbed her head on his cock as his pre-cum subtly changed the taste and feel in her mouth. She wanted as much of his lovely big cock in her mouth ass possible and allowed herself to become accustomed before taking more until he was all the way down her throat. Paul’s was the only cock she had tried to deep throat and she took pride in her achievement, it excited her that with him she was keen to try things she would blanch at with her husband. He brought a dirty side she didn’t know she had and it felt good to be bad. Maybe anal wouldn’t be so bad after all?

Paul buried his tongue as keep inside her as it could go, he was fucking her with it and her juices were flowing spreading across his face and into her mouth.

Sam scraped her nails over his scrotum and bobbed her head, she knew she was close to orgasm again and suspected he was too. She sucked hard so her cheeks hollowed , it felt like she was drawing the cum out of him by vacuum alone and he started to cum. When the first rope of jizz hit the back of her throat she was surprised and gagged, but she soon recovered and swallowed everything he gave her. As it slid down her throat it triggered her own orgasm and she arched her back, forcing her pussy hard against his mouth. It was her turn to surprise him as she sprayed him with her own copious juices that he had to drink down that which didn’t drench his face neck and chest.

They lay still for a moment, catching their breath. Eventually Sam manoeuvred herself next to Paul, right way up. Her head was buried in his broad chest and he stroked her hair.

“That was amazing Sam, I had no idea you were a squirter!”

She slowly raised her head, her eyes were wide and she was biting her bottom lip.

“Neither did I!”

They fucked twice more before exhaustion drove them both to sleep in the wee small hours. Sam’s pussy ached and throbbed like a well fucked pussy should and she slept the dreamless deep sleep of the truly sated.

Tim had pulled a double shift with the help of several energy drinks. Now he was physically drained but mentally alert. It was a strange almost out of body experience. Not quite like, but not entirely dissimilar to being stoned. And he was always happy when he was stoned. He had planned to go home to bed before going to see his curvaceous, buxom, sexy lover but he was horny as hell. He’d spent all night thinking of why he was doing this double shift and had been tempted to knock one off just so he could concentrate on his job. But he’d saved it all for the rubensesque sultry seductress that filled his mind and stole his will.

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