Love , Prostitution Ch. 05


Emily and Sansa lie in bed wrapped together in the sweetest embrace. They kiss long and sensuously, each in turn gently sucking the other’s tongue into their mouth, inhaling their fragrance and indulging themselves in the sublime taste of their partner. It is as if they were making a permanent impression of each. The impression to last forever, even across Hindu reincarnations, so they will always recognise each other and reunite. By the light of the full moon, there is a romantic twilight feel to their bedroom. They gaze into each other’s eyes and delight in their love and devotion. They touch each other, hardly able to believe they are so lucky after such a short time, it is as if they were destined from across 2 continents to be soul mates.

Emily whispers: “I love and adore my beautiful Santa beyond words. I delight that we are now equals, because however much pleasure you gave to me as my servant, now I can also be a servant to your pleasure. Making you happy is my life long mission which if you allow, starts right now. Santa responds with her beautiful smile, that there is nothing that would make her happier.

Emily kisses Santa once more on the lips then slowly, sensuously on her eyes, her nose, her cheeks, her ears and only stops kissing her face to start kissing her neck. Santa purrs her approval, feeling a growing delicious warm sensation in her groin: “My dearest love Emily. I can not tell you how often I have dreamed of us being together like this … since our very first meeting. I am completely yours forever”. Emily seems to be making a meal of Santa’s neck, but it has been the same for her and whispers: “My dearest love Sansa. It has been the same for me, since our very first meeting … I am completely yours forever”. With that Emily continues sensuously kissing Santa, taking her time with each kiss, she progresses to her breasts where she suckles like a baby, while her hand meanders South on its journey to Santa’s Temple of Venus to ensure her complete arousal and intimate pleasure. When Santa’s nipples have responded, which doesn’t take long at all, Emily continues her kissing journey, pausing to worship her navel with her tongue, then shuffles down the bed until her head is between her legs, which open as if by magic … which is exactly what it was for both of them.

Gazing adoringly at Santa’s mons, she notices that her lovely button has made her hood rise like a summer parasol, she can sense the heat and bartın escort readiness to be adored. Emily softly blows gently up and down from her clitoris to her perineum, repeating the cycle, and drawing a purr of pleasure from her lover. Encouraged that she is pleasing her Sansa, she repeats the motion with her tongue once more, all the time inhaling her delicious fragrance and delighting in her taste. Sansa wiggles and giggles as Emily licks her perineum and circles her anus gently with her finger. Emily has never done anything like this before and is making it up as she goes along, but is both guided and encouraged by Sansa’s physical and audible responses. Sansa takes Emily’s head in her hands and holding it closer to her conveys her sublime enjoyment. Licking from her perineum up between her lovely labia, pausing only to penetrate her enlarged folds. Sansa moans again, then Emily suckles on her clitoris now just peeping a little from under her hood, she inserts two fingers into her wet vagina. Sansa arches her back and moans again, but louder, still holding Emily’s head and running her fingers through her hair, as if demented by her pleasures.

Emily hooks her fingers inside her, very gently in a scraping motion but careful not to hurt her while she seeks her g-spot. She is delighted at Sansa’s obvious pleasure from her attentions and she continues to suckle on her precious clitoris. After a little while, Sansa’s panting and moans of pleasure increase in intensity. She holds Emily’s face against her vulva, which delights Emily who responds with a double finger fuck added to her clitoris sucking. Sansa arches her back again and trying to suppress a scream of pleasure, she squirms and squirts in orgasmic delirium, some deliciously hitting Emily’s delighted face. She licks the love packets from Sansa, that she can reach with her tongue, she licks to enjoy her beloved’s essence and her permanent impression is fortified. Emily licks Sansa clean then raising her head, smiles her biggest ever smile to Sansa who licks her face clean, then helping to pull her up, she gives her a French kiss to share the treasures from her Temple.

As they cuddle afterwards, Emily makes a funny face and suggests the possibility that they might be edging towards becoming lesbians and they both collapse into paroxysms of laughter. When at last they stop laughing Sansa asks Emily if she has read the Kama Sutra on cunnilingus. bartın escort bayan Emily plays silly and cheekily asks: “Do you mean like the Irish Airline, Aer Lingus?” and they both laugh happily. Sansa explains that some of the things Emily did that seemed straight out of the Indian classic on sex techniques called The Kama Sutra. Emily shakes her head explaining that she only did what she thought might please the love of her life. Sansa says that she would make a natural Hindu, because, loosely speaking, Hinduism is based on the practicalities of so many people living on the sub-continent needing a way to live in harmony with their neighbours and environment. It’s the same with sex, if it pleases those involved then it must be good. The sacred cows probably originated because of their value in giving birth to young and providing milk. Sansa says that now it is her turn to pleasure Emily, so that their union is consummated by them both. Emily laughs and replies: “Oh yes please!

(Now dear reader, it is time to let our happy couple enjoy their privacy and then sleep blissfully in each other’s arms. We shall rejoin them in the morning after their fast has been broken.)

The honeymooners breakfast with the family and afterwards, at Uncle Sanjit’s invitation, they join him in his study. He says: “As a couple, it is only right that I should inform you both of the latest development regarding the newspapers”. Emily instinctively takes Sansa’s hand, even though Baapoo has been nothing but kindness and consideration to her, her instinct warns that something is wrong. He asks if Emily remembers one of the photographers from yesterday, as they were leaving the courthouse. Emily asks if he means the one whose flash fired directly into her face, then assuming that he does she nods that she does remember. Without letting go of Sansa’s hand, in fact unconsciously squeezing it a little, she puts her palm to her face and asks if her photograph is in the newspapers today. Baapoo nods sadly and confirms her fear. He passes her the papers and together she and Sansa read the articles. She exclaims: “Goodness, I am featured on the front page headline again!

Her mouth goes dry as they look at the rest of the newspapers: “It is on the front page of them all. The photograph is clear, anyone would recognise me from that … also, the article is less about the trial and more about me and how I am part of the escort bartın injustice viewed from both fringe groups, sympathisers of the accused and those that feel cheated by the sentence, i.e. sympathisers of the victim. Baapoo, is this just a news story or is it seriously threatening?” He says that he will not keep the truth from Emily. Both the Chief Justice and the Police Commissioner are taking no chances and are therefore taking the view that the risk has escalated, although the intelligence service has no updates yet on what we already know. Emily asks Baapoo what is to be done. He says that everyone is agreed that with our security provisions, we are safest staying here. It is particularly so since we now have extra armed police protection officers, and an armed riot response vehicle equipped with a machine gun and a water cannon. It is parked just inside the gates and facing menacingly down the approach road. Emily nods, noticing that Sansa’s grip on her hand is now firmer, and says that the new arrangements sound much more substantial.

A few days pass without any disturbance near the house or even a hint of worrying activities from the intelligence service, even the newspapers have dropped the story. That night they dine normally with the family and go to bed. That very same night of the new moon when very dark, there is a power cut, which is not at all abnormal in the area. However it does mean that, even with the emergency generator, the outside lights and most of those inside as well are not working. Without lights, the security cameras aren’t much help as they have not been updated for night vision. No one in the house, including the man monitoring the security screens, is awake and therefore everyone is unaware of the danger. In the early hours of the morning, some armed men in black clothes get over the wall at the rear of the house and into the grounds. Without being seen, some move towards the armoured riot vehicle near the gate, while the others silence the sentry and moved toward the house. Sleeping gas is pumped into the vehicle and into the climate control air intake of the house. After 30 minutes, everyone in the vehicle and house are sleeping deeply and will stay that way for a few hours.

The men know exactly where to find Emily, who they quickly tie up, hands behind her and ankles together. They then gag and blindfold her. Neither Emily nor Sansa stirred due to the sleeping gas. Despite Emily only wearing a baby doll nightie, matching g-string and necklace with a heart shaped locket, they roll her up in a blanket and do the same with Sansa. One whispers to the others: “Two new whores to sell, a bonus on the second for us!” The men make off with their new possessions, disappearing quickly into the night.

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