Love Overcomes All


I still remember all those years ago taking a trip out to my aunts place in the heart of the summer. My aunt Sheila and cousin Jay drove up from Calgary to meet us in Toronto. From there we drove five days back out to Calgary stopping at every tourist attraction in the book. For the most part it was pretty boring unless we stopped somewhere, Jay mostly ignored me unless I bugged him enough to play a game. I was nine and he was thirteen and our interests were very different. I was just the little bratty cousin to him, but to me, he was my idol. Even as a gangly teenager he was handsome, tall and very smart and… I loved him. We spent two weeks in Calgary at Aunt Sheila’s house, I saw very little of Jay except in the evenings after supper when the four of us would sit around and talk or watch a movie. It was these times I loved because I could sit in Jay’s lap or beside him on the couch and just relish the feel of him against me. Sometimes I would pretend to fall asleep and he would wrap his arms around me and lay his cheek on my head. I knew he loved me too.

We took a plane back to Toronto when our holiday was over…I missed Jay but, him being a typical teenage boy, we lost touch. I kept track of him through our parents though over the years just hoping we would run into each other again. Three years ago he joined the airforce and found his dream career flying planes. His tour of duty started taking him closer to our area and I just waited patiently for my chance to see him again. My vigilance was not to be in vain.

I had just had the week from hell, my boyfriend of 3 years left me for some dumb broad he’d just met. My beloved cat, Phil, passed away and work was getting so busy that I was getting up at six am and not getting home until eight or nine at night. I was tired, miserable and just empty inside. It was a Friday night when my mom called and said that Jay was in the area and going to be having dinner at their place, would I like to join them? For a split second I considered refusing due to my hectic week but the chance to see Jay again changed my mind.

I was so excited the Saturday of the dinner that I spent most of the day pacing around the house, tossing my closet looking for something to wear and obsessing over my hair. I finally settled on a long divided silk black skirt and a tight fitting burgundy shirt with trailing sleeves and a neckline which left my shoulders bare and dipped almost too low. After spending an hour in front of the bathroom mirror fussing with my hair I gave up and decided to leave my waist length red locks loose to do what they pleased. A touch of eye makeup and some lipstick and I was good to go. I spent several long moments in front of the full length mirror in my bedroom enjoying the effect. The split skirt accentuated my long shapely legs and went just high enough to leave something to the imagination. The black shirt clung to my breasts and belly nicely showing off my tight tummy and 36c boobs and my hair framed my face like a halo showing off my pale, delicate skin. Finally, I was ready to go.

I arrived a little late at my parents house because I hit traffic through town and Jay was already there (or so I assumed) because there was an unfamiliar vehicle in their driveway. I parked next to Jay’s car and, hearing voices from the deck, walked around the side of the house. Jay was talking to my dad with his back to me when I rounded the side of the house and my dad smiled and waved at me. Jay stopped what he was saying and turned around to face me…his jaw dropped but he quickly caught himself. I raced up the stairs to the deck and was engulfed in a bear-hug. Totally unprepared for the display of affection from my cousin it took me a few seconds before sisli escort my brain kicked in and I hugged him back. We stayed like that for several moments, long enough for me to feel the sizeable bulge forming in Jays jeans. I could feel my parents watching us so I pulled away from the embrace first, Jay blushed a little and gave me a huge grin. My mom gave me a brief hug, handed me a glass of wine and we all settled into chairs on the deck and started catching up on the last twelve years.

It turned out that Jay was going to be in the Toronto area for the next several months working under a new command after his promotion next week. He was very excited about his new prospects and I enjoyed the conversation immensely having been in the military myself once. Over supper I caught Jay looking at me from across the table…admittedly I caught myself staring at him once or twice as well. He had gone from cute teenager to a very good looking young man. He was about 6’2″ with a muscular frame, broad shoulders, great abs and a cute tight ass. He had a square firm jaw, electric blue eyes and a soft sensuous mouth that just begged to be kissed. Not only was he gorgeous but our personalities clicked right away, we pretty much talked my parents into bordom. At about midnight they announced they were going to bed, my mom had church in the morning and my dad had to drive to Windsor for business. Jay and I moved our conversation back out to the deck so they could sleep in peace.

The night was beautiful but cool and after a while I started to get very chilled in my skimpy shirt and silk skirt. I tried not to show but after a bit I was shivering badly my teeth were almost chattering. Much to my dismay Jay noticed. “Come over here” he told me and patted the seat in front of him. I got up and sat in front of him, he wrapped both arms around me and pulled me back into his firm, warm chest. I leaned into him with a sigh and rested my head on his shoulder and he laid his cheek on my head just like we used to all those years ago in Calgary. We sat in silence for several long minutes and I began to warm up and stop shivering. He gently began to caress my shoulders with his thumbs and the sensation caused tingles from my toes right up to the roots of my hair. Just when I thought I could stand the silence no longer, he whispered into my ear “You are so beautiful Kit, I missed you all these years.” I cuddled a little closer

“I missed you too Jay, it’s really good to see you again.” His thumbs moved a little lower across my chest still gently caressing.

Slowly I shifted around so I was sitting in his lap with my legs hanging over the side of the chair and my arms around his neck. I nuzzled my face into his jaw and relaxed into him as his hand slowly slid up the back of my shirt to caress my skin just below my bra. I could feel the tenseness of his muscles and the bulge his excited cock was making against my ass and from the size of it he was huge. I was so turned on just being this close to him I was practically beside myself I just wanted to lean that last little bit forward and feel his lips on mine….As if he read my mind he turned his head and gently kissed me on the lips. It was so brief and it caught me off guard, he turned away and slid his hand out of my shirt. “sorry” he murmured. Before he could get any farther I grabbed his face in both my hands and forced him to look at me.

“I love you Jay, I have since we met all those years ago and I have wanted you to kiss me since I walked up those stairs earlier. Do Not be sorry.” Then I leaned in and locked my lips to his. He had a split second of indecision and then he was kissing me back, his tongue flicking in between my lips, exploring my escort istanbul mouth and my tongue too. His hands slid up my shirt again, this time one cupping my left breast and the other roaming my back. My hand were not idle this time, I slid one behind his head to caress his neck and shoulders and the other slid from his knee up to his waist and chest to explore the muscle there. Just as I was beginning to slide my hand down to grip my big cousins cock we heard someone on the stairs in the house. We both froze for a moment and then I was out of his lap and on the opposite chair in a flash. Seconds later my dad in his bathrobe opened the sliding door to the deck.

“You kids ought to get some sleep,” he said “the spare bedrooms in the basement have been made up, why don’t you both sleep down there.”

“Sure thing dad” I said and stood, smoothing my skirt down. I shot Jay a glance to follow me and stepped into the warmth of the house. My dad went back up the stairs and we went down to the basement suits.

We went into our separate guest rooms without a word. Both rooms had queen sized beds and they had a shared bathroom in the middle. I quickly shed my clothes and pulled on the bathrobe I kept in the room for when I stayed over. I brushed my hair and absently opened the bathroom door. Jay was standing there in nothing but his boxers washing his hands and face. He turned and saw me and instantly his boxers formed a tent at the front. We both blushed but before I could turn away he reached forward and pulled me into his arms again and kissed me. Before I had time to think he was gently pulling me into his guest room and pushing me down so I was sitting on the edge of the bed. He knelt down in front of me and looked deeply into my green eyes with his blue ones.

“I want you to tell me now if you want this to stop. I want you so badly it hurts, you are beautiful, smart and funny but you ARE my cousin.”

I reached out and gently touched his face.

“I’m adopted, its not wrong and I never want this to stop – ever.” Was all I said.

Then we were kissing again, his hand impatiently pushing my robe off my shoulders to bare my breasts and cupping them in his hands. My fingers were roaming his back and shoulders playing over the muscle there, as my hands found his chest he stood and pulled me with him. He fumbled with the knot holding my robe on my hips and with a growl of impatience just pushed the whole thing down to pool around my feet. I giggled and then grasped his cock through his boxers. He gasped, a quick intake of breath and closed his eyes as my fingers explored his organ. He was long, about nine inches and about as thick around as my wrist, I had never felt a cock that huge and just thinking about having it inside me made my juices flow and something low in my belly quiver. He gently pushed my hands away and shoved his shorts to the floor letting his cock spring free and bob gently. I swiftly knelt and took his organ in my hands, exploring the fluffy, massive head and the tip just oozing pre-cum. I leaned forward and licked him from balls to tip causing him to gasp and reach out for the dresser to hold himself up. I grasped his soft sac in one hand and his shaft in the other and slowly stroked him a few times causing more juice to leak out of his hole and dribble down his cock. He tangled the fingers of his free hand in my hair and tugged my head forward. I knew what he wanted. Slowly I licked his head clean and then closed my lips over him, I ran my tongue over his massive head and let my saliva coat his shaft. His breathing was coming in quick, short gasps and the fingers in my hair tightened. I lifted my head and kissed his belly and then pulled his sac into şişli escort my mouth. He was large and warm and clean shaven. I rolled his balls around in my mouth a little and then went back to his cock. I one quick movement I swallowed his massive cock halfway down and then drew him slowly out of my mouth letting my tongue swirl over his shaft and head. I sucked him back down and then furiously began to gobble his cock. I could feel his balls tighten in my hand and his shaft harden, I didn’t think he could get any bigger but he did. He was panting and making little mewling sounds in the back of his throat when he stopped me with his hands.

“Stop, I don’t want to cum yet” he said.

He pulled me to my feet and then pushed me back onto the bed. When he was sure I was comfortable he straddled my legs and kissed me again. Softly he kissed his way down my neck and nibbled on my collar bone, I writhed under him and made soft moaning noises. He stopped and then took my nipple into his mouth. He swirled his tongue around it and sucked it and most of my breast into his mouth then gently drew it out using the most minute amount of teeth. He repeated this with my other breast and then kissed, licked and nibbled his way down to the tiny triangle of hair I didn’t shave. He slowly worked one, and then two fingers inside my tight hole and worked them in and out. I panted and bucked against him, the feeling was incredible and my juices were coating his hand. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better his mouth closed over my clit and his tongue flicked the little bud a couple of times. I had to clench my teeth to keep from screaming in pleasure and my fingers dug into the cover of the bed.

“Please, fuck me!” I gasped, “I want you inside me so bad Jay, I cant wait any longer.”

He pulled his fingers out and instead of moving up to take me his mouth closed over my slit and his tongue probed inside me. Licking, digging, probing, I thought I was going to die from pleasure as his fingers played with my clit and his other hand massaged my breasts and pinched my nipples. Just as I was about to cum, he stopped and pushed my legs farther apart. He moved up so his gorgeous firm body was covering mine. “You’re sure?” He asked me. I nodded and grasped his thick cock in my hand trying to pull him into me in desperation and need. He closed his hand over mine and lined his massive cock head up with my desperate dripping hole. Then, in one swift movement he pushed himself inside me. He worked his way in an inch at a time as my juices coated his cock bit by bit. Finally he managed to thrust all nine inches of thick meat into me just as his cock head bumped my cervix. He collapsed on top of me for a moment with his face buried in the pillow beside me then he propped himself up on his elbows and slowly drew his cock out of me. We both moaned in unison as he pumped himself into me, his sack slapping my ass as I rose to meet his every thrust. Our bodies were made for each other and fitted perfectly as we fucked. With every thrust my orgasm built until I could take no more.

“I’m going to cum Jay” I gasped “please, cum with me!”

His thrusts picked up speed and I could feel his cock swelling inside my pussy as his pleasure reached its peak. Then I could take no more and I fell over the edge of bliss just as he released his load of hot seed deep inside me with a grunt. He rammed his cock into me one last time and I could feel his cum hot and thick filling me as my muscles milked every last drop out of his balls. He relaxed onto me, still buried deep inside me and kissed my forehead.

“I love you Kit, so much.”

“I love you too Jay.”

We curled up together, our bodies wound together, not wanting to part. Fingers laced, my long hair chaining us together and we fell asleep like that.

Love does conquer everything, time, space and even social taboo.

This is how my parents found us in the morning…but that is another story.

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