love of a stranger

Big Dick

It was raining out side. The wind was blowing and the rain was crashing down above me. I ran to the phone and called a friend, asking him if he would come over and keep me company until the storm was over.

When I heard his knock i ran to open the door, Standing before me was my friend Tim and a friend he had brought. ” Hope you don’t mind me bringing Stud, He hates storms too.” He said as he walked past me into the house. Closing the door behind us, we went into the living room. Sitting on the couch we put in a movie to pass the time. Flipping through the channels Tim found one of them playboy channels. ” Hey you mind if we take a look at this?” he asked. ” sure ” i yelled as i got up and went into the bathroom. I didn’t close the door all the way just enough to hide myself. Sitting down to pee i heard the door open. Looking and seeing it was only the dog, i relaxed and started to pee. Stud was right there between my legs licking at my pee. I pushed him away and continued on. He came back and again started licking at my pee. So i thought hmmmmmm, I wonder….So, I started peeing really slow. Just letting a few drops out at a time. Stud started licking me, licking the pee from my pussy. MMMMMM it felt good. I let a few more drops of pee out and he licked more. Finally i just let go and finished peeing…..When i finished he was there to clean me up……Licking my pussy fast, Putting his tongue deep Emek Escort into my pussy trying to get every drop. Opening my legs wider his tongue dug deeper into my pussy… All at once the bathroom door flew open and my friend Tim walked in…” What the fucks going on in here?” He yelled. ” What are you doing?” ” I……I……..I…..was trying to go pee when Stud came in on me.” I stammered. ” Stud out!” Tim yelled.

Walking up to me Tim dropped to his knees. Pulling my legs apart he started licking my wet pussy….flicking his tongue in/out….Looking up at me he asks ” So this is what you wanted? You wanted your pussy licked?” I tried to answer but he went back to licking my pussy. His tongue found my clit and started working around it…bringing such pleasure. I could feel my body responding to his tongue.

He put a finger into my pussy and started finger fucking me…while licking and sucking my clit, My pussy was so wet, i wanted more…..mmmmmmmm suck it harder i begged.
He picked me up and carried me to the bedroom. Laying me on the bed he got between my legs again….licking and sucking me….his hot tongue digging into my pussy deeper…making my pussy dripping wet…

Looking down at him eating my pussy I asked him if he would yell for Stud. Tim yelled and Stud came running in. Straight to my pussy with his hot tongue, Eryaman Escort lapping up the juices Tim and started. His tongue sent shivers through out my body……” Damn! Lick that pussy!!” He continued to lick my pussy putting his tongue deeper….

Tim pulled Stud back. ” Save some for me boy! ” I sat up and moved to the floor, taking Tim cock into my hand i started stroking it…Reaching over i started stroking Studs cock as well…..bringing Tims cock to my lips i begin licking and sucking him……jacking Studs cock made him hard fast…He started humping my hand…..Tim pulled back and told me to get on all fours and put my ass in the air. I did as i was told…Tim went around and sat on the bed in front of me…tapping my back calling for stud to mount me…Stud jumps on my back, and starts humping me. Reaching back i find his cock and help him find the hole he wants. He starts fucking me with such force, bringing his huge cock in and out of my pussy……slamming me harder….deeper into my pussy…..Tim grabs me by the back of my head and brings my mouth to his cock ……….I start sucking his cock while Stud is pounding away at my pussy forcing Tims cock deeper into my throat….Studs fucking me with such force……I feel Tims cock throbbing,,,,, waiting to blow…..i suck faster….paying close attention to the head…..sucking and Esat Escort licking under the head of his cock……While my pussys being slammed by Stud….Tim grabs my head and starts pound his cock deeper into my throat……fucking my mouth until he blows deep into my throat…….drinking all his juices, i lick him clean….He walks behind Stud and pulls him back and tells me to get on the bed and lay with my ass at the edge. I do as im told….He brings Stud back to me and helps him inside me again……Stud starts slamming away at my pussy again…..digging his cock in deeper..fucking me harder……Tim left the room and returned with yet another dog….” Meet twotone ” Placing the small dog under Stud he went to work on my ass………licking my juices as they ran to my ass….Stud kept slamming my pussy, harder, deeper fucking me with such force…..and the little one kept licking at my ass…..I started moaning….”mmmmmmm More Stud, come on baby give me more.” My body started coming alive…..Stud fucked me harder slamming his knott deep in my pussy…..i cried out in pain…..His cock kept fucking me harder, faster…..deeper into my pussy…..until he came. He cum was running out and down my legs and ass……twotone was there to lick my ass and legs clean of cum…Stud pulled his cock out of me and went to lay down…..Tim told me to get down on the floor and lay flat but put my ass in the air and spread my cheeks apart…..He brought over the little dog and was rubbing his cock on my ass….the dogs cock slide into my ass……mmmmmmmm he started fucking my ass with his cock….deeper and faster….to see what else happens you’ll have to wait for next week……

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