Love Know No Bounds Ch. 01


Debra is in her studio thinking of the exhibit that is coming up soon and she knows that she has so much to do to get ready for it. She needs to call darin’s brother in London to see if he is coming to the exhibit here at the Gallery in Marlow. She looks at her calendar and sees that she has a full schedule. As she sits at her desk her thoughts are transported back to when her and darin were so happy and they had so many plans for the future.

She can feel her eyes getting watery and she needed to shake herself out of this mood she was in it was only going to make her feel and look older.

She can hear Doug in the outer office busy doing paperwork and working on the computer. Deb decides to treat herself today all else can wait. She is going to go into town and go shopping for a new dress for the upcoming party after the exhibit then maybe she grabs a bite to eat or just browse the shops at the mall.

“Doug!” Deb yells out to the outer office.

“Yes?” he answers.

” I am going to go out for awhile if Luther calls just ask him if he is coming to the exhibit and if he plans on staying awhile?!” She yells again.

She is sitting there not looking up when Doug enters the room.

“Excuse me Deb but I am not deaf you know I can hear very well thank you so there is no need for you to scream.” Doug stands there looking at her with an annoyed look on his face.

“Sorry.” She adds with a smile on her face.

Doug just stands there looking at her admiring her good looks. He thinks she is very beautiful and very sexy. He has been darin’s agent and advisor before they were married. He thought that was a mistake for darin to get involved with a younger woman. However, darin was in love kızılay escort and she made him very happy. Be it for him to stand in the way of happiness.

However, since darin died 7 months ago he has had some feelings for Debra that only recently have been getting stronger. In addition, he is shy and is not sure how to deal with them. He watches her all the time when she is in the studio or in the office, which is the size of the studio almost. She plays the music she listens to and then she will start dancing. She is unaware that he watches her as her body sways to the music. Her hips as they bump and grind. Watching her breasts rise and fall when she gets out of breath with the exertion from the dancing. She says it keeps her in shape and her mind free and clear for her to think straight so she can paint.

He snaps back to the real world he knows that his face is red from blushing. He thinking of what it would be like to lay with her naked in bed to watch her breast rise and fall as she straddles him. He can feel himself starting to harden.

“You were saying something about going into town?’ He stammers a little with the answer.

“Doug every thing ok with you, you look a little pale.?” She asks with a funny look on her face.

“Why yes I am maybe a little tired that is all with all this paperwork and other things to get ready for the exhibit and etc…” He answers.

“Well your face is red and sweaty. Are you sure you’re okay?” She answers with a tone of concern in her voice.

“Yes I am, now you are going into town?” He straightens himself up, but cannot look her in the eyes.

“Yes I am going to go shopping I need a break kolej escort and then I might go grab a bite and do some browsing of the shops at the mall. I need to get out of this house for awhile.” She stands up and closes her calendar.

She is wearing a pair of blue jeans that fit her shape very well and a peach sweater that is v-necked you can see her cleavage. Her hair is swept up and away from her face with little clips, when her hair is like that the curls form very nicely down the back of her neck to her shoulders. Her brown eyes sparkle. She is in great shape for her age.

“Okay but we do have a lot of work to do before the exhibit but if you must take a break okay then.” Doug tells her with a tone of annoyance in his voice.

“Doug please I need to get out and get some fresh air and I want to go buy a new dress for the party afterwards. And anyhow everything is pretty much done, everyone that is coming have said they were and the only thing that needs to be done is to make sure that the caterer is all set and there is plenty of champagne and etc…” She adds as she grabs her purse and her keys off the desk.

She stops as she passes Doug and turns and pats him on the cheek.

“Doug please relax take the afternoon of ok?” She smiles as she walks away.

Doug just stands there watching her walk away. He thinks to himself just a fleeting thought. He wanted to grab her hand, kiss it, and then kiss her on the lips. However, he knew that would not be the right thing to do. He had to act professional. He did not want to ruin the position that he had here.

However, he could not shake the feeling that had overcome him. Therefore, maltepe escort he decided to turn on the stereo. He hit the power button and then hit the CD button and the first song that came on was a number that he had seen her dance to several times she would barely wear anything at all, He would stand in the shadows and watch her body move to the music. Watch her arch her back and rotate her hips as if she were making love with a mystery lover. She would run her hands over her body and touch her breasts and you could see her nipples harden. It must be hard for her not having darin around anymore. Doug knew that up until he got sick that their sex life was very active. He thinks of the times that he has heard them in the middle of the afternoon.

There would be times when they were working in the studio the mood would hit them and they just went with the mood. Debra liked to show her body a lot to darin and he loved her so. He could feel himself getting hard just thinking of the times that he has heard the sounds of ecstasy coming through the door hear Debra’s cries as she would have an orgasm. He could hear darin scream her name. He could hear the skin against skin.

Oh now as the music played he wanted her. He wanted to throw her on the desk and take her right there. Nevertheless, she never noticed him and he was much older than by ten years. He wanted to taste her juices have her juices flow freely over his face and in his mouth, He heard his breath take a sharp intake.

He needed release to get rid of this nagging ache within his soul only way is to help that release by imagining she was there with him lying beneath him as she clenches her taut pussy around his hard cock. Oh, the joyous feeling of having her legs wrapped around his waist digging her nails into his back.

He figures he is alone she wont be back for some time and he cranks the stereo louder loses him self in the feeling that is overcoming at that moment. Lost in his thoughts and his fantasies they take him far away and into a place he has gone several times before…

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