Love at First Touch


My husband is my superman. I am sure that a lot of women feel that way but I believe that I have the one and the only. We met several years ago on line. I could not get this man to have cybersex with me to save my life. I did however convince him to listen to me masturbate while he would just sit there and tell me what to do or he would just say oh yeah baby. But this is our story to follow. I do hope that you enjoy.

I am a bigger woman and I wanted to meet this man. He was very handsome and tall.I was afraid that he, after meeting me and seeing that I was plus sized would not want to be with me after the fact. Im just paranoid that way. Always have been but am coming out of my shell.

The first time that we got together I drove over 1000 miles to be with this man. It was some what of a gamble for me but it had been my whole life since I have had good sex. I married my first husband when I was young and new very little about sex or orgasms. I was to learn many things about sex this weekend.

When I drove up to his house he was there at the door waiting for me. He had just got out of the showe. Very handsome he was and very tall as well.He is 6-4 brown eyes and hair a very nice goatee that makes his face perfect and complete. I on the other hand am 5-5 brown eyes and hair. At the time I was 195 pounds. I have nice 44DD breasts though and I don’t wear make up. My hair is highlighted and I did not think that was attractive but that is my opinion and not his.

He looked at me and told me that I was radiant and I was beautiful. That was such an ego boost after driving such a long way. He took me in to his arms and kissed me several times very long and passionate kisses. He tasted very sweet on my lips and his face hair tickled a lot. I had never kissed a man with face hair like that before.

We sat and talked for a while, smoked a few cigarettes and I drank a beer. I was very nervous about even talking to him.I could not believe this man was wanting to be with me. He gave me a nice long shoulder massage as I was very tired from my long trip. It felt really nice to have his big strong hands on me.

I was hoping that he would want to take me upstairs soon. I was afraid that he was not really not attracted to be but was just grup escort being a nice gentleman since I had driven so far. Little did I know that he was nervous himself. I just did not even think that. I got up enough nerve to move over while he was massaging me and he touched my breast. He felt my nipple and then he felt it was hard.

As he was massaging my nipple he started to use the other hand on the other nipple. My pussy was starting to get very wet then. I wanted this man to do more than play with my tits. He then asked me if I liked it and if it was pleasing me. This was something new all together I never had any one even care if it felt good to me. I told him that it did and I asked him to take my shirt off but to leave my bra on. He took it off for me and it made me even wetter. I could feel my clit aching to be touched. He pressed in to me and I felt him hard against me.

I then asked him if he would like to go upstairs with me to take a nap and then we can take off all of our clothes. I was hoping that he would get the hint that I was ready for more than having my nipples rubbed on. I was aching for him to be in me but I did not tell him.

He lead me upstairs and then took my clothes off slowly letting them drop to the floor. He laid me down on his bed. He was rubbing all over me and told me to just lay there and relax. I was unsure as to what he was going to do to me. Little did I know what heaven was to await me. He started to play with my lips. Slowly he ran his finger along my lips and then he got inside of them.I still remember that feeling today as I am typing this now. I am even getting wet. I don’t think that we will be taking a nap now but that’s all right with me I thought. He lowered his head between my legs and then started to lick and suck me all over. He would nibble my clit and lick my lips. Then he would lick my lips and move his back to the left and to the right while he was tonguing me deep. It was a ll slow at first and then he started to get faster.

I have never had an orgasm with some one eating my pussy before. I am not sure why. Maybe it was because I was never able to relax enough. I thought about faking it because I wanted to feel his cock. iranlı escort I was rubbing it while he was licking me and it was so hard. It throbbed even though his jeans that he still had on. I was moaning oh yes please don’t stop. I was also telling him how good it felt. My lips were on fire and my clit was tingling.Like I said I had never had an orgasm orally before so I was not sure if that’s what was going to happen then. I felt it coming I thought that is what it would be.

I began to push in to his tongue more and more bucking even harder I felt it building up. When I came he then started sucking my pussy and telling me how sweet I tasted. I cum for a long time even better than the orgasms I had been having while masturbating on the phone with him.

At this point he was so hard he asked me if he could make love to me. I said yes eagerly as I had been wanting this all along. He lowed himself on to me and was between my legs. I was trying to get my pussy to his cock but he did not want that yet. He slowly licked kissed and nibbled my nipples. Kissed me all around my neck. I could feel him breathing all over me. I arched my back and tried again to have his cock in me. I felt it touch me and I knew his was ready but maintaining control and not letting it enter me.

I then asked can you please do it to me. I felt like a tart for begging but I wanted it so bad. I wanted that swollen cock of his to just be in me if only for a few minutes. He took it in his hand and slid the head up and down on my lips and found them very moist. He bumped it in to my clit several times and then with a slow gentle motion slide it in. There was some resistance as I have a tight pussy and I also have very strong and powerful kegal muscles. It did not take him long to loosen me up and start to make me moan and beg him to do me more.

My body pushed in to him over and over while he was thrusting his pelvis in to me. I wanted his to be deeper so I pulled my legs up in the air and I pushed my hips closer to him. I was moaning and groaning he was sweating all over me and I was sweating on him. He was licking and sucking my breasts still and he had his hands under my ass pulling me closer to him.Bumping keçiören escort and grinding over and over me were in to one another. I came the first time and he told me how he could feel my pussy clenching around his cock and that it turned him on.

After I cum the first time he told me that I should turn over so that he could get me from behind and give my pussy some long stroking that it was in need of. I did not disagree to anything that he asked. It took some time for him to get me right where he wanted me. He licked me again before shoving his cock back in to me. I arched my back for him so that he could keep getting me deeper and have his way with me. I begged him to go faster and faster I wanted to cum again for him. His cock was so hot so hard and just a perfect fit for my pussy. I came again for him. I asked him if I could ride him this was my favorite position.

I mounted him and slowly started to move back and forth. I took his cock out and teased it a bit pretending to put it in then taking it back out. I wanted him to want me like I wanted him. He took my hips and pulled me down on his cock and then started pushing up in to me and getting high up in to my pussy. I told him no baby you lay there and let me take care of you.He did as I said and I rode him back and forth side to side and I could feel his cock growing larger inside of me. He told me that he was going to cum if I did not stop.That made me cum again and I could not stop. He sat up some and came deep in to my pussy as he came he told me that he was shooting it all in there and his balls were on fire. I came again hearing him tell me that.

I collapsed on top of him and looked in to his eyes. I kissed him deep and then he told me that he loved me. I cried as I was so happy and felt so good for getting the best fucking that I have ever had in my life up till that point. I was also happy that some one could love me for who I was. This is the day that I discovered what a woman I really was. It was one of the best sex sessions that he and I have ever had and defiantly in the top ten but we have had many more adventures together. We have grown with one another explored many different things with one another and it has became like second nature to us to know what the other wants. This is the reason why he is my superman. I love this man with all that I am and all that I have.

I do hope that you have enjoyed my story. This is the true accounting of the first time I ever made love with my husband and I am very happy to now share it with everyone. Thank you for reading it and knowing my joy.

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