Lotto Club, Winners and Losers


So I won the lottery a couple months ago. Maybe you saw me? Then again, maybe you didn’t. I tried to keep a low profile. It was the multi-state mega millions, 170 million dollars. It took several weeks, but the money was finally wired to my bank. After “cash value” and taxes, I cleared 63 million dollars. I had been playing the lottery a long time and figured I need 2.3 million to live comfortably for the rest of my life, so 63 just blew me away. My wife and I and the kids will be set forever.

I had been in a lotto club with some gals from work over 5 years. We promised to share equally and sometimes we hit some minor numbers and won 20, 50 even a hundred and ten dollars once. But also occasionally I would buy my own tickets which weren’t part of the club. And that was how I won, on my own ticket and not the shared one. Needless to say, they were REALLY bummed. They hoped I would split it with them even though I took the whole risk. Hey, I’m a nice guy, but not that nice! If it was the shared ticket then fine. Otherwise, all mine baby!

I did feel sorta bad though, I’ve known these gals for so long and they were even family friends to an extent. My wife and I set up trusts and funds for the kids, got some new cars and toys, set up my other family members so they didn’t have to work anymore, and I still had over 40 million dollars left! I told my wife I should share at least a million each with my old lotto club gals. She thought that was fine, she was very busy designing a new house for us.

So I called my gals and set up a lunch appointment where they could spend the afternoon in some luxury. I guess I should tell you about the girls at this point.

First we have Eileen. She’s about 40 or so, medium height, pretty decent looking with a trim little bod and some B cups on her. She always dressed pretty conservative. She was married with no kids but loved her dogs like kids. Her hubby was pretty weird from what she said.

Next up is Tanya. She’s a light skinned black girl, about 43 and just has this smoking body that she tries to hide. Attractive face, blondish hair, pretty teeth, just a great milf. She lived with her husband and son.

Debbie is the third gal in the club. She’s Asian. You know how some Asian chicks are just so fucking cute with their smooth bodies and oriental faces? Well that’s not her. She’s short, has a non-descript face and no tits. Her ass is a little too big, and her fashion sense never developed. She had 10-12 outfits and that’s all she ever wore. Debbie wasn’t married and hadn’t dated for a couple years. She seemed a bit dykey although I know she liked men.

The last one is Cheryl. I had the hots for her for about 5 years but she remained faithful to her husband and kids. In her thirties, Cheryl turned all heads when she entered a room. Hair, face, body, just a classic beauty. As she edged into her late forties, her once nice C cups now had expanded to a D, maybe even more. She put on a few other pounds too, but hey, the package still was very nice. And she was a nice person, too. We have been great friends for years.

Like I said, they were still disappointed about not winning, and I know they were hoping they would get some crumbs at least.

So they arrived together around noon at the Hyatt hotel near the office. I had the Presidential suite stocked with a full bar and a spread of cheese and crackers, fruits and stuff for snacking. No heavy lunch!

We had champagne, mimosas and cosmopolitans and shared a bit of small talk where they congratulated me and we talked about what I was up to etc. They sure were paying me a lot of attention! Money makes people more attractive, no doubt. Although I wasn’t that bad to start with. I’m 5-11, 180, nice looking, still have all my hair and have a half-decent body. A pretty nice 7 inch fatty rounds out the package. Nothing to get all worked up about I know, but not too bad either.

After they loosened up a bit, I set them down on the nice curved sectional sofa and told them I was ready to share some money with them. They squealed a bit and drank a toast to me. I laughed and turned on the projector where I had an Excel spreadsheet set up with their names and the word ROUND 1 on the screen.

They looked a little nervous now, what does Round 1 mean? I quieted them down and hit a button on the laptop. It showed $100,000 next to each of their names. I confirmed they got 100 large just for showing up and they all screamed, hugged me, jumped up and down etc. Pandemonium!

I got them settled down and explained that there were 6 more rounds and a potential of taking home 1 million dollars each. I told them there were only options and no consequences. Whatever money they earned they could go home with at any time. I then opened a suitcase that had $100,000 in it. I counted out 25 for each and handed it to them. I told them the rest I would write a check for and showed them my check book. I was good for it, I assured them. And I was, these were my friends. I just wanted to have some fun with them. Maltepe Escort Like I said, I’m a nice guy. But I’m also a jerk sometimes, too…

By now the atmosphere was very jolly and the girls were anxiously awaiting what came next.

“Okay ladies,” I began. “You have ten minutes to complete the next challenge. This challenge is worth $200,000. that’s a total of $300,00! You may of course choose not to participate, in which case your share is left for those remaining to split. I have $4,000,000 to give away today. It’s up to you how much you take home.”

At this point there was a bit of murmuring and I heard Cheryl even utter an “oh God, what do we have to do.”

I continued. “Ok. Starting now, you have ten minutes to remove your tops and bras. Completely. I’m offering $200,000 just to have you be topless. Go!”

They sat there in shock. “Bullshit.” “No way.” Many other things were said and the girls were pissed and shocked. I assured them that I wasn’t kidding and that they had 9 and a half minutes to decide. I reminded them of the bar if they needed some liquid courage.

Cheryl stood up and glared at me with a decidedly unattractive face. “You… piece of shit! How could you do this to me? To us? What kind of stupid asshole are you?” She grabbed her stuff and stomped out the door, crying.

I turned and looked at the remaining 3 girls. “Um, there’s 200 grand that just walked out the door. That means there’s 266 grand now for you to show me your tits!”

Debbie gulped her drink and said “What the fuck” and pulled her sweater over her head. She unclasped her tiny bra and threw it at me.

“Happy?” she asked.

I smiled in appreciation at her mini-tits.

“Very!” I went to the computer and tapped a few keys. The big screen showed Debbie with $366,00 next to her name.

Eileen and Tanya sat there, wondering what to do. They complained some more, tried to bargain… could they keep their bras on? Could they just flash me? Could they, do something else? I explained that it looked like Debbie was going to get 3.7 million all on her own…

They looked a little defeated. I told them only 3 minutes were left. I refilled their champagne glasses, relieved that they looked like they were breaking. I mean, I already lost Cheryl, who I really wanted, and Debbie wasn’t really worth 4 mill to me…

Finally they each stood up and unbuttoned their blouses. Eileen turned beet red as I watched her unhook her bra. Now I had three girls topless in the hotel room.

Boom Boom! Came a thundering knock on the door.

The girls covered up as I opened the door.

There stood Cheryl, her face full of tears and blotchy red. She looked gorgeous to me.

“I’m not going to fuck you,” she stated. “Not even for a million.”

“I won’t ask you to. In fact, none of you have to touch me at all. I just want to have some fun. Yes it’s at your expense but you might have some fun too. Not too mention getting a ton of money in your bank…”

I got Cheryl some Grey Goose, which she downed immediately. She pulled off her top to reveal a lovely laced bra that created some lovely cleavage. She unhooked it, shrugged her shoulders as her tits came free. I used to think she had D’s. Now I could tell they were Double D, maybe even E.

She walked over to me and slapped me on the face. Her tits jiggled as she hit me.

“Gimme my money.”

Grinning, I went to the computer and adjusted the scores.

Everyone showed $300,000.

I admired the four gals in front of me. My cock was now raging and I didn’t try to hide it. I got my own glass of Grey Goose and toasted them.

“To my wonderful friends. Thanks for indulging me. Now, it’s time for the third and fourth challenges. They’re kind of a combo. The first one is easy. All you have to do is dance on this little stage for five minutes. You will get $100,000 for doing so. A total of $400,000! Now here’s the combo part. If you choose, you can remove your pants, skirt, and panties for an additional $100,00 for a total of half a mill! If not, you can just dance, get your 400, and go on home.”

Debbie immediately jumped on stage before I could even get the music on and started stripping.

“I want that fucking money!” she exclaimed. I was thrilled with her enthusiasm. Even though her tits were tiny and on her best day she could only be described as ordinary, her attitude more than made up for any physical shortcomings. She aggressively danced for us, even showed us some split beaver shots! She turned around and bent over, showing us her asshole and cunt lips.

Eileen gasped and said “I’m not dancing like that!”

“It’s whatever you want to do, it’s up to you.”

Tanya went next. She did a kind of rock and roll dance where her lovely c cups shook all around. My cock was completely straining in my Levis. As the song wound down, she dropped her drawers and panties to reveal a nicely trimmed pussy. She didn’t act lasciviously or anything, but it Maltepe Escort Maltepe was a very nice dance. She sat with Debbie on the couch, each with a drink in their hand.

Eileen got up next and gyrated some, even did the splits. She rubbed her tits for us and pinched her nipples which elicited some hoots and hollers not from me but from the other girls! She didn’t remove her pants though and then the song ended.

She walked over to me and hugged me, pressing her naked tits into my chest.

“Hey,” she whispered in my ear. “I kinda of see where this is going and I can’t go any further. Too many people. But, if you want to fuck me, call me sometime ok?”

I told her it wouldn’t be for a half million. She just smiled as she dressed. She kissed and hugged each of the remaining girls as I wrote out her check. Cheryl, Debbie, and Tanya sat there completely naked on the couch. They seemed pretty at ease, or just drunk enough not to care too much.

I talked about the next challenge.

“For $200,000, you have to ride the Sybian for at least 10 minutes, or until I say so.”

They looked quizzically at me, not knowing what a Sybian was. I showed them. It’s a machine that a woman squats on. It has several different attachments ranging from a raised piece of rubber to full dildo, eve a double dildo for ass and pussy penetration. Then there’s a dial that controls the amount of vibration and another one that puts some spin or movement on the dildo.

“So,” said Cheryl, rather sarcastically. “You think we’re going to sit on this thing and cum? That’s stupid. I only cum from men, not this stupid stuff. But I’ll show you.”

We decided on the nub for her. She squatted down on it, adjusting herself until her clit rested on the nub piece and her slit sat on ribbed rubber.

Now, I need to stop for a second and just recollect what’s going on. The woman who I’ve had a crush on for years and even made some unsuccessful passes at was now naked, leaning forward slightly and hanging her tits not a foot away from me. Tanya and Debbie crowded around trying to see what was going on. This was incredible…

I turned on the machine so that it was on 10%.

“Oooh” moaned Cheryl. “That’s… kinda nice…”

“Yeah, but you’re not going to cum are you?”

“Um, of course not” She replied.

I turned it up to 30%.

“Hey! Whoa… um… shit… jesus christ…”

I turned the other dial to introduce a little motion to the nub on her clit.

“Oh christ! Holy shit… I can’t… believe it..”

We watched as this previously defiant woman now had the enraptured look of a total slut in ecstasy. I turned up the power to 50%. Cheryl grabbed her big tits and squeezed the shit out of them, leaving them red and raw as she tried to… well I don’t know what she was trying to do. Not cum?

It didn’t work. Cheryl came in an explosive burst of screams and convulsions. I turned down the Sybian to 10% and checked the clock.

“That was 4 minutes babe,” I informed her. “Six more minutes.”

“Do it… again” she panted at me. Then grabbing me by the shirt, she dragged me to her and kissed me with a passion I’ve ever experienced.

Tanya grabbed the controls and turned it up to 100%.

Cheryl screamed and jumped up. “Too much!! bitch!!” Tanya dropped it to a more reasonable level. Cheryl grabbed my hands and brought them to her tits and I began massaging her luscious globes. Her rigid nipples felt so good in my hands. I pushed her tits up to her face where she licked them and even sucked them.

“Holy shit” exclaimed Debbie, the tiny titted wonder. Cheryl came again in a roaring orgasm. The sybian was dripping with her cum. I helped her off but she could hardly stand because of her wobbly legs.

I went to get another sterile attachment for Tanya who was dying to get on.

“Don’t bother,” she said as she settled her pussy on the soaked rubber nub left by Cheryl.

“Mmmm… nice and juicy.”

I sat there shocked as Tanya rubber herself into Cheryl’s juices. I forgot what to do next. Cheryl grabbed the controls and turned them on.

“Jesus!!!” exclaimed Tanya. She held on tight though and didn’t cum for almost 8 minutes. I watched as Cheryl worked the controls and occasionally rubbed her own cunt. Debbie was totally finger fucking herself. I was getting very tired of my pants but I wanted to follow-through with the plan.

Debbie got on and then to everyone’s surprise, Cheryl got on behind her. Cheryl reached around and manipulated Debbie’s tiny nipples as Tanya ran the box now. Cheryl was getting some vibration too, but Debbie was just a cumming machine. I don’t know the total count of her orgasms, I’ve never seen anything like it before. She just kept cumming and cumming… the rug around the sybian was soaked…

I thought the gals might want to rest but they were very anxious to see what was next.

“Ok… this next one is also for $200,000 each. Are you ready? You have to Escort Maltepe put your lips on each of the other girls bodies for five minutes. You can kiss, suck anything, or just put your lips on her elbow. Just has to be for five minutes. And you other gals, if you refuse you’re out of the challenge.”

I expected some moans and groans, but instead I got a “Me first” from Debbie and she jumped on top Cheryl and started sucking her big tits. Debbie’s hands ran all over her massive flesh, digging her nails into them. She bit, tugged, and sucked on Cheryl’s nipples with increasing ferocity. Cheryl was completely into it, telling Debbie to suck harder, bitch!

“Okay Debbie, that’s enough. Now kiss Tanya”

Reluctantly Debbie gave up on Cheryl’s tits, and Cheryl jealously watched as Debbie sucked the shit out of Tanya’s lovely tits. Cheryl was incredibly turned on watching them and openly masturbated to the sight.

“I’m next” she informed me.

When Debbie finished, Cheryl fairly leaped onto her in a 69 position, grinding her steamy cunt into Debbie’s face and buried her own face in Debbie’s twat. Cheryl came immediately on Debbie’s face, practically drowning her with cunt juice, then went back to eating her Debbie’s cunt.

As Cheryl neared her five minutes, I told Tanya to get ready.

“You pull her off me now and I’ll fucking kill you,” said Debbie. I don’t believe she was kidding. I let Cheryl stay until Debbie came.

Cheryl’s face shone with cunt juice and she beckoned Tanya over, they kissed in a beautiful embrace as Cheryl fingered her to orgasm.

For Tanya’s turn, she wanted to lick both Debbie’s and Gales cunt at the same time. Fair enough! It was a little hard to do, but I was very lenient at this point. Tanya’s tongue probed both girls, and she even explored their assholes. First tonguing one ass then the other. Finally time was up.

“Ok” I said, breathless. I started removing my clothes. “For the last challenge, all you have to do is watch me jack off. You bitches are so fucking fine it ought to take me about one stroke!”

“Bullshit!” Yelled Cheryl. “You’re gonna fuck me, now! And you’re not going to cum right away, either!”

“Yeah” said Debbie. “Then me!”

We looked at Tanya.

“Well, I promised my husband on the life of my son that I’d never have another cock inside me… but I can still help out!”

I was a little disappointed. I always wanted to fuck a black chick. But still… My cock sprang from my boxers as I lowered them. It was sopping wet from pre-cum. Tanya said she could lick it, just couldn’t put it inside her mouth. Fine! She kissed and sucked up the pre-cum, then Cheryl grabbed me and pulled me to her.

With no warm up required, my cock just dove into her. She arched her back and came hard just at me entering her. Her cunt gripped my cock in a pulsating vise hold as the spasms wracked her body. I began pumping my cock into her. I swear it had never been this hard before. It felt like it had grown, straining to get more pussy. As the pleasure swirled around me, we kissed… deeply, soulfully… I lost track of where I was… who I was… I felt at one with her as we fucked and fucked… “I love you Cheryl” … ” I fucking love you too” I started to tense up as my orgasm approached…

“Hey!” Cried Debbie. “You aren’t cumming inside her! Cum outside, preferably on her face.”

Yeah, can’t be selfish. I noticed that Debbie and Tanya were on either side of Cheryl, they had been right there the whole fucking time and I hadn’t even noticed. I reluctantly left Cheryl’s glorious cunt and straddled her stomach. Tanya grabbed my cock and jerked it with great efficiency. I came in a mindblowing orgasm that shook me to the core. I’d like to tell you the specifics of where each cumshot ended up and whatnot, but the fact is it was kind of a blur. I do know that Tanya pointed my cock so that both of Cheryl’s tits were covered in cum and she even shot some into Cheryl’s mouth and face.

As I sat there reeling from this explosion, both Debbie and Tanya bowed down to Cheryl’s tits and started slurping my cum into their mouths. Debbie looked at me and swallowed, showing me her empty mouth. She sucked up more form Cheryl’s tit and then kissed Cheryl, dropping her cum into Cheryl’s mouth. Tanya just kept slurping cum from Cheryl’s other tit. It didn’t occur to her to share any, she just swallowed all of it.

“Yes Jim.” said Cheryl.

“Yes what?”

“Yes I will marry you.” I asked her once about 15 years ago, she of course said no.

“Um, too late dear. But we can do more of this if you like!”

Debbie interrupted. “You guys, it was beautiful to watch you two. You were so… in tune with each other…and Cheryl I love you, and Tanya too, and I don’t want to make you mad, but I need to be fucked now. Do you mind??”

I looked down at my semi-rigid cock. “It’s not up to me, it’s up to him, looks like he needs some help.”

Tanya moved in and presented me with her luscious tits to suck. As I did, she whispered filthy things into my ear. “I’m going to stick my tongue in your ass when you fuck Debbie… did you see me suck up your cum… I drank your cum off her big tits didn’t I.” She continued on with that as Debbie sucked my cock. Needless to say it was back up in no time.

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