Lost in a Dream


As you step out of the shower, you sense that something is different. Perhaps you detect my perfume, or notice my shadow move across the room. You smile to yourself, hoping that I have indeed come to you. You take your time drying yourself, intentionally standing where I can watch you if I really am there. You say nothing, knowing that no words are needed. From the shadows, my eyes linger over each part of your body as you towel yourself… your toned chest, the muscles moving in your arms and back as you turn to reach every area. I follow your hands across your strong thighs and down to your feet. You turn to face the bedroom as you run the towel behind you. I am startled to see that your cock is half erect already, and wonder if you sense that I am there. I retreat into the shadows as you walk into the dark room. I can hear you settling into the bed. I let time pass quietly… waiting for sleep to embrace you.

After a while, your breathing indicates to me that you are indeed asleep. I wonder if you fell asleep still thinking that I am here, or if perhaps you thought your mind was playing tricks on you. I walk softly to the bed to find you lying on top of the sheets, your nude body relaxed and bathed in the soft moonlight. I slowly take off my clothes, quietly… not wanting to disturb you. I feel my nipples hardening in the night air as they are released from the confines of my bra. I run my fingers across them slowly, enjoying the sensation and the thrill of being here without you eve gelen escort knowing. My hands move slowly down my body, sliding across my smooth mound. Two fingers move across the lips, and are wet with my juices.

I step closer to the bed… my eyes taking in your beautiful body. I slowly reach out my hand and run my fingers around your nipple. My touch is light, hoping not to wake you. I rub my wetness onto your nipple and feel you stir. Your nipple is hardening under my touch. Still your eyes do not open. I lean down to you… letting my tongue run across your hard nipple, tasting myself on you. I lightly swirl my tongue as my lips softly suckle you. You become restless in your sleep, perhaps dreaming of this. I continue tasting you… using my teeth to lightly graze your nipple. With a final kiss I move to the other side. I continue licking and sucking, enjoying the feel of you so much. I feel you move underneath me and I raise my eyes to your handsome face. I watch as your eyes open and you realize that I am there. My fingers move to your mouth, lighting covering your lips in a silent message. I see your smile, and feel your hand reaching out to stroke my hair.

Using my mouth, I kiss and lick my way down your body. Your skin smells of the soap from your shower. My eyes meet yours as I mover lower. I move my hands across your nipples as my mouth plays across your stomach. You feel my nails gently circling your nipples gaziosmanpaşa escort and you moan softly. My breasts are touching your cock, which is hardening against me. I love the feel of your cock surrounded by my breasts. I continue to move lower until I feel your cock stroke the side of my face. Again I look into your eyes, wanting to see your desire for me. I move my cheek slowly against your cock… my hair falls around you. As I turn my face towards you, my lips brush against the hard smoothness of you. I slowly move my lips up and down the shaft, loving the feel of you and heat of your erection. I continue to move my hands across your stomach, your hips… taking in every inch of you.

You catch your breath as you feel my hand wrapping around your cock. I move my mouth to the tip, and slowly start to lick you. I taste your wetness…. so sweet. My tongue moves across the head of your cock, gently pressing into you. I back away and press my lips together. I feel you straining underneath me, yearning to be inside. I let you push the head of your cock into my mouth, keeping my lips tight around you. You feel the heat and wetness of my mouth as I suckle you softly. My tongue dances around the tip of your cock as I slowly take more of you inside my mouth. Your hands move to my head, grasping for me… needing me.

I start to move my mouth slowly up and down on your cock, sucking you. I love the feel of gölbaşı escort your cock in my mouth. Your hands guide me into a rhythm and I suck you harder with each stroke. You feel my hand reaching…. touching your balls, stroking so gently as I move my mouth around you. I hear your pleasure and it excites me even more. I moan, the soft vibrations from my throat surrounding your cock inside my mouth as I suck you. I use my tongue to tease you with each stroke, fluttering along the underside of the head.

Your hips are thrusting up to meet me…. your hand in my hair tugging at me, burying your cock deeper…. My eyes look up to yours and see the lust in your face as you control me. I feel the shift of power as your hips buckle and thrust into my mouth with little control. You hold me head steady as I tighten my lips around you, and increase the suction on your cock. My hands reach up your body, clinging to you as you fuck my mouth over and over. My nails scratch at your chest gently, as I only want to give your pleasure. You cock thrusts deeper into my mouth, my throat… I can feel your hands tighten in my hair as your orgasm builds.

I am lost in this act, taking you deeper and moving my tongue around your cock with each stroke. As the moans escape from your lips, I know that you will soon explode in my mouth. My fingertips circle your nipples, and lightly begin to tug at them. You push my head closer into your groin as your cock starts to erupt. I continue sucking you, harder and faster as you cum inside my mouth. I love the taste of your cum and swallow each precious drop. You feel my throat constricting as I devour you. This makes you moan with pleasure as you see how much I enjoy this. As your orgasm subsides, I continue to softly lick your softening cock and lift my eyes to your face. You hand gently strokes my hair, and you smile at me.

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