Lorna’s Fantasy

Big Dick

The road stood quiet as Lorna slipped from her car and closed the door, locking it. She glanced across at her house, number 28, noticing that the Russian vine was under control for once and was in full bloom. The Clematis was also showing itself in full glory, the combination of the two, pleasing in the afternoon sunlight. As Lorna neared the front door she was surprised at the strength of the scent from the flowers.

Slipping the key into the lock, she let herself into the house, which as if in greeting creaked and groaned. Lorna liked to feel as if the old place welcomed her arrival like an old dog eager to greet her on her return.

Her mood was good for it had been an easy day at work and the warm drive home through the country lanes had relaxed her considerably. So instead of changing out of her work clothes, she settled into her favourite chair, her sense of euphoria increasing. Closing her eyes, it outwardly appeared that she slept, she was far from tired however. As her chest began to slowly rise and fall, her fantasy began to take over.

Imperceptibly Lorna’s nipples began to harden as the erectile tissue began to fill with her excitement. Clearly they began to show through the light gauzy material of her summer dress. As they stood proud, they began to rub on the lacy bra that she wore, increasing her sexual intensity.

In the heavy atmosphere of the room, Lorna’s thoughts became almost visible as she enacted out the fantasy. One hand rose to caress her taut nipples, the other slipped slowly to her thigh where it appeared to rest. In fact it was ever so slowly raising the hem of the dress.

The man in her dreams looked very much like her husband, as he stood watching her with obvious delight. Was it he that tugged at her dress? His dark coloured eyes were entrancing as his gaze was unmoving. The slow raising of Lorna’s dress was coupled with a slight parting of her thighs. There was a gasp of in-taken breath as white silk covered thighs finally came into view. The thicker white banding at the top of the stocking shortly followed then a small expanse of tanned flesh above, the fastening to the suspender clearly visible. Lorna felt slight pressure on her legs as if hands gently rested there, as her legs were slowly pushed further apart.

Lorna’s hands began releasing the buttons down the front of her gown, she was unable to resist the feelings any longer, so slid a hand onto the firm rounded mound that was her breast. The coolness of her hand produced a gasp as she squeezed the nipple hard. It was her fantasy that was kneeling

between her legs touching her breasts. The dress buttons were undone to the waist. Her firm heaving breasts, topped with extremely erect nipples that had absorbed nearly all of the areola into their creation, were brought into the afternoon sunshine.

Lorna’s eyes, which for some moments now had been fixed unseeingly on the window, turned towards the full-length mirror. She became aware of herself. Chest rising and falling erratically, legs apart, one hand teasing her left nipple, the other was resting just above her crotch. She was surprised at just how much the scene excited her. It was almost as if she was looking at someone else. She also realised that she had been teasing herself for some time, masturbating, as her husband would put it. The shock of this realisation quickly subsided when she noticed the growing wet patch on her panties. A damp patch, clearly seen in the mirror, which covered her entire crotch.

With one movement, Lorna went to the kitchen and reaching to the top of the cabinet, she produced a video. She paid no attention to her partial nakedness, despite the fact that there were no curtains at the window and her charms were therefore on display. Checking the time, she made sure that her husband would not be home for some time. Returning to the Sivas Escort living room Lorna put the tape into the video recorder, turned on the TV and waited. Yes, that was the right tape. She ran up the stairs and went to the wardrobe, searching for an object that she found after a few minutes. Back downstairs she settled into the chair again, having moved it closer to the TV and the mirror. “Let the fantasy continue”, she said.

On the TV, the picture of an erect cock suddenly appeared. It was her husband’s cock. The head was glistening as a hand, her hand, pulled back the foreskin. She could feel that cock under her fingers now, feel the hardness and the throbbing. Clive’s cock jerked to her touch, the veins standing out proud on his member.

Unnoticed Lorna’s fantasy man had returned. Once again he was kneeling between her now outstretched thighs. Her hands returned to their positions on her breast and crotch to mimic the hands of her fantasy.

The nearness and subtle body perfume that emanated from her intoxicated the fantasy as reverently but without hesitation, he doubled back a portion of her gown exposing her legs from the knees to half-way up the thighs. He then laid his lips upon the cool flesh in a kissing caress. The texture of the skin was as smooth and soft as the silk that clad it. Lorna groaned quietly.

The play of her hands continued, but otherwise she remained still.

Upon the firm smooth skin he pressed kiss after kiss, his hands inching the

garment higher. Something counselled him not to go too far just yet. A sigh fell from her lips as she withdrew her hand from her breast and shifted position. Casually looking from the mirror to the TV where her mouth was in full view as she kissed and sucked upon her husband’s pulsating erection. Her tongue flicked out along its length up and down the shaft stopping to tease the head. Her hand slid up and down over its head in a wanking motion. Once again her mouth returned to the glans as with a subtle kiss she slipped her lips over the head of the cock and down the shaft, swallowing all eight inches. Squeezing with her throat copying the movements of her vagina. Lorna then withdrew from the shaft, her tongue flicking out to capture the few drops of come that appeared at the end; it won’t be long now!

The fantasy looks into her eyes in an effort to read her wishes. She smiles faintly in response as her fingers engage in unfastening the remaining buttons on the dress. With one sublimely indifferent gesture she flips back the garment. Her beautiful breasts capped with perfect erections fully on display, her displaced bra in disarray. Her lace panties and suspender belt framing the lower portion of her body to advantage.

Scarcely breathing, his whole body submerged in the ecstasy as he viewed this spectacle of beauty before him. The fantasy’s gaze travels up and down over the almost naked form, from those exquisite breasts over the smooth hardness of the stomach and pubis to the soft rounded promontory covered with the silkiest of panties, heralding the proximity of her wet glistening entrance.

Lorna’s eyes flicked to the mirror. She was surprised and excited to see that her knickers were now completely wet through, the wetness covering the entire material of the undergarment. “I’ve never been this wet before”, she whispered. The TV once again stole her glance, as her hands were in action on Clive’s cock wanking vigorously, her tongue licking around the head. Every second stroke she would swallow half the length of his penis.

“Oh God!” she gasped.

The fantasy felt a hand placed on his head with a touch, though gentle unequivocally bid him draw nearer. Gently his hands reached beneath her and pulled on her panties. Drawing her legs closed as he withdrew them. What he had viewed before while her knickers were Sivas Escort Bayan in place was sufficient to hold him breathless, but what was now to be revealed was of a nature to inspire thoughts of an extremely carnal nature.

Beneath the mons veneris, with its short silky curls and ringlets, there now appeared frankly and clearly, the coral folds of flesh, which constitute

woman’s supreme treasure. So small and virginal in aspect were the petal-like folds, that it hardly seemed possible that they had ever been distended by the insertion of an erect cock. As he watched, the lips began to swell as her excitement increased. The dew of her sex bathed the pink folds.

Deliberately she let her body slide lower in the chair until her thighs were extended well beyond the edge, the flower of her vagina close to the fantasy’s face, legs widely separated on either side of his body, it was obvious what was wanted.

He rested his cheek for a moment against the stocking top, and then he pressed his lips against her mound. The hair felt as fine and soft to the touch as that of a new born infant. Quickly and expertly his tongue sought out and penetrated the perfumed valley below. A gasp arose from Lorna’s heaving breast. An instant later, his tongue played upon her clitoris with all the fervour of his lust. A further sound issued from her lips something between an exclamation and a moan. She shifted her body forward creating more pressure on her vagina and better accommodating him. His tongue plied feverishly, first centralising on her clitoris then the length of the cleft and as far into the vagina as possible, probing like a small cock. Her gasps, like her juices were increasing dramatically. The fantasy drank this heady liquor. He glanced upon her upturned face, her head thrown back, eyes closed tight.

Applying more pressure to the coral folds, he succeeded in getting the clitoris, which by now was fully swollen and erect like a little penis, compressed between his lips and began imparting a vigorous sucking action. Vibrant tremors shook her thighs where they pressed against the fantasy’s cheeks; muscular contractions of body and limb began as she started to yield to the ministrations. Maintaining her clitoris between his tightly compressed lips he continued to suck hard. Lorna’s sighs had grown in urgency and volume. Her eyes were wide open as she viewed herself in the mirror. One hand was holding open her vaginal lips as the other gripped her clitoris between thumb and finger squeezing and massaging the erection, occasionally her fingers would release the object of their attentions to slip in and out of the wet pussy. Rivulets of her juice had already soaked her bottom and dress. She was stunned that she was enjoying this so much. The TV scenes of licking and sucking only adding to her pleasure, she couldn’t stop now if she wanted to. Besides, she was sure she could feel the pressure of a tongue between her swollen vaginal lips, and was that not a throbbing cock she could taste upon her tongue?

The fantasy casually rubbed himself as he continued with his foreplay. His

cock rock hard between his fingers. The other fantasy man, whose cock now pushed itself in and out of her mouth, had suddenly appeared. As she lay her head back she could feel the shaft gliding down her throat, as this enormous cock was pushed into her. She was near to orgasm as she felt these hands grip her pelvis and thrust her hard onto the manipulative tongue. The movement brought a quick response. There was a violent spasmodic shivering of her thighs, which compressed about the cheeks of the fantasy and a sudden flow of moisture bathed his face.

Lorna looked to the TV and saw her mouth being pumped into by her husband’s cock which had grown thicker and harder as it always did close to orgasm. She felt the pressure in Escort Sivas her mouth now, as if he were really there. On the TV her mouth removed itself from the shaft and with a hand holding his balls she wanks him hard and fast. Her tongue probing the hole in the tip of his penis, waiting for the come.

As he draws near, the fantasy’s hands pressure her fanny which makes her quiver as another orgasm overtakes her as her husband’s come spurts. Splashes hit her on the tongue, the chin and neck trickling onto her breasts. “Yes, yes, harder, harder”, she hears herself saying.

Her hand raises to her mouth as she follows the action on the TV and she begins to suck on her fingers as if licking up his come, but in reality tasting her own. A taste that she had not tasted before. She found this highly erotic and felt the beginnings of yet another orgasm. Pressure was felt around her breasts as if hands were caressing her, gently massaging, pinching at the nipples. She thought that she was spent but was quickly approaching the point of no return again. Surely this could not be her own hands?

A hot mouth was applied to her nipple as she felt her two wrists being secured and wondered at the strength of her imagination. A hand was placed on her fanny; the contact galvanised her into action. This fantasy was getting out of hand! For some time she tried to release herself but to little avail. Heaving and panting she said to the empty house, “you’re hurting my arms”. The grip on her was cautiously released. The fantasy men had fulfilled her needs, but now their swollen weapons needed to be satiated. They needed to be emptied of their life giving fluid. It was as if these members were pulsing full with come.

Lorna’s hand snaked down and closed about one erection, trying to wank it into submission. However she felt a knee adroitly slipped between her slightly open legs. Before she had time to react her legs were wide apart and the swollen head of a throbbing cock was being pushed against her wet vagina.

“OHH”, she exclaimed, when she felt the penetrating weapon push easily into her. “Wait, wait, don’t do it that way, I’ll suck it if you like!” she shouted. She felt a violent shove and the result was that the entire length of the pulsating tool was sheathed in the positive tightness of her sex. “OOOHHH”, she gasped, to the empty room. The fantasy began to move in and out. He could feel her tight lips grasping his cock as he withdrew, could feel the slippery wetness of her sex and could feel her vaginal muscles contract in pleasure as he pushed home until their pubic bones touched putting pressure on her clitoris. Before he reached full intensity he stopped and relaxed only beginning again when the pleasure had subsided.

Lorna cursed at the fantasy for “taking” her this way, she continued to curse as her hips moved in rhythm with his thrusting, pushing into each thrust so that his cock entered her as deeply as possible. Her hands being pinned behind her only added to the moment as her passion developed. She moaned again as he pushed into her. She could feel the pulses down the shaft, as he was about to shoot his come, just like her husband’s cock did. “Oh yes, give it to me”, she exclaimed. “Fuck me hard”. A moment later heralded by several passionate exclamations, orgasm took her again. She felt the cock pulse inside her in orgasm. The first strong spurts of come hit her deep inside the fanny, bringing on fresh orgasmic writhing. She was aware of another cock in her hand, which she wanked, the spurts of come hitting her on the stomach and chest. She glanced down to where the ejaculate trickled between her breasts and slowly slipped the softening cock between her lips, sucking the remaining drops from it.

Lorna’s eyes returned to the mirror, she was flushed and the dress and chair were soaked with her come. There was a muffled humming noise, which increased as holding open her labia with one hand; she pulled out the vibrator. Switching it off, she raised it to her lips and licked off the juices. What she needed now was a real cock inside her; it was lucky her husband was due home soon…

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