Lori’s Reunion


It had been several years since Lori had been with her big brother, Ryan. He had moved away while she was at school, and started a new life halfway across the country. It wasn’t long after his short marriage ended that Lori traveled to his house to visit.

Ryan met her at the nearby airport, and their welcome for one another was very warm, and intense. These two had been more than brother and sister for a number of years. They had discovered their physical desires for each other many years ago, and made every effort to indulge their passion as often as they could. This was the first time they had been together without any of the family near.

They collected her luggage and put it in Ryan’s truck. No sooner were they out of the bright lights that Lori slid over to Ryan’s side.

“Ryan, I’ve missed you so much.” She began “I really want you, bad!”

“I’ve been thinking a lot about you too, my hot little sister! I’m real glad you came to see me.”

“Speaking of ‘seeing you’.. Her hands went straight to his belt and loosened it as he drove. Her small fingers plucked his cock from the denim and instantly wrapped around the growing flesh pole.

“Careful, Lori. I am trying to drive, here!”

“You watch the road, big brother, I’ll watch THIS!” She exclaimed as her head went into his lap and her hot mouth surrounded the hot, throbbing meat. Ryan groaned as his little sister took him into her throat. She always did love to suck his cock and drink his hot cum. Her mouth and tongue were very adept at making him shoot large amounts of his seed into her belly.

Lori reveled at the familiar taste of her brother’s penis. The aroma of his body brought chills to her own, and she felt herself getting wet. Quickly unsnapping her pants, Lori had a hand between her own legs and drove two fingers into her hot little vulva. Her wetness lubricated her shaved pussy lips hastily as her fingers slid into her tight vagina.

Ryan heard his sister groan around his hard cock, and immediately knew she was fingering her kitty. He put his hand across her back and slid it down to her pants. Sure enough, the waistband was very loose. Loose enough for Ryan to push his hand down the back of her jeans and reach her crack. His fingers met hers at the entrance of her sex and Lori curled her body on the seat to ease his access.

Lori took her hand away and allowed Ryan to replace them with his. From that angle, he touched her ‘spot’ right away. Her hips bucked and he felt her shudder with a cum. The extra flow of her nectar coated his fingers and soaked her pants. He let his own cum flow and filled Lori’s mouth with the hot liquid. She swallowed all he produced before she pulled her lips away.

It felt so good to have her brother deep in her throat, again. She missed their almost daily sex play. She had boyfriends, sure, but the love that she felt for her brother was a lot more intense than for any of them. The pressure on the back of her throat as his thick crown passed through made her belly quiver. Her tongue wrapped around the sensitive area just below the swollen head as she took him deeper.

She managed to unsnap her pants and get a couple of fingers near her pussy. “God I’m so wet!’ She thought to herself. She moaned softly, then felt her brother’s hand sliding into the back of her pants. ‘Oh, yes!’ her thoughts continued, ‘That’s my big brother!’ Escort She felt his fingers touch hers, and she pulled them away to let his rough fingers enter her sex. He touched her clit and stroked her ‘spot’. She came instantly, her belly contracting and flooding her crotch with girl-cum.

Just then, she felt Ryan get thicker in her mouth. She began to swallow right when he started to cum. Greedily gobbling the hot, white juice as it slid straight into her belly, she held her mouth on him until the last spurts dribbled out. She caught some on her tongue and held it there.

Lori pulled her wet mouth from Ryan’s penis, and asked him to pull over. He did, without question, and as soon as the truck stopped, she covered his mouth with hers and shared the last drops of his own seed with him in a hot tongue kiss.

“Oh, Lori!” he exclaimed after she broke the kiss, “You remembered to save me some!”

A habit from very early on in their sex play was the tasting of the essence of one another and themselves on each other. Their favorite, though, was the mixture of his seed and her nectar after a hot fucking session.

“How could I forget, my sweet lover?” She purred.

Settling back against the seat, resting her head on his strong shoulders, Lori slipped her fingers inside her pants and lazily stroked her wet vulva all the way to Ryan’s house.

Ryan looked at his relaxed sister while she played with her kitty. He smiled to himself, knowing that his hot little sister was going to make up for a lot of time, very quickly.

“C’mon, Lori.” He said as they pulled into the drive. “Take your hand out of your pants and let’s get inside.”

Lori playfully slapped his shoulder, but did as he asked. They brought her bags into the house and threw them on the floor at the back door. Lori threw her arms around Ryan’s neck and kissed him hot. His tongue met hers and they explored each other’s mouth in a long French kiss.

“How about something to eat, before we forget to?” He queried.

Reluctantly, Lori let go and agreed. She hadn’t eaten since she left their parent’s house early in the morning. While Ryan fixed a snack, Lori telephoned their mom and let her know that she was with Ryan. Chitchat about the flight and all satisfied Mom, and as she hung up the phone Ryan brought the tray of crackers and cheeses.

Into his den, they settled into the soft couch. The thick carpet felt good on Lori’s bare feet, tired from the long journey. Ryan turned on the stereo, and light classical music filled the room. Dim lights around the room cast a glow over them, almost like candles.

After eating a little, Lori slowly began to remove her clothes. It wasn’t a strip tease, but a slow, deliberate removal of the confining clothes. Most of the time, growing up, they were naked around the house. No one concerned themselves with covering up, so it was quite natural for them to be nude.

That’s what started their relations together, so long ago. Lori had walked in on her brother while he was exercising one afternoon. It was then that their mutual desire for each other became known. Since that day, Ryan and his sister shared sex as much as they could get away with. Neither one was sure, nor would either ask, if their Mom knew they were having sex, so they tried to be reasonably discreet at home.

Here, at Ryan’s house, far away Escort Bayan from “home” there would be no need for caution. They were free to enjoy one another as much and as long as they desired.

Lori opened her blouse and pulled it the rest of the way out of her already loose pants waist. She wore no bra, and her firm C-cup breasts spilled out into the air. Her areolas were large, about the size of silver dollars and light pink. Her nipples stood stiffly from the centers, aroused from the truck trip and the cool air.

Lori stood up and sensually slid her pants down her smooth thighs and exposed her completely shaved mound to her brother’s gaze.

Ryan sat quietly in the leather couch and watched his little sister strip for him. He loved seeing her soft body nude. Standing about five foot-two, she weighed about a hundred ten pounds. Her short trunk tapered at her waist, then flared slightly at her hips. Her belly had a slight swell just above her mound, and her soft, smooth thighs tapered to her legs and small, perfect feet. He was surprised and pleased when he saw her mound completely bare. The last time he’d seen Lori naked, she had a small patch of light fur over her sex.

She looked so fresh and appetizing, almost innocent, without the hair down there. He smiled broadly as she turned to display her body to him.

“You look so hot, Lori!” he told her.

“How about let’s see how you look, big brother!” she countered.

He readily accepted her ‘challenge’ and stood to remove his own clothes. His black T-shirt came off, exposing the light covering of curly hair on his chest. His five foot seven body was lean and tight. He worked construction and kept fit. His strong arms flexed as he pushed down his pants.

Lori was pleased with the sight of her brother’s firm body. She studied his trim chest and firm stomach, and held back a gasp as his almost eight inch cock sprang free from the denim. She had forgotten how impressive he was. Even the recent presence of the thick pole in her mouth hadn’t made the impression that seeing it full and erect like this did.

The heavy sac below his penis swung loosely as he kicked off his jeans. They met back on the couch and melted together in another passion filled kiss. They fondled and touched all over each other while they continued to kiss hot. Finally, Lori pulled her mouth far enough away to whisper, “Fuck me.”

Ryan had other ideas. He smiled and kissed her softly, then started to kiss and nibble down her body. He reached her burning breasts and took her nipples into his mouth. Lori slid down on the couch as she felt him suckling her tender buds. Her kitty was creaming, her belly fluttering, as Ryan licked down to her bell, pausing near her navel then slowly homing in on the source of the tantalizing aroma of her aroused sex.

One leg fell to the floor, the other she raised on the back of the smooth, cool leather couch. She felt the hot breath on her inner thighs as Ryan came closer to her shaved treasure box. She heard herself gasp when his lips touched her swollen flower. The engorged inner labia spread gently as his tongue parted them to reach out for her erect clitoris.

Ryan loved eating on his sister’s sweet vulva. She had a light musky scent that drove him wild with desire, and her nectar was sweeter than any honey he’d ever had. Her kitty was thick Bayan Escort with the fluid, it ran down her inner thigh. He couldn’t remember her being this wet. Hungrily lapping her juices, his lips eventually circled her bud and he drew it through his teeth.

Lori felt him touch her vulva with his rough, but soft tongue. Her body produced even more nectar while Ryan licked the soft folds of her labia. Her belly tightened when he took her clit in his teeth, small cums quivered through her body.

“Ohmigod, Ryan . Yessss .. oh lick it there!” she moaned.

Lori’s hips started shaking as her brother kept licking her swollen clit. A major cum was building inside her belly. She wanted him inside her. She wanted to feel his massive prong split her pussy and fill her. It had been too long since she felt a hard cock deep in her body. Ryan’s tool could reach all the way up to her cervix, and she wanted it, NOW.

“AHHHH .. RYYYYYANNNN! ..gonna cummm . oh jeeze . put it . ohshit .. PUT IT INNNN ..MEEEEE! .. AHH RYAN . FUCK MEEEEEE!! . PLEASE!!” She cried out.

Sensing her impending release, Ryan rapidly abandoned his feast and slid up her quaking body. He held his penis in his hand and aimed it at the gushing hole between her sensitive lips. Lori was so wet, he entered her completely in the first plunge.

Lori heard herself cry out as she felt the huge prick impale her small vagina. She felt as though he would tear her in two The swollen crown widened her sex and drew the outer lips along it’s length. The thick flesh filled her belly and she sighed deeply when she felt it strike her cervix. Her legs wrapped around his back instinctively drawing him deeper.

Ryan didn’t hear his sister’s cry for the deafening roar of his own blood rushing through his body as he started thrusting into her. Her wetness and the excitement of kissing on her kitty had him near a release of his own. Just a few short strokes had his balls boiling their seed, sending the hot fluid through his belly.

They both screamed each other’s name and started cumming together. The hot jets of Ryan’s seed pulsed deep into Lori’s shaking body. They trembled and shook while the waves of orgasm swept over them. His body stiffened with one last thrust as her poured what seemed like pent up gallons of cum into Lori’s vagina.

Lori felt the thickening penis start to pulse and the hot liquid wash into her belly. Her vagina contracted around the invading shaft, spewing her nectar of release. The copious amounts of white froth began to seep out of her vulva, despite the tight grip on Ryan’s shaft. Spent, they both sagged into the couch cushions as the last ripples of cumming receded.

Trance-like, they slowly opened their eyes and gazed into mirror images of deep blue. It was like looking in a mirror. Except for the slight stubble of his beard, it wasn’t difficult to tell they were brother and sister. Up to and including the look of satisfaction on their faces. Only a few years apart, their minds were linked as only twins usually are. Ryan slowly got up and lay on the other end of the couch. Lori sot of stood and maneuvered her self around. She then lowered her freshly fucked kitty to her brother’s waiting mouth as she bent her head to consume her share of the “cock-n-tail” sauce produced by their union. They tenderly cleaned each other with their tongues, savoring the special moment in their own way.

Recovered from the intense sex, Ryan led his sister to the shower where they bathed each other prior to getting into his bed. They both knew that there wouldn’t be much sleeping going on during this first night of “Re-union”

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