Looking Down Upon My Neighbor part 2


After viewing Lola’s solo spit roasting, my thoughts really began to wander. I kept coming back to the same question. “Am I the only person to see Lola in action?” I started to review my neighbors in my mind. The single widow was out and the couple who just moved was unavailable. That left the drunk from two doors down and the former hippie that lived next door. The drunk was sloppy and had no manners. So, I figured that left him out of the picture. However, Wally from next door was the perfect candidate. He was pleasant and friendly guy who was married to a former “California girl” for the last forty years. I figured that he’d caught Lola’s act more that a few times. I talked to him a few times and left open the conversations. He was very non-committal until the last time that we spoke. “Lola, the crazy bitch below us is a freak. She almost cost me everything and a messy divorce. I stay away from her and keep in my own yard,” said Wally. “Really, I would have never guessed,” I said naively. Wally seemed relieved that Göztepe Escort he got it off his chest and I got some much needed info. I was Lola’s perfect pawn with no entangling alliances. She could do anything to satisfy her perverse sexual cravings. I did not hear from her for a long period of time. Until one day, in the private email was a document labeled LOOK. I checked it out and there was Lola doing her spit roasting and sucking my cock. The photos were the hottest that I had seen in a long time. For me, they were just a prelude of things to come. About five days later, another email arrived. The text of the message read-“Friday night, six o’clock, and be ready to drive a custom van.” Friday night arrived and went to her place. There was a custom van in her driveway. I rang the bell and Lola greeted me in stilettos, black stockings and a black leather coat. My mind told me that she was “commando” under the coat. Lola instructed me to drive south on the interstate. She slid into Göztepe Escort Bayan the back of the van, closed the curtains, removed her coat, and laid down on the floor between the two captain’s chairs. I was right, she was “commando’ except for the shoes and stockings. There was a bonus that I had no idea she had. She was also wearing a butterfly vibrator with a controller. It seems her coat pockets were filled with her toys. “Okay Aaron, fix the rear view mirror and get ready for a mobile sex experience. I can’t wait to get started and put on a performance that you will never forget”, whispered Lola. I did exactly what she wanted and the show began as I sped down the highway. Via the rear view mirror, I saw Lola begin to rub herself and then heard the butterfly vibrator click “on”. She let out a groan as her hand fondled her breasts and pinched her nipples. I could see in the mirror, her ass arch off the floor of the van. It was a totally new way of cruising down the road. By the Escort Göztepe sound emitting from the vibrator, Lola was increasing the speed and intensity. She was now thrashing violently back and forth and thrusting her hips upward. In the mirror, I could see her beautiful cunt glistening in the moonlight. She was oozing sex from her pussy and getting hotter by the minute. Lola said, “Oh fuck, this awesome. I can feel the road, the vibrator humming away inside of me, and experience tremors going through my body. So far, I must have had over a dozen mini-orgasms. I am aware of everything building inside of me.” On the other hand, I was having a hard time driving the van. My erection and her enjoying herself was getting to be too much for me. Luckily, a blue sign appeared on the right side of the road: Rest AreaTwo Miles I drove like a maniac and found a secluded parking space. It was time for me to get a closer view of Lola. She asked what was going on and I explained the situation. She was about to ask for my cock, but it was already about four inches from her mouth. It needed some of her special attention. She moved the butterfly to full speed, grabbed my penis, and shoved it into her mouth as far as she could take it. Once again, Lola was like a shark devouring its prey as she orally assaulted my manhood.

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