Long Time, No See


I’d forgotten how tight Hannah’s pussy was.

So, when I slipped inside her from behind, and looked down at the pale, white skin of her back, leading up to the long, straight, red hair flowing over her left shoulder, I felt a nearly overwhelming urge to cum inside her.

“It’s been so long,” she said, glancing back at me. “I missed you.”

I missed her too, but probably only for the fact that she was 22 and I was 40 and she gave amazing head.

She wasn’t kidding, though. It had been about six weeks since I fucked her last, just a day before she left to go back to college. Her sweet moist pussy gripped my cock as I eased in and out of her. “I missed you too, Han,” I said, picking up the pace.

“Fuck me hard, OK?” she asked. “And don’t stop.”

I held her hips firmly as the light claps of our bodies and her soft, sexy moans began to get louder as I bent her over the coffee table in her tiny, but nice, apartment near campus. Her tight, wet pussy felt so good and just being able to pleasure her was amazing. I wanted her to believe I was fucking her slow because it was more intimate, but there was no question it was because I wanted to last as long as I could. Pounding her tight pussy would end that.

“I told Sami she should find someplace to stay tonight,” she said, as she slid forward and my cock popped out of her.

“Why? I said, coyly.

“Because we haven’t seen each for six weeks; I plan on being naked all night …” she said, as she pushed me back on the couch. “And I wanna be loud tonight …”

She swung her hips over mine and gasped as her pussy lowered onto my cock, sliding slowly down until she was completely filled. I watched as her milky white hips moved sensually as she let out a set of long, slow groans. As the pace quickened, Hannah got louder and louder, until she stopped moving and I started pounding hard up into her pussy until she pushed up suddenly and shuddered as her orgasm overtook her.

I eased her lightly to my left and maneuvered behind her, running my fingers across her pink pussy. Pulling her to the edge of the futon, I ran my tongue from the small of her back down, past her cute little pucker to her sweet, moist pussy. Letting my tongue linger on her clit brought out a long, slow moan, followed by a sharp “fuck” from her lips. I slipped two fingers in her well-lubed, pussy and sucked her clit while Sivas Escort I fingered her. A few loud moans preceded the shaking of her legs and another intense orgasm left her gasping.

I rolled her over and climbed on top of her, guiding my cock inside her juicy pussy. I leaned into her and eyes widened and she let out a long groan. “God,” she said. “Either it’s been too long or you’ve gotten much bigger.”

“Now you’re just sucking up,” I said, as I pushed her legs up into the air and began pounding her as hard as I could. As I thrusted away, her eyes locked with mine as her moans echoed through the living room.

“Oh God — fuck me! Fuck my pussy!” she commanded.

So … I pulled my cock completely from her.

And she was pissed … until I dropped down and went down on her again.

I didn’t just eat her pussy.

It was more like devouring.

With my face buried inside her pussy, Hannah held my face in place while she began to grind her clit on my mouth. I easily slipped two fingers inside her wet slit and sawed them in and out while continuing to furiously flick my tongue across her clit. Her thighs slapped against my head and damn near deafened me as she came yet again.

“Hooooooly fuck,” she squealed, while pushing my face away from her crotch. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuuuuuuuck. Holy … I need a breather,” she said through gasps. “Jesus Christ, we fuck so good.”


Hannah and I met a little more than a year ago. She was 20, a summer intern at my office and I was, well, freshly divorced and a little gun-shy of real relationships. I swear I didn’t see anything except for a young, pretty girl who was a whiz at marketing for such a young age. The summer came and went and I didn’t think anything more about her, to be honest.

The following fall, I went to her college on a recruiting visit. I met with 14 students in all that day, including an attractive young blonde, whom I later found out was Hannah’s roommate, Sami.

She was the last person I interviewed. Afterward, I was tired, but needed a drink. “Is there a place I can get a drink near here?” I asked Sami. “Something with some light music and good bourbon.”

“Yeah,” she said, describing an out of the way bar near my hotel. “My roomie is picking me up and we will drive right by there, if you want a ride.” I agreed and a few minutes Sivas Escort Bayan later, a blue Corolla pulled up. “That’s her. Hop in the front.”

Long story short, it was Hannah in the blue Corolla and, a few hours later, after the two ladies joined me for a few drinks and a shot or two, she confessed that other interns that summer had told her not to get involved with me — even though she found me attractive — because I was on the rebound. When I excused myself to take a phone call at one point, Sami was gone when I returned.

“Where’s our ride?” I asked.

“We can always walk to your hotel,” she said, with a look that made me feel like an idiot for not noticing that she’d sent Sami on her way to get me alone. As we walked, she told me that she was really happy to see me outside of the office.

When we got to the room, I opened the door and she pulled me into the room. “I want to take a shower with you,” she said, unbuttoning her blouse. A few minutes later, I looked into the mirror as Hannah’s red next of curls bobbed at my groin.

That’s how our affair started.

And that’s what it was. Pure lust. Well, not just lust I guess. We went to the theatre or a concert every once in a great while, but we’d always end up fucking afterward. Neither of us was getting hurt because we knew we were just enjoying the orgasms.

“Everyone needs to have one person in their life that just teaches them what’s like to be completely, sexually taken by another person,” she told me once. “That’s you for me. You are in my head. No one has ever eaten my pussy like you … NO ONE.”


After a quick drink in the kitchen, we moved to her room, where we sat on the bed naked, talking about other things for a few minutes before she got that look in her eye again. I kissed across her collarbone and started pawing her 34Bs, gently pulling her button nipples as she squeezed my stiffening dick.

“Lay back,” she said, as our lips broke. I didn’t need further coaxing.

She quickly moved into 69 and began sucking my cock, while I buried my face in a well-kept nest of crimson curls between her legs. Swiftly, I found her clit and began circling my tongue around it, as I felt her warm mouth break free of my manhood and let out a nice, slow moan.

We continuing pleasuring each other until I pulled her off of me, rolled Escort Sivas her onto her back and slid my dick into her juicy pussy. I moved forward and our faces were inches apart as I started easing myself in and out of her.

She arched her back as I wrapped my arms around her shoulders and pounded away, as she moaned loudly. I felt her pussy spasm and tighten around me and after aggressively hammering her for a few more minutes, I slowed down and pulled myself from her hole.

She slid down and turned around, facing me between my legs.

“I hope you’re ready to cum,” she said softly and looking right into my eyes. I didn’t answer, but I knew what was coming as she spit on my cock. “I’m going to make you cum — hard.”

I looked down to see her hand wrap around my cock and begin stroking it slowly. Her ice blue eyes stared at the head and she kissed my cock softly before wrapping her full, red lips around my thickness. She swirled her tongue around me and I felt her wet mouth take it deeper into her throat.

She was so fuckin’ good at sucking cock.

Her eyes never left mine as she throated me, then she backed off the cock slowly but didn’t take it out of her mouth. I felt her saliva coat my cock and she started sucking me frantically as her tiny, freckled hand stroked me powerfully as well. She pulled her mouth off and stroked my throbbing cock harder. “I want that cum,” she said, squeezing my balls with her other hand, sending me closer to the edge.

“Give it to me,” she ordered.

She worked the head of my cock with her mouth, then worked her way to my sack. Taking each of my balls in her mouth, she gave them a quick suck while jerking my rod with her left hand.

“C’mon … you know you wanna cum for me,” she coaxed. “Just tell me and I’ll give you what you like.”

I don’t if she got the sign she was looking for, but before I knew it, Hannah slipped her mouth over the head and began furiously milking my cock as I tried to hold back the inevitable.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I shot three big streams of jizz into her mouth, which didn’t appear to phase her at all. She continued moving her mouth up and down

She gulped and swallowed my load, then licked her lips before cleaning me off with her mouth for a few minutes as I writhed in pleasure on the bed.

“Next time, I want you to cum inside me,” she whispered. “I’m going to the kitchen, you wanna glass of wine?”

“No,” I said, still recovering, but starting to climb out of bed.

“Don’t get up,” she said, smiling. “We’re not done here.”

She stopped at the door. “You know, I hope we never stop doing this … “

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