Lonely Night Ch. 02


Disclaimer: This story contains explicit sexual content. You must be over 18 or the age applicable to the region you are viewing it from. If this type of material offends you,

DO NOT CONTINUE. Otherwise read on and enjoy.

NOTE: This is the awaited part 2 too Lonely Night, it is written as a continuation to that story, but, I also believe that it is close to stand alone.

Read it for yourself and decide.

Thankyou to all those who gave feedback on Pt 1, though there was one email that almost made me give up writing anymore, I decided that the majority of feedback was good.

So to all those who don’t like my stories,


To all those who do and sent their compliments, THANKYOU. This is for you. 🙂

Lonely Night Pt 2: Lessons Taught.

I awoke on the couch after a very restless and uncomfortable sleep there.

I tried to remember everything from the previous day, but, I really wasn’t sure whether it was nothing more than a dream.

Jayne was busy getting the kids ready for school and I couldn’t help but looking at her gorgeous body wrapped only in a semi see thru dressing gown and very short revealing nighty underneath.

When she noticed my presence she looked over at me giving me a loving yet very pleading look.

I then realised that it was no dream I had last night and the confusion kicked in again.

For the following week we barely spoke and hardly touched each other.

I constantly slept on the couch and she constantly cried herself to sleep in what was once our marital bed.

By Friday I was not only feeling extremely horny but also really guilty for treating her like this.

No matter what she had done, she was my wife and I loved her.

That night after the boys went to bed we both sat on the couch next to each other knowing we had to get it all out.

Jayne started saying that she was so sorry, she hadn’t meant it to happen and that she promised she hadn’t done it before.

I reminded her of the time our best friend gave her a massage, but we both dismissed that time after realising how much we enjoyed the experience.

Crying heaps, she promised that she would remain faithful and would never again put me in a position of not knowing whether she was or wasn’t fooling around.

In short she said she was never going to stay overnight anywhere without me ever again.

I told her that I still loved her with all my heart, but, what she had done was almost unforgivable.


In truth, I told her, she had lived out a couple of my fantasies, the only problem being that I wasn’t there to enjoy them.

That’s what I was most upset about.

She again pleaded her case, asking forgiveness, begging for me to not leave her and the kids.

I couldn’t help but laugh when she said that.

If anyone was going to leave it would be her.

But that’s not what I wanted.

I wanted us to stay together, but, she had to learn her lesson.

She looked at the floor and told me that she would do anything,

“ANYTHING”, for us to stay together.

Then she looked me in the eyes and said she loved me.

When she had started crying again I told her that I had some ideas and if she wanted forgiveness, not to argue, do exactly as I said, following every letter of my word.

Jayne jumped up and grabbed me in a tight embrace saying over and over that she loved me.

“O’k” I said, here starts your punishment.

I stood up and went through and grabbed the video camera. Before going back to her I grabbed the cordless phone and dialed a number, telling the person on the other end to be here in 30 minutes, and to enter as quietly as possible through the unlocked back door.

I hung up as I reached Jayne sitting on the couch looking at me with a puzzled expression.

I simply stated for her not to ask any questions and to trust me.

This was going to be fun!

Several minutes later I had given her my instructions, she took a deep breath and the night began.

She got up and walked through too the bedroom, me following closely with the video camera.

Jayne went over to the bedside table and turned the lamp on, lighting the room softly and sensuously, then proceeded to her dressing table.

She pulled some clothes out and lay Sivas Escort them on the bed, then started stripping what she had on.

When totally naked she started putting on the corset that she wore on our wedding night.

Clicking the buttons together carefully and then adjusting it to fit her 36c boobs.

Then she slowly pulled her stockings on one by one clipping them into place to the garter straps on the corset.

And slipping on the knickers as she slid her feet into the 6inch stilettos.

All the while, I was busy walking around capturing it from all different angles with the video.

After looking herself over in the full length mirror, running her hands up and over her luscious breasts, and then back down all the way along her stocking clad legs to her toes,

she walked, very sensuously through to the bathroom, just as I had requested.

Then while I filmed every little jiggle of her breasts and all the tiny wobbles of her ass, she started applying make-up.

First the foundation, layers and layers thick. Next came powder, while the foundation was still wet, making her look very overdone.

Just what I wanted.

Choosing her colors carefully, she applied blush, lots and lots of it.

Then came eye liner, lots of it and very thick. After that was eye shadow.

The brightest and gaudiest she could find.

When she picked up the brightest, richest red lipstick I started shaking in anticipation.

Covering those sexy lips with what looked like a half a stick worth.

Next came the hair dryer and a full can of hairspray as she began spraying and styling, spraying and styling, ’till her hair looked like something forgotten in the 1980s.

As Jayne looked in the mirror I quietly said to her, “very good, just like a slut”, and she turned and walked past me on her way to the kitchen.

Stopping only briefly at the linen cupboard to fetch the largest beach towel we owned.

In the kitchen, with towel over her shoulder, she proceeded to raid the fridge and cupboard, retrieving the items I told her at the start.

With arms full she then walked back through to the bedroom.

Threw the oddments onto my side of the bed and spread the towel out over her side, walked to the cupboard getting out the 9inch vibrator I bought her years ago and the vibrating egg that I recently acquired.

Also throwing them on the bed next to all her other goodies.

She lay down on the towel and started caressing herself, rubbing her whole body up and down, back and forth, squeezing her breasts through the corset and lightly rubbing her pussy.

With her right hand still working over her body, she reached over with her left and picked up the bottle of caramel topping and proceeded to pour a copious amount over the tops of her breasts, rubbing it around and not stopping to pour until the whole bottle had been emptied all over her body.

Then she pushed the top of the corset down, revealing her large firm breasts and continued rubbing the topping all over them.

Licking her fingers and pulling her breasts up one at a time to lick the sticky covering off the nipples with her lusciously long tongue.

After half her face and her whole neck and breasts were covered she grabbed the vibrator and, turned it on and started running it over the nipples making them harder than they already were.

Leaving the vibrator buzzing between her breasts, she reached down sliding her knickers down her legs and off.

Next picking out of the pile of goodies the tub of ice-cream, ripping the lid off and scooping out a massive handful she then started rubbing that all over her already coated neck, breasts, over the rest of the corset and down to her glistening pussy.

Jayne started shoving the remaining ice-cream over and into her pussy and when she ran out, she’d reach over and scoop out another handful, shoving that as far into her pussy as she could.

The expression on her face was priceless, having no previous interest in masturbation and now finding herself with half dried caramel topping all over herself and now a pussy full of freezing cold ice-cream.

But by the way her body was responding, it certainly looked like she was starting to enjoy herself.

Especially when I saw her slide the vibrator down to help push Sivas Escort Bayan the ,now defrosted, ice-cream further up her pussy.

Filling it up ’till it was literally pouring out around the vibe.

Jayne was moaning and starting to buck her hips up to meet the strokes of the vibe and still scooping more and more to rub over herself and fill her hole.

As Jayne masturbated with the vibrator harder and faster, moaning loudly and pinching her nipples, I walked around the bed video taping the wonderful sight of her body heaving and bucking in ecstasy.

All of a sudden she shoved the vibrator all the way inside herself and grabbed the vibrating egg and rubbed it over her clit sending her body into convulsions.

She started screaming that she was “coming” and rubbed her clit harder with the egg, forcing the vibe in and out hard and fast.

The video camera hummed softly as she slowed down her ministrations on her overly sensitive body constantly moaning and sighing saying how “good it was”.

Running her hands over her breasts she remembered the caramel topping and ice-cream and found it had dried hard yet still sticky.

She surprised me by reaching over and picking up the tub of thickened cream, popping the lid of and pouring the contents out all over body from neck to pussy, rubbing it in as she poured.

By now my cock was so hard I thought it was going to fall off.

Without thinking about it I got on the bed, crawling up to her head and placed my cock against her lips and told her to “suck”.

Jayne opened her mouth and I slid my cock in ’till I felt it bottom out at the back of her throat.

Unfortunately I’m no pornstar and after the show she had put on, it didn’t take more than a few strokes in and out of her hot wet mouth before I felt the cum start to boil and could do nothing to stop myself erupting.

I pulled my cock out and started beating off over her face and tits, spraying cum ’till she was covered, my cum quickly mixing in with the coating of stuff already on her.

All of a sudden the bed moved as our friend Anne jumped on the bed stark naked and started kissing and licking all over Jaynes’ face, neck and breasts.

Mewling like a pair of cats, they both started exploring each others bodies with their hands and mouths.

I had no choice but to get off the bed for fear of getting thrown off.

Anne started licking Jayne from face to tits, and all way back up only to go back down after stopping briefly to kiss her passionately on the lips.

Jayne had a handful of Annes tits and I could see the mixture of goo rubbing off Jayne onto Annes lithe little body.

Anne then started working her way downwards ’till she reached her prize, which was still leaking runny ice-cream.

I could hear the slurping noises as she began eating my wifes’ pussy, sucking up all the combined juices being offered to her.

Jayne, for her part, had a firm grip on Annes hair and was forcing her mouth into her pussy and telling her to eat her pussy.

Anne then sat up abruptly, getting the can of whipped cream and sprayed it all over herself, laying back down ontop of my wife and began rubbing herself up and down mixing her whipped cream together with Jaynes’ mess of ingredients.

Next she swung her ass around and sat it down over Jaynes’ face telling her to “clean it up”.

In the meantime I had another erection that would crack diamonds, and was praying that the video wouldn’t run out of tape.

I could hear Jayne working on Anne’s pussy, slurping and moaning, and I could see she had two fingers up to the hilt in Anne.

Anne was going wild, rubbing her pussy back and forth over Jayne’s face, telling her to eat her cum.

And cum she did.

I could see it running down over Jayne’s chin as Jayne took her fingers out of Anne’s pussy, shoving them as hard and fast as she could up Anne’s ass.

Making Anne scream out as orgasm after orgasm ripped through her body.

Anne then reached her peak, dropping her head down to Jayne’s pussy and licking from clit to asshole and back, then locking her teeth onto Jayne’s clit biting down hard and making my wife scream out as her own orgasm overtook her.

From then on I didn’t know where to point the camera, and could only walk around the bed capturing Escort Sivas everything I saw, moving on to the next orifice being invaded by tongues or fingers.

They were moaning and crying out over and over as they started rolling around on the bed with their legs locked behind each others necks, holding each others faces firmly to their pussies.

Jayne had noticed the vibrator and grabbed it shoving it hard up inside Anne just as Anne grabbed the egg and pushed it inside my wife, both of them turning the switches to full and causing both to start cumming again.

I couldn’t help myself as I grabbed the can of whipped cream and started spraying it all over the two writhing bodies as they came on each others faces over and over.

I Scooped out handfulls of ice-cream and smeared it around their pussies and assholes adding to the juices and moisture already coating them.

I was going crazy with lust and put the camera on the bedside table, getting undressed as fast as lightening, I jumped ontop of the nearest body, which was Anne and shoved my cock in the closest hole not caring about anything but getting myself off.

It was not until she sat bolt upright and screamed that I realised I was fucking her ass.

There was no way I was stopping now though and I just shoved my cock in and out as hard and fast as I could.

After losing the mouth of her pussy, Jayne got up and started frigging herself madly while rubbing her other hand all over Anne’s body.

Grabbing her tits and squeezing them hard, by this point Anne wasn’t caring about who was doing what exactly and was thrusting back hard trying to get more of my cock into herself cumming again and again.

This was all too much for me and I pulled out of Anne’s ass ands started cumming all over her ass cheeks and legs and Jayne brought her head down and started licking it all off.

I collapsed backwards on the bed as Anne collapsed forwards with Jayne still trying to lick up all of my cum.

Jayne then came over to me and started licking and sucking my cock and I was surprised to find I hadn’t gone soft.

Before I could do anything, Jayne squatted over me and lowered herself onto my cock and started bouncing up and down saying she just had to “cum one more time”.

Anne was practically passed out by now and I was breathing hard trying to recover yet my wife was fucking herself silly on my cock.

Over and over, up and down my cock, rubbing and squeezing her own breasts.

I thought the bed was going to break before she sat all the way down on me and went rigged, then began convulsing on top of me and screaming she was “CUMMING”.

She then rolled off me and onto her back gasping for air.

I thought to myself, “no way sheila, you kept me hard now I’m gonna finish”.

I sat up and rolled her onto her stomach and slid ontop of her.

Sliding my cock up and down her pussy from clit to asshole.

Before she could do anything I started sliding my cock into her ass and when she tried to pull away I just grabbed her by the hips and forced her back as I lunged forward, burying my cock up to the hilt in her ass.

She opened her mouth to cry out only to have Anne grab her hair and force my wife’s mouth onto her sopping pussy.

I hadn’t even noticed Anne come to and she gave me a wicked smile as I continued to pound my wifes’ ass and Anne continued to hold Jaynes’ head against her pussy.

I was bucking wildly and my wife started forcing herself backwards to meet my thrusts, her screams and moans muffled against our friends pussy.

Anne’s eyes were rolled back in her head and she was moaning and mumbling that she was going to “cum again”.

I took in the sight before me and couldn’t hold back any longer as I saw the body of my wife with my cock buried to the hilt in her ass, covered in dried cream, topping, ice-cream, my come and sweat.

Her head buried in the face of our good friend Anne, who was also covered in a mixture of all things edible.

I just lost it and pulled my cock out and started jerking it over Jayne’s ass, the first couple of jets flying over her and landing on Anne’s chest, the rest coating my wifes’ pussy and ass.

I collapsed on the spot, as Anne let go of Jaynes’ hair and I said to my wife “I hope that you’ve learnt your lesson now. No more screwing around”.

She came over to me and kissed me hard and said that from now on she would be a good little wife, except when she feels like being taught a lesson. mmm…

We all laughed between pants and gasps for air.

The End…


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