Lonely Mom’s Passion


I was going home during a school break to see my mother. My parents split up when I was five and even now at twenty, I don’t know what happened to my father. My mother doesn’t like to talk about it although I want to know what happened between them. My Mom now lives in a small house along a lake front. I am not sure how she can afford the house as she only works part time or when she wants to. I pulled up to Mom’s place and I went to the front door.

Mom greeted me with a big hug and I put my bags in her small spare bedroom. My Mom was just in her mid-forties but she could pass for younger. She had blond hair down to her shoulders and she was quite shapely. I know a son shouldn’t be looking but I just had to stare at her breasts. My mother liked to show them off as she wore revealing tops. My Mom prepared dinner and she also broke out a bottle of wine.

We managed to finish off that bottle and we opened a second one. I was feeling quite mellow after we were done eating. Mom cleared the table and after that she stood behind me and rubbed my shoulders.

“I’m so glad you are here Eric,” she said to me.

I turned around in my chair and I was looking at my Mom’s chest. I think we had that moment where she wanted to have me look and I was looking. After a few seconds of that Escort I stood up. I could almost feel the tingle of our bodies wanting each other. Mom stepped close and she put her arms around my neck. We kissed and it was a passionate one. Our tongues were touching and I could feel my Mom’s breasts pressed to my chest.

I knew this was so wrong but I couldn’t help myself. We were both horny and I had to have my Mom. We stripped down there in the kitchen. I was pulling off my mother’s clothes and she got my shirt off and then worked my pants and underwear to the floor. I finally got to see my Mom’s body. Mom had a small pubic patch and her breasts jutted out from her chest. I lowered my face and I took a nipple in my mouth. Mom was moaning and urging me to suck each of her big mounds of flesh.

We didn’t even make it to the bedroom. We got over to the couch and Mom got onto her back. I spread her legs wide and I knelt in between her thighs. I took hold of her ankles and I raised her legs up. My cock head found her opening and I sunk my dick into her wet quim.

“Oh my fucking God!” Mom cried out.

I had managed to sink all seven inches of my prick into her quivering pussy. It was quivering alright. My Mom’s body was convulsing as I pushed my entire length into Escort Bayan her belly. This wasn’t slow and passionate sex. It was hard, fast and deep. I was sure my Mom hadn’t had sex in a long time. I was going to rectify that problem this evening. I buried my dick into my Mom’s pussy and then I would hold it there. My mother would scream for me not to stop. She needed to feel my cock stroking her wet hole.

I always wondered why my Mom never had a boyfriend or why she never took a lover. It was a good thing she didn’t. I had to have her all to myself. My low hanging balls were hitting her bottom. you could hear the ‘slap, slap, slap’ noises as she took every hard inch of me. I love the feel of skin on skin and I was taking my Mom bare. She didn’t say a word about not having a rubber on and it wouldn’t matter. I didn’t have any with me.

I did get my Mom’s legs up onto my shoulders and then I reach down and squeezed her big tits. That really got my Mom stirred up. Her pussy was so wet now. She was oozing juices as I drove my hardness all the way into her belly. Mom milked my bone with her muscles. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold out much longer. I fed my Mom cock until we both came to a climax. I pushed in one last time and I flooded my mother with my white Bayan Escort cream.

I have to say that first time with my mother was the hottest sex I had experienced up until now. I shot one load after another into her tummy. I could tell my cum was leaking out of her pussy. I tried holding my dick in place and have Mom grip my bone. I am sure she got everything out of me. When I did pull out my seed came pouring out of my mother. Mom was shaking from the fucking she just took. I let go of her legs and we held each in our arms.

“I needed you so badly,” she told me.

I did find out that our lovemaking was the first time in years since my mother had a man. I wanted to ask her if she was saving herself for me but I was afraid to ask. I was going to stay just a few days with my Mom until I went and visited some friends. We took advantage of our time together by spending it in bed. Mom was greedy for my cock. She loved getting me hard with her mouth and then mounting my erection.

Mom would sink down on me as I would pinch her pink nipples with my fingers. She would bob up and down my hard rod and I would bring my ass up to meet her thrusts. Never once did I use a condom. I gave my Mom multiple loads those few days we spent together. The time did arrive and I need to travel to some friend’s house.

“You will stop back and see me?” She asked.

I told her I would spend the final few days of my college leave and come back to her house. I do need to have my Mom’s pussy a few more times before I head back to school.

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