London Swinging Weekend



We have been married for over 20 years now, with two kids away at University, good jobs and a nice home so everything in life seems good. We have enjoyed all sorts of swinging adventures too, ever keen to try and push the boundaries of our sexuality. We are regulars at a swingers club, had threesomes with friends and my brother, Jayne even experiencing a mini-gangbang! I was also happy with Jayne having fun with her black lover Ray whenever she wanted, she knows that I love watching her have sex with other men and it was her biggest turn on. For both her sexual pleasure and my voyeurism we prefer black guys when we have swinging fun with single guys. But despite this we have had no swinging fun for months now and Jayne was very cool towards me. A weekend away in London seemed a good idea to me so I booked two nights at a Holiday Inn and was relieved that Jayne was keen to get away. We sat quietly on the train Friday afternoon when Jayne leaned in close.

“Gary, I need to talk to you.” She said quietly.

“Ok, go for it,” I replied my heart thumping.

“It’s Ray, it got a bit too much with him and was getting out of hand. I so liked the way Ray made me feel sexy and desirable but I was spending too much time with him and you were being left out.”

I stared at her in disbelief, “Is that all? I thought it was me that upset you.”

“No it’s not you. I think swinging is a two-way process and he was starting to make me feel a bit used so I have finished it and he won’t be part of our swinging life anymore.”

We looked at each other then burst out laughing, “But some swinging is still ok?”

“Fuck yes! I have really missed it. I just want you there from now on and not being left out. If we meet other couples or singles let’s still have fun, ok?” Jayne answered grinning from ear to ear.

The rest of the journey was a pleasure as we chatted easily again now the air was clear. We got to the Holiday Inn and checked into to our room, the weather was not good with typical English April showers but we spent a happy afternoon exploring the shops and then eating out. We finished our meal and drinks, had a bottle of wine as we ate and then getting back to our room at 8ish.

“What about tonight then?” Jayne asked.

“Well, as this is a swinging weekend how about a club tonight? There is one in London right near here, I got the address on the Internet, fancy trying it?”

“Yep! I’m game. Let’s see if the anklet works then!” She replied laughing.

We grabbed a quick drink from the room mini-bar, showered and then both quickly changed and left. Jayne into a black mesh minidress, over a black thong, no bra, black hold up stockings and spiky stiletto shoes. With her fingernails and toes painted bright red and makeup heavier than normal I looked at my wife proudly as we walked. She wore a silver anklet with a heart shaped disc engraved “slutwife.” I was so proud because she was as we had been swinging for many years and I still loved her so much. Jayne looked the perfect slut too with the way she dresses and acts. Still a petite slim lady, great legs and stunning red hair she looked so fuckable. It was only a short walk to the club so holding hands we strolled down the road and was surprised at how close we were to the club, within 10 minutes we were at the entrance a doorway between two shops in a small shopping arcade. We quickly went in and were met at the top of the stairs and paid our money.

“Not a sauna or Jacuzzi type club then?” Jayne asked.

“Nope. It’s a party type thing I guess,” I answered as we walked around the rooms.

The party was just getting started it seemed with a few dancing while others stood around chatting, it was small but like a normal nightclub but with a lot of sexily dressed women and some groping on the small dance floor. It was a singles and couples night as the men outnumbered women by about thee to one. We went over to the bar, got drinks and stood at the bar watching a mature blonde woman in her 50’s on her knees sucking a young black guy while we and several other people stood around watching.

“Looks like she wants to get the party going,” I whispered.

“Looks good, I quite fancy that myself.” Jayne giggled back. She didn’t have to tell me that, she had many times over the years proved her love of interracial sex. We watched as he held the back of head and started to gently fuck her mouth.

Moments later he moaned, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming. Oh fuck!”

She kept his cock deep in her mouth as he came, we watched as his black cock spewed in her mouth, her throat gulping as she swallowed. When he finished cumming she erotically licked the head of his cock until she had cleaned up every last drop.

“Good entertainment,” I said to Jayne as I noticed a couple about our age standing behind her.
“Looks like he had a good time,” the man said smiling down at Jayne.

“Her too I think,” Jayne replied.

“Hi. My name is Steve, this is my wife Lynn, nice to meet you both,” he said.
“I’m yenibosna escort Gary and this is my wife Jayne.” I replied as we all shook hands.
I looked beside him at Lynn who smiled and moved over beside me. She was a pretty and very petite blonde, dressed in a very short tartan skirt that showed her thighs above the tops of her white stockings.

“Is this your first time here?” She asked.

“Does it show?” I answered laughing. “Yes our first time at this club but we have been to other clubs before. You’re enjoying yourselves tonight then Lynn?”

With a sexy smile, she answered, “Well, we are now we have met you two.”

For the next few minutes I chatted intimately with Lynn, my face inches from her as I we said where we were from and what we did at swingers club. I was really enjoying flirting with her and the very sexy conversation.

“Looks like Steve and Jayne are getting on.” Lynn said.

I was so captivated by Lynn I hadn’t noticed Jayne and Steve wander off for a dance.

She looked a little flushed and winked at me and I noticed Steve’s hands were all over here. Jayne mouthed “I Love You” as Steve held her by the hips from behind rubbing his cock against her bum bumping and grinding to the music. Knowing we were watching they spun around and Steve pulled her close. His hands were running up and down her back and squeezing her bum, they kissed each other deeply and Steve began feeling her breasts as Jayne ground her pelvis against him

“So do you two like to watch and play or do you swap?” Lynn asked.

I put my arm around Lynn and kissed her gently. “We love to swing, maybe we should go off into a room for some fun?”

“Ok, but with Steve and Jayne too, we always swing together.” Lynn then beckoned them to come back over.

“Things went well between you two I see.” I said to my wife.

“Steve was just whispering sweet nothings in my ear.” Jayne giggled.
I looked at the two of them with a big grin, “and what were you whispering to my wife Steve?”
“That we should go into a room and play,” he said bluntly.
“Are you ready?” Lynn asked him.

“I am if you are babe,” he replied.

Taking my hand Lynn led the four of us down a corridor and into a side room with a huge bed, and as I locked the door shut she came over to Jayne and took her hand.

“You are a real sweetie,” she said. Both girls looked directly into each other’s eyes with hungry looks on their faces. Lynn put her arms around Jayne and tentatively pulled her close, “Are you ok with this?” Jayne simply nodded and then gave her a long slow wet kiss, while their hands slowly explored each other’s bodies over their clothes.

I stood behind Lynn and held her hips as they kissed and I felt her stiffen up and then relax as they both got into it. They pressed against each other and as Lynn pushed her bum against me I ground my cock into her pert little bum.

“Fuck that’s horny,” I whispered in her ear.

Lynn moaned and wrapped put hand on my hip pulling me in tighter. Jayne wrapped her hand around Lynn’s neck so this gorgeous little blonde was held tight between us. I glanced over to Steve and was surprised as he just stood by and watched the three of us groping each other. Jayne then pulled away from Lynn, smiled and nodded at me and then she walked over to Steve.

“Hi there! That was nice to watch,” he said as Jayne put her arms around him.

“You like to watch then? You are as bad as my husband!” Jayne replied.

Lynn turned to me and we quickly undressed each other, within seconds we were both naked and I was on my back on the bed. Lynn was petite, even smaller than Jayne. Her breasts were small with tiny erect pink nipples and she looked so sexy, slender and trim all over. Her pierced stomach perfectly flat and tattoos of dolphins on her shoulders and stomach.

“You like?” She said flicking her dangly playboy belly bar.

“Very much,” I replied rubbing my cock as I looked at her.

She smiled, licked her lips, climbed on the bed and started to suck me, slurping noisily on my rock hard cock. I closed my eyes and I enjoyed the attentions of her tongue and lips on my cock. I heard movement from the other two and looked down at the foot of the bed to see Jayne, now naked except for her black stockings on the bed on all fours with Steve right behind her running a hand over her bum and sliding his other hand between her legs.

As I watched them, Lynn suddenly turned so we were in a 69 position with her on top. I looked lustfully at her wet pussy hidden by just a light covering of pubic hair.

“Lick me,” she murmured as she lowered her cunt on my face.

I alternated at licking her pussy and then sucking on her clitoris, she was already very wet and I guessed from her moans close to coming. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her firmly onto my mouth and really went to work on her clit.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned as her hips zeytinburnu escort began to rise and fall.

I just held her tighter and she came with a high-pitched moan. She shuddered and then put her mouth back around my cock making me moan now. From the sounds coming from beside us, the other two were hard at it and I felt the bed moving as they fucked but from between Lynn’s legs I could see nothing until she climbed off. She knelt beside me and handed me a condom and watched me roll it on and then pushed me back down.

“She enjoyed that,” my wife said.

Jayne was inches from me, on all fours with her legs spread wide as Steve fucked her vigorously. I watched as her body thrust towards me and the bed shook with Steve’s thrusts. I held the back of my wife’s head, pulled her face down and kissed her passionately as Lynn climbed on top of me. I let go of Jayne’s head and watched Lynn as soon she eased down on my cock taking me slowly all the way in.

“Oh fuck that’s lovely,” I said as Lynn began to bounce up and down on me.

I held onto her hips and began fucking her with everything I had. Both our wives began moaning with pleasure as they were fucked hard. The sharp slapping as Steve banged into Jayne’s backside entranced me and I couldn’t take my eyes off my wife’s face. I could see she was about to cum as she let out a loud groan and began to push back harder against him.

“Oh yes, just like that.” I heard her whisper as she began using her free hand to rub her clit.

“Oh fuck! I’m cumming!” Jayne moaned as she came.

I could see she was lost in the pleasure as she moaned and cum. My eyes stayed fixed on her as she slouched forward her face in the mattress. Lynn just gently ground her pussy on me as she watched the great job her husband was doing on my wife.

“Ouch! I need to move,” Jayne said moving forward and turning to lie on her back on the bed.

“Lay on your back.” I whispered in Lynn’s ear.

“Come on you can fuck me now,” Lynn said climbing off me.

Lynn rolled over as we all changed around on the bed, the girls now side by side ready to be fucked in the missionary position.

“I like doing it side by side, you get a good view of both of them,” Steve said as he slipped his cock back into my wife making Jayne groan quietly.

“You like watching your wife being fucked too then?” I replied.

“Oh yes! I love it.”

I got between Lynn’s legs and stretched out on top of her and kissed her passionately. As I moved my cock against her pussy she moaned out loud, slowly I slipped my hard cock in, she was so wet I slid right in with one gentle push. I grabbed her hips and started to fuck her, slamming into her pussy, I could feel my balls banging against her bum with every thrust. Lynn wrapped her legs around me and pulled me in deeper.

“Fuck me!” She gasped, ” I want to feel you cum, do it in me Gary.”

The bed was moving back and forth as both the girls were fucked really hard, I glanced over to my wife, her face contorted with every thrust from Steve’s cock.

“You want it baby?” Steve moaned as he rammed harder into her pussy, “There, baby. Take it Jayne! I’m cumming in you.”

Hearing and seeing this I knew I couldn’t last much longer, my breathing was ragged, I was almost there and Lynn knew it.

“Come for me Gary, do it in me. I want it.” She whispered.
I pumped into her, short strokes, our bodies tight against each other as we fucked, both of us panting until my balls ached and I felt myself cumming.
With a loud moan, “Oh fuck, take it.”

As I was cumming Lynn moan out loud and I felt her pussy tighten and her fingernails scratched down my back until I was spent. We lay there for a time intertwined.

“That was great Lynn, we should do this again sometime.” I said gently kissing her.

I looked at Jayne and the look of satisfied lust on her face. All four of us stayed in our positions on the bed breathing as though we had run a marathon. Steve and I got off the girls and I passed around the tissues looking at the girls who both looked so horny and well fucked. Steve kissed Jayne and thanked her for a great time before shaking my hand and thanking me too.

I gave Lynn a final kiss and whispered my thanks while Jayne disappeared to find the ladies and then I wandered back to the bar. I ordered more drinks while I waited for Jayne to return and sat watching the porn film on the TV adjacent to the bar.

“I had two more offers on the way back here!” Jayne said giggling as she sat down next to me.

“I think I’ve had enough though, it’s been a long day but great fun. Drink up and let’s get back to the hotel and shower.” I said.

Within fifteen minutes we were back in our room, after giggling all the way back about what we had done at the club. As Jayne went to shower I undressed and poured us a drink. She stayed in there for about ten minutes before she came out and I dried her glistening acıbadem escort body with a fluffy towel before she put a nightdress on.

“Have you had a good evening Jayne?” I asked looking into her eyes.
“Oh yes,” she answered as she pulled me close. “And I fancy some fun this weekend. Yes I’m fine, I’m so glad to be swinging again.”

When I got out of the shower I slipped in beside Jayne quietly as she slept soundly.


After Friday evenings fun not surprisingly we both had a sleep in the next morning, waking after 9am to a beautiful warm sunny morning. When we got up, showering and then breakfast was all a very leisurely affair and it set the trend for the day. As we wandered around the shops and then had a trip on the London eye we were more relaxed with each other than we had been for months, a return to swinging had been a real success and we giggled a lot through the day when we talked about Friday evening at the club. We had dinner out and then went back early to our room at the Holiday Inn as the weather changed and the rain started.

“So you like me being a slut again darling?”

“Oh yes! This evening we might have some fun again. You game for that?”

“Yep! I will have a soak in the bath and then get changed.” Jayne said as she stood up and headed for the bathroom. I wasn’t sure what we could do tonight but I knew now Jayne would have no problem if we had a chance of some more kinky fun.

Jayne emerged from the bathroom in her dressing gown, “Go shower darling, I’ll get something nice on for you!” she said.

When I finished showering I went into the bedroom as Jayne was putting the finishing touches to her make up. I smiled as I saw what she was wearing, a short black skirt slit at both sides, which just covered the tops of her stockings, high-heeled shoes and a leopard skin tight top, her mop of red-hair and make up now immaculate. On her ankle she was wearing her “slutwife” anklet again.

“Well, how do I look? Sexy?”

“Very fuckable, let me dress and let’s go for a drink.” I dressed quickly and holding my wife’s hand we went down in the lift to the bar. We sat at the bar in the corner of the room with another couple and a smart young blackman who looked vaguely familiar. Jayne quickly downed two large Vodkas, as we chatted quietly until the couple left and we watched as they put up umbrellas and went out into the rain.

“God look at that rain, it’s fucking pouring,” the man said making Jayne smile.

We all just sat watching the rain as the couple disappeared.

“Sorry, I swore but this weather is so frustrating. I’m just gonna have to stay and drink here I guess.”

“That’s ok, we are staying for a while if you fancy some company,” Jayne replied.

“Thank you. My names Rexton, but I prefer Rex and I recognise you two from the club last night!” He said offering his hand to Jayne and then me.

“I’m Gary, this is Jayne. So you saw us at the club?” I answered.

“Yes, I saw you both there, I remember your red hair Jayne. You watched my mate getting a blowjob and then you went off with another couple and swapped I guess.”

I’m not sure that Jayne remembered Rex either but from what he said we knew he had seen us. We made small talk as Rex told us about how he had just started on the swinging scene a year ago, always travelling up to the London club. Rex I guessed was about 35 some 10 years younger than us. I noticed him eyeing up Jayne as she sat on the stool between us, her legs crossed showing her thigh. She was already flirting, their faces so close as they spoke, and I guessed she fancied having some fun.

“I can’t go to the club tonight because it’s couples only and I’m not going out in that rain so how about I get you another drink?” Rex said calling the barman over.

Jayne’s tolerance for alcohol has always been low and she was already tiddly, she gave him a smile and asked for another large vodka and then winked at me. Smiling she moved forward on the stool crossing her legs allowing her skirt to ride higher still. The barman had a good view of her legs too as she leant to talk privately to me.

“He’s kind of cute don’t you think? You want to see him do me?” She whispered.

“Perfect, it seems to be going that way.” I answered quietly.

I looked at Rex who was staring at her stocking tops and the creamy white thigh now on show. I do so love the exhibitionist streak in my wife. Rex handed Jayne her vodka and me a red wine as I moved my hand onto Jayne’s leg.

“You’re showing yourself off darling.” I said.

“I don’t think Rex minds, do you?” She answered looking straight into his eyes.

“You have lovely legs and I love your high heels and stockings. What does it say on your ankle chain? Do you mind if I touch?” Rex said glancing around the room.

“No I don’t mind at all, I want you to. We came down for some fun this weekend.”

He had his back to the rest of the people in the bar so nobody would have seen as he held her ankle and smiled at “slutwife” engraved on it. Jayne moved against him and they spoke quietly and intimately but I could just hear. Jayne kept her legs crossed as Rex caressed her calf and looked up her skirt.

“You are a very sexy lady. He’s a lucky guy. Do you play with singles too?”

“We have done most things, other couples, threesomes and single guys”

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