Living With Claudia


It was 2010 and I had just finished studying at university. I was born and bred in a small town in New Zealand, a distant and exotic location for some, but I found it cold and boring. I graduated from university with a physiotherapy degree. The downside of my education was my student loan, which had ballooned to become larger than I’d anticipated. Immediately after my graduation I worked picking fruit, but this was just a short-term solution to my growing financial woes. It was nice to work outdoors for a change, however, I had to put my qualifications to better use and I had to clear my debt. My 24-year-old 5’9″ frame had not done any physical work for a few years, so there were benefits to the job. The fruit picking had slimmed me down to about 75kg (165 pounds). I felt fit for the first time in years.

I searched for physiotherapy work in New Zealand, but I was unable to find anything permanent, so I considered moving to Australia because of the higher wages. I applied for a few jobs, but didn’t have high expectations since my work experience was limited and I lived in New Zealand. However, to my surprise I received a positive email from a physical disability clinic in Sydney. They requested a Skype interview. I prepared thoroughly and although the video interview went better than I expected, I wasn’t getting my hopes up. A few days after the interview I received a phone call saying I had the job, which stated in June, in two months time. I couldn’t believe it. Sure, it was an entry-level job, but entry-level pay in Australia was higher than I could expect in my country. I was also aware of the living costs in Sydney, however, I’d already struck it lucky with the job, so why not a home too? After just breaking up with my long-term girlfriend, a change of scenery was exactly what I needed.

Two months later my plane touched down in Sydney. It was early winter – a balmy 20 degrees Celsius (about 70 Fahrenheit). 20 degrees was what my home climate offered me in summer, but this was Sydney at the beginning of winter. For me, the weather was perfect. I began work in three weeks time, so I had to find cheap accommodation quickly. A friend of a friend was living in Sydney and he’d offered me his couch for a week, which gave me a chance to look for a new place without digging too deep into my meager savings. The guy I was staying with suggested a site called Gumtree. I searched through the listings and a few looked promising. Most of the places I considered were close to where I was going to be working – Drummoyne, which is situated in inner-west Sydney. One of the adverts didn’t have any photos, nor a price, which was unusual, but I rang the number anyway. A woman answered the phone and her name was Claudia. She seemed friendly, a bit posh, even with her Australian accent. Although her advert had been up for two weeks, Claudia said she’d only received three inquiries, and none of those people had come to view the room. I told her I could come over that day. We agreed on 6pm and she messaged me the address.

Fortunately for me, Drummoyne was only a short walk and quick ferry ride from where I was staying at the time. I arrived at 6pm to the address Claudia gave me, but I was disappointed when I saw her building. It was part of luxury apartment complex where the multi-story apartments cascaded down a gentle hill. There was no way I could afford to stay in a place like that. I was in Sydney to pay off my student loan and I needed cheap accommodation. Claudia’s home was on the end of a block of five apartments, which were four stories high. It was a relatively new housing complex, mostly grey stone, and very up-market. I was tempted to send Claudia a text and cancel, but I thought I’d meet her since I was already there. I pushed the button on the front wall in front of her apartment.

Claudia’s voice came through the intercom. “Johnny?”

“Yes,” I replied. “I’m guessing this is Claudia?”

“Good guess,” she replied with a quiet giggle. “I’ll let you in.”

The lock clicked. I pushed the gate open and walked through a neatly kept garden towards the front door. It was a very fancy place. The garden was perfect and the small lawn didn’t have a blade of grass out of place. Just as I was about to knock on the door it swung open, and Claudia greeted me with a beaming smile.

“Hi Johnny, come in, just leave your shoes at the door. Follow me up to the balcony, I’ve made us some iced tea,” she said.

I smiled as I replied. “Sure, no problem.”

She apologized for the way she was dressed – she’d just returned from yoga and hadn’t changed out of her exercise gear.

“No worries,” I said.

I followed Claudia up the stairs and I couldn’t believe the view. I’m not talking about the view from the balcony, but the view as I walked up the stairs. Claudia was wearing a pair of bright blue spandex that ended at her calves, and a tight fitting, thin, stretchy, zip-up hooded sweater. When Claudia walked up the stairs her massive ass swayed from side to side. Each ass cheek was probably more than both my hands mecidiyeköy escort would be able to hold, and I resisted the urge to find out. At the time I wasn’t sure if it was the blue spandex holding her ass in shape, or if her ass cheeks were shaped that way (I’d soon find out it was the latter). Claudia had a dark tan and her body didn’t appear flabby, especially for a woman her size. Her firm ass protruded out the sides, as well as behind her. I was surprised to see no ‘muffin-top’ hanging out the top of her spandex. I’ve seen many women with big asses, but very few with big asses and smaller waists. It was difficult to guess Claudia’s age because her body didn’t seem to sag too much and her complexion was youthful. She was much older than me. My guess at the time was 45, but I would soon discover she was 63. I felt a bulge developing in my pants.

I followed Claudia to the balcony and we sat down on a comfortable outdoor couch. The balcony was big and the view was stunning. At the other end of the balcony there was a Jacuzzi. It was a private balcony and we couldn’t see the neighbors. I couldn’t help noticing how her small feet were. They were neatly manicured and her toenails were painted bright red. I’m not much of a foot guy, but even I couldn’t help admiring them. Her ankles and feet were small, but her calves looked shapely and strong. Above Claudia’s knees her legs got thick – really thick, really fast, and her thighs were chunky. Some would say muscular. I briefly imagined what it would be like to have my head between those thick, chunky thighs.

Claudia was what I would call ‘extreme hourglass’. She stood about 5’3″. Considering the size of her ass and breasts, her waist seemed relatively small. Her stomach wasn’t flat, but it wasn’t big either. It wasn’t pushing against her top the way her breasts were. The grey sweater was slightly unzipped and her ample bosom looked as though it was about to force the zip open. As she sat down on the outdoor sofa. Her blue spandex smothered the couch and the thin material struggled to contain her big thighs, wide hips and curvaceous ass. The stitching must have been high quality. Since Claudia was quite short, her curves were accentuated.

Claudia poured us some iced tea and added some slices of cucumber.

“This makes it even more refreshing,” she said waiving the cucumber at me.

I was fixated on her hands as she gripped the cucumber. Her hands were similar to her feet – small and soft. And like her toes, they were perfectly manicured. My mind wandered again as I imagined that cucumber as my cock. When she gave me the iced tea she leaned forward and I got a good glimpse of her cleavage – a deep long crevasse. I couldn’t stop staring at her breasts as they strained the stretchy material – fortunately I had my sunglasses on so she couldn’t see where I was looking.

My eyes returned to hers when she asked. “So, you found the place OK?”

“Sure,” I replied. “I’m staying at a friends place not far from here, but I have to find something permanent soon.”

“Well, maybe we can help each other out,” said Claudia. “I need some company around here, I’ve been living alone for too long. It’d be nice to have a house-mate.”

Claudia explained to me how she had split with her husband five years ago after 30 years of marriage.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” I said sympathetically.

I quickly realized that Claudia was about 55 years old, if she married at 20. That didn’t seem to add up because she looked younger than that.

“Oh well,” she said with a resigned look on her face. “We never had children and I guess we drifted apart. I guess he just got sick of me and he ended up leaving me for a younger women. She was young and skinny, whereas I’m fat and old, and he was thinking with his dick.” She giggled again, but this time with a tinge of bitterness. “The good news is he had to give me half of what we owned. I got this apartment and more money than I know what to do with!”

“Well, you look better than most women my age. And I don’t think you look fat, you’ve got nice curves,” I said, and then instantly regretted. There was a short and uncomfortable silence and I could feel my face flushing red. I blushed easily and the more I tried not to, the redder my face became.

“Aww, that’s sweet of you Johnny,” Claudia replied, and then she lent forward and rubbed my forearm. As she leaned forward I got a better view of her deep cleavage. I was relieved that she wasn’t offended, but I still felt embarrassed.

She sat back and continued, “I’ve put some weight on the past few years, but I think it’s gone to the right spots.”

My face was still red, I could feel it.

“So tell me about yourself, are you from New Zealand?” Claudia asked.

“Yeah,” I replied. “I guess my accent gave that away eh”?

She giggled. “Sure does! But don’t worry, I like it”.

I smiled.

“I’ve just moved over here for work,” I explained. “I’ve just finished studying at university. I’m 24 years old and I got a job as a physiotherapist taksim escort working with disabled people. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do.”

“Ooh, that sounds like rewarding work,” said Claudia.

“Yeah,” I replied, “and the wages might be enough for me to save some money, since I have a student loan to pay off.”

“So you’re after some cheap accommodation then?” She asked.

“Yeah, which means I don’t think I can move in here,” I said dejectedly.

“Don’t worry about that”, she replied. “Rent isn’t a concern for me. As I explained, I don’t need the money. I’m looking for someone to move in here and keep me company, but I do wonder if you’re too young to live with an old lady like me? This isn’t a party flat,” she giggled again.

“Oh no,” I quickly replied. “I’m not looking for a party flat. I need a cheap place to live so that I can get my student loan under control. I prefer quite evenings with a glass of wine. I read a lot.”

“Me too,” said Claudia. She smiled again.

When Claudia smiled her eyes seemed to smile too. She wasn’t wearing a lot of make-up, just some eye-liner and lip gloss. Her shoulder-length black hair was styled nicely with a dark red streak through it. Claudia was blessed with high cheekbones and a prominent jawline, not masculine, but soft and firm, and only a hint of a double chin. Her skin was almost flawless, sure, there were a few wrinkles developing around the eyes and mouth, but she was youthful for her age. Her face radiated and eyes twinkled every time she smiled, a beautiful smile with perfect teeth and pouty lips. I found out that evening Claudia’s parents migrated to Australia from Italy just before she was born. Her mother was from Turkey and her father was Italian. So that explained the high cheekbones, olive skin and dark sultry eyes.

We sat there and talked for a few hours, which surprised me because it felt like only 20 minutes had passed. The light had dimmed and the fairy lights on the balcony created a romantic glow. My sunglasses were off and I had to be careful where I was looking. I tried my best to not stare at her body, which was not an easy task, considering the way it was busting out of her figure hugging clothes. We were at ease in each other’s company, chatting about many things. I was hoping Claudia would offer me the room, and finally she did.

“Why don’t you move in here for a few weeks at $50 a week and we’ll see how that goes,” she offered.

I couldn’t turn down a deal like that. Most places I’d looked at were going for $200 a week, and they were shoe-boxes. Claudia’s place big, spacious and luxurious.

“I’m happy to offer low rent for someone like you,” Claudia said. “I think the work you are doing is valuable, consider the cheap rent compensation for the good work you do.”

“I can’t say no to that,” I replied.

“I’ll give you the tour then,” she said as she stood up.

I followed her back inside. The lounge area was spacious and tasteful. White leather couches, designer tables, and the carpet was thick and soft. It was a minimalist look, uncluttered and simple. Claudia’s home was very different to the cheap student flats I was used to.

“Here’s the kitchen, feel free to help yourself to whatever you want. I’ll clear some cupboard space for your own things too”.

“Wow”, I said.

I’d never seen a kitchen as fancy as this, except in magazines or on the internet. Next she showed me the bathroom and I was a little disappointed. It was nice, but just a simple shower and a separate toilet. I was expecting something bigger, but I soon realized this was just one of three bathrooms. We then went up the stairs, and I got another close up of Claudia’s huge bubble butt. I felt myself becoming hypnotized by it as it swayed back and forth. Claudia’s room was on the second floor. As she walked into her room I stood at the doorway and peaked inside. Her bed was huge, a king size, and she had black silk sheets. She apologized for the unmade bed. I didn’t reply because I was thinking about her lying in that bed – her plump, curvaceous, naked body writhing around on the black silk sheets… I snapped out of my fantasy when she walked out of her room past me. One of her large hanging breasts brushed my hip as I stood at the door.

“And here’s the second floor bathroom.”

“Wow,” I said again. “This is bigger than my old house.” We both laughed.

The bathroom had a white marble floor. On one side there were two shower heads positioned about six feet apart. The other wall of the bathroom was a floor-to-ceiling mirror. Next to the shower area were two marble blocks that you could sit on or place your towel. I immediately imagined bending Claudia over one of those blocks as I pounded my stiff cock into her fat old pussy from behind. I pictured myself burying my cock deep into Claudia’s massive ass as she looked up at me in the mirror with that smile on her face… I snapped out of my daydream again.

“This is a spa bath,” she continued, “but I never use it. I just use the Jacuzzi on the beşiktaş escort balcony. You can see there’s two of everything,” Claudia said as she pointed at the two wash basins. “I think this bathroom makes me lonely”. She giggled again. “OK, and now up to the third floor – your floor”.

Once again we were climbing a set of stairs and my face was only inches away from Claudia’s glorious ass. I could no longer look at it out of fear that my boner was becoming too obvious. I’ll have plenty of chances to look at this later, I thought to myself.

The third floor was like the second, only smaller, but it was still big compared to what I was used to. There was my bedroom, another smaller bedroom, a bathroom, and a separate toilet. It was still very nice, although not as luxurious as the bathroom on the second floor. I couldn’t believe I was going to live here for only $50 per week.

We went back to the balcony and chatted for a while. The conversation flowed and we were at ease in each other’s company. I discovered Claudia was married at the age of 28, and was therefore 63 years old. She kept fit by doing yoga, and had done so since the 1980s, after a trip to India. More recently she’d started playing tennis, and doing cross-fit classes at a gym. That explained why her body remained so supple and firm, despite her age and size. Claudia studied fine arts at university in the late 60s and early 70s.

“I was your typical college student”, she said. “We used to party quite a lot, smoked way too much grass!”

I was surprised to hear this because Claudia appeared quite conservative. Her posh demeanor hid the fact that she used to be a liberal college student. Perhaps under her friendly, but reserved exterior, there was a wild woman? On the one hand she oozed sensuality and sex appeal, but on the other hand she looked very proper and innocent.

I left Claudia’s home around midnight after a couple of glasses of wine on the balcony. I couldn’t believe my luck. I’d found a cheap place to live, but more that that, it was a luxury apartment with a beautiful older lady. During my university years I’d only had one girlfriend and she was slim, with small tits and a small ass. We were together for four years. She took my virginity and I hadn’t fucked anyone else, calling me inexperienced was an understatement. It wasn’t as though I was ugly or socially inept, I was OK looking, but a bit of an introvert. Most of my student life had revolved around study, rather than parties. I was never that attracted to my ex’s body and I’d always fantasized about large older women, with big asses and big tits. There was something about them that turned me on. Claudia was the opposite of my ex-girlfriend. Claudia was my fantasy. Her boobs were extremely big, massive in fact. Guessing her weight was difficult because she had such large curves, but I’d say she weighed about 100 kg (220 lbs). She definitely took good care of herself. Time had been good to Claudia. Her face seemed to defy the ageing process, and her body appeared to defy gravity, especially her ass.

I moved into Claudia’s house two days after meeting her. Since I only had a few bags of stuff, the move was easy, and the rest of my belongings were to be sent from New Zealand. Work was yet to begin so I had time to relax, and that meant I had time to get to know Claudia. I couldn’t believe Claudia’s husband had left her. She was so sweet and caring. Intelligent too, perhaps too intelligent? Claudia knew a lot about politics, history and geography. She had traveled a lot and had plenty of stories to tell.

The first of winter weather arrived on Wednesday, a few days after I’d moved in. Claudia and I had spent the day watching a few films. She was wearing tight clothes and I was trying to hide my boner.

“We should have a wine in the pool tonight, since it’s getting cooler,” Claudia suggested.

“Sounds like fun,” I responded.

I was finally going to see more of Claudia’s body. I couldn’t wait.

After dinner I eagerly put my swimming shorts on and jumped in the pool. The sun had gone down and the fairy lights were on, so I was not able to see that clearly. I was nervous as Claudia came out in a bathrobe with two glasses of wine. She smiled as she handed me one and placed hers on the pool edge. As she removed her robe I was shocked to see how large her breasts were. Since it was dark and there was steam coming off the water, I was able to have a good look without her seeing my eyes. I’d guess her breasts were about GG, but that’s a ball park figure. Claudia’s breasts sat low, down to her waist, but they still appeared reasonably full and firm. They were not only big, but also round. Her heavy tits were contained by a red, one-piece, conservative swimsuit, and the weight of her breasts caused the straps to dig into her shoulders. She looked incredible. Claudia’s ass protruded out to the sides so it was clearly visible from the front, and when she turned to the side I could see it hanging behind her too. I’d guess her measurements were around 55-40-60. Her fat, light-brown thighs were smooth and toned. And her short arms were pudgy and firm, but not flabby. Needless to say, my cock was rock hard. She effortlessly eased herself into the Jacuzzi and exhaled deeply with a warm smile.

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