Living The Dream Together: Part Three: The School Desk and Tawse

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Yvonne was driving home, with Alison in the front seat next to her who was clearly struggling to cope with her stinging bottom as she squirmed around on the seat, particularly when going over any bumps in the road. She would also look in the mirror and saw Tess and Pauline, both looking tense, and both also squirming around on their stinging buttons.Yvonne played over in her mind what had been promised back at the shop. First, Alison would receive a very hard caning, and she had in mind eighteen strokes. Tess and Pauline would be watching. After that, both Tess and Pauline would, one after the other, bend over the old school desk in the loft, and Yvonne would then give them each such a hiding they wouldn’t forget with the old school tawse they had found in the loft.Once parked in the driveway, they all got out. Yvonne opened the front door, and the three girls followed her in. Yvonne looked at Alison and said, “Take the two girls up to the loft and I’ll be right up after you.”Yvonne did smile to herself when she saw again the stains both girls had on the front of their shorts, but they were now pretty much dry. She wondered what state they would be in, though, when they watched her give Alison the hard caning she deserved.The reason Yvonne told Alison to take the two girls up to the loft straight away, was to give them time to look around before the action started. She thought that would be the best way to calm them down because they certainly looked tense whenever she looked at them in the mirror as she was driving. She wasn’t surprised at that, because she supposed it was pretty much like sitting in the outer office outside the headmistress’s study knowing you were the next one in to be caned. Of course, that wouldn’t get your knickers and shorts wet, unless it was something that you really wanted to experience. Well, Yvonne knew that was the case here with Tess and Pauline.Yvonne supposed it wasn’t so different with Alison. After all, Alison was twenty-one although acted as though she was sixteen. She was certainly bratty at times and early on caused Yvonne a lot of stress, typical of mothering a teenager. However, that element of stress was removed when Alison accepted every spanking she was given. It was part of her chummy daughter’s makeup and Yvonne knew that Alison wanted to live with the constant worry of earning yet another spanking. Even so, Yvonne knew she had the happiest of homes with Alison, both relishing how she was in charge and Alison was answerable to her. Of course, being lovers was very special, and life was certainly less stressful now spanking was a standard and often given punishment.Alison opened the door to the loft and nodded to the girls to go through. They did, and immediately saw the school desk and went over to it. They were trying to make light conversation, but Alison could see that both of them were very tense. Of course, Alison knew that today was the first time both girls had been spanked, even though sixteen or seventeen, and had a far more painful hiding to come in a very short while.The girls looked around and then saw the cane hanging on the hook on the wall close to the table.Alison saw the concern on the girls’ faces and went and got the cane, swishing it as she walked back towards them, and saw how they both looked even more worried.Tess took hold of the cane and swished it herself, and, looking at Alison, said, “I guess this must really hurt.” Tess put the cane down onto the school desk, looking uneasy handling it.Alison replied, “Yes, it hurts, a lot, but I get caned when I deserve it, so that makes it my own fault. Anyway, a punishment wouldn’t be a meaningful punishment if it didn’t hurt, so a stinging bottom and crying buckets feeling really sorry for myself are all part of the punishment I must endure. Mind you, I really wouldn’t have it any other way because I know how bratty I can be, and it is better that my chummy mum has that ability to punish me because it makes her life far less stressful.”Pauline said, smirking, “Your mum certainly looks as though she must be very strict. Is she as fiery with the cane as her red hair suggests?”Alison smiled and said, “You are certainly right there, as you will see. Tokat Escort I know I deserve the cane so often, and I can hear Mum coming up now, so I am about to be caned once again.”Yvonne walked into the loft room and the three girls were immediately silent, just like schoolgirls as the teacher walked into the room. They were already standing, but Yvonne reckoned that if they had been seated just then they would immediately have stood up to show respect. Mind you, it was also just like seeing the headmistress come into the punishment room, and it was three very naughty girls that she was going to punish.Both Tess and Pauline realised, as soon as they entered the room that they once again had flutters flying around their vulva. They still couldn’t understand why just the thought of being given such a hard hiding turned them on, but it clearly did.Alison was of course quite used to seeing Yvonne’s curvy figure. She looked towards Tess and Pauline and saw them savouring how authoritatively gorgeous Yvonne looked. She wondered whether they focused at all on her well-toned bare arms, which meant that whether she used her hand or a spanking implement it was only ever going to land with a lot of force.Yvonne never chatted when about to discipline Alison and didn’t see any reason to do so just because Tess and Pauline were there. So, she went over to the desk and picked up the cane, swished it a couple of times, glared at Alison, and ordered, “Take your dress and knickers off, young lady.”Pauline and Tess were wide-eyed as they watched Alison do exactly as she was told. There was certainly nothing bratty about her behaviour just then as they watched her slip her dress down her arms and down to the floor, catching her knickers on the way, stepping out of both items of clothing and putting them on a close-by chair. It was clearly something she had done many times before.Yvonne decided to set the scene for the other two girls, and so ordered, “Take your bra off as well. I don’t think you deserve any dignity whatsoever because of your bad behaviour.”Alison glanced towards Tess and Pauline as she put her arms behind her back, unclipped her bra, slid the straps down her arms, caught the bra, and put it with her other clothes.Once Alison was fully undressed Yvonne ordered, “Put your hands on your head.”Alison quickly obeyed and as soon as her hands were on her head Yvonne turned to Tess and Pauline and said, “You are first going to see just how I deal with very naughty girls. Don’t be surprised how much it must hurt, because this is how I discipline Alison whenever she is naughty. You are both going to find that out straight afterwards when you bend over this desk and have your bottoms strapped with the tawse.”Alison and Yvonne saw the looks of real concern on the faces of both Tess and Pauline but were satisfied that neither intended to refuse the punishment, because both knew it was supposed to hurt, even hoped that it would, to give them the experience they both wanted.Yvonne let Tess and Pauline dwell on what she had said for a few moments and then looked towards Alison and said in a strict maternal tone, “Now bend over the school desk.”Tess and Pauline saw how Alison was again obedient, and how her breasts were flattened down onto the desk as she lowered her weight onto it, and she grabbed hold of the legs. They also saw how her already very red bottom was now so well positioned to be caned. Neither girl had been caned themselves, nor watched anyone being caned, although had seen the results when friends had shown them their cane welted bottoms. They had always been in awe of those girls, and now they had been spanked by Margaret back at the shop they understood something about having a stinging bottom. However, as had been made very clear to them, as much their bottoms stung after the spanking back at the shop and were even stinging still, it was going to be nothing compared to how their bottoms would be stinging after Yvonne had used the tawse on them.Yvonne could see the thoughtful looks on the faces of both Tess and Pauline and how the build-up towards their own punishments was something they were thinking hard about. Yvonne understood Tokat Escort Bayan that the build-up in the naughty girl’s mind was an important part of the punishment which was why sometimes she made Alison stand on her naughty spot for twenty or thirty minutes before a spanking for thinking time. It was going to be similar for Tess and Pauline, but instead of standing on a naughty spot with their noses pressed against the wall, they were going to watch as Alison received a really hard caning.Yvonne positioned herself and rubbed the cane from side to side across Alison’s bare bottom. She knew pretty much the thoughts going through Alison’s mind just then and could see from the way that she was clasping hold of the legs of the school desk she knew what was about to happen was going to really hurt. Yvonne knew Alison accepted every decision she made, because she never questioned any, and rightly so. She knew when a girl like her acted like a bratty teenager she had to be punished like a bratty teenager, and the cane was an ideal implement to use on her very naughty bottom. That’s the case now even though the very naughty bottom that was about to be caned had already been spanked for her really bratty behaviour earlier on. Yvonne knew that whilst a leather-soled slipper gave a really hard spanking, it was nothing compared to what was going to happen right now with the cane, but it had happened to Alison before and would undoubtedly again.With all those maternal thoughts and knowing she would have given Alison this hiding even if the two girls weren’t here, Yvonne pulled her arm back and brought the cane down forcefully onto Alison’s waiting bare bottom. She saw the cane bite into Alison’s bare bottom cheeks and heard the pained gasp from Alison and was happy with that. She also glanced towards the two girls and saw they were wide-eyed again and was pretty sure she saw damp stains on both girls’ shorts again, so knew what they were thinking.Alison always struggled to cope from the first stroke, and when the cane bit into her bottom the second time she yelped again and clasped hold of the legs of the table, telling herself that she deserved this caning. As the third stroke landed, she was telling herself off as she had caused Tess and Pauline to be spanked, although on the plus side as it turned out both of them had wanted to be, so she was actually helping them. As the fourth cane stroke bit into her bottom, she told herself none of that made any difference because she had been so bratty, knew not to be and still she continued to be, so did deserve this very hard caning anyway.The girls watched as the clearly painful cane strokes continued. They could see how Alison wasn’t coping at all well but were impressed that she stayed in position so obediently for someone who was such a brat.Given Alison’s obedience was her being a brat all a facade, they both asked themselves. However, they realised that when a brat was faced with a mum who was about to thrash the living daylights out of her, she was hardly going to do anything other than instantly obey her and without making any bratty comments. Otherwise, what Alison must know was always going to be a very painful punishment would be much more so as her mum made sure the punishment fitted all of her wrongdoing. That realisation made both girls wish they had someone like Yvonne who would deal with them so strictly as well.So, both girls watched as each welt developed and listened to Alison crying out as the strokes continued to land with a loud thwack each time. Both girls saw that Alison wasn’t just yelping, but her legs were kicking, her head was thrown back and shaken from side to side with each stroke, and she was hissing in and out through clenched teeth, but still stayed in position for the next stroke. The girls could see that Alison’s bottom had such thick welts which they reckoned they had seen before on some of the more pain-filled websites they had managed to look at, but the reality of them, watching them develop right there from a clear bottom to one crisscrossed with those thick bright red welts, was a real eye-opener for both girls.With the shock of being on the receiving end, Escort Tokat as well as being unable to stop herself from crying, Alison didn’t count the strokes, nor did the two girls watching something so incredibly painful. So, the only person in the room to count the number of strokes that had been given was Yvonne. She knew she was going to give Alison eighteen strokes, each one as hard as she could make it. Having done exactly that she stopped caning Alison. As Alison was still crying, she rubbed her hand across Alison’s bottom a few times, loving the feel of the raised welts, but overall feeling maternal and pleased that she had given her daughter the promised punishment which was so well deserved. As it was a naughty girl’s punishment, and the two girls were watching, she didn’t run her fingers along Alison’s pussy lips but was sure she was really wet from the caning. She always was whether the punishment was foreplay to lovemaking or a discipline punishment, like today, which was fully intended to be even more painful.Yvonne then looked at the two girls and said, “Both of you come here and feel Alison’s bottom.”As both girls walked across the room, Yvonne saw how their shorts were clearly once again damp so she knew they were both turned on by watching Alison being caned, but still wondered how they would feel when it was them on the receiving end. She saw them gently feel Alison’s bottom and run their fingers along the thick raised welts as they looked at each other with worried faces, swallowing hard, and obviously thinking about what was about to happen to them. Even so, they still didn’t run out of the room but were obediently doing everything that they were told to do. Yvonne correctly supposed that was because they needed to live out the experience they had wanted for so long and now were going to.Yvonne then ordered, “Right, girls, get undressed just like Alison. Everything off right now.”Both girls immediately and obediently did as they were told, pushing their yoga shorts and knickers down to the floor and stepping out of them, scooping them up and putting them on the chair on top of Alison’s clothes. They then pulled their tops over their heads and put them on the chair, and finally undid their bras and put them on the chairs. They both then turned and looked at Yvonne, although were clearly embarrassed and with their hands covered their breasts and hair mounds.Yvonne was having none of that and instructed, “Both of you put your hands on your heads. You are both very naughty girls and are here to be punished. Good girls get to cover their bare breasts and hair mounds, but naughty girls don’t have that right. They just have to suffer the punishment that is set for them.”Yvonne watched as both girls immediately placed her hands on top of their heads, and both said almost together, “Sorry,” which Yvonne saw as another positive to enable her to give both girls the very hard strapping that they actually asked for.Yvonne took a few moments to look at the two naked girls. Pauline was curvaceous for a teenager with a pretty face. On the other hand, Tess was almost flat-chested and slim, but that didn’t stop her from being a pretty young lady, thought Yvonne.Yvonne then instructed, “Okay, Alison, you can get up now. You will stand with your hands on your head and watch as I give both these girls a very hard strapping. Do it now.”Alison eased herself up from the desk, unable to go quickly because her bottom was stinging so badly. She had been caned before straight after being spanked, and every single time that happened she struggled with a sore and stinging bottom for ages. Sitting down was going to be a no-no for hours and hours, even with a thick cushion.After a discipline spanking or caning, Alison would normally go to the bathroom and finger herself to several tremendous orgasms, but she doubted her mum would let her do that right now. Anyway, she didn’t want to give the two girls any ideas just in case it really was the punishment that they wanted and not the orgasms afterwards. She knew both girls had stained their shorts with their sex juice at the shop and that certainly suggested they were turned on by a spanking, but it would be best for the girls to work out themselves what they would do afterwards She knew that she would still be up for fingering herself well after the girls had to go home. So, she was happy to stand as instructed, with her hands on her head, just like naughty girls should do, and watch.

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