Literotica Fun Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Finale

As Michael and I prepped for our evening on Saturday night for the finale of our reading time. We brought out everything for the evening.

We setup the projector like we had it the last time and lit candles in the room so that it would be more romantic as well. We had showered together but kept the anticipation of the evening on a high note which meant neither of us had brought each other to orgasm while showering but had played intensely.

Moving to the bedroom, he got comfortable as I went in and changed into a purple teddy with garters, stockings and slipped on a pair of 5 inch ‘fuck me’ pumps. When I emerged from my changing room, his eyes lit up and he told me that I looked every bit beautiful.

As I climbed up on our big California King, I scooted next to him as his hands were all over me. It didn’t take him long to slide 2 fingers into my already wet pussy as he began to pump me as I jumped on the internet and went straight over to Don’s webpage to bring up the story of ‘Lucky in Vegas’.

As I was setting it up so that I had most of the text on one screen I set the laptop down on the nightstand with everything set to go. Only thing holding me back right now was Michael’s fingers pumping my pussy and his lips sucking my nipples thru the thin fabric of my teddy. His other hand was caressing my leg and teasing the garter straps.

I asked him if he was ready and he said to hold on one second as he repositioned his body so that my fingers could wrap around his already hard shaft. I told him if he keeps this going we’ll never to get to the story.

He replied back, ‘is this really a bad thing’, I told him it’s what we do as his lips curled around my hard nipple again as he began sucking while rubbing my clit. I had his hard cock in my hand and knew we needed to get started otherwise things would soon find themselves out of control.

I gave his cock one last hard pull then told him we need to do this. I ran his fingers over my clit then took the hard nub between his fingers and stroked me up and down and told me to start reading. I looked up at the screen on the wall just as his ministrations on my clit really began to sink in.

I spoke the first word and I had close my legs otherwise I would have been coming. He laughed and told me I did good to hold off so long. I told him just you wait mister. I began reading the story as he continued teasing my wet folds.

He was doing what he could to try and break my concentration from the story. When I began reading the descriptions of the clothes they wore Michael would whisper almost subliminally to me how sexy I was and how much he looked forward to tonight. He would push 2 fingers into me as his thumb rubbed against my clit.

I already knew that there would be no way this story would get finished cause he was feeling just too damn good to my body and my mind. As I read along, he moved and lifted my right leg up as I brought it back down with my heel on the bed so that it was crossing over his shoulder but the weight was off him.

He rubbed my lips, and then would wet his finger as he circled my clit in tight circles. He would ease his finger into me then stop all movement just letting it sit inside me. He would spread the wetness from my entrance around my mound, over my clit and down the wet slit to my ass. He pushed a finger into my ass before leaning in and tonguing my clit.

I had my hand on the back of his head as he began licking my clit while pushing a finger deeper into my ass as I lifted up off the bed. He was enjoying this way too much as he teased me. I kept on reading and at one Kadıköy Escort point, Michael told me to go back and read the paragraph again as he didn’t hear what I was saying cause my voice trailed off.

He did that only to break my concentration. He licked my lips harder this time as I tried to look back to where the paragraph began. His tongue on my clit was once again starting to overwhelm me as I re-read what I had done before.

He really began lapping at my clit while pumping my ass and pussy at the same time. I felt myself getting closer and closer to orgasm and tried to slam my thighs closed but having my leg up over his shoulders didn’t help and before I knew it, I had pulled his head so tight into me that all I could do was sink into the pillow and let it happen.

I began moaning as my orgasm broke thru and he kept up his licking and pumping giving me several of them in one moment’s time. My hands were pulling at my nipples, holding my boobs, as I wanted him to just take me right there and then.

I was feeling so good at this point that I figured why even try and start where I left off and slid myself to him so that when I was done positioning myself on the bed, we were in a 69 on our sides. I had taken his stiff cock between my lips and inhaled his length straight down my throat.

I tongued the head and licked at his ball sac. I pumped him thru my fist as I nibbled the underside of his shaft before taking him back into my mouth and sucking the head. I moved on his shaft in long strokes making sure my tongue touched every part of his thick cock.

He was still sucking my clit and pumping my pussy with 2 fingers. He then broke the motion and flipped over onto his back. I crawled up on him as I wasn’t done taking his cock into my mouth. I licked, sucked and swallowed his shaft. I wanted him to fill my mouth with his hot white cum.

I worked on his super hard cock with an urgency to feel his throb and the rewards that would soon follow. Taking him in long deep swallows as I moved my hand over his shaft. Taking my time as I licked the underside then around the head.

Kissing the head and pushing the tip of my tongue into the slit before wrapping my lips around him and moving my mouth up and down his shaft as my tongue flicked the head. I could feel his hips moving with me as I knew it wouldn’t be long now.

Sucking the head and stroking the shaft I felt the head expand as a low moan escaped from his throat. He shifted and raised his hips just as the first shot of his sweet cum blasted forth hitting the back of my throat. I engulfed his hard cock and moved my mouth over and over is shaft as ribbons of cum filled my mouth, swallowing what I could, I pulled his cock from my mouth and jerked him onto my boobs and tongue as I swallowed the pool inside my mouth.

I took him back into my mouth and sucked the head as I milked his balls. Giving me such huge load I kept on sucking his magnificent cock. He would twitch and grow hard again as I moved my lips over him. I wanted to see if I could get him to give me another blast consecutively.

Taking him long pulls once more I had my throat muscles working on his head as my tongue moved along the underside. I squeezed his balls as I sucked. I looked up at him as he watched me working his cock. I love when he looks down at me and I see his eyes.

I worked his cock over and over again stroking him in my hand as smiling between kisses. I began pumping him in my hand as I looked up at him, whispering for him to cum again in my mouth. He wanted too as I took the head onto my tongue and moved it along the Kadıköy Escort Bayan underside just under the thick head.

He gasped once more as I pumped his shaft, I felt his hot cum spread across my tongue as I kept my mouth open so he could see his cum coating my tongue as the remnants fell off into my mouth. I slowly closed my lips around the head as I felt more cum dribble down into my mouth. I pulled his cock from my mouth as gave it a hard squeeze before lapping up the remains with my tongue.

I looked into his eyes and opened my mouth to show him his hot cum on my tongue, I closed my mouth and swallowed one time then opened my mouth again to show him it was gone.

I moved up onto the bed and positioned my pussy over his face as he snaked his tongue into my wet slit. I propped myself atop him so there wasn’t any weight on him. I still had to be gentle with him as I didn’t want to hurt him before we were done anyways. I know selfish on my part but only for tonight.

He licked and sucked my lips, tongue fucking me while holding onto my hips. He pulled me back onto his tongue as I felt him slip into my walls. He teased my clit then sucked it as I lifted my ass higher so he could get into a good position to do so.

He slid 2 fingers into my pussy and began pumping slow at first then sped up and moved them in me deeper. He pumped me so good and hard as my left hand moved to my nipple to pinch them adding that extra sensation to my already building orgasm.

He then slid a finger into my upturned ass and alternated his motions so that his fingers were pushing into my pussy as his the one in my ass was being pulled out then back in again. He had run his thumb over my clit and the excitement within me erupted as I began to orgasm on his fingers.

Pulling my hard nipples and moaning out as another orgasm went slicing thru me. He continued pumping me as he pulled his fingers from my pussy so he could lick my entrance and lap away at the wetness, which I could feel oozing out of me. All the while his one finger still pumping my ass as he knows I love the feeling.

I slowly moved off his face and settled down on the bed on my side. He slid off the bed and went to dresser. He came back to the side of the bed and had grabbed a pyrex anal plug from the dresser. He slid it against my pussy as I lifted my leg.

He slid it up inside me then pulled it back out. He traced a path of wetness from my pussy to my ass before slipping it into my tight ass. The penetration and width of the plug felt so good as he pushed it into place before the base was flush against my ass.

He then moved around to me once more and fed me his cock. I took him into my mouth and sucked him slowly. I took my time with his precious head as he began to grow so hard and thick once more. I love sucking his cock!

When he felt he was hard enough, he told me to pull the plug from my ass. As I reached behind me, he told me to grab the dildo from the bed that he also placed there from the dresser. As he moved to the other side of the bed, I got up on all fours and began rubbing the dildo against my pussy making it wet.

He then positioned himself right behind me, placed the head of his cock against my sphincter and began pushing in. He went right in with the greatest of ease. He began to pump me slowly as I teased my clit with the dildo.

Once he started to move his cock in deeper into my ass, did I push the dildo into my pussy. I had one hand on the bed holding me up as my other hand worked the dildo in and out of my pussy. He then began to fuck my ass in deep, long hard motions Escort Kadıköy as I pumped the dildo in and out of my pussy.

I could feel his cock sliding along the length of the dildo as he felt the dildo in me. I fucked myself hard and fast as he fucked my ass with the same intensity. I began to cum already as my hand slowed but he didn’t, it urged him more as he began to slam deep and deeper into my ass.

Oh it felt so good, he pumped me for several more minutes as I worked the toy back inside my pussy. I gave him the stimulation plus the tightness inside me. I felt his cock jump and a moan let go and waited to feel his hot cum filling my bowels. I moaned for him to fuck me deeper, fuck me harder and faster.

His grip on my hips became tight and hard as our bodies slapped together, his thighs on mine as his cock slid into me with a force so hard that it moved me up on the bed higher. I tightened my sphincter as tight as I could before I felt him moan out and then suddenly the warm wash of his hot cum filling my ass. He pumped me hard and deep as I felt his slippery cum coating his shaft as he pumped.

It felt so good to feel him explode in me. He pumped me for a few more seconds before stopping. I collapsed on the bed with my hips still in his hands and his cock still embedded in my ass. I could still feel the warmth of his cum inside my rectum.

I reached down and grabbed the anal plug, reaching over my hips and held it into my hand. As he began to pull himself out of my ass, he took the plug from me and as his cock fell out of my ass, he replaced it with the plug pushing it into place once more.

I finally was able collapse fully on the bed as he took a seat on the edge next to me. He rubbed my shoulders and face and told me hot I am as well as how beautiful I am. He caressed me so sweetly before getting up and going into the bathroom.

As he returned, he carried a warm washcloth and ran it over my body. It felt so good and so warm. He then laid down next to me and put his arms over my shoulders as we snuggled up next to each other. I still had the plug in my ass but hat was to keep his cum inside me for as long as I wanted. It was relaxing though.

We drifted off to sleep together and woke up about an hour later or so. As I began to move I felt the plug still in me. I smiled and looked over at Michael wondering if he was good for another round but he was still out of it as he laid there.

I had flipped over onto my back and was thinking about getting into the shower but wanted to shower with him instead so I brought my feet up onto the bed and spread my thighs. I grabbed my dildo and began working in and out of my pussy once more. Pushing it into myself I could feel the plug buried in my ass as it gave me such a nice sensation.

As I laid next to Michael, I began to fuck myself once more with the toy as I brought myself to a slow rolling orgasm as I lifted my legs up enhancing the sensation with me. It was slow mellow orgasm as I pulled the toy from my pussy. I then slid off the bed and went into the bathroom. I pulled the plug from my ass and it felt like such a void was missing.

I cleaned up my toys then went back into the bedroom. I watched Michael lying there as he slept. I moved to him and gently woke him up. I told him that we needed to shower and have something to eat. He slowly woke up.

After he was up and walking around, I asked him how he was feeling and said he felt great. Had a little soreness but overall felt good. So we showered together and I gave him another blowjob in the shower as I needed something in my tummy.

We changed into shorts and went downstairs to fix us something. Overall, it was a nice evening at home once more.

Thanks again to Don n David for the opportunity to share their stories with our sex life and desires for awesome erotica…. Erotica authors rock!


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