Lisa Graduates


As summer approached both Lisa and I would be graduating from high school. I would truly love to fuck her but her fear of her parents finding her on birth control and my fear of a broken condom prevent us from going that far.

One weekend we were scheduled for a date so I went to her house to pick her up. Her parents lived in a bi-level house where when you walked in the front door you had to either go up steps or down. As I approached the door it swung open but there was no person. Entering onto the small landing the door swung closed and there was Lisa bare ass naked from head to toe. I asked her, “What would have happened if someone was with me?”

Lisa replied, “I guess they would have gotten a real good show.”

We start to kiss and embrace and she pushes me backwards to where I have to sit down on the steps leading upstairs. Once I sit down she straddles me and sits on my lap with her pussy spread. I continue to kiss her but one hand found its way to one of her tits and the other to her pussy. She must have been plying with herself before hand because her pussy was totally soaked.

I broke of a kiss and asked, “What about your parents?”

Lisa smiled and replied, “They went away for the weekend with my little sister. We have the whole house to ourselves.”

I said to her, “If that’s the case and we don’t have to post a look out of the upstairs bay window how about we gone downstairs to the family room?”

“That’s fine with me,” she said and down stairs we went.

A lot of the downstairs was below grade so there were no windows. There was however a sliding glass door with a curtain over it. The glass door led out to the back yard. In the backyard there was a swing set and behind that a 6′ tall basket weave fence. On the other side of the fence was a neighbor whose house faced Lisa’s.

She insisted that I go into the downstairs powder room to get undressed while she took up a seat on the couch. I went to close the door to the powder room and she yelled out, “Hey! I want to watch.”

“If that is the case then you had better give me a sexier view than what I can see,” I replied.

With that I left the door open while she drew her feet back toward her body and spread her knees as far apart as she could. Her pussy hair was wet and parted to either side of her slit. Her pussy lips were pink and swollen and her clit more erect than I had ever seen it. Since we had already played around on the steps I was pretty hard but as I removed the last of my clothing I went rock hard.

I emerged from the powder room with my cock swinging back and forth. Lisa dropped her legs down and laid flat on her back the length of the couch.

Climbing on top of her I made sure my cock was in direct contact with her pussy but not in her pussy. As we laid there kissing and groping each others bodies I asked Lisa if we could drag this out all day? She said that there was no reason not to.

I suggested that if either one of us felt close to an orgasm, we take a break for maybe 15 or 20 minutes and then start up again knowing that eventually one of us would explode. Lisa agreed knowing her parents were far away and we had all day to experience the pleasure.

We lasted for about 20 minutes and I started to feel like I was getting close to an orgasm. Before we took our break I asked Lisa to rub the head of my cock back and forth over her clit. She did this for a couple of minutes then declared, “Break time!!” I guess we were both overheating.

Lisa went upstairs and got us a couple of sodas. I turned on the television and when she returned we both sat there naked watching television.

When things had cooled down I suggested that we open the drape to the sliding glass door. Suggesting that we could both go outside completely naked and fondle each other, I was hoping Lisa had reached that “I don’t care who sees me” point of arousal. Unfortunately she had not and it took some convincing to get her to allow me to open the drape half way and she was emphatic that neither one of us go outside.

As I walked to the glass door she yelled, “I said no!” Stopping right in front of the door I turned sideways so she could see the profile of my body. I then proceeded to jerk off. Lisa almost immediately started to play with her tits and fondle her pussy. Her public hair was pushed to either side of her pussy lips and even from across the room I could see all of vaginal parts. I jerked off until I knew I had to stop and returned to the couch.

I asked Lisa if she would be willing to get down on the floor on all fours. With out ankara olgun escort asking why she quickly moved into position. Getting down on the floor with her, I sat up while sliding my legs between her hands and legs. This gave me access to her dangling tits and pussy by reaching over her beautiful ass. My left hand grabbed and played with her tits but my right hand couldn’t find the mark. I asked her to spread her knees some more and she complied. I found her love tunnel with my fingers and proceeded to push 3 fingers into her cunt. Her first reaction was to pull away from my fingers but then started to push back at them. At the same time I could feel my cock was able to come in contact with her tits. She reached under her chest with one hand while the other supported her weight. Grabbing my cock she continued rubbing her tits across the head of my dick while rocking back and forth on my fingers that were shoved up her cunt. After a few minutes Lisa said that she needed a break as I could tell the sexual tension was building in her body.

As I pulled my legs out from under her I assumed the doggy position. My cock was pointing almost straight down and I asked her to milk my cock like she was milking a cow. She straightened my cock so it was perpendicular to the floor and started to pull. Her movements changed from an up and down to a twisting motion on the head of my cock. The sensation was phenomenal. This lasted for a bit and then she moved directly behind me and pulled my cock backwards through my legs as far as it would go. Alternating between a jerking motion and twisting and sometimes in combination I almost hit the point of no return and I told her she had to stop.

She laughed and said, “That’s good because I have to pee and I could use something to drink.” She stood up and walked to the powder room and I watched her ass checks jiggle until she reached for the door in order to close it. When she started to close the door I yelled, “Hey! I want to watch.”

Lisa turned and said, “You don’t want to watch me pee.”

I said, “If you remember I already watched you pee that day in the woods.”

“I guess your right” she replied as she left the door alone and began to squat on the toilet.

“I have an idea Lisa. How about if I pee between your legs while you are peeing? Maybe that way it will be less embarrassing although after today I don’t know how you or I could be embarrassed much by each other.”

Lisa thought for a second and said, “Let’s give it a try.”

She spread her legs as far as she could while sitting on the seat. Because my cock was just starting to soften but had not gone flaccid yet, I had to lean across her body using the vanity to prop myself up on an angle that allowed my pee to flow and my dick to come close to her pussy. It became obvious that if this was going to happen Lisa had to be the one to aim my cock which didn’t help me soften. “Once you start then I will start” she said. Par for the course, the first stream started and hit her on the inside of her thigh and I shut it down as quickly as possible. Lisa exclaimed, “Aiming this thing is not as easy as it looks.” I replied, “Tell me about it. Let me know when you are ready”

She repositioned my cock and told me to start. I looked between my arms to see where I was shooting. This time her aim was right on and my stream was going right between her legs and into the toilet water. She adjusted my pee stream to hit her right in her vagina. I had finished but continued to hear her pee into the bowl. Once she stopped, Lisa grabbed a wash cloth and proceeded to wash up between her legs and also my dick. Having full run of the house we both went upstairs to get the drinks and a snack and then returned to the basement to watch more TV and cool off.

Once we were ready to start again I asked her if we could do a 69 position. She agreed and I laid flat on my back the full length of the couch. With one foot on the floor Lisa proceeded to straddle my head. The sight and fragrance of her open pussy as it hovered over my face brought me to an immediate erection. She started to bring her second leg up onto the couch and I maneuvered her hips so I would be able to run my tongue from her clit to her hole without either on of us having to change position. Lisa lowered her pussy onto my face and I could feel her tits against my stomach, she laid her head on my upper thigh close to my cock. I ran my tongue from her clit to her hole and she moaned with pleasure. I could feel my cock being gobbled up with her mouth followed ankara ucuz escort by some up and down motion.

Having spent the whole afternoon playing, enjoying, exploring, exciting and stimulating each other we both knew it would not be long before someone erupted like a volcano. With that in mind I asked her to sit up for just a second. I wriggled out from between her legs, stood up and walked to the sliding glass door. I opened the drape completely so that if anyone walked through the back yard or looked through the fence they were going to get a great show. Lisa did not say a word as I walked back to the couch and scooted back between her legs. She lay back on top of me and we picked up where we had left off but now in full view of anyone that wanted to watch. Lisa’s “I don’t care who watches” switch was now turned fully own.

We tried to extend our sex time but the breaks got longer and our oral contact with each others genitals got shorter. Lisa would ask me to stop and I would put my tongue away and just gaze at the awesome view I had of her sex while savoring her juices and taking in the aroma of her pussy. If I asked for a break, she would remove my cock from her mouth and just caress my swollen balls until I told her it was okay to start again. Suddenly, while we were both fully engaged orally, Lisa yells, “Don’t stop!” I increased the speed of my tongue movements over every part of her vagina and up into her hole. My cock was out of her mouth as her body tensed and she exclaimed, “Oh my god!” Her body shuddered and released a small amount of pussy juice into my mouth. As she started to recover from her orgasm she quickly grabbed my cock and returned it to her mouth. I told her to take it out and just lay there and rest. I wanted her to enjoy the after glow of her orgasm.

A few minutes later she started to move. Telling me how great her orgasm was she asked what she could do for me. I told her that what I wanted was for her to rub the head of my cock through the folds of her vagina and back and forth across her clit. I explained that I was very close to an orgasm but I would give her enough warning to move my cock away from her hole but that I wanted to dump my load on her pubic hair.

With that we both got up so she could lie on her back on the couch. I crawled between her legs as I looked at her beautiful pussy. Propping myself up on my arms she took hold of my cock and started rubbing the head of my dick through the folds of her vagina. Watching the head disappear and then reappear in her lips and then passing back and for over her clit was almost more than I could stand but at the same time I didn’t want this to end. Finally as she was rubbing me close to her hole I told her it was time. She started moving my cock up her slit but as it was passing her clit my first stream of sperm left my body. As soon as she felt that warm wetness on her clit she immediately started to jerk me off onto her public hair. The pent up sex of the whole day was now spewing all over her hairy mound. As I finished cumming I looked at her pussy and there was hardly a pussy hair area not covered with my sperm. Both of us now being fully satisfied, we started to get up.

Lisa stood up and gravity started to take over and my cum started to run back towards her clit. She hurried to the powder room to retrieve the wash cloth and proceeded to “mop up.” Lisa then said, “I’m hungry. Going upstairs to get dressed.” I made my way to the powder room where I cleaned up my cock with the wash rag and put my clothes back on. Once we were both dressed we decided to go to a local diner to get some dinner. After over four hours of sexual it play it left us both very hungry but it also left me with a hunger to put my cock in her pussy.

Over the next few months our sex was confined to very limited opportunities. We either had to take turns or only get partially naked. It was still great sex but not as good as our marathon had been. Needless to say over the next few months I mentioned to Lisa, on more than one occasion, about trying full intercourse. Her response was always the same, NO! I finally wore her down one night and she said, “OK we will do it but I have some rules. First, you have to wear a condom. Next only the head of your dick goes into my pussy and not the whole thing. You have to pull out if you feel like you are going to cum. Last, if you do cum with your dick in me, even though you are in a condom you have to pull out right away. Understood?”

For the chance to even sink only part of my dick into ankara yabancı escort her beautiful pussy I would agree to anything and said “Yes”. The next questions were where and when? She conceded that the best place would be at her house while her parents took a day trip. Unfortunately nothing was planned so we waited.

One Wednesday evening I got a call from Lisa. She said, “This Saturday at my house by 12 noon and bring a condom.” I was going to get my wish. The time just dragged on until Saturday finally arrived. I showered, shaved and drove to her house. Once again as I approached the front door it opened. As I entered and the door closed Lisa stood there in all her naked glory. She looked nervous. Her nipples were erect and her clit had found its way past her pussy lips and public hair and gave away that she was also excited. I moved her back to the stairs and had her lay down. We embraced and kissed as I reached to fondle the erect nipples on her tits.

Lisa broke off the embrace and started to stand up. She turned around and started up the stairs while I grabbed at her ass as it jiggled while she walked. When we reached the top of the stairs she turned right and down the hallway to her bedroom. I sat on the bed in order to get undressed and sternly she said, “Not on the bed.” Lisa went to the closet and pulled out a blanket and spread it out on the floor next to her bed. Getting down on the blanket she laid on her back, pulling her knees up and putting all her goodies on display. Standing there I started to take off my clothes as she laid there and took pleasure in watching me undress. Once naked I got down on the blanket, laid on my left side facing her. Lisa dropped her knees and turned toward me so we were face to face. I made sure that my now firm cock got placed in the nest of her pubic hairs and I slipped my left arm under her body. This allowed me to use each hand to massage the globes of her ass. Occasionally I would run one of my fingers down the crack of her ass so it could find its way into her vagina.

I asked Lisa if she would just sit on my face and allow me to eat her pussy for a while. Without saying a word she got to her knees and straddled one leg over my head as she faced my feet. The view was incredible as she lowered her groin onto my face. Pubic hair, ass hole, clitoris and vaginal lips were all headed in the direction of my mouth. The aroma of her cunt added to the hardness of my cock. I reached up a played with her tits as I sucked her clit into my mouth. It did not take long for her pussy juices to leak all over my face and into my mouth. She became more and more excited but I did not want her to orgasm. When I felt she was at the very edged I asked her if she was ready for my cock.

I didn’t have to ask twice. She dismounted me and went flat on her back. Since I was limited to just the head of my dick in her pussy there was no reason to get creative in positions. She spread her legs and admonished, “Remember, just the head.” I tore open the wrapper and put the condom on my cock. My penis was in her slit as I moved it around to find her hole. When I found my target I started to press inward when she stopped me and said, “That is far enough.” It felt like every nerve in my body was now in the tip of my cock and I could not tell how far in I was. I looked down to find that the head was only buried in the folds of her lips but still on the outside of her tunnel. I replied, “I’m not even in yet.”

Lisa said, “OK then a little farther.”

I pushed again and saw the head of my cock disappear into her cunt completely and she moaned.

“That is far enough,” she said.

I responded, “Just a little more so I can move in an out without falling out of your pussy.”

When I received no response I pushed in just a little more and stopped. It felt so good!!

I laid there with my dick in her cunt for several minutes just enjoying this new sensation. I asked her how it felt and she said it was wonderful. Once I adjusted to the feeling I started to move in an out of her tunnel and that provided more new sensations. My senses were in overdrive with touch, sight, smell and even sound. I could hear the slurping of pussy juice coming from her cunt as I moved in an out. Then without any warning, sperm started flowing out the end of my cock and into the condom. It did not come in the typical spurts but a flow like someone turned a faucet on inside my cock. The flood of sperm filled the condom so quickly and completely, when I pulled out it felt like someone tied a water balloon to the end of my dick.

Although I kept my promise of pulling out immediately Lisa was concerned why I gave no warning. When she saw the amount of white seed in the condom she became concerned it had broken but that was not the case. I knew that was going to be the only time we would fuck…for now.

I asked her to climb back on my face so I could once again give her oral sex and help her to the climax she deserved.

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