Lips of an Angel


The room was completely silent as Paige’s eyes welled up with tears. She tried to hold back, but it was no use. The stinging on her cheek was just as raw as the emotional pain. Her body shook, so she gripped the marble countertop for balance. White knuckles were a sharp contrast to the black speckled coldness. Her heart ached. Paige blinked to see properly, her vision blurred by her salty tears. She was almost composed when it happened again.

“Don’t you dare stand there crying like you’re the innocent one.”

His voice was loud and sharp, and echoed in the massive kitchen. It was the only sound in the whole house except for the barely audible hum of the furnace. It was that quiet.

“I’ve given you everything you’ve ever wanted, and don’t you even think I won’t take it away from you.”

Paige winced. She saw the flash of movement and heard the crunching sound as his fist met her nose; she had closed her eyes and gripped the expensive counter with both hands.

The sound of his heavy steps on the tile floor receded until they faded altogether. Paige didn’t have to open her eyes. She knew exactly where he was going. He would get into his sports car and take off to the local bar. He would drink, buy alcohol for others, and flirt with anything that was breathing and had breasts that were more then a handful. Strangely enough, he didn’t consider this cheating. Even though he’d get home in the wee hours of the morning smelling like cheap perfume, she was not allowed to say anything.

Paige breathed in through her nose and began to choke. Her throat filled with the hot syrup of blood. The pain radiating from her cheek had masked the fact that her nose was bleeding. She opened her eyes and spun around to lean over the sink. The overhead lights cast a shadow, but she could see that she had blood gushing from her nose.

She grabbed a towel and tried to stop the bleeding. Leaning forward a bit, breathing through her mouth seemed to help calm herself down. Paige needed to concentrate on one thing and one thing only. She remembered her days as a lifeguard, knew that she had to apply pressure to the fleshy part of her nose and tilt her head forward slightly. She waited a few minutes until she felt no more blood gushing out. She dabbed her nose gently and then began to clean up the kitchen.

There was blood on the countertop. She noticed that when she placed her hand on it and felt the stickiness of the liquid. The marble was dark black and her blood blended in just right. After cleaning up the droplets on the floor, she washed her hands. She held the soiled towel in her left hand and then decided to use that to pick up the shards of glass that were on the ground.

The glass had been an expensive vase that he had smashed, but it didn’t matter. Money was no object to him. He didn’t really care for anything that was in his large house. A snobby interior designer had purchased most of the furnishings, and if she had broken the vase herself, he wouldn’t have cared. Thankfully, instead of shattering, it had cracked into about a dozen large pieces.

Once the kitchen was clean, she walked to the garage and threw out the soiled towel along with the broken vase. It was no use trying to clean it, and considering a thousand dollar vase had been decimated, a ten-dollar dishtowel was not worth the trouble.

Paige walked slowly up the grand staircase to the master bedroom. She took each step slowly, reminding herself of all the positive characteristics of her boyfriend. She knew there were thirty-four steps from the living room to the entrance of the bedroom. This was not the first time she had forced herself to do this. Counting them was the only way for her to keep from falling apart completely.

Paige entered the bedroom and looked around. There was not one trace of warmth or personality in this room. It was like a hotel room. Everything was neat and organized. The bed was a massive entity in the middle of the room. The wall behind it had floor to ceiling windows that overlooked the front lawn. On the left-hand side of the bed were her dresser, his clothes chest, and an overstuffed chair. The wall on the other side had two doors. One led to the massive walk-in closet, and the other to the bathroom. They were French doors that made the bathroom feel more like a fancy spa.

Paige walked past the bed and into the bathroom and looked at her reflection. The sight of her cuts and bruises no longer affected her. The first time this had happened, she was appalled at her appearance and had broken down in tears. Now she gently washed her face, then put antiseptic on her cheek where his ring had caught her skin and scratched it. She didn’t want it infected since she didn’t want anyone to notice this injury any more then necessary.

Her nose had a small bruise but was otherwise uninjured. She was thankful for that. Her brother had broken his nose playing baseball when they were younger and she remembered that it had taken two surgeries to reconstruct it. She was not up to dealing with complications.

It was Sinop Escort only after showering and changing into her pajamas that she thought of Peter. It wasn’t that she ever stopped thinking of him. He was always there in the back of her mind. Most times, she wondered what he was doing at any given time. She had his schedule memorized, so all she had to do was look at the time and know whether he was at work, at the gym, or at home. Sometimes she would close her eyes and imagine what he was wearing.

It was weird, really. That scent was what she missed most about him. He always had this clean smell, with a touch of spicy after-shave. She had once asked him to give her one of his sweatshirts, but was afraid that her current boyfriend would find out.

It started to rain outside, and Paige lay back in bed, loving the soothing sound of the raindrops hitting the window. She was in need of comforting because what she desperately wanted to do was call Peter.

“I will not call him.” Paige spoke aloud and repeated the words a few times, like a mantra. She tried to reason with herself that the more times she said it, the more likely she would not call him.

His girlfriend was home almost every night and could possibly answer the phone. They could be watching a movie, or cooking a late dinner. Paige gulped as she then thought that they could be having sex. She did not want to imagine that.


It was dark outside and the smell in the air hinted that a storm was rolling in. Peter was sprawled out on the blue and pink flowered couch wearing silk pajama bottoms. He had wanted to wear his comfortable cotton pants, but his girlfriend had thrown them out.

He didn’t care that the seam down the left leg had been ripped completely; to him they were broken-in. He was lounging around his apartment and didn’t worry what he looked like. She was always concerned about appearances. High-maintenance was the proper term. Peter had originally thought it was appealing. He’d thought it was charming that she had been an hour late for their first date, and adorable that he had never seen her without makeup until they had moved in together. Everything annoying and bothersome about her he’d once found charming and sweet.

“I’m making popcorn, do you want any?”

Peter heard her distinctive high-pitched voice from the kitchen.

“No, thank you.”

He didn’t even need to turn around to know exactly what was going on behind him. She was wearing pink yoga pants and a matching tank top. Her hair was in a braid and she looked a lot younger then she was. She would put the popcorn in the microwave and do stretches while waiting for it to cook. Peter had originally loved how amazing and sexy it was to be dating a professional dancer, but the thrill of that part of their relationship was gone. Actually, every exhilarating part of their relationship was gone, and there was only one reason for that – Paige.

He was not over her and never would be. As he sat and watched television, he wanted her next to him. She would cuddle with him and watch the immature cartoons that he loved. She would let him drink beer from the bottle and be fine with him wearing ripped pajamas. He could never be over her for so many reasons.

Peter stared blankly at the television. He wasn’t paying attention to the movements and flickers. He was remembering when they had broken up. It felt like yesterday, partly because he ran the scene through his head at least once a day since that fateful date almost a year ago.


Peter had been kept late at work and had wanted to go to the gym and exercise before coming home. He had lost track of time and it wasn’t until he got out of his truck that his heart sank to the ground. It was a cold November day and the weather was rainy. If the temperature dropped even a few degrees, it would be snow. Sitting on the outside steps to his basement apartment was Paige. She was shivering, but smiled the moment she saw him.

“How long have you been waiting?” Peter was angry with himself and his tone of voice showed his resentment. He wasn’t irritated with her but couldn’t help himself from showing her his true feelings.

“Only a few hours. It’s fine, really.” Paige was smiling sweetly. Her hazel eyes were full of life, and that made Peter feel even worse then before.

“A few hours? It’s freezing outside.” Peter pushed past Paige and unlocked the door. The heat from inside rushed out and felt good on his cold face. He couldn’t imagine how chilled she must be, but she hid it very well. They entered, and he secured his front entranceway.

“I’m fine.”

Peter glanced up and couldn’t even look Paige in the eye. She had removed her coat to reveal a short jean skirt and low-cut top. White leggings covered her legs and she had her blonde hair in a ponytail. She looked so adorable and innocent. The icy wind left her cheeks flushed, and as he glanced down to her feet, he noticed her wiggling her toes around, trying to increase the circulation.

He needed to do or say something, but Sinop Escort Bayan she was making it very hard for him. Without even realizing it, she was making his cock swell in his jeans. He could feel the blood flow directly to it. She had always had that effect on him, and tonight was no different.

“Paige, we need to talk.” Peter didn’t want to say those words. It was a long time coming but both of them knew that the relationship was failing. They didn’t have the energy to deal with all the stressful issues of making a relationship work. The only thing that was amazing was the sex.

“No, we don’t. I’m fine Peter. Really.” Paige’s eyes were begging him not to continue. They had started this conversation three times in the last few weeks, and each time he had given in and not broken up with her. This time he had to be strong.

“Paige, I love you. I always will. It’s not fair what we’re doing to each other. I’ve turned down two promotions because I don’t want to move. You’re still in school and I’m too selfish to turn this into a long-distance relationship. You drop everything important in your life just to be with me. I was two hours late and you just sat at my doorstep.”

“I didn’t mind. I got some reading done.” Paige blurted out those words frantically. She had taken the few steps towards him and pushed her freezing hands into his thick, chocolate hair.

Peter closed his eyes. She was pressing her body against him and he knew she could feel his hardness. He wished she repulsed him. He wanted to be able to make a clean break, but it was no use. He kissed her.

Paige gasped as his burning hot lips pressed against hers. All her worries and frustrations slipped away as his hands gripped her small, round butt. He tapped his fingers gently against the curve of her body. She tried to breathe, but he was kissing her so aggressively, she didn’t have a chance.

Peter pushed her forcefully toward the bedroom, but Paige wasn’t paying attention. Her small hands were fumbling with his jeans, and the moment they were undone, she sighed. His thick cock fell into her hand. It made her feel incredible. She had only begun to stroke him when he pushed her backwards onto his bed. Their lips parted, and her chest rose as her lungs filled again with air.

“We have to stop doing this.” Peter pulled his shirt over his head to reveal his firm, bare chest. He took care of his body, and it showed. His jeans were already undone, so he slid them down along with his gray boxers to pool at his ankles. Stepping out of his denims, he kicked them away. He bent down to remove his socks. When he stood up, she was doing nothing but stare.

“Undress. Now.” Peter’s voice was urgent. He had his hand wrapped tight around his thick cock and he was stroking hard. The room was dark, but the outside streetlights cast a thin stream of light into the room. They didn’t need it; they knew each other so well.

He knew exactly where the light scar on her stomach was located from when she’d had her appendix removed when she was ten. Peter had no distinctive scars, but Paige could kiss and nibble his body, knowing by touch the exact spots of arousal. Peter watched in the dimness as Paige pulled off her shirt, bra and skirt. She then got up on her knees to wiggle out of her leggings. Peter grunted as the wool material slid down her legs. Once they were off, she removed her panties, which were a simple cotton bikini brief. This was what Peter loved about Paige. She was so undemanding, so normal. She didn’t need expensive clothing to feel good about herself.

Naked at last, she kneeled on the bed, an innocent smile on her face. Peter took a deep breath, and his nostrils filled with the scent of her sweet pussy. He didn’t even have to glance down or slide his thick fingers into her burning core to know that she was dripping.

“I’m okay with everything.” Paige’s voice was soft and sensual. Her eyes locked on his cock, and she was unconsciously licking her lips. She was an amazing cocksucker and would spend hours just sucking and licking him. She had said on many occasions that she loved the power and control she had while going down on him. Paige loved the taste of his precum and enjoyed feeling him throb in her mouth. He could never complain about her eagerness.

“It’s fine if we don’t have time to be together a lot. I love you.” Paige’s last words drove Peter over the edge. She did love him, and he loved her just as much. At that moment, everything came crashing down on him. His mind was racing with a million thoughts. He needed to fuck her so badly. His cock was doing the thinking and all he wanted was her pussy. He loved her so much it made him ache. He was hurting her with every second that passed when they stayed together. He needed to break free from this, but his cock was telling him that just one more time inside her was best.

He grabbed her and pushed her backwards onto the bed. He lay on top and shoved his cock deep inside her waiting pussy. She was soaking wet as always, but had she not been, he wouldn’t Escort Sinop have been able to stop. He pulled back and pushed in so hard their hips grinded together. They had spent many evenings making passionate love. They had spent their first Valentine’s Day giving each other full body massages. Peter still remembered the combination of lavender and vanilla they had used. Both of them could be sensual and romantic, but right now, this was fucking. It was pure, animalistic sex. He grunted and did it again.

“We can’t do this anymore.” Peter was kneeling now. Looking down, he saw her soft pink pussy lips wrapped tightly around his cock. She waxed completely, which had surprised him the first time he had gone down on her. He remembered how she had blushed with embarrassment, explaining that as a lifeguard, she was in a bathing suit so much that it just made things easier. He had loved her practical explanation, but it didn’t remove the fact that her pussy was just plain sexy.

Her clit was throbbing, and moisture was seeping down around his cock. Peter growled and reached down to find her hard bud. He rubbed it roughly, grinning as Paige lost control. She bucked her hips up and down as she held her breath.

Paige had been able to control her impending orgasm the whole time Peter fucked her senseless. It wasn’t until he pushed down on her clit that she lost it. Her body shook and she whimpered quietly.

“Come, baby. Do it.” Peter leaned over and wrapped his lips around her earlobe. Her legs were over his shoulders, almost bending her in two. He knew she loved this position because his cock was nudging the entrance to her womb.

“I love you.” Peter held her face in his hands as he thrust hard into her pussy one last time. He was not going to last another second. She wouldn’t care one bit. He wanted to hold on, but gave in to his need. He breathed in, smelling her shampoo and perfume. He was addicted to her scent, and that was what drove him over the edge. All he could do was gasp for breath as his cock erupted inside her.

He had climaxed and was now trying to recover. The room smelled like sex, and the only sound was their heavy breathing. He finally sat back up, pulling her into his lap, his semi-hard cock still deep inside her.

“It’s over,” Peter whispered, and then wiped the tears that were spilling down her cheeks. She wasn’t sobbing. She wasn’t saying anything. They looked at each other. It couldn’t be over.

Paige had left the next morning. She had taken home all the little things that she had left at his place. It wasn’t much, really, just a toothbrush, lipstick, and a few magazines she liked reading in his big bathtub. They had been silent since they had awoken; there wasn’t anything really to say. She left quietly, no energy to cry. He had shut his door and then sat on his couch. Everything around him reminded him of her. This was the hardest breakup he had ever dealt with, because he actually loved her.


The phone rang and Peter answered it. He had been lost in thought, and noticed that the show he had been watching was over. He picked up the phone.



Peter’s stomach lurched. It was more than a coincidence. How did she know that he had been daydreaming about their last time together? How did she know that right now, more than anything, he needed to hear her voice? He tried to compose himself, glancing into the kitchen, where his girlfriend was deep in thought. She was working on her thesis, and the flickering from her laptop created an eerie glow on her face. She would not notice anything that Peter was doing until she decided she needed a break.

“Honey, why are you calling me so late?” Peter turned sideways on the couch so he could keep an eye on his girlfriend. He was whispering as he heard Paige’s voice. She was sobbing quietly, and he desperately wanted to hug her tightly and tell her everything would be okay.

“I just wanted to call and say hello.” Paige was trying to stay calm, but the moment she’d dialed his number, the tears had begun to flow again. He knew nothing about the injuries she sustained on a regular basis. He knew that it was dangerous for them to talk and that it could start a fight, but Peter was clueless to the extent of Paige’s unhappiness.

Peter’s eyes shifted from the kitchen to the television. He did not want his girlfriend to catch him, but he enjoyed talking to Paige. It was wrong, but she was his addiction.

“He’s out tonight again. I’m just alone in the house and wanted to say hi.” Paige bit her lip as she struggled to control her words. She wanted to say more, but would not be the cause of the breakup between Peter and his girlfriend. She heard him sigh deeply. Paige knew that if he were in the same room, he would know right away that she was lying. She was glancing around and biting her lip, two gestures that gave away her dishonesty.

“She’s in the kitchen.” Peter grabbed one of the throw pillows from the couch and placed it in his lap. In just a short few minutes, his cock had swelled, and Paige was the cause. She still had that effect on him. Her voice was hesitant and quiet. This was not the first time she had called, and it made him feel helpless and useless. Nothing he said would erase the pain that both of them suffered.

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