Lingerie Shopping


I love women in sexy lingerie, but my wife doesn’t have any use for it. As far as she’s concerned underwear should serve the purpose of keeping things covered or keeping them from flopping about wildly. So, despite the fact that she’s 26 years old and absolutely gorgeous my wife’s panty drawer looks like it belongs to a much older woman, nothing but plain white cotton panties, and industrial strength bras to keep her amble breasts from swinging free.

I finally convinced her that wearing lingerie before having sex is an important part of the love making process. I’m a very visual man, I find women in lingerie much more stimulating than completely naked women. She agreed to wear some lingerie for me, but she didn’t know what I liked and as she had no taste for the stuff to begin with she said that I’d have to pick it out.

I didn’t think that would be too much of a problem, I knew what I liked, and I knew what I thought would look good on her so I wrote down the vital dimensions to make sure I got the right sizes, and headed off to shop.

I figured we wouldn’t need anything too advanced like vinyl or crotchless or that kind of thing, so the first place I went was Victoria’s Secrets.

If you’re a 27 year old guy and have never been in that place by yourself, try it for like five minutes and see how many people stare at you.

Anyway, I was in the store looking over the racks trying to decide what would look good on my wife. She has creamy white skin so white would have worked well, but she’s a redhead so I was looking more in the area of red. Who knew they had so many different shades of red?

Anyway, after about an hour of looking at everything in the store that was even remotely red, one of the salesgirls approached me.

“Excuse me sir, can I help you with anything?” Ginger asked.

She Pendik Escort startled me so much it felt like she’d caught me robbing the place. I turned and looked at her, she was tall, had creamy white skin, and vibrant red hair, she was very similar to my wife in build, but she couldn’t have been more than 21.

“Um, yes, my wife said she’d wear some lingerie for me if I picked it out, but I have no idea what to get.” I said.

“Well, why don’t you describe your wife to me and I’ll see if I can help you.” Ginger said.

“Okay, well, she’s a red head like you are, almost the same shade in fact, and her skin is as creamy white as yours.” I said.

“Okay fair complexioned redhead, I’d say you’ve been looking in the right color range, red works very well on girls like me. Is your wife tall or short?” Ginger asked.

“Tall, she’s six foot two, with long gorgeous legs.” I said.

“Nice legs, okay, we may want to consider something with stockings. What’s your wife’s build?” Ginger asked.

“Well, truthfully, I think you and her could wear each other’s clothes, you’re built about the same.” I said.

“Okay, does your wife shave, trim, or let it grow?” Ginger asked.

“What are you talking about…Oh, down there, she trims.” I said.

“Okay so that rules out the micro-panties. Is she a thong, G-string, or bikini cut wearer?” Ginger asked holding up examples of each.

“Well, if she wore anything that small it would be a bikini cut.” I said.

“Okay, are you looking to go for a bra and panty combination, or a teddy, or a babydoll, or do you have any idea?” Ginger asked.

“I don’t have a clue, what do they all look like?” I asked.

“Well, so we don’t disturb the other customers, let’s go in the back where I can show you examples.” Ginger said.

I Kurtköy Escort followed Ginger into the back, back behind the changing rooms into the store room.

“Okay, you wait right there, I’ll be right back with an example of a bra and panty set.” Ginger said.

I sat on a couch that I assumed was for breaks. A few minutes passed and then Ginger returned and my eyes bugged out. Her skirt and blouse were nowhere in sight, what was in sight were a red bikini cut panty, a lacy bra, a red garter belt, and a pair of red fishnet stockings.

“Now the bra and panties are a matched set, but the garter belt is slightly different, and the stockings are just standard red fishnets. As you can see, the bra and panties have a nice pattern to them. What do you think?” Ginger asked.

“This isn’t quite what I expected.” I said.

“Okay, I’ll be right back in the babydoll.” Ginger said.

I tried to protest, I felt my lips move, but no words came out. Ginger was out of sight for a few minutes then came back in a red babydoll with the thong panties, a different garter belt, and a pair of stockings with a rose pattern all up and down her legs.

“The stockings might be a little bit much, but the thong panties are more revealing as you can see, and the babydoll is very playful.” Ginger said.

“Very nice, but…” I started.

“But still not what you’re looking for. Okay, let’s try the teddy.” Ginger said.

Ginger was gone for a few minutes then came back in a red teddy with G-string panties, and lacy stockings. The panties were strained tightly across her pussy, and tiny red hairs were visible around the edges, the teddy had sheer areas in the area of the breasts that showed her nipples.

“As you can see this is the top of the line. The G-string shows off every bit Tuzla escort of the ass(She turned), the sheer area that I just realized is there shows off the nipples, and the stockings attach to the teddy so they can stay up when the panties come down. So, do you see anything you like?” Ginger asked.

Again my lips moved but now words came. Somehow my hand had moved to my lap and was rubbing my rock hard cock. Ginger saw what I was doing and smiled.

“I think you like this last one, but I don’t want you to buy anything unless you’re totally satisfied, it just so happens that this is the demonstrator model so let’s take it for a test drive.” Ginger said.

She walked over to me, reached her hands down into my lap and began opening my pants. I should have pushed her away and left, but I just couldn’t, I was absolutely silent and motionless as she pulled my cock out of my pants, then she stepped up onto the couch straddling my hips, and finally she hooked the G-string to the side and lowered her pussy down onto my cock.

She rode me hard and fast, and she kept a hand over my mouth the whole time as on the other side of the thin wall there was a mall full of people that would hear if we made too much noise.

It took her about five minutes to make me cum and she waited until every last drop of it had been squirted inside her, then she lifted herself off of me, walked back to where she had changed, put her clothes back on, and came back to where I was still sitting shocked by what had just happened.

“What do you say you put that cock away and we go out front and ring this up.” Ginger said with a smile.

I composed myself the best that I could, and we walked out to the front of the store, she helped me find the teddy, G-string, and stockings in my wife’s sizes and then she rang me up.

I went home, gave the bag to my wife and she went into the bedroom to put it on. When she came back out she looked amazing.

“So this kind of stuff does it for you huh?” My wife asked.

“You have no idea.” I said, and I kissed her and we made love.

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