Linda Embraces Slutdom Ch. 02

Anal Toy

Mark and Linda were humping every day and sometimes a few times a day as some deep desires had been let loose and demanded fulfilment. They fucked in every room in the house in every which way. Sometimes while watching television Mark would pounce on Linda. Other times Linda would wear a short dress and no panties and suddenly drape herself over the kitchen table giving a tantalising glimpse of her upper thighs and a hint of her pear shaped ass. Mark could see the results of her research on such occasions when she would glance behind her with a wicked expression on her face and purr,

“Am I your little slut?”

When Mark would answer eagerly “Hell yeah baby,” she would reply coaxingly without missing a beat,

“Well then do me now like the dirty slut I am, I need to feel your big, beautiful cock in me now!”

Mark pants were down and his instantly hard cock lodged far up her pussy as soon almost before she was finished the sentence, his eyes ablaze with unadulterated lust. He would hump her silly while slapping her firm ass and tugging on her hair while Linda would urge him on by saying things like,

” Give your slut your cum” or “Is that all you’ve got, fuck me hard, treat me like your naughty slut” and “I love the way your cock fucks me, ride me you big stud.”

She had a long list of new phrases that spurred Mark to new heights of ecstasy and passion. Mark would cum in her pussy, on her breasts, on her back or in her mouth while he grunted and groaned his pitched orgasm. Linda was left breathless, sweaty and thoroughly used, her body throbbing with pleasure.

Linda was also generously sucking Mark off nearly every day, and Mark always reciprocated by eating out her pussy until she was bucking beneath him and gripping the sheets tightly. They were both caught up in a heady, dream like state of sexual frenzy. They were both horny all the time. One night as they were getting ready for bed Linda came out of the bathroom to confront the sight of Mark with his boxers pooled at his feet, his hard cock was pulsing angrily.

“Ohh baby I need to feel your hot mouth on this thick cock, on your knees please.”

Linda took her tank top off freeing her full breasts. Her nipples were hardening already in the cool air. She liked to have a naked torso when she gave head, it allowed both of them to play with her breasts and also meant he could cum anywhere and there was no mess on any clothes. She eagerly got down on her knees before him and showed the fruits of her work on dirty talk by looking up into his eyes and saying in a sultry voice,

“I’m going to drain every last drop big boy.” before wrapping her lips around the bulging head.

She slid her mouth down the thick shaft taking half of it into her warm opening while Mark groaned and gently caressed her head. Her mouth filled with saliva and she licked up and down his cock coating it in her wetness. Some dribbles of spit spilled out of the corners of her mouth and drizzled her hanging tits.

“Made to make your mouth water. ” Mark observed.

When Linda had the shaft nice and lubricated she fell upon the cock plunging her head up and down the shaft totally focused on releasing her man’s load enjoying the pleasure she was giving him and the groans she was causing. She looked up at him as she bobbed up and down his cock. Mark loved to look down on Linda when she was stuffing his cock into her mouth, sucking it hard like her favourite ice lolly. She looked up at me lovingly, with that slutty look in her eyes. A lady’s face is always prettiest when it’s looking up at you. It’s why it’s such a popular angle for photographers. It makes a girl’s eyes look disproportionately large and cute. Linda just looked ravishing. Looking down at her face as she slurped on the cock and some spittle adorned her chin Mark was in heaven.

“You like that, don’t you?” he asked. Linda made a muffled, incoherent but affirmative noise.

“Ohh my gorgeous little blowjob slut, don’t stop ohhhh fuckkkk”

Linda was taking his cock as far as the opening to her throat but was not used to taking a cock any deeper. Mark’s breathing was more ragged now. Linda ran her finger down her neck and rubbed her tits and pulled at her nipples turning Mark on even more.

“Ohh fucckk yeah, you make me so hard,” he said as he reached down and gently cradled her head in his hands.

Then he began pumping in and out of her mouth, taking charge of the rhythm. Little gurgles escaped Linda’s lips and little gobs of spit were pushed out with every outstroke as her mouth flooded with saliva. He began thrusting fast now, and Linda kept her lips clamped on the hardness şırnak escort as it and held on for the ride knowing that he was near to cumming.

“Ohh fucccck , your slut mouth is going to make me spill my load,” he groaned.

Eventually he threw back his head and grunted, and Linda felt his body move, and before she knew it he had pulled his cock out of her mouth. Linda knew what was coming next, she had seen most porn clis end this way and had read how men loved to cum on their woman’s face.

“Cum for me, cum for me, cum for me,” Linda repeated, his cock inches from her face, “Drench your dirty, filthy slut in cum, make me you cum splashed slut.”

Mark couldn’t hold on a second longer when he heard these words and without warning he was spraying her with jets of his hot spunk. The first spurt hit her above the lips and creamy ropes then hit her cheeks and some shot in her mouth. She mixed it with her saliva and then let it fall out of her mouth onto her chin and some fell onto her breasts. A last shot landed on her forehead. The cum felt warm at first but then became cool and slippery. Mark held her head as the last drops drizzled onto her upturned face.

Then Mark pushed Linda onto the bed and whipped her PJ bottoms off and ripped her panties down.

“Your turn,” he pronounced loudly and before Linda could protest that she wanted to clean her face he had buried his tongue in her wet and sticky pussy. Linda was so turned on and felt deliciously slutty as she was eaten out by her boyfriend while wearing his cum on her face and torso. Mark licked and lapped her sensitive womanhood and dipped his tongue into her slit while she bucked and writhed and moaned beneath his passionate attentions. The room faded away and all she could sense was her pussy and Mark’s tongue and fingers. He plunged them into her sopping passage until she was in the throes of ecstasy.

Then suddenly Mark was lifting her up and turning her so that she was on her hands and knees. She was still groggy and in a daze when she felt his cock at her passage and felt his hands firmly grip her hips. Then suddenly he was in her as he mounted her with a hard jolt.

“OHhHHH fuccckk ” she moaned weakly.

Mark started to pound and plough her with his hard cock and because he had come twenty minutes before Linda knew this session would last a while.

“Whose my dirty little slut?” Mark hissed.

“I am , I’m your dirty slut,” Linda answered truthfully.

Cum was hanging from her nose and lips and tracing a cold snail trail down her torso. She felt like such a slut and loved the feeling of naughtiness it gave her. Mark was reaching around and rubbing his cum into her tits as he rode her roughly and relentlessly. Little incoherent noises leaked out of Linda’s breathless body with each heaving lunge from the maddened Mark.

“You are such a naughty slut,” he moaned hotly “look at you, wearing one cum load as your pussy milks another one out of me.”

Mark spanked her ass hard repeatedly making Linda yelp as he pummelled her from behind. Her body was jolting sharply with each quick thrust and her tits were swaying and flapping and jiggling crazily. Mark reached up and grabbed Linda’s hair by the nape of the neck and began pulling with each spearing stroke. Each time her head was snapped back and her neck tightened and her tis thrust forward as her back arched. She could feel his balls slapping wildly against her pussy lips as he rutted her savagely. Some cum ran into her mouth and dripped off her face as Mark thundered against her. Her pussy was flooded and soaked his invading tool as her body went into spasm. He was ramming her, spanking her, pulling her hair and pinching and mauling her tits. Her body was on fire, it had reached a pitch of sensation that was exquisite and agonising at the same time.

“YOU ARE MINE,” he moaned and then he jammed up into her one final time and stilled holding her back to him by her hair as he shouted his release through clenched teeth.

“What a wonderful slut,” he moaned as Linda felt his cock within her and felt his warm release deep in her trembling depths. Her body was tense and taut and still as Mark held her while he shot deep within her.

She was gasping for air between desperate wheezing cries. Mark pinched and twisted her nipples as he humped her a few last times. Linda collapsed forward and Mark fell on top of her as they both panted and relished the post coital sensations as the world around them slowly returned to view. Mark fell off Linda and caressed her back and backside. Linda lay there exhausted and fulfilled sivas escort and fell asleep.

The next morning she woke up early. Mark was still asleep sprawled out beside her. She could vaguely sense something strange with her face. She felt her face with her hand and felt a hard film on it and then she remembered and was startled that she could have drifted off with Mark’s cum still on her face. She ran a shower and scrubbed away the evidence of her ravaging. Her pussy got moist as she thought of how unashamedly slutty she felt. When she returned to the bedroom Mark was awake. He greeted her with a broad grin and a big kiss and they cuddled together and both fell back to sleep.

For the rest of that week Mark was very busy at work and Linda barely saw him. When she did he was fit only for sleep so Linda spent a lot of time researching. She had been reading articles on how to spice things up in the sack and had been drawn to articles on deep throating. She had read that you could drive a man wild by sliding a cock alllll the way into a warm, wet and willing mouth. Many sources said that they loved when they could bury themselves balls-deep and feel a burst of hot breath through flared nostrils that brushed over their pubic hair while being looked up at with wide, adoring eyes. She had read that any woman could learn to deep throat, it just took determination and practice. Linda wanted to see the look of surprise and pleasure on Mark’s face, to see his eyes roll back as her lips reached the bottom of his shaft. She had read about men cumming straight down a woman’s throat and how it passed the mouth and taste buds altogether. She read about learning to control the gag reflex and started practicing. She firstly practised brushing the back of her tongue with her tooth brush and then pushing down her throat with her fingers and then with a flexible dildo. She coughed and gagged a bit at first but with perseverance she learned to relax her throat and her mind and shut out the tension and mind messages that caused the gag reflex. She had to go slowly and carefully but very soon she was able to lodge all of her 7 inch dildo down her throat and keep it there for a while. She learned to keep her mind calm and breath through her nose. She had been feeling neglected by Mark recently so she gave him a call at work.

“Hello Mark,” she said when he greeted her, “this is your dirty slut speaking, I can’t wait till you get home, I’m going to take that big cock in my slutty mouth and drain you straight down my throat.” Linda hung up and giggled to herself.

She got herself ready by stripping off naked save for some suspenders and a garter belt and heels. She put on eyeliner and mascara and bright red lipstick to complete the sexy sluttish look. She wrapped a trench coat on and when she heard Mark’s car pull in she sauntered out to his window and leaned forward giving him an eyeful of her hanging bosoms and fantastic cleavage. Then she stood up and strolled back to the house leaving Mark frantically trying to get out and lock the car. When she got in the house she started walking up the stairs and when she heard Mark reaching the bottom she shed her coat and let it fall to the ground revealing her naked back and shoulders and shapely ass. Her long legs were framed by the black suspenders.

“Ohhh you gorgeous slut,” Mark exclaimed and scampered up the stairs.

By the time he got in the bedroom door Linda was already on her knees with her hands holding her heels. Her tits were standing proudly and her nipples were hard and erect. Mark was standing over her in an instant, his pants were down quickly and then his boxers fell revealing a raging hard on.

“I’ve had this stiffy for an hour,” Mark said “it aches.”

“Let me soothe it then,” Linda cooed and plunged down on his bulging member. Linda bobbed up and down taking his length as far as the entrance to her throat as usual. She sucked enthusiastically and soon had her mouth and is cock lathered in spit and saliva. Mark was groaning and moaning and complimenting Linda on her oral skills. Then all of a sudden Linda plunged forward and felt his cockhead slide down the entrance to her throat and fill it up as she pushed all the way forward until her nose was brushing his pubic hair. Mark stopped breathing as he looked down and saw her impaled all the way on his cock which twitched in her tight throat. He was stunned and it felt electric and sensational to feel his cock swallowed completely by Linda’s mouth and throat. She held it there for a moment and stuck her tongue out and looked up at him the way she had read about. Her eyes tekirdağ escort watered slightly and she pulled back. The retreating cock dragged some thick saliva from her throat and it spilled out of her mouth. Thick trails of spittle trailed from her mouth to the entirely wet cock as she gasped in some breaths.

“Fuccckk meeee,” Mark exclaimed “that was awesome, you really do have a slut mouth.”

“I want you to shoot your load straight down my throat,” Linda rasped.

She returned to sucking and slurping on Mark’s cock in a messy and slutty fashion and every now and then, without warning she would embed herself on his entire length and relish the sounds of his passionate drawn out moans. She was in charge though. As his breathing got ragged she could sense he was near to cumming. She lifted her face away from his swollen prick and and said in a sweet, seductive manner,

“I want you to spew your semen in my throat. Please cum for me.” She stroked his cock while she whispered this wish.

She slid all the way down now and just as she thought he would Mark began to thrust in and out, carefully and slowly.

“Mnnnphhh, mnnnphhhyy,”

She accommodated her mouth to his rhythm and let him fuck her throat to his climax. Each push caused her mouth to gargle.

“Fuckkk mee, this is soooo gooooddd, ohhh God you are such a fucking slut.” Mark groaned loudly.

Then he thrust firmly forward and stopped buried down Linda’s throat as he cursed hotly. He held Linda by the back of the head as she made swallowing actions constricting her throat around his contracting cock.

“Ohhhh Here it comes, aghhhh drink it down babe.” Mark exploded in her throat. Linda looked up at him wild eyed to see his eyes rolling in his face as she felt his cum spurting in her throat. It was a strange but not unpleasant sensation, like drinking without swallowing. Linda concentrated on breathing through her nose until Mark had emptied himself completely and then he fell backwards and his cock popped out of her mouth as she gasped for air and some gathered spit and saliva flooded her mouth and some spilled out of her mouth. Linda knelt gulping in some air while Mark gasped for air also. He gazed at her his eyes full of wonder and admiration.

Soon Linda was on her back as Mark pleasured her with his mouth, tongue and fingers and soon after that she was bent over forward and standing by the window. The blinds were drawn but slightly open so Linda, her eyes close to them, could see outside into the street. She could see people walking in the street and mothers playing with their children. Mark was fucking her hard from behind while she moaned.

“Ohhh yes, screw mee, ohh I love your cock inside me, ohh make me scream like the slut I am.”

As usual her exhortations pushed Mark to really batter against her. As he did he spanked her sporadically and yanked on her hair as well until she was squealing with raw, untrammelled carnal delight. An orgasm gradually built and then she spilt herself on his cock and could feel her juices running down her thigh.

“I could open these blinds so the whole street could see what a slut you are.” Mark’s words had her eyes wide open. He was sawing into her and her mouth was juddering. Her heels were being lifted off the ground with each jarring push. With one great, final heave Mark pushed Linda’s face against the window and groaned gruffly as he shot spurt after spurt in Linda’s sopping cunt.

Later again that night Linda was laid back on the bed, her head was hanging off the bed and Mark’s cock was lodged in her soggy mouth. In this position her mouth and throat ran in a straight line. Her arms were stretched out by her sides and her hands were under her ass cheeks. He was pinching her nipples and fondling her terrific tits as he knelt before her face and pushed into her accepting mouth. He could even reach down and play with her clit as his hands ranged and roved all over her tingling torso. As she whimpered around his cock he thrust suddenly all the way down and for the second time that evening she could feel him pour himself directly down her throat.

“Linda my awesome slutty babe,” he moaned softly as she massaged his cock while he shot his wad. Afterwards he held her tight and gazed adoringly at her while he stroked her hair.

“Maybe we should explore uniforms, lingerie and role-play,” he said to her as they were drifting off to sleep. Linda had been hoping he would say this as lots of her reading had pointed in that direction as a way to liven things up further. She thought it could inject imagination and creativity into their coupling and allow them to act out a few exciting fantasies and push some boundaries. The next morning Linda gave Mark permission to buy some outfits and devise some scenarios to play with and act out. Mark said some nights he would leave an outfit on the bed with the erotic scenario written down beside it, Linda could choose to run with it or not.

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