So this is my very first story. I’m looking forward to any comments-good or bad. Hope you enjoy.

The day was finally here. Today was the day Lila was born.

Lila, whose real name is Meliny, is 18 years old. Last month she graduated high school.Now Meliny was a quiet girl. Very shy and soft spoken. She kept her head buried in the books and had absolutely no social life. Since her college classes didn’t start until the fall, Meliny decided to spend the summer making a change. She no longer wanted to be Meliny-the girl who was just there. So on this day, Lila was created.

Unlike Meliny, Lila would be outspoken and vibrant. After unpacking the last of her boxes into her little apartment, Lila realized she had no one to celebrate with. She was an only child so no siblings and after her graduation her parents took a spur-of-the-moment cross country road trip. She had no friends, no boyfriends, no one. Meliny would have sat in her room and read a nice book, but Lila wanted to have fun and do something she’s never done before.

She walked into her closet and put on the sluttiest outfit she could find- a red dress that hugged her large 38dd breast and round bubble butt.

Lila was a very beautiful woman. she had milk chocolate skin with a full head of curly auburn hair. her eyes-honey brown- were bright and inviting and her lips were full and luscious. she was 5’2 and about 140 pounds of thick chocolaty goodness. at the club, all eyes were automatically on her, especially since she was new in the small town. she walk straight to the bar, her breast bouncing with each Pendik Escort stride and her ass swaying left and right while just barely staying in her dress.

“Vodka. straight.” she demanded in a deep sulky voice.

“Mind of I keep you company?” a deep voice resonated from behind her. Before she could answer, this tall, green eyed God-like man sat beside her.

“I’m Jameson. You must be new here because I would remember a goddess like you” he complimented as he motioned to the bartender for another round.

“Lila” she said as she took another shot, “and i Just got into town From Atlanta.”

The two conversed for what seemed like an hour before Lila grabbed his big muscular arm.

“I want to dance.” She bit her bottom lip seductively and led him to the center of the dance floor. As she twerked her big ass on him she could feel his cock stiffen. she smiled and faced him. “Let’s go somewhere more private.” she quietly begged as she led him outside to her car.

“Kiss me!” Lila demanded and Jameson Pinned her to the car and rammed his tongue down her throat.”I have an apartment a couple of blocks away” He said softly before the two of them jumped in the car.

Even though he live about 5 minutes away, Lila longed for his dick. ever since she felt it on the dance floor her pussy was dripping for it. At the red light she reached over undid his zipper and pulled out his hardening cock. “Its so- big” she admired his 10 inch black cock, gently circling his head with here fingertip before leaning down to give it a little kiss. Her tongue ran up and down Kurtköy Escort his massive shaft paying attention to his throbbing head. She parted her luscious red lips and filled her mouth with his dick. “Fuck” Jameson moaned and Lila head bobbled on his fat cock. with one hand on the wheel he placed the other on the back of her head

“Mmm” Lila slurped and moaned. “Its so thick, baby.”

“come here” Jameson commanded as he put the car in park in his driveway. he pulled down his pants and sat Lila on his lap. His hands caressed her breast and then he slid off the straps on her dress and unfastened her bra. Her titties bounced as the were freed. Jameson gingerly sucked her right nipple and his hand pulled and twisted her left one. His free hand slid down her stomach and under her dress. He could fill the warmth from her pussy. his thumb rubbed up and down over her black lace thong and he could feel the juices seeping through as she grinded on his dick. ” Mmm. i need your cock inside me. Now!”

Lila threw her leg over Jameson and climbed in the back seat. With her legs spread open, she rubbed her pink moist clit ” Im so wet. If only I had something big to fill me up right now.” she seductively bit her bottom lip as she inserted two fingers inside her fuckbox and then into her mouth. “Yummy”

Jameson hopped in the backseat and positioned his head at her pussy. with one hand he grabbed her ankles and held them up in the air while his other hand found its way to her clit. gently, he kissed her inner thigh before his tongue made it to her pink pussy lips.

He then Kartal Escort buried his face deep inside her wet goodness, as he tongue fucked her. his nose tickled her clit while he jammed his tongue in and out of her, slurping up her sweetness.

“Oh right there, dont stop, baby. Faster. Faster. OOOhhh Ohhh shit. MMMmmmm.” Lila grabbed his head and forced it into her pussy. “I’m cumming! I’m CUMMINNGG!!” she screamed as he licked her delicious cunt dry. “I want your dick inside my pussy now”

Without hesitation, He rammed all of his thick 10 inches inside her with one quick motion.

“Oh shit” she exclaimed

“How do you want it?”

“I want to feel it in the morning!” she licked her lips as she stared into his green eyes.

He rammed her again, shaking her Nissan Altima. Jameson pumped his cock in and out of her like she was his fuck slave. his balls smacking her ass. At first he was going slow but with each thrust he picked up speed. her car rocked side to side as he tore into her wetness. Lila screamed and squealed in delight as she marked his muscular back. He looked down and kissed her passionately before once again finding her large round puffy nipples. “Mmmmm” he moaned through sucks, paying attention to both double d’s. He grabbed a handful of her curly hair. “Shit, I’m about to cum.”

He pumped harder and harder, Lila’s head banging on the car door. He pulled put his massive member and exploded all over her breast and lips. She wrapped her lips around him and drained what little cum he had left. His swollen, lipstick covered dick resting on her big lips. They laid there in silence, windows fogged and just the sounds of their breathing, for about 5 minutes. His fingers slowly caressed her pussy until it slowly began to moisten again.

“I have Netflix.” he suggested, a smile landing on both their faces.

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