Life Imitates Art Ch. 05


“Alright, Jeremy, I guess it’s your turn.”

He trailed his finger against my lips, and I kissed it as he reluctantly stepped away from me. I turned glazed eyes to Jeremy, shifting his feet and looking vaguely horrified, eyes on my ligature marks, fiery red and raw.

“I… I don’t know about this… This isn’t how I treat women.”

I could see his confidence flagging, and the room turned uneasy. Worry shot through me, I didn’t want this to end!

“Why don’t you show me how you would treat me, then?” I challenged, voice rasping over the consonants, hoarse from screaming. He shot a helpless look at me.

“Well, for one, I would untie you.”

“Then come over here and untie me.”

The room was silent. He took a few diffident steps towards me. I smiled encouragingly as he fiddled with the ropes, pulling my wrist free and cradling it, large fingers stroking gently against the torn skin. Lucas shifted uneasily next to me at the intimacy, but I cooed as he gently massaged my fingers and wrist, blood flow returning to my pale hand, dwarfed by his massive one. He walked around the bed, confidence growing with each step, freeing my limbs and caressing them.

After the viciousness of a few minutes ago, his soft touch on my body was heavenly, and I leaned into the rub of his hands, cat-like. His hands, after hovering over me nervously, rubbed down my scarlet nipped waist, eyes flicking up to gauge my reaction. I let out a soft moan, hoping to relax him from the screaming that had so unsettled him.

A little more firmly, his hands pressed against me, the warmth suffusing through the corset and heating me gently, a fireplace rather than an inferno. Warming, rather than consuming.

I arched my back, and his hands wrapped around my curves, holding me. His fingers trailed up, leaving half-imagined streaks of heat, and drummed over my breast. I bucked into his hands hopefully, and his hand reached into my corset, pulling my breast free, my nipple stiff and engorged.

He plucked my nipple between his fingers with a delicate precision that I wouldn’t have expected from such a large man. He rolled my nipple, scraping his thumb nail down it, sending a shudder coursing through my body.

My hands flexed at my sides. I wanted to grip him, push him down me, but I didn’t want to frighten him with my pushiness. Heedless of my impatience, he continued strumming, his slow, even tempo vibrating down my body and sending shock waves to my pussy. He pulled my other breast free, and lifted them, his palms pressing heavy on me as his hands twirled my nipples, flicking and teasing.

I was dancing underneath him with urgency, feeling my pussy juices running down to my abused asshole. şişli escort He leaned down, and took my nipple into his mouth, as I sucked in a shuddering breath. His broad tongue lapped, swirling wetly as his teeth nibbled me gently, drawing me deeper. I didn’t want to breathe. I didn’t want anything except his tongue scraping against every inch of me with that same glorious, careful precision.

My chest rose and fell shallowly as he switched his attention to my other nipple, leaving them both a deep, rosy pink. His tongue dipped down my cleavage, and from there, he began kissing down my stomach, reverently. His fingers caressed the soft skin of my hips, and I relished the feel of his hands swarming over and engulfing me.

His face drew level with my pussy, and, for what felt like a lifetime, he stared at my pussy, transfixed, warm breaths curling against my entrance as I squirmed and lifted my hips encouragingly.

His lips drew closer, and I strained towards them heedlessly, but, just as his lips brushed against my clit, he turned, and instead pressed them to my thigh, kissing his way up to my apex, infuriatingly unhurried.

I couldn’t help it, and my hand shot to his head, pushing him down slightly. He glanced up at me, and his eyes were alight with pleasure at the pout on my flushed face. His lips brushed me again, as I bucked against him with a whine. He swirled open-mouthed kisses on my other thigh, displaying once again the finesse of his large tongue. I whined louder, grinding my pussy into the side of his face. He chuckled against my leg, and the deep baritone seemed to tremble through me.

One of his hands trailed down from my hip, and, feather light, he traced the shape of my clit. I went completely still underneath him, body tensing, feet twitching as I stared wide-eyed, looking at nothing. He circled one more time, then pulled away, running his wet fingers across my leg. My face crumpled in disappointment, and, child-like, I crossed my arms over my chest. I was almost there.

He smiled up at me, breathing out a laugh against my twitching pussy. My cunt clenched at the thought of his masterful tongue swirling inside me, devouring me from the inside out, and my legs raised, clamping his head between my thighs. His lips drew closer, and the heat from him was radiating up my body, shooting through my womb as my cunt clenched around an imaginary cock.

He inhaled deeply, then ran the flat of his tongue up my slit. I broke underneath him, bucking forward, even as he pulled away. My thighs were no match for his strength, so I had no way of keeping his face trapped while I ground out an orgasm against his lips.

My whines had started to take on a note of desperation. kağıthane escort I had been dangling on the precipice for too long, and the warmth in my body was starting to consume me, my beribboned corset tightening into me, stifling and pervasive, and I struggled for air, passageways constricting at his slow, even breaths, puffing against my overstimulated pussy.

My hands uncrossed from my chest and wound fingers like tendrils through his short hair, pushing futilely as I sent up a soft chorus of “please please please”. The pleading in my voice seemed to have struck a chord in him, and it was with slightly less restraint that his tongue ran up me, dipping in my pussy, flicking against my clit. I gasped, fingers and thighs tightening, riding, hoping, straining towards the orgasm glinting so tantalisingly close, only to bite back a scream of frustration as his tongue retreated, as he brushed his lips softly back and forth against my folds.

My body was fire, muscles stiff and locked, eyes glassy as I strained, trying desperately to push myself off the cliff. I pictured my cunt gushing against his face, his tongue licking me clean, before winding me up again, guiding me to this cliff and dangling me off, again again again until I couldn’t tell if I loved the climb or the drop more. No matter what foul thoughts spilled through my head, I was helpless, trapped on the edge.

Shivers ran up my body, and I squeezed my eyes shut, rubbing my stockinged feet against his thighs, toes curling into his skin, beyond words, using my body as a plea.

He shivered, the first time I’d seen something get under his skin, and he clamped his mouth on my pussy, sucking and swirling, his tongue darting between my pussy lips, flicking up and down my folds. My thighs dropped away. The bed dropped away. I was gone, lost in the cosmos, the Big Bang unfolding inside me.

I didn’t make a noise, or at least, I don’t think I did. Space is a vacuum, and I was soaring past stars, pleasure enrobing me like flames as I sped through, gathering heat and speed, meteoric. I sped towards the earth, swirling and spiralling, piercing through the atmosphere, feeling I must surely burn up before this pleasure would end.

I convulsed violently as my body returned to earth, and shook apart, my atoms scattering at the force of my orgasm, before flying back together, leaving my skin feeling too tight on my bones, and my joints mismatched as I flexed and panted and curled under Jeremy.

He was beaming at me, and I couldn’t help but shoot a quavering grin back, before letting my head drop against the bed, panting as I tried to catch my breath.

“Well, it’s pretty obvious that Jeremy won, since I couldn’t play.” Lucas remarked fatih escort sourly. Jeremy stayed where he was, hands stroking down my legs gently.

“You can get up now. You won.” Lucas said shortly. Jeremy snapped out of his reverie, looking shame-faced, and pushed himself off me. I couldn’t quite disguise my disappointed whine, and Lucas looked sharply down at me, his hand possessive as he tangled his fingers in my knotted hair.

“I’m going to make sure everything’s ready. How about you guys go fix yourselves a drink. I’ll be out soon.” They all hastened out of the room at the threatening timbre of his voice, and, as the door clicked behind them, he turned to me, eyes burning.

“You will never understand how hard that was for me. Watching you fall apart like that for him. That should have been me between your legs.”

He growled, and kissed me with bruising intensity, hands roving up and down my body. I returned the kiss eagerly, pushing myself into his hands, rubbing against his touch.

His cock was straining against his pants, and he clambered on top of me, never breaking our atavistic kiss. His hands encircled mine, and I vibrated underneath him, pinned and helpless under his dark gaze.

“You belong to me.” He muttered, dragging his trail up my neck, leaving sucking bites as he went.

“Say it. Say you’re mine.”

His voice was low, mumbled against my neck, and I shivered with pleasure.

“I’m yours, only yours, forever.” The words flowed like water between my lips, free and untainted.

His jealousy set my nerve endings alight, and his hands were like manacles against mine, binding me to him and him alone. He guarded me like a treasure, yet loved me so much that he let his friends use and abuse me, even as he chafed with envy. God, I love this man.

I nuzzled and butted into him, letting him ease his jealousy by claiming me, territorially. I stroked his hair, and we stayed there for a while, breathing in synchronicity. He skimmed his hand through my mussed locks, and kissed the tip of my nose before pulling away.

“Well, at least Matthew didn’t win.” He said, lightly, trying to inject some levity. I shuddered theatrically, the cruel curl of his fingernails far from forgotten. Lucas’s eyes narrowed again as he remembered Matthew’s violent treatment of my body.

“I should really have a talk with him.” He growled. Reluctantly, I came to his defence, not wanting to cause a schism.

“I really hate to admit it, but… I kind of liked it. Just please don’t leave me alone in here with him.”

Lucas snarled at the thought and his fingers tightened on me, like he could protect me from the imaginings playing in his head.

“No chance.”

His voice was flat, controlled, but I could see the anger flickering in his eyes. His hands dropped from me, and he said,

“I had better attend to our guests. Love, get ready. Jeremy is going to fuck your ass.”

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