Life Goes On – Me and My Sister – Part Three


      After our second sexual encounter, my sister and I decided we could go on being involved in this kind of intimate relationship. We thought exploring our sexual desires could help us prepare for our future life, like when had a serious relationship or we got married. We established some rules though, like having sex just a week.This usually meant starting fucking on Friday evening and staying in bed until Saturday afternoon. At that moment, both of us were in college and lived in a big house, just Magosa Escort for us, as our parents were living abroad.Having a big house implied many different places that we could use in our exploratory missions. Like, this other day, I went downstairs to make some coffee in the kitchen, and the first thing I saw was my sister pouring some milk into a bowl with cereal, wearing nothing but a tight white top. What an arousing vision!I approached her, got behind her, and Kıbrıs Escort put my hands into her top to touch her big boobs. She moved her head backwards, and I kissed her neck. I also put my right hand on her amazing pussy and introduced two of my fingers. I fingered her for a couple of minutes and then lift her so she could sit on the kitchen island.I pulled her top since I longed to see her boobs and then made her lie down. I ate her pussy while I continued fingering Lefkoşa Escort it. Then, I got on the island and fucked her. It was a quick one since both of us were very horny that morning.Another day, we decided to take the sun in our backyard. We brought a couple of drinks and a speaker to play some music. We were lying on an inflatable mattress enjoying the sunny morning when Valentina, my sister, told me to move it towards the wooden fence.“Why do you want me to move it?”“Just do it,” she commanded.As soon as I did, she pushed me so that I lay down on the mattress. Then, she took off the bottom of her bikini and put her pussy on my mouth. I understood why she had made me move the mattress. If it was very close to our tall wooden fence, our neighbors would not be able to watch us.

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