Life Class


I once had an erotic drawing made of my wife. It was pretty tame: the artist worked from a photograph I provided, and I’d posed her like the model in Renoir’s The Bather Arranging her Hair, as she has a similar figure and skin tones. We were both pleased by the result, although when she saw it Luce remarked that she wished we’d gone for something bolder, and it would have been more fun if she’d sat for the artist in person.

“In fact,” she added with a smile, “I think it would have a lot more fun!”

“Maybe you could pose for life classes,” I suggested.

“For lots of horny young art students? Mmm!”

“Of course your poses wouldn’t be quite right and they’d have to keep rearranging them…”

She giggled. “Oh, I’m sure they’d all be very detached and professional about it – worse luck!”

Later on, after we’d made love, I thought of a way to make this fantasy come true.

It took months to set it up. I had to find a studio and get hold of easels and canvass and charcoal and paper and paint, keeping them all under a tarp in my garage until I’d made all the other arrangements. Then I had to work up the nerve to tell her what I’d planned, or at least the part of it I wanted her to know in advance.

I wasn’t sure how she’d take it. I thought she might be shocked, and she was a bit, but then she started to get excited. During the next few days she took to draping herself over the furniture in suggestive attitudes, and asking me anxiously if the students knew she didn’t mind if it was a bit naughty.

“I told them it was entirely up to them,” I said, which was true as far as it went.

Finally the day arrived. I don’t know which of us was the more turned on. I’d told her not to put on any underwear that morning as it would leave marks on her skin, thinking this would heighten the anticipation. It did. By the time we got to the studio in the afternoon her excitement was obvious from way her nipples strained at her cashmere top, while the crotch of my jeans was bulging.

Everyone was there ahead of us, as I’d arranged.

Luce did a bit of double-take when she saw them, because, apart from Will, none of them looked very much like art students. Will, to be fair, was wiry and pale with delicate hands and badly bitten, though clean, nails. Shawn, on the other hand, was a big black guy who looked as though he was more used to handling weights than a pencil. Gary was a bit older than me, carrying a bit of a middle-age spread but not flabby. And Gary had brought his wife.

Luce looked at me in alarm when I introduced Linda. Somehow it hadn’t occurred to her that one of her artists might be female. I just shrugged, though meeting Linda for the first time gave me pause too. She was about the same age as Gary, but although she had grey hair she had a superb figure, and she didn’t dress her age: she wore leggings and a tight T shirt that did nothing to hide either her trim thighs or her breasts, which were small and still firm.

There was a bed in the middle of the room, with just a white bottom sheet on it. Five chairs surrounded it, with easels in front of four of them. I sat down in the fifth while Luce moved uncertainly to the bed.

She looked around at each of us. “Er, what do I…”

Nobody said anything as the answer was obvious. With a “here goes” she quickly kicked off her shoes and stripped off her sweater and slacks and lay face up on the bed.

I heard küçükçekmece escort an indrawn breath from one of the guys. Linda murmured something that sounded appreciative. I just savoured the sight of Luce’s soft, natural curves and her pale skin, and the contrast they made with her red nipples and dark fuzz at the top of her legs. Even if this had been just a life class, I thought, it would still have been bloody good fun.

“How do you want me?” asked my wife from the bed. I think it was meant to sound seductive though her voice was a little tremulous and high-pitched.

“Just do what feels good to you,” Gary suggested.

Luce stretched her arms behind her head and arched her back a little. Her breasts shifted slightly with the movement. However, she had her legs crossed, giving a great view of her creamy hip and arse, but hiding her pussy.

“Not bad,” Gary said, “But can you open your legs a bit?”

Obligingly, she parted her knees.

“A bit more than that.”

Her response was to move one of her feet about an inch. I realised what she was up to then. If they wanted more they’d have to move her legs themselves!

“Good girl,” I thought. “You’re getting into this now.” From where I sat I still couldn’t see her pussy. I wondered how wet it was. The thought made my cock twitch.

It was Will who obliged. “No, that’s not it. Here, let me.” He got up and went to the bed. Luce lifted her head a little to track him with her eyes as he bent over her and took her left leg in both hands. He moved it well to one side, but didn’t take his hands off straight away. Instead he slid them slowly up from her knee to the top of her thigh and brushed her bush with his fingers.

Luce sighed and lay back.

Will said “That’s more like it” as he stepped back to admire his handiwork.

“That is a nice cunt,” Gary said. “Nice and juicy.”

I heard a little gasp from the bed, and a faint creaking as my wife squirmed a little. A faint flush was spreading across her breasts.

“I can’t see her clit, though,” the old man went on. “Does it get bigger than that?”

I’d barely heard him: I was too caught up myself with the sight of Luce’s labia, pink, puffy and glistening under the view of these strangers. “Um… well, yes,” I replied.

“Maybe this will help.” Linda went and knelt down in front of the bed, between Luce’s spreadeagled legs. She leaned forward, put her tongue out and began to lick delicately.

“Hey, what are you…?”

Luce’s head jerked up. She had never been with a woman before.

Linda met her stare. “Doesn’t it work for you?” She’d stopped licking for a moment but put her finger in Luce’s pussy instead, to begin massaging her clit as she spoke.

There was a long moment of silence. Then Luce sighed. “Aah… yes… but it’s… even better if you suck my nipples.”

Linda grinned. She came around the side of the bed, leaned over and took my wife’s left breast in her mouth. She drew the nipple in slowly, lifting the whole breast and then letting it drop back. My wife’s head fell back and she moaned aloud as her flesh quivered.

Then Gary was at her right breast, massaging it with his fingers while his teeth and lips worked on the nipple.

By now I was rocking back and forward in my chair, letting the end of my prick rub against my jeans, wondering how long it would be before şişli escort I couldn’t stand it any more and had to pull it out and start stroking. Will seemed to have a similar problem. He was still standing near the foot of the bed, his eyes fixed on the woman who was now thrashing about in front of him, the little pink knob of her clitoris clearly visible.

Suddenly Shawn said: “No, no, this is no good. I can’t see her eyes.”

I’d almost forgotten the big black man. To my amazement he was still sitting behind his easel, with of all things a stick of charcoal in his hand. “Jesus Christ,” I thought. “He really did come to sketch!”

“Have you got a pillow or something to prop her head up?”

“Sorry,” I said, “didn’t think of it.”

“Too bad.” He put the charcoal down and with a quick, smooth movement pulled his turtleneck up over his head. When he stepped out of his trousers and boxers I realised that drawing clearly hadn’t been the only thing on his mind after all, as his erection sprang up and hit his flat, gleaming stomach.

Shawn rolled up his clothes in a bundle and walked naked over to the bed. As my wife’s writhing became more desperate, her first orgasm getting close, one by one the others did as the big man had done and stripped. I did the same, sighing with relief as my cock came free at last.

My eyes widened when I saw what emerged from Will’s pants. The scrawny “arts student” had the biggest tool I’d ever seen, even in pictures. It was almost completely straight and must have been at least 9″ long. It seemed to swell larger still as he massaged it. But I forgot about that when I saw Linda naked. She was still bending over Luce, now flicking her nipple with her tongue, and presenting a view of one of the tightest, smoothest arses I had ever seen.

“What would Gary say if I went over and put the end of my cock between her cheeks?” I wondered, but I was distracted from the thought by what Shawn did next.

He had put a hand under the back of Luce’s head to lift it up and shoved the wad of clothing under it. But that meant his cock was waving just an inch or two from her face. The raw pink flesh at the end seemed almost to glow. Her face jerked around as she followed its movements with her eyes and her lips parted. She was panting with lust now, and I thought she was going to take him in her mouth.

He stepped away as though he was about to go back to his easel.

“Shawn!” my wife gasped. It was something between a command and a plea.

Suddenly he took one step forward, grabbed a handful of her hair to pull her face towards him, and shoved his knob in her mouth.

Luce shuddered violently. Then, like they’d picked up some sort of signal, Gary and Linda bit down on both her nipples at once, and she came. She spat Shawn out of her mouth and screamed, her hips bouncing violently, and a thin jet of juice squirted out from between them.

As Luce’s head flopped back onto Shawn’s clothes, Linda stood up and looked at Will. She fingered herself as she spoke to him. Her snatch was fully shaved.

“Go on,” she breathed. “Let’s see you use that thing!”

Luce didn’t seem to have any idea what was happening to her. She seemed almost comatose after her orgasm. She didn’t even seem to be aware of will grabbing her legs and tugging her towards the foot of the bed, where he stood with his prick şirinevler escort levelled against her cunt. She noticed when he entered her, though.

“Oh my God!” she cried. “What the fuck is that?”

Will didn’t waste any time. The muscles at the backs of his thighs quivered as he hammered into Luce. His fingertips buried themselves in the soft flesh while her legs tightened around him convulsively. She wasn’t far off coming again.

Shawn hadn’t finished with her yet, though. As she lay with her eyes shut and her mouth open, gasping with pleasure, he threw one leg across her shoulder, straddled her, grabbed her face with both hands and forced his dick between her lips for the second time. “I’m not having you spit me out again!” he warned her, but he needn’t have bothered. She gave a muffled cry but she hooked her fingers into his arse to pull him in deeper.

Gary came round behind Linda and put his arms around her to massage her tits while she stroked herself. She turned to kiss him, then broke away and approached my chair.

I had my cock in my right hand and my balls in my left and was wanking vigorously now: I was going to come soon and I didn’t care. But Linda stood over me and said: “Come on, you. I’m not letting that go to waste!”

She forced my hand off my dick, grabbed it and tugged me to my feet. Walking backwards, she led me to the side of the bed, where she sat down, next to where two men were driving themselves into my wife’s willing body. Linda opened her legs, baring her bald cunt for me, and arched her back to thrust her sharp little nipples towards me.

Just at the moment I entered her, Will groaned loudly and his whole body went rigid as he came into Luce’s cunt.

“Don’t hold back,” Linda demanded. I was going slow, trying not to come too early. “Just fuck me.”

As I quickened my pace, so did Shawn. I heard his balls slapping my wife’s chin as his thrusts speeded up and then a gasp as he emptied them down her throat. Her own orgasm overtook her an instant later. I could tell because she clenched the hands on his buttocks into fists, digging her fingers in so deep the nails must have drawn blood.

Out of the corner my eye I saw Will pulling out, his dick still hard and shining with his and Luce’s juices, and Gary behind him, erect and ready to take his place.

As Luce swapped one cock for another, Linda suddenly stood up, pushing me away just as I was on the point of coming. She turned around to bend over my wife, presenting that beautiful, toned backside to me as she leaned across her. When Shawn pulled his cock from Luce’s mouth, Linda was there ready with her tongue protruding. While she buried it in my wife’s face, and her husband thrust his tool between her legs, I was frantically parting her lips with my fingers, probing with the head of my cock as I tried to get it into her before it exploded.

I just made it. I shut my eyes and groaned at the feeling, the stinging heat of my spunk spurting up into this woman’s body while she snogged my wife.

Funnily enough Luce never did ask to see any of art students’ pictures! I thought this was just as well, at least until I opened the mail a few days later. One of the letters was a large board-backed envelope. Out of it fell, of all things, a charcoal sketch of my wife, sprawled naked on a bed, and to my inexpert eye it looked pretty good.

There was a note on the back.

“Hi Dave and Luce

You weren’t to know this, but I actually lecture in fine art (better not say which college!) When I saw your ad on the swingers’ site I thought this was too good to miss. Anyway here’s a souvenir – it’s not great but I got a bit distracted! Luce, any time you fancy picking up your modelling career, let me know!

Love Shawn”

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