Librarian Ch. 02


Ana was taking care of some filing in her office, standing at her desk when Craig snuck up behind her and traced the outline of the tattoo on her back. She shivered with both surprise and delight at the feelings that his touch lit in her.

She smiled up over her shoulder at him. “That was nice… How was your meeting?”

“Boring,” he said as he draped his tie, already loosened, over her shoulder. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her neck where it joined the shoulder.

“Do you still have that lunch thing to go to?”

“Not for another ten minutes,” he smiled as he continued to kiss her neck and moved his hands around her middle, pressing close.

Ana finished sorting the papers in her hand. She picked up his tie, inspecting and fondling it as she leaned back into him. Craig rested his chin on her shoulder, his breath condensing on her smooth skin, and she turned to nuzzle her lips in his beard.

He closed his eyes, baring his throat to her as his hands traced her shape. She curled one hand up to his face to bring his lips to hers, while she rested the other on his arm. He kissed her lightly, at first, then deeper, wanting.

Ana turned in his arms and deepened the kiss. His hands moved up to trace the contours of her shoulder blades, smiling through the kiss. She inhaled Bursa Escort sharply, pulling back to show him the passion in her lidded gaze, and smiled. He swept an arm under her knees and lifted her up, savoring her passion for a moment before gently placing her on the couch.

She took the opportunity to remove his tie and reached for the top button of his shirt, never breaking eye contact. He sat and leaned over her on the sofa while she completed her task and pulled his shirttails out from the waistband of his pants. She smoothed her hands up his body as she pushed the shirt off his shoulders.

He inhaled slightly at the touch of her hands on his chest, and paused for a moment before leaning forward to taste her lips again. Ana lingered in the kiss and deepened it, making him groan as she explored his mouth. He reached down to her stomach and began to slowly push her shirt up.

She leaned into him, delighting in the feel of his hands on her flesh as he removed her shirt over her head and bent to kiss the soft skin of her belly. Her breath caught in her throat as he moved upwards, cupping one breast and capturing her stiffening nipple of the other with his mouth. His other hand moved down to slide her skirt up her thigh, and when he discovered she wasn’t wearing underwear, he growled Bursa Bayan and slipped between her legs, and pushed one finger closer. Ana moaned and curled her arms around him, breathing heavily; she moved her hips up to meet his exploration.

His lips moved in small kisses over her collarbone to the nape of her neck. “Oh, yes” she whispered as her hands roamed over his arms, shoulders, and down his chest to his belt buckle. She quickly unfastened it and moved on to his pants, shoving them down with his boxers to reveal his cock standing straight and proud.

She smiled in appreciation, looked up to his eyes, and pulled him closer. He followed her lead and moved in as she spread her legs to accommodate him. He gazed lustfully into her eyes as he placed himself at her threshold.

Ana bit her lip in anticipation, her eyelids dropping for a moment as she gently touched his face. He pushed gently forward, his eyes closing at the touch of her hands, and entered her. Ana rose up to meet his efforts and captured his lips in a slow kiss.

Craig’s lips met hers as he completed his thrust, and he passionately deepened the kiss. Anna moaned into his mouth and moved her hips to grind into him. He moved slowly, matching her thrusts as she pulled her legs up and around him.

Her arms wrapped Escort Bursa around his shoulders, she hung on as her head fell back. Craig brought his knees up and began to pick up the pace, his eyes feasting on her. She matched his urgency, bringing her head up to look into his eyes.

Craig let out a growl as his movements became more urgent, slightly rougher, and more possessive. Ana, her voice husky with passion, managed to whisper “Ooh, yes.”

He looped his arms around the back of her knees, bringing them up higher, and continued to press, his breath coming hard and fast. Her breath caught in her throat as she gazed into his eyes while he pleasured her, and she felt her orgasm building. Her hips bucked uncontrollably as the first ripples of the wave tore through her.

Craig rose up and began to move with long quick strokes, prolonging her climax while bringing on his own. A small cry escaped her as she lost all sense of time and place while the waves of pleasure intensified. He growled as he began to come, and they rode each other through their shared climax.

When they finally stilled, gripping each other, she opened her eyes to find him already looking at her, smiling softly. She reached up to run her hand over the sheen of sweat on his brow and smiled with pleasure.

He leaned down to kiss her tenderly, finally pulling slowly out of her as he shrank. She returned the kiss with a hint of the fire they’ve just shared, and moves to push her hair away from its entanglement in his beard, shivering as their union was finally broken.

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