Left Bank Ch. 02


I fell into a deep sleep, or at least that’s the way I remember it, curling completely around and embracing my beautiful lesbian ex-wife, the scents of deep and filthy sex, inner bodily mud caked around us, wet and slimy, in each other’s arms. I was awaken by a strange sensation, one I was entirely surprised to find. I was dreaming there was a wet dancing tongue on my lips, entering my mouth, cleaning my teeth. When I stirred and cracked open my hazy eyes to the dim light from outside, Anne was french kissing me deeply from my slumber. Her tongue was etching rings around each of my teeth, tracing the gums, around the front and back of each tooth. She tasted like musky sleep, a deep personal fishy, stale, and acrid flavor. Morning breath, only mixed with sexual scents, champagne, piss. And the shit smell in her breath. My mouth was clogged with our feces when we went to sleep and now it was all gritty in out mouths, some dried between our teeth, in our cheeks, the smears hardened on our faces, in our noses. She was licking everywhere in my mouth and face, bringing sweet stenchy wetness, bringing our substance back to life. I responded by clutching her tongue around mine and pulling her mouth to mine, drinking every early morning flavor she could emit. My limp cock stirred from its sleep and she felt it curl between her thighs.

I lay on my back and Anne sat up on me, grinding her loins around my soft tool. She was facing me and pulled me up to her voluptuous tight breasts. I licked them, still brown with a film of our waste. I was bringing their true scent forth. As the film melted with my saliva, I drew in the slurry into my mouth and lifted my head to meet Anne’s smiling mouth. We tasted our last night’s mess all over again, and how wonderful it tasted.

My dick was now hard enough to do some decent exploring and her barely pink pussy lips had found the head. She squirmed her hips and positioned her slow breathing cunt over my rod and began working it into her, all with her movements. She was not too well lubricated, having recently awoken herself, though there were small beads of juice forming around the slit. What was remarkable to me that last night she had steadfastly insisted on non-cuntal penetration as a statement to maintain her identity, which in fact led us down the eventual Hershey highway to love.

I decided to wetten things up and moved my head down toward her cunt, toppling her over on her back. I looked down at her and licked her belly button and she bucked her mons toward my chin in response. I stuck two fingers in my mouth and swabbed out a cluster of saliva, there were still some brown grits in the stringy liquid. I then gently pushed my fingers into her twat and worked them deep, moving them from side to side, gyrating along her walls. She let out a peep, an ooooohhhh and was silent again, breathing a littlle quicker. I removed my fingers and they were brown at the edges, remnants of our love clay from last night, which seemed to be mucked nearly everywhere. I didn’t dare get up and step on the floor, who knew what piles we had dropped or flung, let alone look at the pristine white bedsheets. That was for later. I moved below her waist and lifted her legs up, placing my head in her crack. I darted my tongue in her cunt and she moved, twittering. I licked and probed and nibbled on her labia, I started mouthing the bitter nether lips; they were getting damp now and slightly salty. I continued as her hips raised with new gyrations. She was now alive and well on her way to an early morning climax. My tongue probing and dancing along her clit and pussy lips, some more wetness, and oh, so tasty, the faint aroma of butt fudge with her cunt fragrance. I took my hands and began massaging her buttocks, round and round. She responded by moving her ass crack around my fingers until before I knew it, my trusty middle finger was once again at the opening to that wonderful dark hole. It felt tight again as my tip probed. Anne felt my efforts and responded by slowly pushing her bud outward to embrace my finger. It went in with a little friction for it was still dry there. I pushed it deeper and she helped by pushing her rectum down. My tongue on her clit was dizzying her and she started shaking her head back and forth, she groaned and with a release of some night pee in my face, she came a warm sensuous orgasm and quiverred for a moment. I lapped up her twat liquid and drank it, letting it run over my dirty mouth.

My finger still up her tight bum, Anne pushed outward so that it came out with a small pop. As I lifted it to my nose to smell the evening’s ferment, she very quickly thrust her hips up and planted her asshole right on my mouth, tongue still hanging out from the last exercise. I took the signal without thinking and jammed my tongue deep into her anus. Man did that taste great. So dense and warm, still plenty shitty because nothing had been wiped, but it was gritty and dried. Everywhere I licked, it was as if I were reconstituting the mud, bringing it to life. She tekirdağ escort pushed hard and tried to open her sphincter to accept more of my tongue. It began mushrooming outward to meet my thrusts. I pulled back and pushed my finger back in. This time it went in quite easily, all the way to the last knuckle. I added another finger and she moaned again, half pain, half pleasure. No words, no conversation, only smells, tastes and feels.

I started fucking her with my fingers, alternating in and out with a scissors motion which was attempting to widen her back door. She kept pushing on the out thrusts and I began seeing the inside of her rectum each time she pushed, even in the early light it was almost a bright pink. I tried to tongue the living organ as I penetrated each jam. As her breathing took up again and her body squirmed, I all of a sudden felt an object in there, about the size of a large marble. With her pushes, some inner morsels were working their way out toward me. With my two fingers I captured one and helped her push it out. It landed in my palm. I looked at it as best I could. It was hard and round and swirled with white around a very dark sphere. It really looked like a dark and white swirled truffle. I placed it in my other hand and brought it up to my mouth and licked it. I continued to frig her ass as before with both fingers back inside. My marble tasted bitter and dry, except for the gooey white swirls, my own cum, mixed delicately like a chocolate tidbit. I ate my cum off the surface and bit into the chocolate, which was putrid, salty, and sweaty. My fingers pulled out another truffle, this one slightly less round and softer. The swirls were there as well and I moved around to give Anne a bite. She was amazed at the cum on them and slurped it off. It was a real turn-on for us, the hours-old cum from her ass mixed with her wonderful waste. She bit a piece off the morsel and swallowed it before I could come around and kiss her mouth, when I passed the remaining pieces I had eaten to her lovely tongue. This was truly nasty.

I move back to her ass and when I put my finger back to her now distended opening, the rim was glowing in glistening cum, some which had made its way out, pure and white. I dove my face into it and slurped the liquid off. I returned to my position on my back and she resumed her sitting on my dick, trying once again to get my cock, now rigid like steel, into her cunt. It went in quite easily now. I grabbed her tits and smeared my fingers on them, her mud now encircling her nipples.

Now she was beginning to fuck me like we used to do so many years ago. I lay back down, not doing to much besides savoring each groan she made as she began her windup toward pleasure. Her hands circled my chest and teased my nipples, My right hand grabbed her buttock and I moved my third finger toward her brown rose and began pushing. I wanted in, again. In her butt crack was solid clay, dried from the sleep. I realized the resistance we were having with my pussy penetration was due to shit grit stopping up her female cave. I got the tip of my finger in her brown petal and she moaned, waved her hips and my dick gained another inch. Her hips danced a circle now, round and round. By now my cock was fully rigid and begging for full access. I withdrew my somewhat pasty finger and brought it to my lips. Slight taste, not much on it, great smell. I wanted more. I was determined to eat her every hole before I shot off my wad. She seemed to have other ideas and was continuing to grind until crisis.

Just then, we heard the lock click and the suite’s door creaked open. I glanced at the clock which read 4:30 a.m. Who the fuck was this, someone’s wrong room, an old hotel, all the keys probably open all the doors. The light was bright from the hallway and a woman wearing white, short blonde hair came in and closed the door. The room was dimly lit from the breaking dawn outside. We froze and stared at her.

“What the fuck are you doing… who the fuck is that? Oh my god, it’s a man, Anne, Anne you fuck, you whore-bitch, what are you doing?”

I quickly ascertained this was Kristin, the girlfriend. I had totally forgot we were not alone, they were actually in the hotel as a couple, not us.

“Kris, ughhh, baby, this is.. I met in the lobby… Red. You remember my stories of Red?“

Kris stopped and just stood still as Anne tried to explain briefly our chance meeting. She looked foolish in our situation, she was sitting on my now limp dick trying to explain away a very awkward situation. Kris starred at us, mostly at Anne. She wasn’t angry, but surprised and bewildered.

I watched the tense situation quietly until I broke out with, “Hi Kris, I’ve heard a lot about you. Would you like your pillow back, I was just leaving?”

For the first time now in the faded light, I took her in. Taller than Anne by about four inches, more Swedish than French looking, but plenty beautiful. Blue eyes, strong nose. tokat escort Big build with ample firm breasts. She was wearing a flowing white dress that was very thin and upon close examination, wet with perspiration under the arms. She smelled of stale beer and wine and cigarettes. She was obviously drunk and moved in a woozy manner, laughing at us and the situation.

“Kris,” said Anne, “Where were you, I mean it’s four in the morning.”

“Papa had a birthday party and the whole family was at Jacque’s bar until now. We ate and drank and danced. They’re still there. I couldn’t take any more. You know my father and his friends when they get together with my brothers.”

Anne had related these parties and how she just couldn’t keep up with their boisterous fun all night and why tonight she had stayed back. Kris came over to us, me still lying on my back, Anne sitting up on my limp crotch, both of us facing Kristin waiting for someone to make a motion of apology or inclusion, or exit. She kicked off her sandals and firmly pulled her dress over her head, tossed it on the floor and grabbed the champagne bottle from the bedside table.

She took a big slug of the warm bubbly and asked, “Have you guys been at it all night?”

With a quick movement as if she was mounting a horse, she threw her leg over my head and sat down square on my chest, embracing Anne firmly, first kissing her hard, then pulling her face to her breasts. She then worked her mouth back to Anne’s; Anne gave in immediately and carressed Kris’s cheek and slurped her lover’s mouth. Anne worked her mouth back down to her tits and seized a very ripe nipple between her lips and began tonguing it. I could barely see anything except the back of white lace panties stretched across my vision. Slowly, as they squirmed, Kris pushed her bottom back and moved herself so that now she was squarely over my face. It smelled of stale sweat and that human-fishy scent. It was damp.

Kris started to relax and as Anne kissed her breasts, she reached over for another swig of champagne. She looked around at the mess, the fruit, the brown cakes and finally took in the smell.

“Dieu,” what have you been doing with yourselves? It reeks like a pissoir in here. Annie, please stop, I’ve had so much to drink, I must go pishhh.”

But Anne grabbed her back and kissed her hard, pulling her close, “No, love, I’m sorry about Red. You must believe me. Don’t leave, not just yet. You’ll see. It’s you I love, he was a chance meeting, you always said you’d be fine with wandering… “

But Kris was way past caring about emotional feelings. Her tits were being expertly massaged by a wonderful tongue and she began wiggling her lucious bottom on my face. It smelled deeply of sweat and spilled beer. I tasted salt and liquor. I wanted her panties off soon. She swayed and began calling out Anne’s name over and over very softly.

All of a sudden my mouth became wet with a liquid seeping through the white fabric. It started slight and in a moment it was almost torrential. Salty sweet love piss of my Anne’s girlfriend. She just loosened her bladder right then and there, on the bed, through her panties, onto my face. A stream I would have swallowed without coming up for air, but this was different, a diffuse soaking in every corner of my face at once, my eyes, my nose, my mouth. I tongued her crotch, now sopping with pee. It trickled down my chest toward Anne.

“Ahhhh,” said Kris, “no leaving for bathroom noww.. ahhh.”

Without losing too much contact with either my face or Anne’s body, Kristin wriggled out of her sopping undergarments and tossed them to the floor.

Kristin’s shaved pubic region. Not a hair, except light blond baby hairs. Her gashes, front and rear just looked out at you, begging for closer examination. Her pussy lips were thin slats of pinkish flesh glistening with moisture you just had to dash your tongue into. The inside labia were pink-greyish and quivered in unison with her thighs.

As she moved her ass upon my face, a soft sweet little puff of gas was released. It smelled light and airy with a tinge of sulphur. I breathed it in deeply and as I was doing so, a big sloppy wet one followed; this time strongly reeking of her intestines. I don’t know what she had eaten, but it might have been like beans or something. The wetness of the the release left a coating on my lips and she wiggled her anus, grinding the odor into my skin, it seemed.

Kristin was the type of woman who was very attractive at first glance, though bigger than petite, not chunky though. Muscular legs with a little fat on them at the thighs, edible and chewy. You looked at her and wanted to plug her; she had that sexual aura about her. You knew she would be wild and feel great all around. She was tough though in her behavior, quite demanding.

By now her anal mouth was right on top of my lips and sought a comfortable resting place. I knew she was intentional with her placement trabzon escort because she kind of locked her hips in place and just began pressing down on my face with her full weight. My tongue darted in and licked the sides of her rectal tube, the crinkly area at the blossom. She wiggled and helped me get deeper almost immediately. As I probed, she moaned, indicating the pleasure was her’s as well. My tongue went in deeper and I tasted turd, the very tip of a new lesbian morsel impacted inside her. I started thrusting my taster in and out, trying to jackhammer her tight ring into a wider situation. She let out a sigh of content and while still licking Anne’s face, tonguing her mouth and nose now, found a way to get her left hand on her crotch and start frigging her clit, or so I thought.

“MMmmmmmm… that’s really good Red, or whoever you are. I know why my love here decided to keep you tonight. Ohhhhhhhh…”

As my tongue thrust into a deeper region I felt her ring open a little bit more. Her ass was definitely tighter than Anne’s when I first penetrated it, which was funny since she was a bigger girl overall.

While she hammered her ass on me and groped Anne, I felt her insides contract and begin to push outward. Slowly, a small trickle of piss flowed from her cunt hole down my chin followed by a glop of something warm and gooey, still on my chin. She expertly maneuvered her ass off my mount to replace it with her cunt as a puff of wind escaped her lovely butt and jammed into my nostrils, now stuck in her brown button. Since my mouth was covering her twat, the only way I could breathe was through my nose and I essentially inhaled her entire gut’s release, tasting the flavor through my nose and throat.

“Sorry, I couldn’t stop,” she quipped.

As my mouth met her slit, more glop was exuded into it. I was now able to catch a glimpse and it wasn’t pretty. Big chunks of red mucus-like stringy stuff were clinging to her box and being pushed into my mouth. It tasted acrid and acidic salty and snotty. This was followed by a dribble of thick blood which oozed into my gaping throat, mixing with the goo. As my tongue probed her cunt it very quickly came to a halt as it felt a piece of string. Then the cotton stopper.

This bitch was in her mensies and having her period in my mouth. I did what I could to push her buns up off my face and grabbed the string with my teeth and yanked out the plug, the entire tampon. I threw it on the floor with a twist of my head and as it swung back, Kris locked my face into her pussy once again just in time for the backlog of menstrual buildup to pour out into my mouth. It filled over now and I almost choked there was so much. She started laughing and Anne lost her concentration for minute.

“Eat it up, you cockhead, how dare you try and fuck my girlfriend, shit licker.”

I couldn’t tell if she was genuinely mad or just putting on a front to scare Anne into feeling guilty. She definitely was enjoying it because as soon as her pussy released its load, two of her fingers jammed up the top part to rework her clit button.

“Suck my blood, you cum-licker.”

As she started her climb toward her crisis, I thrust and probed and licked her cunt all over and she appeared in ecstacy. Anne was firmy kissing her, tongues down each other’s throats. I swallowed everything that came my way and everything tasted wonderful- full, salty, fishy, snotty, sweet, and sweaty. Her breaths became shorter and her hips were rocking hard up and down and I was fearing for my air supply. A trickle of piss came out right before she climaxed heavily on my face and her bottom shook on my face for about one entire minute. At the last minute one of her hands left Anne and wrapped her fingers around mine and squeezed affectionately. At the final bucking, a small nugget of dark, hard turd was pushed out onto my nose and rested right beneath it. It smelled gorgeous and intimate.

Kristin quickly lifted her bottom off my face and turned her entire body around and kissed me deeply and strongly, tonguing my mouth, searching for her own lovely flavors, the menstrual goop, the piss, the cum liquid. She found the small shit kernal and tongued it up, chewing it slowly to mix with the saliva and cum fluids, then slid the whole mess back into my mouth where I swallowed it, tasting each nuance. I tongued her mouth’s insides, each tooth and crack, every notch.

She then began pushing Anne back toward my feet with her bum sticking outward and was about to position her cunt over my now full grown erection, which up to now had been untended. She lowered her blond lovely wet and now filthy red twat over my dick and started licking my lips and her left foot went over the side of the bed; she stepped on the floor to gain balance.

“Oh shit.” Kristen spurted out.

She stopped, lifted her foot and began chuckling to herself.

“Wow. I don’t know exactly what you guys were doing all night but it’s a fucking mess in here.”

Her foot, all the toes down and a little bit back, were covered in shit. In the bleak light, one could see that it was caked between her toes, and one could guess, under the nails, on top as well. I figured it was residue from last night and though a bit drier than when it came out, was still sticky and messy enough.

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