Learning to be a Good Boy, Part 10


Learning to be a Good Boy, Part 10There I was, on my back, legs open and up toward my chest. I would later learn that this position would be refered to as “Happy Baby”, and “Happy” I was!Mrs. Perkins, or “Mommy”, as she wanted to be called, was standing between my open thighs, wearing only a leather harness that firmly held a life-like dildo jutting out from her crotch. The dildo was lubed with a combination of my own cum and the remnants of lubricant that remained on my recently milked, anal opening. Mrs Perkins was sliding the length on this dildo DEEP into my rectum and the girth was stretching my anal ring to a new capacity. At first it was a little painful but then I found great pleasure in the intense, intimate feeling. I actually wanted her to go deeper….”Oh Mommy” I panted out, “This feels so nice. VERY naughty, but really nice.”Mrs Perkins then reached down and lightly toyed with my nipples.”You like this Büyükçekmece Escort sweetie?” Asked Mrs. Perkins, “Does this feel good?””Yes Mommy” I admitted as I blushed profusely. “Good boy” Mrs Perkins replied, “Or should I say “good Girl” sweetie?””I don’t care” I quickly shot back, “I just want to make you happy.””Awww” Mrs. Perkins replied, “Then to really make Mommy REALLY Happy, you need to learn to feel the intimacy that a woman feels, like you are now… Then you need to learn to experience a real Man… Feel him cum inside of you! Would you like that, sweetie?”Mrs.Perkins was gong in and out of me, yet was not going very deep. I was feeling a bit wanton so….”Oh My GOD, Please Mommy” I asked, “PLEASE make me feel what a woman feels…..”Mrs Perkins was still rubbing my nipples and smiling down at me as she thrusted in.”Please Mommy” I was now begging, “PLEASE go deeper…””Are Büyükçekmece Escort Bayan you sure, sweetie?” Mrs Perkins asked.”Yes Mommy,” I shot back and then couldn’t believe the words that came out of my mouth next….”PLEASE make me your little girl.””HMMMM” Mrs Perkins said, “But my little girl is getting hard right now…. Look!”I looked down and to my amazement, my once flacid dick was sticking straight up and very hard. “I’m not going to touch it, sweetie” she said, “But let’s see what happened if I continue like this.”Mrs Perkins maintained the slow, teasingly erotic thrusts and the rubbing of my nipples. She then began to trust deeper and soon, that all-to-familiar ache in my balls began and I knew what was next.”Oh Mommy” I said in a breathy tone, “I might… Yes, I think that I’m going to…..”I didn’t even finish my words when more of my cum boiled up and shot Escort Büyükçekmece out of my tip and ran down my shaft. Mrs Perkoins never stopped and only smiled more.”It seems” she said, “that my little girl enjoys what Mommie’s doing to her.””Oh Mommy” I panted…..But Mrs Perkins maintained her thrusting and then began going deeper into me. Soon, she was VERY deep and I actually yelped out.”Take it, you little bitch” she said, “Take it ALL!’Mrs Perkins was slamming into me, all the way and I was moaning and grunting. My eyes were screwed tightly closed as I was simply trying to endure this deep anal fucking. I felt Mommie’s hands on my nipples, but then felt my balls being massaged and my dick being rubbed too. I opened my eyes and there stood Mr. Perkins…. Naked, fondling my flacid dick and kissing his wife as she continued to thrust into me. I closed my eyes again but then felt her hand on the side of my face, rolling my face to one side. I opened my eyes and there was Mr. Perkin’s hard cock, inches from my face.His cock was hard and had a small drop of clear pre-cum on the tip. I opened my mouth and extended my tongue as Mrs Perkns slowed her thrusting yet continued to rub my sensitive nipples.To Be continued…..

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