Law School Fun Ch. 01


This is my first story so I would love to get some feedback on it. Thanks.

Once you go to law school, you quickly find out that it is nothing like any other challenge you have previously faced in life whether it be college, grad school, or working. I should know I have done it all. In many ways, it is a combination of all three. When you first start you are reading all the time, not that the reading assignments are that long (maybe 25-40 pages for each class a night), but because it takes you so long to get through a single page of material (this definitely gets better as you go through law school). Then there is class itself – imagine sitting with 90 other law students and getting called on by your professor who takes the next 10 minutes drilling you on every possible aspect of a case or statute, and most of them love making you feel as uncomfortable as possible. It definitely took a little getting used to. One of the great things about going to law school is that you have a lot in common with your fellow students – like being pissed off about school. I quickly met a great group of friends that I could simply hang out with or more often than not go let off some steam with. It was the perfect mix of single guys and girls and then ones with boyfriends, fiancées, or husbands/wives. Just a great mid to late twenties crowd, especially for me since I am came to law school with a fiancée myself. This group and the whole law school experience has led to a number of incredible experiences over the last couple of years, and who knows how many more are to come. The following is one of my first – I have taken some creative license with many of these stories to appeal to more readers.


Sherri had met her boyfriend, Paul, about 2 months before school had started. They had instantly hit it off especially after finding out that they were both 23 and would both be attending the same law school in the fall. If nothing else, they were both attractive, athletic people that had a lot of fun together. Paul had the proto-typical soccer guy body, 5’9″ 165 pounds and fit with light brown hair and blue eyes. Meanwhile, Sherri had a slim, athletic build standing at 5’6″, 115 pounds, smaller very perky breasts and what most guys would call an absolutely great ass. She also had blond shoulder-length hair and bluish-green eyes.

By the time law school had come around, their relationship had grown to the point that both of them wondered if this was “the one.” They were both nervous the day that they showed up for law school orientation, but were put at ease after quickly meeting some people and learning that they were all in the same boat. They were split up for the day, which actually allowed them to both meet some different people. After meeting new friends, everyone quickly exchanged cell phone numbers so that they could all meet up at the kick-off-the-year party later that night. Later that afternoon, Paul got a phone call that some people were going to meet up at a bar close to the party to have a couple of drinks before the party was to start. Sherri quickly agreed and they decided to go.

As they were walking up to the outside deck of Melv’s (the bar where everyone was meeting), one of Paul’s new friends spotted him and called for them to come over. As they walked over, Sherri could not help but to quickly check out Paul’s new friend. He was taller with broader shoulders than Paul, which for some reason caught her eye. Paul introduced Sherri to John. John was a good-looking guy standing at 6’0″, 185 pounds with broad shoulders, brown hair, and brown eyes. Sherri later found out that John was 26 and had worked for a few years before starting law school. He was very nice outgoing guy that both Paul and Sherri had instantly become friends with. After about 10 minutes of chatting, John spotted someone walking up and went over to say hello. When he came back, he introduced Paul and Sherri to his fiancée Mandy. He told them that Mandy was a fourth year medical student in a nearby city and they had just recently gotten engaged. Mandy was about an inch shorter than Sherri standing at 5’5″ with a more curvy seductive body – she had a set of great muscular legs that led to a set of nice curvy hips, a nice round ass, tight stomach, and then up to an incredible set of larger tits. What made her even hotter was the cute innocent looking face on this body that just oozed with sexiness. Even Sherri was caught by Mandy’s sexy physique.

The four of them hung out together for most of the night while they continued to meet more and more new people. Later in the night, Paul, John, and a few other guys decided to go play golf and have some beers the next day since it was their last day of freedom before school started up. Upon hearing this, Sherri and Mandy quickly decided to get some girls together to out do the boys and hit up a local happy hour for some margarita’s and pina colada’s.

The next day around 2 Mandy called Sherri and asked if she might want to go do a little shopping before meeting up with the other girls at 4 for happy hour. Samsun Escort Sherri agreed. As the two shopped, they instantly became great friends. While walking down the mall, Mandy spotted the Victoria’s Secret and told Mandy that they had to go check it out. As the two beautiful young women were searching through the sexy lingerie, the conversation quickly became a little racier.

“You know I am lot more innocent than I look,” Mandy told Sherri.

“Really, how innocent are you?” Sherri asked.

“Well for one, I was a virgin before I met John,” mandy whispered to her new friend.

Sherri could not believe it…”You are telling me that with a body like that you were a virgin until your early twenties! I would have thought you would have had every guy in college trying to get in your pants!”

“Oh, a lot of guys tried, but I think I was always a little scared of them or more literally the consequences of having sex, and I wanted to save myself for marriage. I was more of one of those ‘kissing sluts’, that always hooked up with guys, but never let it go too far,” Mandy confided.

“You little tease you,” Sherri replied back. “I know, wasn’t I? I bet they hated me!”

“Well what changed with John?” Sherri asked.

“Probably Med School. . . you get pretty comfortable with the human body, and right before I met John I was on Urology so all I did all day was look at penises – and boy did that ever change my perception about things,” Mandy stated as both of the girls started giggling

“Oh, I bet that was real tough” Sherri laughed back.

Mandy then continued, “Yeah then after the first time John and I really hooked up, I knew I had to have him. Especially him!”

Again the girls laughed, but this time Sherri couldn’t help but wonder what she meant by that last little part.

The girls checked out after picking up a couple of bra and matching panty sets, and headed to the happy hour to meet up with the other girls. As the drinks started flowing, all the girls started to loosen up some. One of Sherri’s new friends was pressuring another girl about what happened last night after the party. Finally the girl broke down, and admitted to going home with a 2L (2nd year law student) that she had met. The girls all started razzing her, and congratulating her for being the first girl to hook up in their law school class.

“So how was it?”, one girl asked.

“Horrible . . . how can I put this? He was not very well equipped if you know what I mean.” This of course brought a large howl from the table of buzzing girls.

Another girl quickly jumped in, “come on aren’t they all the same?”

“Not this one,” the girl quipped back.

Sherri then jumped in, “well why don’t we ask our resident physician over here, after all she has already told me she has spent time on urology looking at penises all day.”

Unashamed, Mandy jumped in, “well, I can say from my little bit of medical experience that the vast majority of guys are basically the same, but there are definitely exceptions to the rule. I have seen some incredibly tiny ones and I have seen some enormous ones.”

“Like how big?” one of the girls asked.

“Well I took care of one guy that was hung like a horse, he had to be like over 10 inches long and as big as my forearm. Oh yeah, and the whole black guy rumor is true a lot of the time.”

All the girls were now staring in disbelief at Mandy. “So do you think it matters sexually?”, one girl asked.

The girl who had hooked up the night before suddenly jumped in with a “hell yeah, it does!”

Mandy then followed with “well I can’t completely speak from experience like some people at the table obviously can, but why don’t I just say that I have found an above average guy, and I am sure as hell going to hang on to him.” This once again brought a chorus of cheers and laughter to the table, but it also peaked Sherri’s interest even more.

The next couple of weeks went by in a blur as all the new law school students got used to the daily routine. About the third week into it, John sent out an email to everyone inviting them out to Melv’s (bar) on Thursday night for $2 you-call-its. Everyone happily agreed. When everyone arrived to the Mel’s on Thursday night, they were ready to blow off some steam. Sherri was a little disappointed to find out that Mandy was not able to come out due to work as she was eager to see her new friend again. Overall, it was a great fun night with lots of drinks, great people, and great music. A live band started later in the night playing fun old songs and some lively country music.

When they started playing a good song John looked at Sherri, “come on Sherri, let’s go dance. You don’t mind do you, Paul?”

“Of course not,” Paul quickly replied.

John got up and took Sherri’s hand before she knew what was even going on. As soon as they got to the dance floor, John started spinning Sherri across the floor. She was instantly impressed. After the song ended, a slower song came on and John started to walk away.

This Samsun Escort Bayan time Sherri pulled him back on the small make-shift dance floor, and she exclaimed, “Oh, no you don’t. Anyway I need to catch my breath before we head back after you threw me around the floor like that.”

“Will Paul care about me dancing with you for this long?,” John asked.

“Oh no, he is fine with it. Anyways he is too drunk to care right now.”

With that John pulled her in close and began to spin once again around the floor this time locked in each other’s arms.

“You are a great dancer,” Sherri whispered to John.

John stared into her eyes, and returned the compliment. As they stared into the each other’s eyes, Sherri began to feel something against her lower tummy. Her eyes widened as she began to feel John’s cock begin to harden inside his khaki pants. It was then that her thoughts returned to the innuendos Mandy had made about his cock size. Suddenly, Sherri began to feel herself becoming wet as her thoughts were turning more and more to what was now pressing against her stomach. The song quickly ended and John guided Sherri back to the table, but Sherri’s thoughts remained on John’s hard cock.

As the night ended, they all began to walk out, but as they did, Paul stumbled and almost fell to the floor. “I don’t think you need to be driving big man,” John told Paul and Sherri. “Can you drive him home, Sherri?”

“Well we are in his car and it’s a standard; I don’t know if I should,” Sherri replied

“No problem, I will give you both a ride home,” John offered.

John helped Paul into the back seat and Sherri joined him in the front. As they headed down the road, Sherri’s mind once again turned to John and his cock, and once again she felt herself beginning to get wet, and this time she felt her nipples hardening under her bra. She tried to scold herself for her thoughts. She loved Paul and she knew that she would never do anything to hurt him, but no matter how hard she tried she could not get the thoughts of John’s cock out of her mind. Was he really above average in size? How much above average? Would it matter? How good could it really be? Was she becoming obsessed?

When they reached Paul’s house, John was impressed, and Sherri told him that his parents were loaded and that they had bought the house for him before he started law school. As they were both helping Paul out of the back of the car, John put his arm around Sherri to help brace Paul and his hand accidentally brushed her left tit. While she knew it was only an accident, the touch sent shock waves through her entire body. She was on fire, and she knew that Paul would not be able to do anything about it tonight. She would just have to wait until tomorrow to satisfy her lust.

Paul finally woke back up as he was helped out of the car, and was able to walk inside on his own. It was then that Paul did something that made Sherri’s heart skip a beat. “Hey man, why don’t you just sleep in the guest room tonight? It is a lot better than you driving home, after all you’ve been drinking too,” Paul slurred.

“Are you sure, Paul?” John asked.

“I would be pissed if you didn’t,” Paul stammered.

“Ok I guess you are right,” John reluctantly agreed.

Upon hearing this, Sherri was furious at Paul, but why? She knew it was the right thing to do; why was she mad? Or was she really mad? She helped Paul to bed and passed out as soon as his head hit the pillow. She then went out to check on John, and noticed the back door was open. She looked outside to see John sitting in a chair looking at the stars with a beer in his hand.

John looked back at her, “oh sorry, it is just such a beautiful night I wanted to come out here before heading to bed; care to join me?”

No she didn’t want to join him, she didn’t even want him here, she thought. But then, she heard herself say sure. She sat down at the chair next to them and they began talking about school. She was still burning with what she thought was anger until he handed her the beer, “want a sip?” he asked.

As she grabbed the beer from him, their hands touched and at that instant Sherri’s perceived anger turned to passion. Her whole body was now flush and she could feel the wetness of her crotch all over again. All she could think about was why his touch seemed to have such an effect on her. It was then that she decided she better go to bed before she did something that she was going to regret.

“Well I better head to bed,” Sherri stated, “Good night.”

John stood up to give Sherri a hug goodnight. Sherri leaned in to give him a hug goodnight, but instinctively her lips leaned in and met his in a lingering kiss.

Shocked with herself she quickly pulled back. “I am soooo sorry, Oh my gosh, why did I do that,” she said frantically to John.

“Its no problem, no one has to know. It was just an innocent kiss,” he told her as he put his arm around her shoulders.

She looked up at him to thank him, but instead her mouth went to his once again. This Escort Samsun time no second thoughts crept into her head, all she could think of is that she had to kiss him right then and there. John shocked at first also gave in and their kiss became stronger and hotter. He pulled her in close to his body wanting her body to become one with his own. Overcome with passion and lust, he pushed her against the wall of the house. Kissing her hard and deep as their tongues played toy-fully with each others. Sherri’s body was on fire. She had never felt so hot or turned on in her entire life. She knew that she should not be doing this, but she could no longer help herself. She was playing with John’s hair as they continued their passionate kissing.

John began exploring Sherri’s body as his right hand dropped to the perfect ass that he had been admiring from a far for the last couple of weeks – he couldn’t believe that his hands were finally on this perfect ass. He grabbed Sherri by the ass and pulled her hips into his; pressing his now hard cock into her. Sherri could now feel the hard cock she had been day-dreaming about all night pressing against her covered hips, which began to peak her curiosity even more to what he was hiding in his pants. Her hands fell from his hair to his chest as she caressed his torso slowly downward. As she was doing this, his lips moved to her neck and he continued kissing her neckline as passionately as he was her lips.

While her hands moved down his body, his hands began to move up hers. He moved up to her blouse and quickly untucked it from her skirt. Grabbing the bottom of the shirt, he quickly pulled it up over her shoulders as Sherri reluctantly moved her hands from John’s chest. She then did the same to him, pulling his polo style shirt over his head. They then locked back into a strong embrace kissing deeply as he expertly unsnapped her bra and pulled it from her shoulders. Pulling her in closely, Sherri felt her uncovered nipples harden against John’s hard chest. John began to caress her perky tits with his hands as he once again began kissing and nibbling on her neck and up to her earlobes.

She was on fire already, and then her thoughts once again turned to his still covered cock. She had to see what she had been thinking about all night. Her hands immediately went to his belt and she began pulling it at it frantically. As quickly a possible she unbuckled his belt, meanwhile, a soft moan left her mouth as John’s mouth found her rock hard nipple sucking it deep into his mouth. She gained her composure once again and began to unbutton his khakis. Once she had his pants undone, she thrust her right hand into his boxers. Quickly they found what they were looking for. She wrapped her petite hand around the shaft of his cock and her eyes widened. Could it really be as big as it felt? While Sherri was fondling his cock, John began to kick off his shoes, and then returned his attention to Sherri. This time though his hand fell to her thigh and he began to pull her skirt up as his hand moved up her thigh. His hand found her soaking wet panties about the same time that Sherri’s hand had moved up to the bulging head of his cock and began to smear the dripping pre-cum over its head.

Sherri and John both moaned as the other fondled their most private of places at the same time. Sherri turned her gaze downward and reluctantly removed her hand from John’s cock. No matter how much she wanted to have it in her hand, she wanted to see it even more. She grabbed the waist band of his pants and boxers at the same time and began to pull them downward. Suddenly, his cock sprang free from their confines. It was the biggest cock Sherri had ever seen. While not the monster that John’s fiancée Mandy had earlier described, it had to be well over 7 inches and was twice as thick as her boyfriend’s Paul, who lay passed out only a couple of rooms away.

Sherri just stared at the cock she had been dreaming about . . . “Oh my god, you have the most gorgeous cock I have ever seen! I have to have it inside me! Right now, I can’t wait another second!”

Like a woman on a mission, Sherri reached under her skirt pushing John’s hand away and grabbed her panties pulling them down her legs. She then pulled her skirt up to her hips and jumped into John’s arms. Amazed at her actions, John almost fell over from her jumping into his arms, but he steadied himself and was able to support her by placing his hands under her tight ass. With her hands wrapped around his neck, he led her to the wall of the house and pushed her back against the cold stone wall.

“Fuck me, John! Fuck me now! I have to have that beautiful cock inside me this second!” Sherri moaned not believing her own words.

One hand dropped from his neck and moved in between their bodies to his waiting cock. She grabbed a hold of it, and as he slightly bent his knees, she placed his cock at the entrance of her steaming hot pussy. He then began to straighten his knees so that his cock head made its first contact with her waiting pussy lips. Her body shook with a small orgasm the second his large cock head made contact. Her nails dug deep into his neck and she kissed him as hard as possible as she moaned into his mouth. Then slowly he began to pull her down onto his rigid member. She felt her body slide down his cock and she could not believe how full it made her.

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