Late Night Snack


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It was mid-August and the temperature was unbearably hot during the day but pleasant at night. Tonight was no different. The perfect night for leaving the windows open to enjoy the fresh night air. Anne, unable to sleep, was standing in front of the refrigerator looking for something to snack on. He stood in the doorway staring at the site of her naked body cast in the glow of the refrigerator light and thought to himself….”Beautiful!” He walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, kissing and biting his way up behind her ear. He knew this was her weakness.

He slowly ran his hands down her arms, lightly touching them sending chills throughout her body. She leaned back into him enjoying the feel of his touch and the warmth of his body. Her eyes closed and she leaned her head back onto his chest as his hands continued to explore her body. Her nipples were hard and erect, part from the chill of the refrigerator but mainly from his touch. He always knew how to drive her crazy and that is exactly what he planned to do!

He reached around her and grabbed a bowl from the fridge, a mixture of fresh fruit that was always abundant in mid-summer. Setting it on the counter he playfully offered a strawberry to her lips teasing them as he first took a bite, then using the fruit to trace her lips spreading the juice over them as if it were lipstick. Leaning in, pulling her to him and kissed her deeply, sucking on her lip as he pulled away savoring the taste of the strawberry.

He set the bowl to the counter and pulling her to his body, his look telling her what was on his mind without ever speaking a word. He moved her back to the counter as he wrapped his arms around her as they kissed. He began to feed her fruit much like the servants of ancient Egypt would do for the Pharos. Obediently offering first a grape, then a slice of orange and never speaking a word. He then began playfully offering her a bite while sliding his finger over her lips, teasing her at the same time. Then he would lean in and kiss her deeply, exploring her mouth with his tongue before pulling away to take another bite of fruit. He never took his eyes off hers. He wanted to make sure that she was enjoying herself and knew how much she enjoyed fruit as a late night snack.

Reaching towards the back of the counter he pulled out a silk scarf that he had strategically placed there earlier that day. You see, Anne’s late night snack run was somewhat of a habit. Not so much as to be an issue as she was fit an trim and would only eat fruit, but more of a creature of habit in that it was almost ritual. A devilish grin came over his face as he smiled at her. Their faces only visible by the light of the refrigerator that was still open. Anne looked at him with a mixed expression of excitement and apprehension. “What are you planning…..” but before she could finish he placed his finger over her lips and said “shssssss, trust me!” While apprehensive about the scarf, she was too excited to stop him. She wanted him to continue. “Ok…I trust you” she whispered in a trembling voice.

With that, he rolled the scarf up and tied it around her eyes so that she could not see. Leaning in to her ear and whispering in a seductive voice “I want this late night snack to mamak escort be something to remember!” Taking a bite of a strawberry he used the remainder to tease her lips, running it over them spreading the juices. She tried to bite the fruit but he pulled it away each time and snickered “Not yet, I’m going to show you a new way to enjoy food!” He then slide the strawberry over her chin and down her neck to her breasts where he circled her nipples leaving a trail of red juice as he did. She squirmed at the feel of the cold fruit and juice that was now running down her skin.

He followed the juice trail with his lips, licking and sucking it off her body. Anne reacted immediately by arching her back and letting out a soft moan, her fingers running through his hair pulling him to her as he following the strawberry trail down her body. He slowly guided her to the floor so that she could lay flat. The chill of the tile floor and cold air from the refrigerator giving her goose bumps. He senses were on fire, excited by what he was doing to her. He reached for a cherry, holding it by the stem he slid the soft skin of the cherry over her naked body. She arched her back again as he slide the cherry up her torso to her lips where she danced her tongue around it, teasing it as if it was his cock before eagerly sucking it in her mouth and eating it.

He then reached for a handful of grapes only this time, instead of feeding them to her he smashed them in his hand allowing the juices to drip down on her body. She gasped at the chill of the fluid and then the feel of the smashed fruit as he smeared it over her breasts. He leaned in and licked the smashed grapes from the center of her chest being careful not to get close to her nipples as she wanted. Her nipples now fully erect and aching for his attention, she reached for his head to try to lead his lips to them but he pulled away, grabbing her hands and pushing them to the ground. He leaned in and whispered “not yet…” and kissed and nibbled her neck. She responded by moaning softly as her body became more excited. She could feel her pussy getting wet as he continued his assault on her senses.

He playfully reached for the banana next pealing it back and offering it to her moist lips. Anne wanted to tease as well and began to use her tongue on the banana as she so skillfully does on his hard cock when they make love. Sliding it up and down the shaft before teasing the tip then sinking it deep in to her throat. Something that she knew drove him crazy! It was her now doing the teasing as she heard him moan softly and say “yeah baby, just like that!” She then playfully bit the end off and ate it. Something that made him chuckle.

Back to his assault on her senses. Reaching in the freezer and grabbed two ice cubes, he popped one in his mouth and began chewing on it to get his mouth as cold as possible. Not knowing what he was doing, she jumped at the coldness as he ran the other first over her lips then slowly down over her chin and down her neck to her tummy where he raised the ice cube and let it drip onto her skin then running off to the side. She arched her back again eager for him to pay attention to her nipples. He ran the ice cube in circles around her nipples making them even harder them before and she begged him to suck on them. Again and evil grin came over his face only she couldn’t see it. ofise gelen escort He finished chewing the ice cube and lowered his now cold mouth to her nipple. The mixture of cold from the ice cube he had just chewed and the feeling of finally having attention paid to her aching nipples drove her crazy. Her pussy soaking now, she crossed her legs trying to put pressure on her hardening clit.

He moved to the other nipple ensuring that they get equal attention. His hand lightly running over her body spreading the smashed grapes. Next came a strawberry again only this time he began at her tummy, circling her belly button before sliding it further down to her soaking pussy. Her senses going completely insane now and the feeling. He moved down so that he was between her legs, parting them so he had full access to her aching pussy. He slowly slide the strawberry over her lips before running it back up to her enlarge clit. With this, he leaned down and began to lightly kiss and lick around her lips, driving her closer to orgasm.

She reached for his head and guided it to her wanting pussy. She spoke in a seductive voice “suck on my pussy PLEASE, your driving me crazy!”. With this, she pulled his head down to her soaked pussy arching her hips so he could reach every inch. He playfully flicked his tongue over her lips at first before she led him back to his target – her swollen clit. He cover it with his mouth and began to suck on it while using his tongue to flick it at the same time. Anne moaned louder now as she grabbed his ears and pulled him closer to her pussy wanting him more. He slide his tongue over her lips again before sinking it deep inside her pussy. Her first orgasm came quickly at the feel of his tongue deep in her catching her by surprise! Her body shook as she held him close, cumming all over his face.

“Oh my God!” she said with surprise….”that was incredible!”. He laughed lightly and said….”we’re not done yet!” with that he took another strawberry and bit the tip off and began to run it over her pussy again immediately exciting her again. He slide the fruit down her lips again and teased his way to her ass. Her hips beginning to move again at the incredible feeling she had. He leaned down and began to clean the juices off her hot body. Licking his way down over her kips again, playfully darting it in side her as she raised her hips to take him in. Her hands moved up cupping her breasts as she rolled her nipples in her fingers, a moan escaped from deep within her.

He slide his tongue down teasing the area between her pussy and ass which she quickly responded to by grabbing his head again and pulling. Her hips moving in circles uncontrollably now as his tongue danced between her ass, pussy and clit. Her second orgasm fast approaching at his skillful touch.

Sensing this, he raised Anne up off the floor. Blindfold still in place, he kissed her deeply and whispered “enjoying your late night snack?” but before she could speak a word he kissed her deeply and lay her down on the kitchen table. Teasingly he lean forward to kiss her breasts knowing that this caused his hard cock to rub against her soaking pussy. She tried to pull him in, but he wasn’t done teasing yet. He wanted her to remember this night….and that should would!

He grabbed his cock and began to run it up and down over her wet pussy otele gelen escort while sucking and nibbling on her erect nipples. This sent tingles through her body and she began to uncontrollably move her hips. The burning in her pussy driving her crazy as he rubbing his cock over it knowing that any minute he would sink his entire length into her sending her over the edge. She dug her nails into his back as he continued.

Knowing she was close again, he slowly slid his hard cock into her waiting pussy. However, instead of sinking deep into her, he stopped after only the tip was in. She removed the blindfold and raised her head to look at him, a mixture of lust and torture in her eyes as she wanted him deep inside her so badly. He pulled out which she gasp at and wrapped her legs around him trying to pull him back in. He entered her again as she tried to pull him deep, but he held back. Moving only slowly in her, the tip of his cock going back and forth from inside, to just outside her lips driving her crazy with lust.

Sensing that she couldn’t take the pleasure much longer, he began to move slowly…sliding into her now fully soaked pussy a little farther before backing out again. Her eyes wide. Her breathing heavy….wanting him. Wanting his hard cock deep inside her. She ran her fingers over his chest and stomach. With that, he sank deep inside her until his balls hit her ass. She responded by arching her back allowing him to have fully access to her. She looked at him and commanded “Fuck Me. I want you so bad I can’t stand it!”.

With that encouragement he began to pump his hard cock into her pussy. Losing themselves in the feeling of each others body. Their bodies wet with sweat. Their moaning becoming louder as he continued to pound her wanting pussy. She squeezed her legs pulling him deeper, meeting his thrust with her own movements. The excitement building in both of them. He reached down and grabbed her hips to stable himself as he slammed into her, making the table rock. She reached down and grabbed the edge of the table to give her leverage to push back against him. Their labored breathing a sign of the approaching orgasm.

Both fully engaged in each other, not caring about anything in the world except gratification. Anne felt a powerful orgasm coming on her. She began to moan “I’m going to cum…..”. He continued to pound into her, feeling his balls tightening. She screamed out in unbridled passion as the most powerful orgasm she has ever had overtook her body. Her pussy squeezing his cock as wave after wave of pleasure ran through her body. This feeling, along with the tightness in his balls pushed him over the edge. He pulled out and while looking deep in her lustful eyes shot his warm nectar all over her body, load after load as if he hadn’t cum for a month and was saving it up.

She smiled at him as a seductive “MMMmmmm” escaped her lips. While watching his expression, she slide her fingers down her frame spreading his white nectar all over her body. She moved her fingers, now covered with his cum, down to her pussy where she slide them inside her before pulling them out and raising them to her mouth where she eagerly licked them clean. Tasting the mixture of his their juices she again moaned softly. Like a child cleaning a bowl after mixing up a cake, she scooped every drop up with her finger.

Excited at the vision in front of him, he reached for her pulling her up to his body. Reaching for her he kissed her deeply running his hands through her hair, pulling he face closer. Their tongues dancing and the taste of their juices still on her lips. He held her close and whispered “Hope you liked your snack tonight baby.” Then lead her off to the shower, looking over his shoulder at the mess on the kitchen floor.

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