Late Night Distractions


I knew it was going to be another long night. I had my coffee all ready for what was sure to be a sleepless night of studying for my final in the morning. I had never been able to study in complete silence so that night I was up on the fifth floor commons of my dorm attempting to study while my two friends, Joe and Mark, kept me company.

I had started out my first semester at college, a fairly naïve small town girl, and was right away drawn to these two. Both had grown up in big cities and I still have no clue how they ended up at this small midwestern university but I knew my college experience so far wouldn’t have been nearly as interesting without them. The three of us had been nearly inseparable since the beginning of the semester.

I had always had more guy friends than girl friends. Probably because I never liked to deal with my own drama, let alone the drama that always accompanies a group of girls. This had never helped me throughout high school. I dated once in a while but I usually just became the good friend and nothing more. It was different with these two, well with one of them at least. It seemed like Joe would be like the rest of the guys I knew, but Mark had tried numerous times to get more out of our friendship. I liked the attention but I had been warned by numerous people about his reputation; he was only looking for one thing. I knew he was not looking for a relationship and while I was 19 and had yet to loose my virginity, I had no desire to lose it as part of a fling.

This night, as usual I was the only one studying. Joe was off in his own little world watching a movie while Mark was focused on something on his computer. I focused on my notes and let myself be absorbed by my task for the night. I looked up after about an hour to see a new message flashing on the screen of my laptop.

-Be careful…you’re head might explode if you concentrate that hard for too long.

I realized that I never turned off my messenger and look to see who it is from. I see Mark’s name in the corner of the box and look up to see him staring at me from over his laptop. He smiles at me and types another message.

-I think you should take a break.

I type back quickly; trying to end the conversation as soon as possible so that I can return to studying.

-Oh you do? Well I can’t afford to fail another one of these tests so…

-You should take a break. I’m horny. 😉

-Really? So you’re the same as usual then?

I look up at him and he smirks at me. He knows it takes a lot to offend me and he takes advantage of that as often as possible trying to see just how far he can go. I know he has just started so I decide to take a short break and let him have a little fun. I have already made my intentions clear to him but that doesn’t stop him from trying.

-Pretty much.

You should help.

-And how exactly would I do that? You already know I’m not sleeping with you.

-I know 🙁

Maybe I’ll just have some fun with you then.

I shoot him a questioning look: wondering where he is going with this. He doesn’t look up, just types another message.

-hmm…I think it’s sad that you don’t have any memories to pull from when you touch yourself at night.

Maybe I should give your imagination some things to play off of?

I look up at him again and this time he returns my stare. I can feel my Samsun Escort cheeks burning but his face betrays nothing. I know where this is going and I know that I should log off and study, but I find that I want to know what he is going to say. He breaks the stare first and types another message.

-I’ve got your attention, don’t I?

I glance up at him long enough so that he knows he does. I want him to go on. I don’t have to wait long before he types another message.

-There are so many things I would do to you.

Give you pleasure like you have never known.

He waits to see if I’ll reply but I don’t; fearing that I’ll come to my senses and stop him if I even try to type something.

-I’d lead you to your bed. Kiss you deeply, passionately. Kiss down your neck, your shoulder…

My mind flashes back to a couple months earlier when this game between us started. Seven of us were crowded into a dorm room watching a movie, passing the bottle of rum back and forth. I wasn’t drunk, but definitely close enough to stop my mind from overanalyzing things and for one night just let myself give in to what I wanted. I let myself lay my head on his chest, waiting for his reaction. He soon brought his arm around my waist and pulled me closer. The room was dark and everyone was focused on the movie or too drunk to notice the things that happened next.

His hand moved up to my shoulder and slowly pulled down the straps of my tank top and bra. Not enough to reveal anything but enough to give him better access. I curled up closer to him as his hand slid down under my bra. His movements were confident as he fondled my breast; lightly pinched my nipple until it was hard. I wanted more but was fully aware of the others in the room and knew we couldn’t make our way to my room smelling of alcohol like we did and possibly risk getting caught by the RA on duty that night. He started whispering questions in my ear as his hand continued its work on my breast. I could barely think about the questions as I answered, all I could focus on was the feel of his touch on my body. I tried to focus on the questions and knew that it was mostly my innocence that was coming through in my answers but I didn’t care: I wanted him to know me. He finally asked the question I knew was coming: Are you still a virgin? I only nodded as his hand left my breast and he pulled me up to face him. His hand grasped my chin and pulled my face towards his as he kissed me; a deep, passionate kiss. He kissed me once again, softer, more tender, as his one hand playfully yanked at my hair. His kisses traveled to my ear, playfully biting my earlobe. He lightly pulled my hair making my head lean to one side, exposing more of my neck where he started planting a barrage of kisses. It didn’t go any further once I realized that our actions were no longer going unnoticed by others in the room but that night had set many things in motion and now, here we were, playing the game again.

-My hands travel down your body, down to your waist.

I reach under your shirt slowly tug it up with one hand the other unhooks the clasp of your bra.

Pull your shirt over your head. Remove your bra as I lay you back.

Take in your perfect little a-cups

He waits for my reaction to his last comment. He knows how much I hate how small I am. I glare at him and he just smirks back and continues typing.

Smile. They’re pretty Samsun Escort Bayan nice from what I remember. 🙂

My hands start to tease them.

Kiss you again, making my way down slowly.

I let my mouth cover your nipple and suck on it lightly.

I start to playfully bite it and then move on and do the same to the other.

…Oh your body betrays you.

I look up at him to figure out what he means. He returns the look and then slowly lets his eyes wander to my chest. I instantly regret my earlier decision to be comfortable while I was studying as I remember that I chose not to wear a bra and see that my nipples have become hard and easily visible under my top. I quickly grab my sweatshirt and put it back on.

No fun 🙁

Oh well…I’ll just keep imagining.

Kiss your lips again

Lick from your neck to your belly button and then gently blow on the line all the way back up.

Reach my hand down and unbutton your pants, slowly sliding them off along with your panties.

I see your amazing pussy for the first time.

Go back for another kiss and bite your bottom lip as I do.

Press myself up against you, hold your arms above your head, feel you press your body back in pleasure…in need.

I picture his every word and can already feel the spark start deep inside of me. I notice Joe still absorbed in his movie and will myself not to make a sound.

Sliding my hand between your legs and I begin to slide my fingers up and down, caressing your folds, teasing you.

Not letting you have the pleasure that you need so bad…

I press my finger against you; barely brush over your clit

He pauses for a moment judging my reaction and I try to make my face as smooth as possible, masking any emotion.

Or maybe a little less subtle?

I start to make little circles with my finger tip.

I can’t help it and take a sharp breath as I imagine what it would feel like to have his hands pleasure me.

You have no idea how sexy that inhale was.

It just makes me want you so bad, to kiss you, touch you, feel you, fuck you.

I can feel my heart speed up and the fire building in me. All of a sudden I hear Joe’s voice.

“Huh?” I manage to mutter in response.

“I said, you’re pretty quiet over there.”

Because if you open your mouth a moan just might escape?

“Yeah well, studying will do that to a person,” I say tying to sound normal and at the same time trying to show Mark that he hasn’t gained complete control over me yet.

Am I doing anything for you?

My heart rate isn’t exactly normal…

I’d say it’s probably just an overdose of caffeine though.

You’re not going to give me any credit, are you?

I look up and shake my head, as he smirks at me and continues typing.

Thrust my finger deep inside you; feel how wet you are for me.

I almost loose all control as a shiver runs through my body. He notices and a smile spreads across his face.

I win?

I would just have to come over and put my mouth right next to you ear, let you feel my breath on your neck, and tell you how bad I want you right now and I could get whatever I want.

Couldn’t I?

I like the fact that I have you this turned on and I haven’t even touched you.

I would barely have to touch you Escort Samsun would I?

You want it that bad…

You are so fun to play with…I imagine. 😉

Watcha thinking?

That my thoughts are not going to be about bio during my test.

-I’m pretty sure the answer to

6 is not me naked. 😉

My mind automatically conjures up the image of him naked. I can picture his athletic body; not overly muscular just perfectly toned and I feel all my nerves buzzing: imagining what it would feel like to run my hands along his chest, stomach, further down… He almost has me. I think about my empty room downstairs; my roommate had already left for the weekend and it seemed like too great an opportunity not to take advantage of it. Still, I hold out, I had never liked letting others take complete control of situations and I wasn’t about to let that happen now. I look up and see him looking at me. I can tell that he knows that he is so close but also realizes that he won’t win tonight.

Well I suppose it’s pretty late…

I look at the clock on my computer and realize that the conversation had lasted way longer than I had thought and see that it is almost 5 a.m. I start to notice just how tired I am and decide that this is where it has to end tonight.

Yeah it is.

I think I’m going to go to sleep…I’m just not sure where…

Not there yet.

I realize my little slip after I send it and know he will pick up on it right away.

Yet? Hmm…

Well night.

Sweet dreams.

I decide to give in…just a little, before he leaves: tired of trying to pretend that he doesn’t have some power over me.

Oh I’m sure they will be. 🙂

He smiles as he closes his computer and gets up to leave. He pauses as he walks by me and leans down and lets his fingers lightly brush my collarbone as he whispers in my ear. I’m frozen in place: I can’t move, I can’t think, I can’t breathe.

“I win,” he whispers softly into my ear.

He continues to his room down the hall and I hear the door shut as I let out my breath. I look up to see Joe with a confused look on his face as he tries to figure out the meaning behind our exchange.

“Okay, did I miss something? What was that all about?”

“Nothing, just Mark being Mark,” I reply trying to make sure my voice doesn’t betray my mix of emotions at the moment. The answer seems to satisfy him as he shrugs and puts his headphones back on and goes back to watching his movie.

I sit there for a moment willing my heart rate to return to normal but I have no luck. I can feel my need for a release and I quickly gather my things together. Joe looks up briefly as I make my way to the elevator. It seems to take forever to finally reach the first floor and I fumble with my keys as I try to open my door. I drop my things on my desk as I undress and make my way to my bed, grateful that I have the room to myself. I don’t even bother to dig out my vibrator from the dresser because I know I am so close to the edge already. My hand goes straight to my clit rubbing little circles and in no time I can feel the bittersweet rise start in me.

I imagine it’s his hands on me and every feeling starts to intensify. I slide one finger inside of me and move in and out while my thumb continues rubbing my clit. I cum feeling my orgasm take over my whole body. I slow my movements down trying to make it last as long as possible. I curl up and fall asleep dreaming of him and what will happen now that we both know he has won.

To be continued…

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