Late Night At The Office…


He glanced at the clock-almost quitting time, he thought. Then his eyes shifted to the open door of his office and the girl across the hall. His secretary. She was getting into the file cabinet, gathering the files he needed for his project. She was a young girl, about 20 or 21. Well, young compared to his 35 years. he had studied her many times before, she was one of those odd, funky artsy girls, even her name purveyed that-Astrid. He’d never met anyone named that before. She was tall, about 5’8, with an hourglass figure. She had nice, full breasts, about a 38D. Today she was wearing a tight gray silk blouse, buttoned just above her cleavage, and a black pin stripe skirt and black nylons. He swore he’d seen the top of thigh highs and a garter belt earlier, but didn’t want to get caught looking. Her long dark hair was up in a bun, with soft curls hanging around her face. She always had that really sexy bed head kind of hair, like she just had a quickie in the elevator at lunch. Her eyes were rimmed in Smokey black, topped off with mascara, her eyes sparkled behind her black rimmed glasses. I was snapped out of my observation as she lightly tapped on my office door.

“Hey come on in” I said, clearing my throat

“here are the files you wanted” she said with a sexy smile,


I scanned the files and realizing it was going to be a long night, I groaned out loud.

“what’s wrong?” she asked looking concerned.

“oh, it’s just going to be a long night, that’s all” I replied

‘would you like some help? I really wouldn’t mind staying, I don’t have anything to do tonight…..” she cut herself off, realizing she was rambling.

She seemed nervous asking me this. I had often wondered how she felt about me, sometimes she gave me just a slight, sexy hint, she might think about me as more than just her boss. I had fantasized quite often about what it would be like to make love to this sweet young girl. I had always dismissed it as wishful thinking-knowing I was much older than her. Not that I was an old man-only 35 and I still work out 3 times a week. I’m tall, about 6’1, not skinny but defiantly not fat, with dark hair and slightly tanned skin. But I always thought she must think I’m so old. I’m very professional, not stuffy, just engrossed in my work. I hadn’t even been on a date in 3 months, I’d been so busy. So, needless to say, just the company of this beautiful woman was very welcomed.

“I would love porno some help Astrid, but only if you really don’t mind” I replied.

“no, not at all, I just want to go get a bite to eat, if that’s okay” I looked at the clock 5:30.

“that’s fine”

“do you want anything?” she asked.

“Nah, I’m good, thanks.”

She turn around and started heading out the door, saying she’d be back in about 30 mins. I watched her walk out and go to her desk to grab her jacket-as she reached up to put it on I saw the tops of her thigh highs, and her pale skin, and smiled to myself. I sat at my computer, my mind wandering to other things. I thought about Astrid, and how sexy she was, I thought about how horny I was and how I really wished a hot, sexy, woman would just show up in my life, my cock started to get hard.

“I brought you a sandwich” Astrid’s voice broke me from my thoughts.

“oh, thank you Astrid” I said smiling at her. She smiled her sweet sexy smile back at me. It was then I noticed her jacket and hair were wet.

“is it raining?” I asked

“yeah, really bad” she called out from her desk.

She hung her jacket on her chair to dry. She came back in the office, looking really sexy, she was just a little wet from the rain.

“so, what can I do to help?” she asked.

I thought of all the things she could do to help me, none of the had anything to do with the project.

“can you type for me while I dictate?”

“sure thing”

I move from my seat, pulling another chair around from the other side of the desk, so she could sit at the computer. She sat, and I sat next to her. I was looking at some charts and dictating to her-she would ask to see a chart real quick, and brush my hand, she would lean over and brush my thigh, managing to turn me on, all while carrying on a normal conversation. She seemed to know exactly what to do and where to touch me to turn me on with out doing it on purpose. She was gtting me quit worked up. She suddenly leaned over, reaching for a chart, and lost he balance, nearly falling into my lap. But she managed to catch her self-by grabbing my chair, her hand landing between my legs. I knew she could feel my hard on through my pants. She blushed lightly, looking at me, and stood up.

“I’ll go grab that other chart” She said.

She walked out the door to the file cabinet, I watched her. She looked at me out of the corner of her eye, and bent down porno izle opening the bottom drawer. This gave me a great view of her from the side-her breasts hanging down, he legs slightly bent. “Is she doing this on purpose?” I thought. I watched her as she stood up and placed the files on the top of the cabinet, she unbuttoned one more of her buttons on her blouse, grabbed her files and came back in. What a sight, I could clearly see her cleavage now, her small waist and full hips accentuated by her tight skirt.

“here they are” she said with a wicked smile

“great” I replied.

She bent over and placed the files on my desk, giving me a perfect view of her breasts, I could feel my cock grow harder. She moved to sit back down, but I stopped her.

“Go get last months chart too”,

“yes sir” she replied with a sexy tone in her voice.

As she walked out the door, I stood up, adjusting myself, and walked toward the door. I stood just a little behind the door, so when she came back, she wouldn’t see me. She came walking back in, I stopped her just inside the door, shutting it behind her. I pushed her back against the door, she dropped her files on the floor. I pinned her to the door as I began kissing her passionately, running my hands over her breasts and stomach and over her hips and down her thighs. One hand went back up, and began un buttoning her blouse as I kissed her neck and caressed her breasts over her bra. The other hand went up her skirt and began caressing her thigh. I began kissing her breasts, the soft mounds peaking up over the top of her black lace bra. She had her hands around my neck, pulling my head toward her breasts, moaning softly.

I kissed my way down her chest, and down to her stomach, leaving her blouse open. As I kissed her stomach, I slid my hands over her thighs and under her skirt. I could feel her garter belt holding up her stockings, I slid my hands up even more, to the top of her panties, hooking my finger around the band, I slowly slid them down her legs, and she stepped out of them. I stood back up and kissed her full on the mouth, slipping my tongue between her lips, we French kissed. My hands wandered back down her hips, and began pulling her skirt up till it sat above her hips.

She had never looked so sexy, here she was pinned against the door of my office, her shirt open, panties off and her skirt pushed up over her hips. She had a front clasping bra on, so I reach sex izle up and unfastened the clasp, letting the bra fall away from her beautiful breasts. I began sucking on them again, and she let out a loud moan, and pushed my face into her chest. I let my hands roam over her other breasts, wile the other one slid down her stomach. I parted her legs my placing my knee between them, and my hand soon found it’s way to her warm, moist pussy. I slowly put a finger into her, and heard her sharp intake of breath, followed by a moan of pleasure and I began working my fingers in and out. She was so tight, I worked another finger into her, making her gasp again. I work my fingers in and out, picking up the pace. She was moaning and panting now, grinding her hips into my fingers, wanting them deeper. I continue to kiss and suck her breasts, my cock was getting harder by the second.

I raised up, and began kissing her again, pressing my hard cock into her stomach. It was incredible, feeling her grind against me, wanting my fingers deeper in her tight, wet pussy, moaning into my mouth. I pulled my fingers out of her pussy, and she made a disappointed sound. I pushed her legs farther apart, and positioned myself between her legs. As I. French kissed her, I placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I slowly began rocking my hips, working my way into her tight pussy, thrusting deeper and deeper until I’m all the way in. She wraps her legs around my waist and lets out a cry of pleasure and pain, as my large, thick cock stretches her pussy.

Pushing her up against the door hard for balance, I grab her around the waist, and begin working in and out of her fast, getting faster and deeper with each thrust. I hear her moaning “oh, oh, oh it feels soooo good” she has her head back against the door, her eyes closed. I begin kissing her neck, alternating with kisses and soft bites. I start fucking her harder, faster, deeper than before. She is moaning and gasping with each thrust, I can tell she is close. And so am i. I move ahead of our rhythm, diving deep. I feel all my muscled tighten as I begin to cum, deep inside her.

She rakes her finger nail across my back, and pulls me close to her, her leg pulling me deeper into her as she begins to cum, screaming loudly. I continue thrusting until we have both calmed down. Then, I slowly pull my cock out of her, and she places her legs back on the floor, trying not to lose her balance. I keep my hands on her waist, holding her up. I lean down and kiss her deeply. As I pull away, she blushes, and smiles that sexy smile back up at me and whispered “do you know how long I have wanted you to do that?” I just gave her a grin.

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