Last Night Stand


It took me a minute to remember where I was. It was our friends’ last night before they moved away. We – the four of us – had spent the evening at their house, drinking and reminiscing. We hadn’t known them long – Greg had been on a year’s contract where I work and we’d become friends. Now they were off, moving away so he could take up a permanent position with another company. Kara’s job meant she could work from home. My wife worked close by so we all managed to meet up a lot and had grown really close. Greg was a pretty sound guy and Kara was gorgeous – funny, attractive and confident. We were going to miss them.

It was the early hours before we said goodnight and went to bed. It was too late to bother with a taxi so we crashed in their spare room up in the attic, like we’d done many times over the last year.

Soon, my wife was sleeping soundly. Not me, though. I’m a bad sleeper at the best of times. A lay there awake, thinking about what a hole would be left in our lived when they went. I had just started to drift off, helped by a lot of alcohol and pizza, when something woke me. I lay in the dark listening. Downstairs, I could hear the tell tale rhythmic creaking of our Greg and Kara’s bed. I tried to ignore it but the creaking became a little louder and a little faster.

Then I heard Kara whimper – just audible in the still night. The creaking picked up its rhythm and she began to moan – indiscernible words and gasps. I guessed they were trying to keep it quiet but it wasn’t working. Kara’s moans were getting louder, more stifled. It was clear I wasn’t going to get to sleep till they’d finished. I might as well enjoy it.

I’d never seen Kara naked, but I’d certainly thought about it. She always dressed well and often wore tight jeans and vests or tees that hugged her beautiful toned body. I imagined her riding him. Her small, firm breasts jumping with each thrust. Her tight red nipples between his fingers. I saw her reaching to her pussy as she straddled him. She felt his cock rubbing in and out of her hot, wet slit. Her other hand reached behind her, cupping his balls under her taught round ass.

She was moaning louder and louder. in my mind I could see her biting her lip, trying to keep control as she pushed herself down on him, rocking her hips to get him deeper inside her wet hole. I pictured her fingers moving from his balls to the base of his cock where it slid in and out of her, sticky with her juices. With her other hand, she was stroking her pussy lips, gently massaging her clit.

A wet finger moved to the bud of her anus. She circled her finger round her tight little hole, spreading her juices over her smooth skin. She was nearly at climax, gasping. She pressed her finger against her tight ass hole. Her cum helped her ease her finger inside her. As she rocked her hips, she eased her finger in and out, deeper in to her ass each time. I heard a grunt as I guessed he exploded in side her pussy, his cum running from her swollen pussy lips each time he withdrew, her finger still inserted deep in her own ass hole, her face contorted.

the creaking slowed and eventually stopped. he would be lying there next to her, exhausted. I imagined her going down on him, licking the sticky strings of cum from his cock and swallowing it down. feeling the sticky juice in her pussy with her fingers then licking them clean. I nearly came there and then. The while I had been stroking my rock hard cock as I listened and imagined, trying not to wake my wife.

With everything quiet, I tried to get to sleep, but images of Kara ran endlessly through my mind. I was so hot. The heating was on I guessed, and after alcohol and pizzas I desperately needed a glass of water. I quietly slipped from under the quilt and fumbled in the rus escort dark for my boxers and t-shirt.

The house was dark and quiet. I crept down the stairs and along the hallway, passing their room. I went down the last flight and along the hallway to the kitchen. I flicked the switch by the door. The light blinded me for second. I waited till my eyes adjusted then reached down a glass from a cupboard. I filled it with icy cold water from the tap and quickly gulped it down. I stared out of the window into the dark.

‘Good idea,’ a voice said behind me. I jumped.

‘Jees! You nearly gave me a heart attack!’ I said.

Kara had wandered in to the kitchen. She wore an oversize tee that just reached down to the top of her thighs, while the sleeves met her elbows. It left little to the imagination.

‘Can’t sleep?’

‘No,’ I replied, ‘something woke me, ‘ I said. I smiled.

‘Oh. Sorry!’ She said, her face reddening a little.

she reached herself a glass from the top shelf of the cupboard. As she reached up, her t-shirt rode up her thighs revealing a tantalising glimpse of her firm round ass. I made way for her and she filled her glass from the tap.

‘She looked at me over the rim as she took a sip.

‘We’ll miss you when we go,’ she said.

‘Me, too,’ I replied. I thoughtfully swilled the remaining water round in my glass.

Kara knocked back the rest of her water and set her glass down on the drainer.

‘Well, goodnight.. again,’ she said.

‘Yeah, night,’ I said.

She looked at me for a moment, then reached out and hugged me tightly. I put my arms round her.

‘I’ll miss you,’ she said into my chest.

The t-shirt was so thin it might as well not have been there. I could feel her warmth against me, her breasts pressing against me. I ran a hand up and down her back. I thought maybe she was going to cry.. I didn’t know what to say. I kissed her head and stroked her hair. It was slightly damp, tangled from her exertions earlier.

It was a bad time to think about it again. Holding her so close, feeling her slim, hot body against mine, I could feel my penis begin to twitch. If Kara felt it she wasn’t letting on. She held me tighter. Maybe she was too embarrassed to let go. She sighed deeply, and muzzled closer in to my chest. Her hand moved from my shoulder and down my side and gently stroked my back.

‘I think you need to get back to bed,’ I said.

‘Don’t you like this?’ she said. her soft warm hands rubbed over my back in firm circles, pressing us closer together.

‘I do. that’s the problem,’ I said.

‘Its not a problem,’ she replied.

‘Look, we’ve had a lot to drink…’ I said.

Shh,’ she said. She moved her hand under my tee and continued to massage my back. I could feel myself getting harder. She slipped under the waistband of my boxers. She reached down, moving away a little to make room. I held her head closer to me. She found my growing cock and moved her hand up and down its length.

I moved my hand down her back, over her firm ass to the tip of her thighs. Her skin was soft and warm. I moved back up, under her tee, to her ass. As she slowly pumped on my cock I gently kneaded her buttock. With my other hand, I felt between us to her breasts. I rolled and gently teased her nipple between my fingers. Still we stood close, just leaving enough room between us where we needed to.

I grasped Kara’s hand and pulled her away. We looked at each other for a moment. Kara bit her lip. We knew we were being bad but it didn’t stop us. This was the last night we would have together. no regrets, no repercussions. I turned her so she faced away from me and pressed her against the counter sıhhiye escort top. I wrapped my arms round her and fondled her breasts, my now rock hard penis pressing in to her through my boxers. She felt so good.

I wriggled her tee up so her breasts were exposed. I pinched her bullet nipples between my fingers. Her breasts were milky white, her nipples a deep, contrasting brown and beautifully upturned. My cock twitched against her. I longed to slip it into her wet pussy there and then. I knew I might not get chance to do this again, though. I needed to make the most of it.

I ran my hands over her flat belly and for a moment over her pubic hair. Then I moved a hand to her inner thighs. She moved her legs apart slightly. I briefly touched her pussy lips as I trailed my hand up the crease of her ass. Then I moved my fingers back, again rubbing gently past her pussy and through her pubic hair. She was wet. I could feel the moisture in her hair. I trailed a finger across her pussy lips again and felt the wetness. She moved her legs wider apart. I slipped my fingers through the folds of her pussy. I pressed more firmly, parting her lips until I felt my middle finger slip inside her. She was hot and sticky. Her pussy squeezed on my finger as she let out a little whimper, like I’d heard before. I moved my finger in and out, feeling deeper inside. She was so slick that I easily slipped another finger inside her. She grasped the edge of the counter as she began to rock back against me as I fingered her. My other hand still fondled her breast. My penis was aching. Her hot wetness and whimpering were too much.

I slipped my fingers out of her and turned her round. She immediately grabbed my cock and pumped long and hard as we kissed. She pulled me to the kitchen table. She sat up on it and pulled her t-shirt off over her head. She looked fantastic, with her firm little upturned breasts and thick black bush, glistening with her juice. She parted her legs and pulled me towards her to kiss. Then she lay back on the table, reaching her hands over head and grabbing the edge. I put my hands on her thighs and moved them wider apart. I could smell her pussy, sweet and hot.

I ran my hand over her beautiful soft skin, brushing over her breasts. her nipples were hard. I rubbed them in turn between my fingers, kneading her flesh. With my other I ran my fingers over her pussy lips and then probed inside her again. His cum from earlier was mixed with her own juices, making her so wet and sticky. I turned my hand over so it was palm down and ran my thumb along her flushed pussy lips until it was well lubricated with her juice. I started to finger her again while my thumb followed the line of her wet crack down to her anus.

I waited a moment, watching her face as she writhed against the fingers in her pussy. She gasped a little as I pressed lightly on her ring, not sure how she would feel. I circled her hole with the end of my lubricated thumb, feeling the tight muscles. Then I pushed harder and my thumb entered a little way inside her. She pushed against the fingers in her pussy and the thumb in her ass and rocked her hips. I took the hint and withdrew my thumb and dipped back in her pussy, getting it nice and wet. I slid it back to her ring and pushed gently. I felt her relaxing, letting me push inside her tight hole. She moaned.

‘Shush,’ I whispered. She smiled faintly and bucked even harder. I stoked my fingers and thumb in and out of her hot holes, alternating the motion of each. I could feel her pussy getting so wet that her juices were running out, down my fingers, around my thumb as it flicked in and out of her ass. I felt her whole body tighten, her hips lifting off the table, then sincan escort her ass. I felt a flood of cum inside her. By now my cock was aching, twitching against my belly. I needed to be inside her. I need to plough my cock in to her wet, hot, sticky cunt.

With one hand still kneading her breast, i slipped my fingers out of her dripping holes. As I slid out of her, more juices ran out and down her crack. She moaned, complaining. I pressed a sticky finger to her mouth. Her lips parted and her tongue sampled the mixture of cum. She held my hand to her mouth and sucked and licked it clean. She looked at me smiling as my finger popped out.

She pushed herself up on her elbows and sat upright, her legs straddled round my waist. She reached down and stroked her hand up and down my rigid cock. She leant forward and kissed me hard. I could taste the salty, sticky cum in her mouth and on her tongue. I felt her free hand moving between us. She began to finger herself. I felt her knuckles rubbing against my balls a she plunged them in and out of her cunt.

I felt her shudder again and she kissed me even harder, her fist pounding my cock. She took her fingers out of her hole and rubbed her cum over my balls, reaching underneath and fingering my anus. It felt so good. Now it was my turn and i shuffled my feet wider apart. She didn’t mess about. Her wet finger pushed against my ring. I tried to keep relaxed, as she pumped away on my cock and pushed her finger in and out of my ass.

‘I want to fuck you,’ I whispered.

She shuffled down the table till her ass cheeks sat right at the edge. She guided my cock to the entrance of her cunt and rubbed its head along her engorged pussy lips. I pushed her thighs wider and watched as my cock pushed inside her. Even though she was so wet, her pussy still felt nice and tight, her muscles tightening around my cock as i sawed in and out. She lay back and I reached under her with one hand and again, using her juices as lubrication, pushed a finger in her ass. I fondled her breasts again as i worked in and out of her, squeezing her tits and bullet nipples hard. She began to moan, louder, louder. i was scared we were going to wake someone. I clamped my hand over her mouth. She rocked her hips hard against me, making me lean forward to keep my cock pounding in and out of her.

‘I’m going to come,’ I gasped.

‘No, not in my cunt,’ she whimpered.

She grasped my raging cock and pulled it down to her asshole. I lifted her calves until her knees hooked over my shoulders, opening her asshole to me. She grabbed the edge of the table either side of her and I pushed my cock into her. She bit her lip as I pressed forward. Even though my cock was soaked with cum I had to push hard to get inside her. I got nearly half my length in, trying desperately not to explode inside her at every thrust, wanting to enjoy the feeling as long as possible.

I watched my cock sliding in and out, her asshole stretching around it, her pussy glistening with cum and sweat. Her beautiful breasts heaved in time with our bucking, more sweat beading on her chest and belly. At last it was too much. I felt ready to come and managed another thrust before I felt my cum shoot into her ass.

‘Oh, baby, that’s good. That’s so good,’ she whispered.

I pushed in again, more cum spurting in to her, then again and again until I could feel I had pumped everything I had in to her.

I slowly pulled out from her, as she sighed. My cum dripped from her asshole as I pulled out. Straight away she reached between her legs and rubbed the juices round her asshole, then stoked a finger in and out of her ass.

‘I’m going to miss you’, she said, sitting up.

‘Me, too’ I said.

She stroked my semi hard cock, releasing the last drops of cum.

‘Better clean you up,’ she smiled.

She bent forward and licked me from stem to head, then sucked it in to her hot mouth, flicking her tongue round until she had cleaned off every bit of sticky juices.

She kissed me hard again.

‘Don’t forget me,’ she said.

‘Not likely.’

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