Lap Dancing


My fiancée’ Sarah is one of those special women who enjoys hearing about my experiences with other girls. So much so, that we have agreed that I can take any reasonable opportunity for extra action – as long as she gets to hear about it afterward. This usually happens in bed, and we have amazing sex as I tell her of my lurid adventures. Is that a great way to run a relationship, or what?

Sarah recently asked me to do something I had told her about. She was intrigued by my stories of going to strip clubs in the past, especially when I explained about lap dances. I had always found it erotic to have a complete stranger grind around on me naked. Since I hadn’t gone to club in a long time, Sarah suggested that I go for a lap dance, and then tell her about it when I got home. Being the attentive and devoted partner I am, off I went.

The Blue Room had changed a bit since I had last visited. The first thing I noticed was that they had closed off an area especially for lap dances. I took this as a good sign, because establishments that go to this trouble are sometimes more permissive about what goes on back there.

The music was loud, with the bass turned up. I could feel it thumping in my chest as I paid the cover charge. A slight adrenaline rush had always accompanied me when I entered a club, and I welcomed the feeling like an old friend. I was excited about playing my old game again – the game of lap dancing. The object is to get maximal “hands-on” action with the dancer. There is only one real rule to this game – you WILL end up spending a lot of money. Oh, there are house rules at every club about not touching the dancers, but those rules often go out the window when you wave a fifty-dollar bill. I don’t mind that part – the girls work hard, and they deserve to make all they can. To me, it is a reasonable tandoğan escort transaction. It’s a bonus if the girl is also friendly and personable. For my part, I dress nicely but casually, and I try never to be rude or lecherous. The girls seem to appreciate this, and I feel it is a good arrangement for all. I have some fun, they make some money. Everybody’s happy.

After finding a secluded seat I bought the obligatory drink from a scantily clad waitress. I like to sit in semi-darkness when looking for lap dances. The girls are a bit slower to find me, which allows more time to observe them before the inevitable haggling begins. I try to watch all the girls before selecting one for a lap dance, looking for signs that she might bend the rules once we are in the private VIP room. Often, girls will try to persuade me through various means to take them into the back room, and it often works.

I watched the girls dance for a while, until I saw the one I wanted. Long blonde hair, slim body, belly button piercing, and REALLY cute nipples topping off what I guessed were 32c’s. Nice eyes too. This was an all-nude club with a bar the girls could stand on, and she was trolling for tips. I moved to the bar a few seats in advance of where she was. She soon squatted in front of me, putting her pussy about a foot from my face, but somehow retained her dignity. Her smile was genuine and infectious, and she thankfully lacked the tired expression, or outright malice one sometimes sees in this situation. She gave her name as April as she reclined on the bar and spread her legs. I found it charming when she picked up my drink from next to her thigh and moved it so I could have an unobstructed view of her charms. She peeled back her pussy lips with her fingers, expecting tunalı escort me to drool and tip.

My strategy in this situation is to decline to stare at the girl’s crotch. Unless I’m doing some meaningful work down there, I prefer to look a girl in the eye. Many dancers find this refreshing. I told her she was very beautiful, and asked if she was available for a lap dance. April beamed, hopped down off the bar and slid into a small dress. We walked hand in hand to the back room, and she led me to a bench set into a dark corner. Figuring I would be there for a while, I gave her enough money to last several songs (this amounted to a large percentage of my weekly paycheck!).

She sat on my lap with her back to me and eased down her dress. I slid my hands around on her thighs and ass, and then worked around to her stomach. Her navel piercing complimented her flat stomach wonderfully, and I spent some time feeling her abs ripple as she twisted in my lap. I moved my hands experimentally up her sides, expecting her to gently guide them away from her breasts – but she didn’t. I moved my hands slowly onto her firm breasts, and she just arched her back, leaned into me, and started grinding herself into my cock. I was really surprised by this – I had never been able to go this far during a lap dance without adding significantly more money first.

Her tits were just perfect. Medium sized, incredible shape. She had small little nipples that stuck out like the proverbial pencil erasers. I really enjoyed feeling them poke into the palms of my hands, as she leaned her head back to chew on my ear.

After a while she got up and turned toward me, and straddled my lap, having first removed her dress. She let me suck on her nipples, and I loved how hard and türbanlı escort excited they felt. But it was even better when I looked her in the eye while I pinched her nipples. I rolled them between my thumb and finger and sometimes pinched them hard. She seemed to actually enjoy it (or at least acted very well!), closing her eyes and sighing next to my ear. She started kissing my neck, and then put her hand on my cock!

This really took me by surprise, and kicked up my excitement tenfold. I hadn’t worn underwear, so it was great having her rub my cock through just my thin slacks. I was rock hard already, so her squeezing hand got to me in a hurry. She smiled, and said my cock felt pretty big. Probably a line she used often, but who was I to argue?

It went on like this for a few minutes. I was feeling her up all over, and she kept rubbing my cock through my pants. Then she put her arms around my neck and started humping me really hard. I could actually feel her pussy sliding up and down on my cock, and about a minute of this made me come really hard in my pants. My timing was good, in that the song ran out just after I came, so I don’t think she got messy from me coming.

I thanked her profusely (and sincerely), and tipped her an extra twenty dollars. Walking out of the VIP room and collapsing onto one of the bar stools, I felt completely worn out and sorely in need of a nap!

When I got home Sarah and I leaped into bed, and I told her the story while we made love. She loved hearing what had happened just two hours before, and told me excitedly that she could smell April’s perfume on me. I thanked my guardian angels for sending me a girl like this. She’s a keeper, and I plan on telling her many more stories in the future.


This is a true story, and I would like to add one thought for those of you who might try to duplicate this experience. Dancers at exotic clubs have to put up with a lot of rude and pushy men. So guys, please do us all a favor and be nice when you go into these places. Expect to spend some money, and remember that these girls are people too.

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