Lakeside Ch. 01


Visiting our family cabin in mid May was unusual for as I don’t care for the rain. This weekend however the weather was going to be quite warm. Pulling into the drive of the cabin, I noticed the red haze in the sunset. I paused for a moment and took in the lovely view out over the lake. The evening air was quite warm as I approached the door, chipmunks ran from my path.

Leaving the door open I went to find the power box and turn on the breakers. I went about the cabin checking the windows and back door, the cabin seemed to be as we left it. Finally I sit down in the recliner so I can look out the sliding glass doors. The last rays of sunshine reflecting off the smooth water. Sipping the wine from my glass, I hear a few birds chirping in the breeze.

Laying my head back against the chair, I close my eyes to rest them from the long drive. I open my eyes to see the total darkness after a short nap. I flip on the lamp and head for the bedroom, pulling back the covers. The tight smooth sheets felt so good as I slipped in, wear only my boxers. I was soon fast asleep with nothing to worry about for the next week.

The chirping of the morning birds awake me as the sun climbs into the sky. A quick shower, a bite to eat and I am headed down to the lake. Walking down the path I see some of the wooden blocks in the steps along the path need to be replaced. The fresh morning air wakes my senses as I breathe in deep. The small waves brushing the shoreline n the morning breeze.

I walk for twenty minutes or so down the shore line and see lovely woman sitting on rock looking out over the lake. Walking closer I greet her from a distance so I do not startle her. She turns to me and I watch her eyes glance me up and down. Her smile is so appealing, my mind races with thoughts of what to say. “How are you this fine morning Ma’am? My name is Jim.” I ask as I stop close by her side. “I have had better days, my name is Sandra. The view and fresh air here make me feel so much better.” she says.

I look around and do not see anyone else. “You here all alone, or do you have family or friends here?” I ask. She looks up at me and says “I am here alone at our family cabin, just over the ridge there.” I pause and think. “Well if you are not too busy this evening I could use some company for dinner. My cabin is just down the beach this way.” I say as I point behind me. “Oh you mean the large cabin on the hillside in cove there?” she asks. “Yes that is the one. I am just out for a morning walk. Would you care to join me?” I said with hesitation.

She stood up and straightened her shorts with hands and a jiggle of her hips. “Sure I could use some company.” she said as we walked further down the shoreline. We chatted about the new cabins and new roads that been built in the past few years. I turn to look at her just as she trips or a small rock. I reach out and take hold of her arm, preventing her from falling. We pause for a few moments to ensure she is ok. “We should head back, I have some cleaning to do.” I tell her.

We walk back a short distance and she stops. “I must go this way to my cabin. What time shall I come over this evening?” she asks. Not wanting it to be too early or too late, I tell her around five would be good. I watch as she walks away, her tight shorts showing the bounce of each cheek. Her smooth legs shinning as she walks toward the morning sun. Her long hair blowing softly in the light breeze. She soon disappears into the trees, down a lightly worn path.

Back at my cabin I move about straightening things out and dusting. Resting in the recliner I watch the birds battle each other in the clean mountain air. Turning on the radio I hear songs istanbul escorts from years past and bring back many memories. I soon had to decide on what to make for dinner, and impress this lovely woman. The short drive to the local store was much as I remembered it, with a few new cabins. Salad and steaks sounded good as I pushed the small cart through the store.

Searching through the store I noticed the selection of wines. This was new to the stores as I couldn’t recall wine here before. Placing a couple bottles and bag a charcoal in my cart I head for the check out. It was definitely getting warmer as I took off my sweater at the car. Driving back I watched many animals moving about. Back at the cabin I checked all the dishes and silver wear in preparation. A couple seasonings on the steaks and the salad and fixings cut, I head for the recliner.

The radio playing more tunes from years past as I sip my iced tea, watching the leaves blow in the wind. It was a little after four when I headed out to light up the grill. The sun on it across the sky as brush the grate. In my shorts and t-shirt I spark up the grill. Smoke bellows from the grills shallow pit, the flames reaching a foot above the grill. I look out to the lake and see a couple of boats, people enjoying the peaceful lake.

After the flames gave way I close the lid and headed inside. Placing the plates on the small table by the large window, I looked out to see her approaching. Taking the steaks from the refrigerator, I head out to the grill. I stand at the grill, placing the steaks on with aloud sizzle as she steps up on deck. I look over to see her lovely sun dress. The top snug and low cut showing the smooth skin of her chest and cleavage. The hem hanging loosely just above her knees.

“Good evening Sandra, you look very lovely.” I say with a smile as she smiles, slipping off her sun glasses. “I am fine thank you. I do love this cabin, I have only seen it from the shore.” she says. I close the lid on the grill and offer to show here around. We walk inside and she gasps at the large wooden rail of stairway. “Would you like a glass of wine?” I ask her as she looks around. “Yes that would be lovely.” I could see her smile as she replied.

I head into the kitchen and pour us a glass of wine. When I return she is waiting, I hand her glass and we head out to the grill. I flip the steaks over and sit on the lounge chairs and make small talk. Smoke comes from the grill as the steaks cook, the smell making me hungry. I flip them over again and excuse myself as I set the salad and dressings on the table. Taking a plate out I go to retrieve Sandra and the steaks.

We sit down at the table, looking over at her I see her staring into my eyes. Her blue eyes have a twinkle to them as I hand the salad bowl to her. We make more small talk as we eat, I find my eyes drifting to her cleavage often. We finish eating and she asks to use the bathroom. I tell her the best one the first door on the right at the top of the stairs. Watching as she walks away, her loose dress swaying with her hips.

I quickly gather up the dishes and rinse them off, placing the uneaten food in the refrigerator. I am wiping off the table as she returned a broad smile on her face. I looked up at her just as she spoke, “I had look around, and I hope you don’t mind.” With a smile I assured her it was fine. She sipped some wine from her glass as I returned the rag to the kitchen sink. Walking back into the living room I asked, “Would you like to go for a walk down by the lake again?”

She sat her glass down on the coffee table and assured me she did, with another of her lovely smiles. We both walked toward istanbul eskort the door and arrived at same time. Stopping to allow her to go first, she took my hand and lead me toward the lake. Hand in hand we walked down the path, the shadows of the trees lining the ground. Reaching the small sandy area of the lakeside I watch as she removes her shoes and places them by the bottom step.

She takes my hands and pulls me off down the lakeside. Her slender feet stepping in the cool water, her hair blowing in the breeze. The smile on her face and the twinkle in her eyes tells me she is enjoying life. We walk around a few bends in the shore line and stops near a small grassy area. “Let’s sit here and take in the scenery.” she says. I walk over to the grass and sit down looking up at her approaching. Watching as she sits by my side.

I lie back on the soft grass and place my hands under my head, looking up into the trees. I feel her lay back beside me feel her arm drape across my chest. I look down to see the top of her head as she rests it on my chest. I get a warm feeling as I wrap my arm around her, placing my hand on her back. We lay there what seemed like fifteen minutes before I feel her hand sliding on chest. My shirt slides up as her hand touches my bare skin. Soon her hand is sliding through the hair on my chest.

I feel her finger pull together and tugging lightly at the hair on my chest. It felt so good as her hand moved around my chest. I slide my hand up and down her side as she toyed with my hair. I could feel no bra strap and give her a light hug. She seemed to move closer to me as we lay there, then she looked up at me. I looked down into her eyes and she pressed her lips to mine. It felt like a wave of pleasure going through my body. Reaching around with my other arm, hugging her as our tongues dance between our lips.

Then I feel her raise and straddle my body. Looking up into her eyes, I watch as she slips her dress up over her head. The bare skin of her stomach comes into view, seemingly in slow motion. The hem of her dress slides across the mounds of her breasts. Her dark hard nipples standing out as her hair falls down over her shoulders. The rays of sunlight shinning through her hair as she leans down above my face. Her breasts hanging loosely over my chest as she stares into my eyes.

I lift a shoulder as I try to take off my shirt. I then lift off my back a little as she pulls the shirt over my head. Lying back again I look up into her eyes. The sunlight shinning through her hair as it gently waves in the warm breeze. Our lips meet again as she lowers down on my chest, her hard nipples pressing into my chest. My hands wrap around her body, gliding across her smooth skin. Sliding my hands across her back, then up and down. Feeling the softness of her buttocks, which soon have one in each hand.

After several seconds it hits me, she has no panties on either. As I squeeze her buttocks I feel her lift from my chest. I lift my head to suck her right nipple. My lips sealing on her soft skin, my tongue swirling around the tiny bud of joy. Her hand holding the back of my head as my tongue works her erect nipple. I slow and begin kissing the skin between her breasts as I move to her left nipple. Her chest seemed to press harder into my face as my lips reach her nipple.

I could feel my erection straining in my shorts as she moans softly. I wanted nothing more at this moment than to make her feel totally satisfied. I worked my hands up to my stomach and under her thighs as she straddled my body. Pulling on her thighs I moved her body up mine, sliding her soft thighs up my stomach. My hands again cup her buttocks, eskort istanbul my arms between her legs. Pulling her closer, her thighs sliding up the sides of my chest.

I look down to see her smooth shaven pussy, glistening as the sun shines against her back. Soon the soft moist lips of her womanhood are above my face. Her dark pink lips spreading like a flower in morning sun. My hands squeeze her buttocks as I lift to kiss her sweet lips. The smell of her body and the taste of her juices soon have me hypnotized. I could think of nothing more than hearing her moan in pleasure.

Working my tongue between her swelling lips, I feel the heat of her body wrap around my tongue. Her buttock clinches as the tip of my tongue slides across her swollen clit. I look up to see her eyes closed, her mouth open and her hair blowing the evening breeze. Her breasts standing out as she leans back, the nipples more erect than before. I feel her knees widen their stance as her pussy presses to my face. Still holding her buttocks I work my tongue deep inside her, try to reach as far as could.

Closing my eyes I swirl my tongue around inside her. Her moans deepen and her body flinches quicken. I suck gently on her clit as I part my lips, spreading her swollen lips with mine. Her bare clit stands alone inside my mouth as I slowly slide the tip of my tongue around it. I hear her moan deeply and feel her hand pull on my head as I lick her clit faster. Soon both her hands are on the back of my head, her hips rocking gently.

I open my eyes to see her arms pressing her breasts together as I suck her clit. I wiggle my head gently as I begin to lick faster over her clit. The tip of my tongue moving up and down across it, then side to side. Sucking a little harder I swirl my tongue around it and her body tenses and she pulls harder on my head. I move tongue back inside her, then back to her clit. Growls coming from her body, jerks, and moans. The juices flowing from her body as her pussy lips tighten on my tongue.

Her jerks begin to slow and her breathing is deep and slow. I lick slow and move my tongue around the opening of her pussy. The sweetness of her juices, the smoothness of her skin, her moans. I am completely lost in the moment as she rocks her hips slowly, rubbing her pussy up and down across my mouth. Her hands release my head and her hands glide through her hair pushing back behind her head. She slides back on my body and our lips meet again as she holds my head again driving her tongue into the depths of my mouth.

She soon lifts looking into my eyes as if she was looking right through me. Then I see a smile on her face as her hand goes to her mouth. “Oh my, your lip is bleeding. I hope I didn’t hurt you.” She says. I had no idea I was bleeding and I really did not care in the least. Looking up at a lovely woman, here by the lake, like a dream that would never come true. I wanted to stay like this forever, looking at her, a woman that has melted my heart. I held her smooth hips as she wiped the small amount of blood from my lip.

She slid off my body and looked down at me and says “This has been one of the most memorable times here at the lake I have ever had…” I leaned over on my side and kissed her gently. “You have no idea what this has meant to me. I will cherish this moment forever.” I say looking her in the eye. I helped her slip her dress back on and grabbed my shirt. We headed back down the beach toward my cabin.

We walked along the shore to the bottom of the steps leading to my cabin and stopped. She picked up her shoes and stepped in front of me. Our eyes meet as she moves closer, wrapping her arms around me. Our lips meet for a brief kiss. Stepping back she says, “I need to get home but I will stop by tomorrow if that is ok?” I smiled as i said “I would really love for you to come over tomorrow, anytime you wish.” She smiled and turned, walking down the sandy shore of the the lakeside.

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