Kristy McKenzie


I was tired as hell after completing the night shift and just wanted to make it home to my bed. It was about three in the morning when I pulled into the car port of my apartment complex. I sat there for a few minutes dozing in my car before I was jolted out of the beginnings of a deep sleep by a departing jeep Cherokee. Every bone in my body was aching as I gathered up my lunch box half falling out of the car to the pavement. I managed to gather myself worrying that someone happening upon me would mistake me for some sort of alcoholic. I lived on the first floor just above the basement parking garage but still struggled to make it up the four stone steps that led to the narrow exterior corridor to my apartment.

“What the-?!!” I unlocked my front door finding it blocked with some semi-heavy item which turned out to be a big, pull-on suitcase. I figured my wife had brought some new luggage and was too lazy to put it in the closet behind the door. Linda was somewhat of a slob, but I put up with her because she appealed to some of my baser instincts; namely we got along famously between the sheets. We’d been married for six months and it was long enough that I knew she was gonna turn into Mrs. Beaver as the house gradually became a cluttered, junky mess.

My living room had an open floor plan that combined it with the kitchen in the form of a glorified kitchenette which meant I could look out over the adjacent living room. I wearily put my lunch box on the counter noticing the television was playing, but muted. The coffee table was littered in multiple boxes of Chinese takeout along with various bottles of beer and soda. There was some sort of weird, crazy looking anime playing on my fifty-inch flat screen.

“I’m getting tired of this shit.” The irritation that came with the realization that I was going to have to clean up after my wife had me fully awake as I rounded the open counter top.

“Huh, oh?”

My wife was lying face down on the couch with a thick comforter covering her upper half. Her lower body lay exposed illuminated by the television light. She was wearing a blue thong that made her big pale cheeks stand out. Linda was obviously trying to entice me as we hadn’t done it in a few months. The thong was horizontally striped in different shades of blue, the cut making her ass look fuller than usual.

Truth be told, my wife was pretty blah in the looks the department from her shoulder length blonde hair and plain face, standard medium sized breasts with her wide hips and somewhat flabby butt that I enjoyed pounding from the back. Linda was pretty good about sleeping with me, but she was likewise mostly an average lay at best. But tonight, looking down at her butt in those enticing thong panties was waking the proverbial dragon. I’d always been into hips, thighs and legs initially drawn to her because she had those attributes. The duration of our relationship was mostly harmonious drama free, so we ended up going to city hall to tie the knot six months prior. Linda was pretty good about letting me tap that forty six inch butt whenever I wanted. Tonight she was looking way too good to pass up. We hadn’t done it in a while, and it looked like she’d gained a little weight in the right place as far as I was concerned. Her pear shaped butt looked magnificent as I let my hand slide across both cheeks from the far end to the right, luscious oval shaped globe giving it a hearty squeeze.

“What-the-fuck?” The comforter fell away as she rose supporting herself on her elbows staring at my face.

This woman wasn’t my wife; I recognized the harsh face and short ragged bob of dirty blonde hair on her best friend, Kristy McKenzie. My palm was still planted flat in the middle of her right ass cheek for a few seconds as she glared sleepily at me like I’d walked in on her in the bathroom of something.

“You finished?”

“Uhm, sorry; I thought you were Linda.” I withdrew my hand feeling like an idiot as she scratched her hair lazily.

“Yeah, sure.” She went back to sleep without another word, still leaving the comforter up over her butt. It rode up further revealing her small waist. I stared for a few moments before withdrawing remembering from a gathering at a backyard party thrown by a mutual acquaintance of my wife’s. From what I understood, Kristy was this troubled girl from the wrong side of the tracks known to be somewhat of a quote-unquote “Wigger” in that people said she behaved like a black girl or something. I stumbled down the short corridor to my bedroom which was adjacent to the bathroom.

Linda was in our large, queen sized bed fast asleep wearing one of my plain white t-shirts and a pair of decidedly boring, pink granny panties. Even if I couldn’t see her face, the loud snoring was a dead giveaway. I stripped down to my underwear considering waking Linda up to ask her why Kristy McKenzie was on my couch. It was my understanding their decade and a half long friendship was rocky at best, downright toxic at worst. Ultimately I decided to wait trusting dikmen escort there was a good enough reason as I slid between the sheets quickly dropping off into a deep sleep.


I awoke with a start shielding my eyes from the sunlight filtering in through my venetian blinds checking my phone. There was a message from Linda telling me Kristy would be our house guest for a couple of days after getting “put out” of her apartment after a disagreement with a roommate. It was ambiguous, but I knew better than to call Linda while she was at work. She worked a crap job in medical billing which helped us jointly pay the bills but was positively draconian in nature. My thoughts shifted to Kristy, sleeping on my couch as I got up cracking my bones as I stretched. I needed to make amends, but first, I had to drain the lizard. I stepped out into the hall pushing the bathroom door open.

“EX-CUSE ME; WHAT THE FUCK?!!” Kristy was sitting hunched over on the toilet.

“Sorry.” I quickly backed away realizing the door hit her in the knees when I pushed it open. Kristy stared at me angrily for a few seconds, slamming the door in my face. The lingering ring in my ears from the sudden loudness remained as I stumbled into the kitchenette area going into my fridge.

“Hey man, what’s up with all the pervy shit; Linda ain’t putting out or something?” Kristy appeared in the living room, visibly annoyed with me. She was wearing this cutoff grey, cotton football jersey that left her well defined abs exposed having slipped on a pair of boy shorts.

“Sorry about that, it was an accident-and last night, too.” I apologized awkwardly trying not to look at her body. Kristy was standing at the end of the counter with her hands on her hips, glaring angrily.

“That wasn’t no accident, man.”

“Yes, it was; I thought you were Linda last night, and I just wanted to use the bathroom this morning.”

“You ain’t think I was no fucking Linda.”

“Yes, Kristy; I thought you were my wife last night on the couch. I didn’t know you were here when I came in this morning.” She scoffed as I noticed her medium sized breasts poking against he fabric of the cutoff jersey.

“Stop lying man; you just helped yourself because I don’t look like no fucking Linda. What on me, looks like her sloppy ass?” Kristy raised her hands doing turning slowly, almost proudly displaying her body. Her prominent teardrop shaped butt hung low from the boy shorts.

“Sloppy, that’s cute.”

“Homeboy look at me; I workout three times a week to keep my shit tight like this and the ass kills Linda’s floppy, pillow booty. You knew what you where doing, just admit it.” I couldn’t call her attitude arrogant because it seemed like she truly believed it. Her voice kind of drug when she spoke almost like an exaggerated faux southern drawl. Her toxicity was confirmed as I’d slid right into an argument with the harsh blonde. Her slightly pock marked face reminded me of Mila Jovovich for some reason.

“So Kristy, when are you leaving?” I was ready to put her out on the curb. I didn’t feel like dealing with some angry bitch.

“Oh, it’s like that, huh?” Her narrow eyes went wide as she gestured, arms spread outward.

“Like what?”

“Alright, I’ll play motherfucking ball, homie.” Kristy backed away from the counter, rounding it into the living room facing my television. Before I even realized what she was doing, Kristy yanked the boy shorts down stepping out of them and kicking them to the side.


Kristy McKenzie was what you could comfortably call “slender and stacked” displaying the slender toned body of an athlete offset be perfectly wide hips that sloped downward into these muscular looking legs and inconsequential feet. The real story was the ass, which one could definitely compare to the stereotypical big, bubbled butt of some black women.

“Come get it, big dawg.” Kristy punctuated the abrasive declaration reaching back, loudly slapping her expansive cheeks.

“Excuse me?!” Kristy turned at the hip looking even more irritated than before at my exclamation.

“Look, you ain’t gotta play the game; Linda ain’t here so lets just toss all that little cat and mouse shit in the trash. You want some pussy, right? Come tap this shit real quick like, homie.” She walked over mounting the couch on her knees with her elbows resting on its back.

“Uhm…” Kristy glanced at me from the couch with this snarky, knowing smirk arching her back. This made the side view of her curvy rear end stand out even more.

“Man, stop playing the game and get your thirsty ass over here!” It seemed trading sexual favors for a couch was no big deal to her as I acted without thought rounding the corner to get a closer look at her butt. Kristy knew what she was working with pushing her tush back further while straightening her back until she was kneeling on the cushions. There was a shiny nature to her cheeks, a little rosy with emek escort a smattering of light pimples on each cheek.

Kristy was surprisingly tight and gummy on the inside as I grabbed her hips driving myself home deep inside her. She didn’t miss a beat leaning over arching her back in a feline manner that made her cheeks spread apart revealing herself full of my girth. I just went for broke pounding her out as hard as humanly possible. I tried to go even harder noticing her cheeks parted wider when I pushed against them with the full brunt of my weight. Her butt was visually fantastic, its true spade or heart shape colliding loose and jiggly with my crotch. Kristy worked with me, humping and sawing her hips in a downward motion onto the base of my cock giving me the impression that she was trying to speed things up. I was in the void mentally, planting my foot up on the couch next to her knee. I leaned over pushing hard inside her flexing cunt trying to get over the hump. Kristy went in for the kill when I asked about her stay, exploiting a weakness only my wife would’ve known. I keep my butt fetish to myself for the most part, clueing my wife in after we’d dated for a while after being prompted.

“Do it man; give me some nut.” Kristy demanded through gritted teeth. Her blue language added to the cheap, nasty quality of my infidelity.

I was already past the point of no return, happily pulling out as several ropes of thick semen covered her butt in nearly unrelenting waves until it was glazed over. Kristy moaned and whined, rocking her athletic body back and forth, casually bumping into my pelvis leaving some oily residue there. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her big butt, rubbing and tapping my cock on the left cheek. Kristy looked back reaching down to spread my spunk all over the other cheek with a self-satisfied smile on her harsh face. Enthralled sensually, I let my still erect cock rest in the crack of her large, heart shaped butt. Kristy lightly rocked back and forth massaging my tumescence.

“You good now, motherfucker?”


“More importantly now; we good, big homie?” Kristy arched her back almost unnaturally demonstrating a high level of flexibility that I recalled was fostered when she was little through gymnast training. Kristy supposedly was a gifted athlete until her senior year where she suddenly trashed a promising career. Linda always alluded to drug use as the reason, but I was looking at a woman who still worked out hard. There was a contrast in that habit; some untold story of her fall from grace.


“So if you want a little, just ask, man; I know what I’m working with and its only natural that you have to pay the cost to be the boss, right?”

“I didn’t tell you to do that, Kristy.”

“You didn’t say no either; I think you should give that shit some thought.” She added with a long yawn at the end devaluing my carnal efforts.

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing.” Kristy stood sliding the jersey over her head revealing small, lemon sized and shaped breasts that sloped from her chest. She absentmindedly cupped them, squeezing hard as her tiny nipples became erect. The look on her face told me that she felt my actions were a foregone conclusion as she walked down the corridor to the bathroom closing the door, loudly.

“Oh shit; what the fuck have I done?” I facepalmed.


Nothing happened after that in the next three weeks as Kristy became a regular part of our lives. Linda seemed happy to have her around for the most part, but there was the occasional dustup ironically due to Kristy’s lack of housekeeping. It seemed like a big bowl of karma as Linda often complained about her friend’s slovenly nature. I stayed out of their arguments preferring a neutral position still worried my infidelity would be exposed in some manner. Kristy went about her business coming and going often disappearing for a few days before popping up knocking on our door, usually at importune moments. I was waiting for a threat or some extortion that never came. I began to figure that giving up her body was no big deal as long as she got to continue squatting in my home.

“Hey man, you think about me at all?” Kristy asked one morning when I arose from my slumber midday like usual. I worked the graveyard shift, and this was part of my routine. This particular morning I found Kristy sitting on the couch watching anime with a newfound toy, a hookah.

“I don’t know how to answer that.”

“Keep it one hundred, homie.” Her faux dialect still rankled me a little, but she was usually uncomfortably direct whenever she spoke on something.

“I think about it-often.” Kristy took a long hit before smiling to herself at the compliment. Today, the strawberry blonde was wearing a simple t-shirt and nothing else. It was obvious she was nude underneath along with the flowery smell eryaman escort of my wife’s body wash about her person.

“Why you don’t come at me?”

“Come at you?”

“Don’t be dense; I already told you that all you gotta do, is ask.” She took another hit as I noticed small piles of ash on the coffee table she happened to be using. Linda would definitely be complaining about that later.

“You were serious about that?” Kristy rolled her eyes staring up at the ceiling before regarding me.

“Man, you need to get out of your shit; come over here.” She patted as pot beside her on the couch smiling as I took a seat. I was nervous, my heart thumping at the prospect of screwing her again.

“Uhm, okay.”

“Take a hit.” Kristy offered the hookah pipe to me with a smile leaning forward to reposition it on the coffee table.

“I don’t smoke.”

“Just try it man, how bad can one little hit be? Besides I gotta little weed mixed in with the flavored tobacco and you look like you need a hit of this shit, dawg.” I smirked at her accent and it look like she noticed but didn’t say anything.

“I look like I need to get high?”

“No, don’t get it twisted; you need to fucking lighten up and shit.” Kristy leaned in reclining next to me feeding the pipe to me while her arm rested on the back of the couch behind my head.

I took a long hit on the pipe to placate her, but took two more finding the strawberry flavor marijuana mixture, tasty. Kristy playfully snatched the pipe back as I noticed an open bag of weed on the coffee table along with a few newly rolled joints. I took another puff as she slipped the t-shirt off revealing her nude body.

“Keep puffing on that shit while I puff on this.” Her hand was already inside pajama bottoms I was wearing handling my lengthening member.

Kristy knelt on the couch in this exaggerated doggystyle position that left her full, heart shaped butt raised high in the air. She had this intense technique vacuuming sucking hard on my cock like she was sucking on a milkshake or something. Her head had these short, jerky bobbing movements that took some getting used to as I took a few more hits. Even though she was kind of rough, I found myself firing several ropes down her gullet. Kristy kept it up right through my first orgasm until I was rock hard again before she relented.

“Open your legs, like pull’em apart so that I can sit on this shit.” I did as she asked watching as that sweet looking ass planted itself in my lap. Keeping with her style, Kristy starting bouncing wildly in my lap, essentially impaling herself. I tossed the pipe aside reaching up to cup her small lemon sized boobs, rolling her nipples. This set her off as Kristy began rolling her hips in my lap gasping loudly as she covered my hands with her own. She got extremely wet arching her back forward putting her hands on her knees as I pumped up inside her cunt. I did my best with the limited space I had but she grew frustrated placing both palms flat on the coffee table pushing it over. Still impaled, Kristy managed to squat down planting her palms on the carpet in what became a crouching squat.

“Get this shit, big homie!”

I slammed up into her as hard as I could finding that she’d locked her joints to take the brunt of my thrusts. The motion ripples across her butt were visually exciting as my nails dug into her rounded hips. I just wanted to cum all over that ass again and this lazy woman knew exactly what I wanted in no uncertain terms, bouncing at the knees letting her butt slap loudly onto my cock. It became quickly apparent that she was fucking back as the intensity increased until I gasped yanking my cock outside her tunnel splashing my seed all over her luscious backside. Kristy held her squatting position letting me rub my spent member in the crack of her butt, eventually squeezing and pinching it as my erection returned with a vengeance.

“Damn baby; you getting sprung on the booty, huh?”

Kristy wasn’t looking directly at my face and I was glad because it made this peevish, nerdy grin against my will as I pulled her into my lap. We jostled into position awkwardly before she ended up laying on her belly an arm and shapely leg hanging off the edge of the couch cushions. I mounted her in the prone position driving my cock deep inside doing my best to bottom out. I loved the view of her generous derriere with my cock pistoning in and out of it. I spread her cheeks apart getting an even better view of my progress, ultimately lasting a little over ten minutes before blowing my load again. I loved the sight of her glazed cheeks using my hands to make them jiggle this time.

“Yeah, I like it just fine.” Kristy giggled in this sneaky manner as she glanced back surveying the mess I’d made.

“So, you gonna ask next time, or what?” Before I could answer, my phone started ringing in the bedroom. It was my wife’s ringtone making out current position awkward. I didn’t say another word leaving Kristy on the couch to answer the phone. Linda wanted to let me know that she was working late and wouldn’t be getting back before I went to work at three. I mumbled something as she apologized making a movie date on Friday night, before hanging up. Kristy was in the shower when I returned to the living room. I looked around tidying up as she appeared wrapped in a towel.

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