Knocking at Your Door


As I walked up to your door I started to knock and it was open. I walked inside… you were expecting me. I looked around and never saw you anywhere. I began to walk slowly through the house, I peered through the door of your bedroom. You were looking at some papers on top of your dresser with your back to me… I walked ever so slowly towards you, my hands gently went around your waist and I pressed my body up against your back. You began to turn around and I whispered in your ear “Oh how I have missed my Huney Man”… my hands began to roam to your chest… I went up under your shirt and I could feel the soft hair on your chest. I leaned my head against your back and closed my eyes, taking in the feel of my hands on the hair and the soft warm skin….my hands began to wander lower now….

I could feel your body begin to react to my touch as I unbuckled your belt and then your button and slowly pulled the zipper down on your jeans. I could feel the hair on your stomach that seemed to travel all the way down. As I began to cup your manhood…your cock began to grow hard inside of my hand. It felt so good to finally be touching you…you were getting Uşak Escort more and more turned on now and you moved around to face me. You kissed me with such passion that I melted in your arms. I eased your shirt up over your head as you begin to undress me…softly…and slowly. I wanted & needed to feel our skin touch…the electricity of it all was overwhelming. I could feel your hands ease my jeans down over my turn I began to pull yours the rest of the way down as well. You were so very sexy…so very much of a Man!..

My emotions were about to take me to the limit of my sexual desire for you. I wanted to taste you, to touch you, to be a part of you…to become one with you…to experience you totally and hopefully I could find my way back to reality…but for now I didn’t care. I wanted to be with you in the most intimate way a man and woman could be.. and that is to experience all of mind, body, and soul.. Your kiss began to be more passionate and your touch more aggressive…you had your hand between my legs massaging my thighs making me want to force your hand and your fingers up inside of me…and as you did I gasped..and Uşak Escort Bayan my world began to surrender into yours…a place that I loved to be and never wish to leave. I pulled away briefly. I wanted to pleasure you in the way I loved to do….

I slid down from your touch and got to my knees…I took you in my hands and then into my mouth… I began to make love to you with my mouth and tongue.. Your cock felt so good in my mouth. I could taste your excited me knowing that I can pleasure you this way. I began to slowly suck you and moved my hand in motion making you so very hard and big. You were so very sexy…I loved the feel of your hard manhood in my hands and I loved the taste of you in my mouth… Then you pulled me up and began to kiss me even more feverishly…I love kissing you. I could feel my body surrendering more and more to your touch, to the scent of you, and to our passion and desire for one another…

You eased me back on the bed and pulled my legs up high and began to enter me…I thought my world would never be back to the way it was… You were finding a part of me inside that Escort Uşak I had never experienced and I was enjoying the sweet surrender. As you went inside of me ever so slowly…I was taking you all in. I was so very wet and as you eased all of yourself deep inside of me, I began to moan even more. Drops of sweat were beginning to show on your brow and I could see your eyes open and shut in such erotic ecstasy…taking in my touch..and the feel of my engulfed you. We began to move in motion until I could take it no more…but right before I was getting ready to whispered ” I want to taste baby!” As you said that…I felt those hot wet lips touch me in my most intimate spot..and then my world began to move…I held on to you tightly as an extreme orgasm passed through my body over and over again…it was a tidal wave of pleasures that I have not felt with a man in such a long time….

I pulled you up to me and began to kiss you.. tasting my love juices on you lips and tongue. As I did that you eased back deep into me and began to bring yourself to a shuddering that you would not soon thrilled me to feel you shooting your cum inside of me..mixing it with my was all so very good. We drifted to sleep in each other’s arms…promising that there would be many more passionate times together…then only to wake a bit later and start it all over again………

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