Kitty Girl Goes to the Beach – Part III


VI”Remember what you are, Kitten.”Her words were clear as her soft lips were pressed against my ear, making me shiver with need. I nodded at the reminder, grateful for it. It would be easy to forget my true nature here and get lost in all the lust that surrounded me. I found myself staring at the ceiling, willing to into focus, my gaze traveling between it, Kay’s mischievous eyes, and Cindy’s slight smirk. Jenny was still with us cradling my foot in her hands as she sucked my big toe into her moist mouth. I found myself watching her, thinking of how strange that I felt so much sudden love for this girl that I hadn’t even met an hour ago. It is the nature of kittens to reward affection with undying loyalty and love, after all.”I’m your kitty.”I felt a warm blush creep over my cheeks at the admission, my smile shy, hers full of love. The words were like magic, transforming me back into my feline self, shedding most, if not all, of my humanity. There were so many things that Kitten’s were incapable of, and I felt suddenly free, knowing that for the rest of the night, my needs were simple. To love and to be loved. I found myself purring, the sensation of having my toes sucked making it impossible to worry about anything beyond those two concepts. My heart full of joy, I abandoned myself to those primitive emotions and needs, sinking further into my role as I rubbed against her, purring softly.”That’s my good little girl.”She began scratching me under my chin, a pleasant feeling that had me tilting my head, exposing my throat to her and mewing, my spine curving upwards as I presented my stomach, secretly wishing it might be stroked. My wish was granted, Cindy caressing my naked little belly, making little cooing noises, obviously seeing Ankara escort the change from human girl to kitty-cat as well. I began purring in earnest, wondering if the ache of lust that had never been put to sleep was a kitty trait or not. To love or be loved, I reminded myself as I went into a state that could only be described as ‘girl cat in heat’.We’d gone far beyond teasing or subtleties, all of us arriving on the same page together. Lust became our goddess, one we were all willing to sacrifice the veneer of polite and civilized behavior for. The other guests forgotten, one by one my playmates became primal beings. Kate began it by simply pushing me upon my back and and straddling my face, her soft thighs like silk against my cheeks.”Slowly, kitten.” She commanded, her tone of voice that of an owner to her cherished pet. “Use your tongue nice and slow on me.”Eager to please, her aroma filling my nose as she began to slide her wet cunt over my face, I pressed my tongue between her pink edged folds, lifting my hands so that I could grasp her hips, the tips of my fingers pressing firmly in as she rode me. I couldn’t see, not that I needed to. Soon, Cindy was straddling my waist, and from the sound of things, was playing with Kay’s magnificent globes while kissing her passionately. I could hear their sweet moans as they made above me, an incentive to playfully take her clit between my teeth.I let go when she cuffed me, giggling softly against her succulent sex, resuming my slow teasing of my owner with my eager tongue. Slowly, she’d told me, or so I reminded myself, doing my best to please her. I’d done this so many times with her, this girl who owned my heart, that I knew what she liked. Balgat escort bayan Making my tongue hard, I parted her lips, my attention upon that sensitive strip dividing her brown rose and ending upon her swollen clitty. I lost myself in her, the rest of the world slipping away. She was my world, and I ached for her, not just with lust, but with love. I began teasing her hot nub with a soft flicker of my tongue, delighting at the sudden squeeze of her thighs upon my head and the audible groan of pleasure, engrossed with simply pleasing her.I could feel Jenny’s mouth moving slowly over my shins, her wet kisses gently tickling me, her weight shifting as she moved over my legs. There was wetness growing upon my belly as Cindy began grinding her cunt against me, her hips rolling sensuously as she made love to my girlfriend’s mouth, her kisses hungry and fierce. To love and be loved, I reminded myself at the sharp stab of jealousy that only my kitty self was capable of. Then, it was gone, washed away by Jenny’s mouth upon my naughty little pussy, her lips once again teasing my clit free from its hiding place. Only this time, it was but a fleeting touch, and she left me whimpering softly against Kay’s wet slit, her sweet juices coating my face and clinging to the stray golden locks she’d trapped beneath her.”Fuck me, baby kitten, fuck me with that nasty little tongue of yours” She managed before losing herself in the ecstatic pleasure of me doing just that, her cruel fingers groping my tit. She dug her nails sharply into my flesh, causing me to cry out, the sound swallowed between her thighs as my own squeezed together on emptiness. Suddenly I was awash with lust for her, ignoring her earlier Escort Batıkent pleas. I wanted to make her cum. With her taste filling my mouth, I did my best to fulfil my own greedy wishes, fucking her savagely with my tongue, pausing from moment to moment to pull her clit into my mouth and tease it. Soon, I had her grinding against me as well, smothering me, her thighs spreading open as she slowly settled upon my face.I heard Cindy gasp just then. Had I been able to see, I would have observed Jenny’s head squeezed between the two of them, her mouth fastened on her fat nipple, sucking it between her teeth and nipping her playfully. Fingers became entangled in soft silky locks. Rapacious mouths and eager tongues were everywhere. Moans, whispers, and sighs made their own music, but I was aware of none of it. All that mattered was making my owner cum like the good little kitty I so wanted to be, lapping at her soaking wet cunt, my tongue coated with her juices. My own pleasure forgotten, I pulled her fleshy cheeks gently apart, allowing me to lather her tight asshole with a mixture of my spit and her sweet nectar, rewarded as the tips of her nails sank into my swollen nipples. I ignored the pain or rather I reveled in it, suddenly obsessed with her tight hole, willing her to relax as I pushed the tip of my tongue as far as I could.This wasn’t new territory to either of us, I should mention, and something I knew she enjoyed. Where I am reluctant when it comes to anal sex, she loves the feeling of my fingers in her most intimate of place. Or a large cock, something I wasn’t equipped with, so I made do, filling her tight little hole with the powerful muscle of my tongue. Soon, I had help, Jenny apparently taking an interest in Kay, somehow managing to mash her mouth against my girlfriend’s creamy cunt. I heard her groan then gasp, her muscles clenching, thighs squeezing my head until I thought it might explode like a melon.She came violently, grinding herself down my face until I began to panic, wondering if I’d be smothered.

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